Chapter 780 – Worldmend Technique

The Fiendgod Restriction, an ordinary restriction that very few people mentioned yet everyone knew about. It was ordinary like the air in the heavens and the earth, one would breathe it in every single day, yet very few people would intentionally mention its existence.

But Chen Xi’s didn’t know about it because he came from a minor world. Since he started cultivating until now, he’d completely relied on himself to fumble about to find a path and comprehend, and he rarely had the opportunity to receive personal advice and instructions from seniors of the sect.

Perhaps he possessed a comprehension ability and natural talent towards various Dao Arts and cultivation techniques that ordinary people were unable to reach, but he similarly had his own flaws as well, and it was that he wasn’t knowledgeable in the simplest basic knowledge of cultivation.

So he modestly sought guidance from A’xiu.

After feeling slightly surprised, A’xiu opened her cherry lips slightly and explained in a clear voice.

Needless to say, A’xiu really was a good young woman and didn’t ridicule or mock Chen Xi. This caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief for no reason or rhyme as well. For the first time, he found A’xiu to be cute and pleasing to the eye.

The Fiendgod Restriction was a taboo in the path of cultivation, and it was a curse of the Fiendgod Clan. Simply speaking, it meant that body refiners couldn’t cultivate the path of qi refinement at the same time otherwise, they were bound to be unable to ascend to the limits of the Grand Dao!

This was a terrifying curse, and it arose after the calamity of the Fiendgods erupted during the Primordial Era a million years ago. All living beings that cultivated in both body refinement and qi refinement were surely unable to allow their body refinement cultivation to break through to the Nether Transformation Realm.

This was an iron rule, an existence that was like a ‘Law.’ Just like there was a full and partial moon, or how water flowed downwards, it existed in every single corner of the three dimensions.

As one of the myriad of living beings in the three dimensions, Chen Xi was naturally restricted by this, and that was why he was unable to advance into the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement for so long.

After he found out about all this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel terrified. Exactly how was the Fiendgod Restriction formed to the point it’s capable of affecting the cultivation path of the myriad of beings in the three dimensions? Doesn’t this mean that the Fiendgod Clan possessed an existence that was like the ruler of the three dimensions?

Otherwise, how could a curse possibly change the situation of the cultivation paths of the three dimensions?

This was too unbelievable. It was like the lord of creation had forcefully created a new iron rule within the Laws of the three dimensions!

But after he thought about it calmly, Chen Xi faintly sensed that the appearance of this Fiendgod Restriction wasn’t an extremely absurd legend. Because the school of body refinement was born from the Fiendgod Clan before being passed down throughout the world and was learned by the myriad of living beings in the world.

Now, the Fiendgod Clan had been completely wiped out during the calamity of the Fiendgods in the Primordial Era a million years ago, and they’d completely vanished from the three dimensions. Perhaps this curse that was like a taboo had been created then.

Of course, this restriction wasn’t aimed towards body refiners, but towards cultivators that cultivated in body qi refinement and body refinement.

But the most unbelievable thing to Chen Xi was that A’xiu actually said she had a technique that was actually capable of breaking through the Fiendgod Restriction!

If this wasn’t her boasting, then it would be really formidable!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and stared seriously at A’xiu as he asked. “Are you…really sure?”

A’xiu nodded readily. “Of course.”

Chen Xi’s gaze gradually became strange because he noticed that not only was A’xiu’s origins mysterious, her origins seemed to be far greater than he’d imagined.

Why would such a mysterious and unfathomable young woman suddenly arrive by my side?

A’xiu stretched out her snow white hand and shook it before Chen Xi’s eyes. “Hey, can you not stare at a girl for so long? It’s very rude.”

Chen Xi angrily pushed away A’xiu’s finger that was shaking before him and said, “How do I deal with the Fiendgod Restriction?”

A’xiu suddenly started smiling to the point her eyes narrowed, and she said with a clear voice. “Beg me.”

Chen Xi frowned. “I’m not joking.”

A’xiu continued to grin as she repeated her words. “Beg me and I’ll tell you.”

Chen Xi. “…”


In the end, Chen Xi had an unsightly expression as he flicked his sleeve and left.

A’xiu had no choice but to chase after him, and she pouted her cherry lips while angrily withdrawing a jade slip and tossing it to Chen Xi. “Hey! Hey! Take it! You’re truly a boring, uninteresting, stupid, and stubborn block of wood.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she left gracefully with her hands behind her back while her jet black hair fluttered.

Chen Xi held the jade slip as he sat in his room, and then he muttered. Oh, she yields to force but rejects a gentle approach. Looks like I can try to utilize this method to deal with this little girl…

After that, he shook his head and shot his gaze towards the jade slip in his hand.

This was a cultivation technique called Worldmend Technique, and its final objective was to divide a clone from the main body!

Its content was obscure, profound, and filled with unbelievable explanations like how to ‘transform blood into an embryo,’ ‘severe the soul into two,’ ‘strengthen the True Essence and mold the soul,’ and soon and so forth.

In other words, according to what the Worldmend Technique stated, it was to utilize spirit objects of the heavens and the earth to condense a spirit embryo, and then utilize a secret technique to split the Soul Core into two and grow it within the spirit embryo.

If he was able to succeed, then he would be able to mold a clone!

The more he comprehended it, the more shocked and most perplexed he was. Because, as far as he was concerned, this was indeed a unique technique to deal with the Fiendgod Restriction.

