Chapter 78 – Godly Illusion Arts

Chapter 78 – Godly Illusion Arts

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The swift and fierce sword lights that contained a trace of Wind Dao Insight crashed onto the myriad of dark blue blade lights that were like crescents, and the sound of rumbling explosions scattered in all directions. The peerlessly violent blasts of wind tore through the ground, splitting open numerous large ravines that were terrifying. The dense black mist in the surrounding 300 meters was swept clean, causing the field of vision to be clear.

“It’s actually Sword Insight! I never imagined that you were actually able to attain such a stage of cultivation in the Martial Dao at your young age, truly displeasing!” The Dark Wyrm King successively stomped three paces back and glanced at Chen Xi in astonishment. Then the energy in his entire body skyrocketed as he said with a savage expression, “Unfortunately, your cultivation is too weak, how could this level of strength injure me?”

“Tenthwater Aurora Slash!” The Dark Wyrm King suddenly shouted out explosively, and the enormous dark blue curved blade in his hand transformed into a 30meter glowing blade light that swept towards the faraway Chen Xi.

His cultivation in the Martial Dao is only at the unity-stage, yet he’s able to block off my Space Shattering Typhoon. His qi refinement cultivation has obviously attained an extremely terrifying extent. Looks like I can’t go head on with him. Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he executed his Divine Windwing Flight, then he successively leaped a few times to dodge the Dark Wyrm King’s violent attack before moving about in the surroundings like a drifting light. The Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand was like a flashing gale as it pierced towards the Dark Wyrm King’s weak points.

He was only winding around the Dark Wyrm King, but not fighting!

The True Essence of the Dark Wyrm King was too thick and his original form was a variant Wyrm. The True Essence he possessed was at least at the level of an 8th star Violet Palace Realm cultivator. Under these circumstances, going head-on with him was undoubtedly the most foolish approach.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The Dark Wyrm King waved about the Tenthwater Aurora Blade, and the dark blue and wide blade blocked all of Chen Xi’s attacks. His speed was unable to compare to Chen Xi, nor was his blade technique as swift as Chen Xi. But by relying on his own tremendous strength, he was able to easily deal with the attacks that swiftly shot at him from every angle, and his expression was extremely at ease.

“It’s of no use, my Wyrm family innately possesses extremely strong defense. Although your attacks contain Sword Insight, they’re at most able to scratch an itch for me.” The Dark Wyrm King roared with disdainful laughter. “Moreover, what you’re doing is extremely wasteful of True Essence. The longer it goes on, the more disadvantageous it is to you. Instead of bitterly struggling, why don’t you simply let me chop off your head? Isn’t that much better?”

Chen Xi remained silent and sped up the attack speed of the Seventhgold Swordbamboo and sped up the shifting and movement of his movement technique. He was like a moth flying into a flame, steadfast and stubborn.

“Truly a hell-bent little fellow, hahaha.” The Dark Wyrm King laughed even more arrogantly, as he seemed to firmly believe that Chen Xi already had no tricks left to play, and was just putting up a desperate fight.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to the Dark Wyrm King; he was like a ghost when relying on his Divine Windwing Flight. He transformed into an arc that once again assaulted the Dark Wyrm King.

The two of them had exchanged blows many times and had roughly understood their opponent’s strength. Chen Xi’s sword technique and movement technique were extremely fast, but his cultivation was completely suppressed by the Dark Wyrm King. For a time, the battle turned into a deadlock.

“It’s of no use, stop struggling, is there any meaning to… Ah! Big Brother, why have you come?” The Dark Wyrm King was wildly roaring with laughter when a middle aged man in a wide black robe and eyes that were like jade colored torches suddenly appeared within his field of vision. Shockingly, it was the Roc King, Zhen Feng.

However, what was strange to the Dark Wyrm King was that the Roc King’s expression was indifferent, seeming to have not noticed him as he didn’t say a word.

What’s going on?


A wisp of cold sword light suddenly appeared in his pupils, growing larger and larger, and the dense killing intent gathered on the sword light thoroughly jolted the Dark Wyrm King awake.

Shit! I was affected by this fellow’s illusion arts!

