Chapter 779 – Promoted To Elder

Soul Suppression Hall

Disciples arrived endlessly, and all of them had come for the sake of training in the Bloodsoul Sword Cave. At the instant Chen Xi appearance, Fang Ren didn’t even have the time to move over and greet Chen Xi when he was recognized by the other disciples, caused them to surge over with a swish.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“It really is Senior Brother Chen Xi. I heard some time ago that you entered the sword cave to train. Unfortunately, I was regretfully unable to meet you. I never expected that I would actually be able to see you in person today, it’s truly our fortune.”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, I heard you went below the 55th level of the sword cave? You’re simply too formidable!”

“Wow! Senior Brother Chen Xi is so handsome, he’s my type…”

Chen Xi’s appearance received the fervent welcome of everyone, and he was surrounded like a bright moon surrounded by a host of stars, whereas some beautiful female disciples even sent him bewitching glances and didn’t conceal their adoration in the slightest.

Chen Xi was stunned. He’d just escaped death and returned from the sword cave, yet in the next moment, he received such treatment, and it caused him to feel slightly uncomfortable.

But in next to no time, he recovered to normal, and then he cupped his hands with a smile while greeting everyone warmly, causing everyone to emit a wave of praise and compliments.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi.” A familiar voice sounded out from outside the crowd.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look and saw Fang Ren repeatedly waving to him with an excited expression from outside the crowd.

He suddenly thought of some things, and then gestured towards Fang Ren. “Junior Brother, come over here. Didn’t you want to nurture your spirit beast? I casually gathered some bloodsouls while training in the sword cave this time, and perhaps it’ll be of help to you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone went silent as their gazes shot towards Fang Ren in unison, and all of them couldn’t help but think with envy. How did this fellow at the Golden Hall Realm obtain such favor from Senior Brother Chen Xi?

Even though they thought like this in their hearts, they still consciously opened up a path.

At the same time, Fang Ren had never expected that Chen Xi would greet him in front of so many people and even wanted to give him some bloodsouls. This caused him to be dazed.

For no reason or rhyme, he recalled the ridicule and refusal he’d suffered during this period of time and compared it with the warm and kind attitude Chen Xi had, and he suddenly had the impulse to cry.

Fang Ren took a deep breath and forcefully restrained this agitation in his heart before tightening his grip on the wooden box he’d been holding in his hand and walked forward.

However, before he could speak, Chen Xi had already patted his shoulder while smiling. “How is it? Did you bring that worm egg of your back to life?”

As he spoke, he casually flipped his hand and caused a storage pouch to appear before passing it over. “These are the bloodsouls I gathered. Their strengths are roughly around the Nether Transformation Realm. I’ve already refined the vicious qi contained within them, so you can rest at ease and use them to nurture your spirit beast.


The burning gazes of the others descended onto that storage pouch because bloodsouls equivalent to the Nether Transformation Realm were stored within it. Moreover, those bloodsouls had been refined by Chen Xi, so they were absolutely extremely valuable, and even more valuable than money!

This kid Fang Ren is really capable. He actually silently struck up a relationship with Senior Brother Chen Xi. Does he even need to worry about being unable to become successful and soar into the sky in the future?

Merely based on his relationship with Chen Xi, there was probably no one in the sect who would dare look for trouble with him.

Fang Ren’s eyes turned red, and he couldn’t refrain from wanting to cry as he said with a trembling voice, “Thank you Senior Brother Chen Xi, thank you Senior Brother Chen Xi…”

Chen Xi was stunned as he never imagined that his slight efforts would make this little fellow so excited. 

When he saw that there wasn’t anything left to do here, he moved with the intention of leaving as he wanted to pay a visit to Wen Huating and ask Wen Huating about what sort of terrifying existence was actually being suppressed within the pool of lightning on the 60th level of the sword cave.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, wait.” Fang Ren called out from behind.

“Is there something else?” Chen Xi stopped.

Fang Ren swiftly ran over to Chen Xi before passing over the wooden box he’d always been holding tightly in his hand. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, within this box is that worm egg I wanted to nurture. Please, you must accept it.”

Chen Xi shook his help. “I didn’t help you for this.”

Fang Ren was extremely anxious, and he opened the wooden box with a bang before he said, “Senior Brother Chen Xi, this is the Treasure Emperor Silkworm that was renowned in the primeval times, and it’s capable of locating various spirit materials and treasures. It’s an innate expert in locating treasures.”

Everyone in the surroundings was stirred while their revealed shocked expressions. I never imagined that this Fang Ren would actually be able to take out such a precious spirit beast!

Chen Xi was stunned as well, and then he waved his hand and said, “This is the fruit of your labor, and it’s too precious. I can’t accept it.”

“Don’t worry Senior Brother Chen Xi, this Treasure Emperor Silkworm hatches in twins. One black and the other white, a total of two. I only need one of them.” As he spoke, Fang Ren pushed the wooden box into Chen Xi’s hand before turning around and running away, and he wouldn’t turn around no matter how Chen Xi called after him. Obviously, he’d resolved to give this treasure to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi weighed the wooden box in his hand and was pondering when a wave of loud laughter suddenly sounded out from afar.

“Haha, Martial Nephew Chen Xi, you’ve finally come out.” The elder of the Soul Suppression Hall, Xia Mang, laughed loudly as he walked over.

“Martial Uncle Xia Mang, do you need anything from me?” Chen Xi put the wooden box away before cupping his hands.

Xia Mang roared once more with laughter. “Of course, it’s a happy matter, an extremely happy matter!”

Chen Xi was surprised. “What is there to be happy about?”