For example, the clone condensed from this cultivation technique wouldn’t just possess the intelligence, cultivation, and comprehension ability of the main body, even the main body’s grasp of the profundities of the Grand Dao could be possessed by the clone!

Most importantly, so long the main body willed it, the clone could be fused once more into the main body!

This was like water droplets. After they were split apart, they would transform into two water droplets, and so long as they came into contact, they could be condensed back perfectly into one.

Moreover, after this close was condensed, it would possess all the cultivation experience and wisdom the main body possessed. So even if the clone cultivated from the beginning and specialized in the path of body refinement, it would be able to advance by leaps and bounds in an extremely short period of time.

Moreover, Chen Xi was excited because he was entirely capable of making this clone stay constantly within the world of stars to cultivate. According to the shocking effects of the 10 times difference in time between the outside world and the world of stars, why would he worry about being unable to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement within a short period of time?

At that moment, he could combine his main body and the clone, and in this way, the difficult problem of advancing into the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement would be solved readily.

Besides that, Chen Xi had a strong feeling that if he was able to successfully cultivate the Worldmend Technique, then the benefits it provided would be far from just this!


Chen Xi let out a long breath of air before turning around and entering the world of stars.

As he sat cross-legged beneath the myriad of stars in the sky, he started to deduce all the profundities of the Worldmend Technique over and over again in his mind, and he guaranteed he didn’t miss anything before starting to cultivate.


He circulated the Worldmend Technique with all his strength, causing the vital blood in his body to rumble and seethe like lava, and his Blood Essence shot up into the sky from above him and dyed the sky red! This represented the energy of his vital blood, and it was the essence of his cultivation in body refinement.

At this moment, what he had to do was ‘transform blood into an embryo,’ and it was to utilize his Blood Essence to mold a spirit embryo.

His vital blood surged, and it transformed into a myriad of blood threads under Chen Xi’s control before coiling together to condense into an embryo that emanated a bloody luster, causing it to seem like an enormous egg shaped cocoon.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A string of extremely profound seals were formed by Chen Xi and sprayed out, and they surged into the embryo like a torrent. In next to no time, the embryo flickered with a hazy sheen while talisman markings surged on its blazingly bright surface, and it faintly started pulsing rhythmically as if a life was breathing within it.

This process continued for an entire seven days.

After seven days had passed, this embryo that was like a cocoon was completely dark red and suffused with a blazing glow of talisman markings. It had completely condensed into form and floated in midair while a unique connection was formed between it and Chen Xi’s soul.

He didn’t hesitate and had a calm and solemn expression as a mighty figure suddenly leaped out from above the embryo. The figure’s entire body was suffused with a divine radiance and overflowing with the glow of treasure. It was Chen Xi’s Soul Core.


All the consciousness within his sea of consciousness suddenly converged into a sword, and it seemed like the ‘Sword of Dao’ that was capable of slashing through the chaos in the heavens and the earth. It flew out of his body before slashing out in midair in the direction of is Soul Core.

This was the second step of the Worldmend Technique – ‘severe the soul into two’!

It was the step to severe his own Soul Core into two independent individuals, and if he succeeded, then even though Chen Xi’s soul would be slightly weak for a short period of time, it was only a trivial matter and wouldn’t take long to recover to its original state.

But if a portion of his Soul Core were to be destroyed, then Chen Xi might suffer a heavy injury, and he would either lose a portion of his memories or directly lose his mind. Moreover, he might even suffer qi deviation.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t worried because he’d been comprehending the Fuxi Divine Statue every day and night since he was a youth, causing his soul to be solid and strong to an extent that far exceeded his peers. Now, it could even rival Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

Even if his Soul Core was split into two, so long as no mistake occurred, then he didn’t have to worry about facing any danger.

“Soul Core division!” In the next moment, Chen Xi let out a clear cry, and it was like a bolt of lightning that tore apart the mist that obstructed his future.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt as if his body was instantly split into two halves, and this sort of pain from his Soul Core being severed was like a myriad of sword piercing his heart. Even with Chen Xi’s fortitude, he still trembled because it was extraordinarily painful.


His Soul Core suddenly split into two. One half flew into the embryo while the remaining half returned back into his body. At the instant his Soul Core split apart, Chen Xi felt dizzy and extremely exhausted.

But at the same time, an extremely wonderful feeling silently spread throughout his heart. He was able to sense that when that half of his Soul Core gushed into the embryo, it seemed like a fish in water, and it caused a feeling of warmth and ease to surge into his heart.

Chen Xi didn’t dare relax because he still lacked the most critical step – to ‘strengthen the True Essence and mold the soul!’

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Strong rhythmic thumps resounded out from within the enormous embryo that was suffused with blazing and brilliant talisman markings, and it was like the sound of a giant’s heartbeat that was reverberating through the world.

Chen Xi’s expression was serious as he forcefully endured the weakness of his soul, and his hands flashed about repeatedly as he struck out a string of seals without daring to slack off in the slightest.

This entire process continued for an entire month of time!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s countenance was completely pale, whereas the brilliant light emanated by the enormous embryo grew greater and greater, and it was dazzling and resplendent like a sunstone and emitted a strand of surging and shocking vitality.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The rhythmic sound seemed even more like the dense sound of drums being struck on the battlefield, and it seemed as if the embryo would transform into a life in the next moment.


A light sound resounded out like at the moment the chaos was first split apart. At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body shook as well as he stopped every movement he was making, and his eyes erupted with a cold bolt of lightning that swiftly swept out. 

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