In a life and death battle, slightly zoning out could cause the outcome of the battle to be decided. When the Dark Wyrm King realized the danger, the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in Chen Xi’s hand was as swift as a clap of thunder as it flashed to attack the Dark Wyrm King.


The crisp sound of bones breaking echoed out, and an arm that carried blood that scattered in the air fell over 30 meters away.

When Chen Xi saw this, he instead said to himself. What a pity!

Earlier, he’d intentionally only wound around the Dark Wyrm King but not fight as he was showing weakness to his enemy, precisely for the sake of making the Dark Wyrm King let down his guard, then Chen Xi would only need to use his soul attack technique, Godly Illusion Arts, to break open up a trace of a flaw in the Dark Wyrm King’s mind before being able to seize this opportunity to kill the Dark Wyrm King.

However, Chen Xi never expected that the Dark Wyrm King would react so quickly, as the Godly Illusion Arts had only been executed when Dark Wyrm King had noticed it, causing his killing sword strike to only sever an arm of the Dark Wyrm King.

But even then, it was sufficient to cause the Dark Wyrm King’s strength to be weakened by almost half. After all, the Dark Wyrm King wasn’t a School of Fiendgod Body Refinement cultivator and was unable to regrow his limbs. Once he lost his severed arm, then unless he found some supreme medicine capable of re-growing limbs and resurrecting the dead, otherwise, there would be no possibility of him growing another arm in his lifetime.

“Soul attack technique! I never imagined that you’ve mastered so many techniques at such a young age!” The Dark Wyrm King stopped the bleeding of his severed arm with a swing of his hand, and his ghastly pale face revealed resentment and viciousness. “I’ll temporarily let you go today…” As he spoke, he’d grabbed the severed arm on the ground, then turned around and dashed towards the grey mist in the distance.

Soul attack techniques were mysterious and possessed formidable might, moreover, they were extremely rare and valuable. They were something that only great sects and great clans with ancient hidden resources and reserves were able to possess.

The loss of an arm had weakened the Dark Wyrm King’s strength by almost half, and at this moment, he was worried that he would encounter Chen Xi’s soul attack again, so he could only choose to flee.

“Want to flee? Leave your life behind!” When he saw the Dark Wyrm King about to flee from his field of vision, Chen Xi commanded in his head and the Colossal Copper Mountain that was already floating above his palm continuously revolved as it flew into midair.


A wisp of violet glow instantly enveloped an area of 300 meters. The Dark Wyrm King was within this area and his dashing figure became sluggish, as his speed had obviously reduced greatly.

Gravitational Space!

The most miraculous thing about the Colossal Copper Mountain was its ability to form a gravitational field with its own Violet Mist Baleful Qi’s gravitational force. Being under the shroud of the Violet Mist Baleful Qi’s gravitational force was like carrying a heavy mountain or falling deep into a swamp, so it would be strange if someone’s speed could be fast within it.

“Colossal Copper Mountain!” The Dark Wyrm King exclaimed involuntarily in surprise. “Dammit, how did this treasure fall into your hands?”


Chen Xi avoided making any reply. With a command in his heart, a Netherezim Flying Sword shot out violently like a wisp of lightning flashing through the sky. It instantly arrived before the Dark Wyrm King and a cold light flashed. Before the Dark Wyrm King could even let out a miserable cry of death, his head was already cleanly chopped off and blood sprayed out from his neck as his corpse crashed onto the ground.

Chen Xi put away the Colossal Copper Mountain, then looked at the Dark Wyrm King who’d become a pile of mush, and he endlessly exclaimed with admiration to himself. What a formidable Godly Illusion Arts. If it’s combined with the Traceless Aura Technique, then it would surely be a first rate weapon in assassinations and sneak attacks!

Chen Xi didn’t continue sighing with emotion and he started gathering his spoils right away. A high-grade yellow-rank Tenthwater Aurora Blade and a horn that was like white jade and suffused with a gentle sheen. The Dark Wyrm King was originally a variant wyrm, so his horn was able to cure most poisons and was even a superb material for refining into a Magic Treasure; its value was extremely high.

There was also another storage bracelet.

Not only did the storage bracelet contain numerous spirit woods and ores, there were also three weapons which emitted oppressive spirit energy. What caused Chen Xi to be surprised was that he recognized all three of these weapons!