Xia Mang laughed yet didn’t answer, and he brought Chen Xi along to leave the Soul Suppression Hall before flashing towards True Martial Peak.

True Martial Peak.

Within the grand and magnificent hall, the Sect Master Wen Huating, the Enforcement Elder Lie Peng, and the other elders were all gathered here, and there were even some elders who lived in seclusion amongst them.

For example, Yu Feng, Sun Donghua, and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts were all present.

Besides them, all the Core Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak like Chen Langya, Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, An Wei, and the others were gathered here as well.

Such an array could be considered a grand gathering of unprecedented size.

When Chen Xi arrived here along with Xia Mang, he instantly noticed that there was surely a great matter to be announced!


Moreover, when Chen Xi stepped foot into the hall, the gazes of practically everyone descended onto him in unison, and their gazes carried surprise, admiration, praise, and so on and so forth.

Xia Mang withdrew himself silently when he saw this.

Chen Xi was completely bewildered, be he still walked forward and greeted all the seniors of the sect present here.

“Chen Xi, I summoned you here this time because I have something to tell you.” Wen Huating spoke with a warm voice, and it reverberated throughout the hall like the ring of the morning bell.

“Please give me your instructions, Sect Master.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“After the discussion between me and the elders, we’ve unanimously decided that you’ll become a newly promoted elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect from today onward, and you’ll assume the position of Master of the West Radiance Peak and be in charge of all matters in the West Radiance Peak.” Wen Huating smiled as he spoke.


Chen Xi felt his mind buzz, and he slightly didn’t dare believe this.

All those years ago when he’d just stepped into the West Radiance Peak, Madman Liu had paved a path for him to inherit the position of Master of the West Radiance Peak within 100 years. But the precondition was that he had to go step by step from an Elite Disciple, to a Core Seed Disciple, and become an elder before he could take control of the West Radiance Peak.

Now, only a little over five years had passed, yet he’d attained his wishes and completed the instructions of Madman Liu, and this caused him to feel slight disbelief in his heart.

“What? Little Fellow, can you not believe it?” Yu Feng roared with laughter. “With your current strength, you’re already capable of going against an expert at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. How many people in the world can accomplish that?”

“Exactly. You deserve to assume the position of the West Radiance Peak’s master. Ask everyone present here if they have any objections.” Lie Peng combed his beard and spoke with a smile as well.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and shrugged. “I just feel it’s too sudden.”

Everyone roared endlessly with laughter when they saw this.

After roaring with laughter, Wen Huating spoke slowly. “But according to the rules of the sect, you still have to pass a test after becoming an elder.”

Chen Xi nodded. He’d heard before that so long as a disciple of the sect was promoted to become an elder, the person had to complete two types of tests. The first was ‘the passing of the flame,’ and it was to go out and wander the world before bringing back a disciple to become the person’s personal disciple.

The second test was to ‘enforce justice on behalf of the heavens.’ The test was to slaughter fiendish villains to shape one’s impressive and dignified demeanor and spread the might of the sect at the same time. 


When Chen Xi returned to West Radiance Peak, Huo Molei, all his other senior brothers and senior sisters, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, A’xiu, and all those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe had heard that Chen Xi had become an elder that would be in charge of the matters of West Radiance Peak.

At that night, they had a celebration for Chen Xi at the bank of the Sword Purification Pool, causing the fragrance of wine to drift out while dishes flowed like water, and everyone was gathered together to congratulate Chen Xi.

When everyone dispersed from the banquet and Chen Xi returned to his room, A’xiu held Bai Kui in her arms while jogging over swiftly. This young woman in a green dress had drank a great deal of fine wine, causing her tiny face to flush red, and she seemed tender and cute like a ripe tomato.

“Hey, I heard you’ll be leaving the sect in a few days to recruit a disciple from the outside world?” A’xiu blinked her clear eyes while she asked with a grin on her face.

“Don’t have the extravagant hope that I’ll bring you along.” Chen Xi discerned this young woman’s thoughts with a single glance, and he refused directly. “I’m going out to carry out an assignment this time, and I can’t make use of the assistance of others to complete it.”

A’xiu puckered her small lips. “Can’t I come if I don’t help you?”

Chen Xi’s attitude was firm. “Absolutely not!” He knew that he could absolutely not make any compromises in this matter. Otherwise, she would seize the opportunity and take advantage of it.

“Boring!” A’xiu stared her eyes wide open and rolled her eyes fiercely at Chen Xi before turning around angrily with the intention of leaving.

“Wait.” Chen Xi suddenly recalled something, and he withdrew a wooden box from his pocket before walking forward and handing it to A’xiu. “I’ll give you an assignment. Take good care of the spirit beast inside here.”

A’xiu stretched out her hand and opened it up. Her eyes couldn’t help but light up when she saw the completely pitch black worm that was only the size of a little finger, and she said excitedly, “A baby silkworm? I’ve reared one in the past. Unfortunately, I accidentally crushed it to death while I was sleeping once…”

Crushed it to death?

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely, and he suddenly felt slight regret towards handing this Treasure Emperor Silkworm to A’xiu.

A’xiu beamed with delight as she put the wooden box away, and then she said abruptly, “If you want to break through the Fiendgod Restriction and allow your body refinement cultivation to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm, I can pass down a technique to you.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he blurted out. “How did you know?”

He was truly too shocked because A’xiu actually saw through the bottleneck in his cultivation. Moreover, she seemed to even have a method to deal with it. So how could he not be shocked?

A’xiu blinked her eyes and said with a harmless expression, “Is it very difficult to learn about this?”

Chen Xi. “…”

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