Duanmu Ze’s Sevenstar Rainbow Sword, Du Qingxi’s Unity Azurelotus Dagger, and Song Lin’s Skynet Thousandhook Umbrella, and these three Magic Treasures were all of high-grade yellow-rank.

Looks like they’ve indeed fallen into the hands of the Roc King. I’ve got to make the best use of my time to rescue them. According to what the Dark Wyrm King said earlier, the Roc King and Azure Python King seem to be refining the medicinal pill now. I must be sure not to delay my time of rescuing them. Chen Xi pondered, then quickly put away all the things, his gaze unintentionally sweeping the surroundings. He noticed a command token within the pool of blood and mush. The command token seemed like iron but wasn’t iron, seemed like jade but wasn’t jade, and when held in the hand, it looked to be covered in cloud patterns and revolving mist, revealing a mysterious aura of talisman markings.    

Hmm? This seems to be…. This formation’s control token! Chen Xi was delighted in his heart, he was just having a headache about how to leave this Thousand Illusion Maze Formation, but he never expected that things would go so smoothly. With this control token in hand, Chen Xi was completely capable of moving freely within this formation.

Looks like this formation isn’t controlled by the hands of the Dark Wyrm King, and it’s fortunate that it’s like this. If he were to mobilize this formation at full force, I’m afraid I would have been unable to withstand it since long ago… Chen Xi poured a strand of True Essence into the control token as he pondered, then he took a stride forward and he’d already walked out of the formation. His surroundings were filled with towering green mountains that were overgrown with flowers and trees, and he’d already returned to the mountainside of Moonhowl Ridge.

“Shit! The human youth has come out!”

“Quickly report to the King!”

A team of demons were patrolling in the distance. They just happened to see Chen Xi walk out of the formation and they couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. Then they seemed to have thought of something, and their expression abruptly went pale as they roared loudly and fled as quickly as they could.

Chen Xi leaped out to stick out his hand and grab ahold of a sneaky looking minor demon, then he clutched the demon's throat as he asked coldly. “Where are those human cultivators being kept? If you don’t tell me then I’ll kill you right now!”

“In… In… Within the center of the mountain.” The minor demon was terrified to the point its expression went bleak and it trembled in fear, even stuttering when it spoke.


Chen Xi casually knocked the fellow out then raised his eyes to gaze high up the mountain peak, then he executed the Divine Windwing Flight to vanish on the spot like fluttering smoke.

Within the room in the center of the mountain, raging green flames were rising and gushing. Above the enormous cauldron, those nine balls of light refined from hundreds of types of treasures of heaven and earth had already concentrated into the size of an infant’s fist, and it was crystal clear like a glass ball as it emitted a delicate fragrance that was enchanting.

“Why hasn’t Dark Wyrm returned yet? Never mind, the pill refinement is more important. Brother Azure Python, I’ll leave the extracting of blood and souls to you.” The Roc King who wore a broad black robe scolded with a high-pitched voice, then he instructed the Azure Python King who was by his side.

“Big Brother, wait for a moment, I’ll be back shortly.” The Azure Python King cupped his hands, then got up right away before walking off in a zig-zagged, yet incomparably swift pace, and he’d vanished from the stone room in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, I remember that there are two extremely beautiful female cultivators amongst those humans. Should I do a little something?” The Azure Python King had his hands behind his back as he walked in the quiet and gloomy passageway within the center of the mountain, and a trace of a mysterious smile appeared on his fair and beardless face.

After a short moment.

The Azure Python King arrived at a ghastly and terrifying stone room within the center of the mountain, numerous thick and strong iron pillars covered the entire room. There were male and female cultivators bound on eight of these iron pillars.

Their entire bodies were without injury nor pain, yet they had bleak expressions and dejected spirits, and their eyes were as lifeless as if they were soulless wooden puppets.

If Chen Xi was here, he would be able to notice that Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were shockingly among these eight people!

“Fellow Human Daoists, we meet again.” The Azure Python King held his hands behind his back as he walked in the stone room. He grinned as he glanced at the eight people bound to the iron pillars, particularly when he saw Du Qingxi. His eyes emitted undisguised lust that was greedy and cruel.

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