Chapter 778 – Terrifying Mysterious Person

This ancient slaughter formation was vast to the extreme, and it was deep to the point it seemed boundless.

As Chen Xi walked within it, he would stop for a moment after walking every 300m because this grand formation was too complicated, and every step was filled with killing intent. He had no choice but to spend time to deduce a new path to guarantee his own safety.

It felt as if he was walking within a maze. Every time he walked a certain length, he had to leave a mark, otherwise, he was bound to get lost within it.

Moreover, the deeper he went, the longer it took for Chen Xi to deduce a path. Later on, he had no choice but to contemplate for a long time after every single step he took, and it was even to the extent that he had to utilize the miraculous effect of the Eye of Divine Truth to detect the dangers of the path ahead.

As he went deeper, the rumbling of thunder gradually vanished, and the surroundings started to become perfectly silent.

The atmosphere was very strange, and in his daze, Chen Xi had the terrified feeling of walking step by step towards an abyss of danger. It was as if the deepest depths of this ancient slaughter formation had some sort of danger waiting for him.

This sort of feeling was so strong, strong to the point he even wanted to turn around and leave this damnable place as soon as possible.

According to what Chen Langya said, this Bloodsoul Sword Cave was formed from the righteous qi of the Primeval Divine Lotus, and it was formed for the sake of suppressing the Immortal Sword, a peerlessly ferocious weapon, formed from its vicious qi. Why would a slaughter formation like this suddenly appear in this place? Chen Xi stopped moving, and his heart jerked abruptly as he suddenly thought of a possibility. The existence of this slaughter formation wouldn’t be for the sake of suppressing some sort of extremely evil thing, right?

At the instant that he was pondering, the vertical eye between his brow glanced out inadvertently, and he was instantly stunned on the spot. Shockingly, a piece of Chaotic Source Crystal that emitted a grey and hazy sheen was 3km away from him!

This piece of Chaotic Source Crystal was like a sharp sword that was actually pierced into the ground. When looked at from afar, a monstrous and terrifying killing intent assaulted his face, causing Chen Xi’s entire body to go cold.

He hurriedly took a deep breath and circulated his cultivation before being able to neutralize the invasion of this killing intent, and his gaze changed when he once again sized up that piece of Chaotic Source Crystal that was in the shape of a sword.

It had obviously been abandoned here by someone, and Chen Xi could even imagine a peerless sword cultivator casually grabbing up a piece of Chaotic Source Crystal before it transformed into a sharp sword with a casual swipe of the hand. After that, the sword cultivator swung it out, causing the sharp sword to soar through the sky and instantly slaughter his enemy, and then its momentum didn’t reduce in the slightest and penetrated into the ground.

Even if years had passed, it was unable to wear away the terrifying killing intent that coiled around the sword! 

Of course, all of this was Chen Xi’s imagination. But undoubtedly, monstrous killing intent was indeed branded upon that sword shaped Chaotic Source Crystal that was pierced into the ground, and it carried a Sword Insight that possessed vicious qi that shot into the sky.

Since he started cultivating in the sword until now, he was able to be called a grandmaster of the Sword Dao a long time ago. So his perception towards such Sword Insight naturally couldn’t be any more acute, and he could even confirm that this piece of Chaotic Source Crystal had surely been utilized by a great figure in the past.

Strange, based on the direction of this sword, this Chaotic Source Crystal was obviously shot out from the depths of the formation before piercing into the ground here. Could it be that a great figure is living in seclusion within the depths of the grand formation? Especially surprising to Chen Xi was that a precious treasure like the Chaotic Source Crystal was actually just discarded here by someone. Isn’t this too much of a waste of god’s given gifts?


Chen Xi stopped thinking any further and stretched out his right hand to grab from afar, and he directly pulled the Chaotic Source Crystal over. He briefly sized it up, and then directly eliminated the monstrous killing intent that coiled around it before placing it within the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Merely this Chaotic Source Crystal was sufficient to allow the Talisman Armament’s quality to increase to the point of being comparable to an Immortal Artifact!

I wonder if more of this precious treasure exists nearby this grand formation… Chen Xi was extremely delighted by obtaining this Chaotic Source Crystal, and he pondered briefly before deciding to continue forward.

He was completely unaware that when he drew out that Chaotic Source Crystal, a light exclamation resounded from the 99th level of the sword cave. “Eh.”

Six hours later.

Chen Xi unexpectedly obtained another two Chaotic Source Crystals. Both of them were in the form of a sword and suffused with monstrous killing intent. Moreover, along with him going deeper towards the depths of the grand formation, he noticed that the air in the surroundings of the formation seemed to be suffused with an extremely fierce killing intent.

It seemed as if the deeper he headed, the more of such Chaotic Source Crystal would appear, and they caused one to be unable to refrain from desiring to search for more all along the way.

Wait, I can’t continue forward any longer. Chen Xi stopped moving once more and used great willpower to counter the greed in his heart, and then he went silent for a long time before causing his heart to become pure and tranquil in the end.

He clearly understood that the existence of these Chaotic Source Crystals was like numerous traps that drew out the greed of others, and it caused one to unknowingly be led by the nose.

After that, he turned around with the intention of leaving this place. He’d already obtained three sword shaped Chaotic Source Crystals, he’d obtained great gains and should know when to stop and leave.

As the saying goes, being content is just like knowing when to stop.

Right at this moment, loud laughter suddenly sounded out from the depths of the grand formation. “Little Brother, since you’ve come, then there is fate between us. Why don’t you come over and meet me?”

The voice was clear while every single word was like the profound tune of the Grand Dao, and it struck straight to the heart, causing it to seem as if he’d heard the chanting of sages, and it was utterly impossible for one to arouse the intention to go against these words.

If it was before, Chen Xi would surely not refuse this summon. But at this moment, his Dao Heart had become calm, and his mind was clear, so how could he be affected by this?

He didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave with unhurried footsteps and a calm and firm expression.

If it was said that he’d only had suspicions earlier, then now he could confirm that a terrifying existence was surely being suppressed at the back of this slaughter formation. Moreover, based on the set up of this formation and the ‘traps’ made from Chaotic Source Crystals all along the way, he knew that it would probably be impossible to escape once he entered the depths of the grand formation.

“Little Brother, this place is the sword cave formed from the Primeval Divine Lotus, and it’s suppressing an Immortal Sword with monstrous killing intent. Could it be that you don’t want to possess it? Come! Come! Come! Our meeting is fate predestined by the heavens. Come over and I’ll surely tell you the location of the Immortal Sword.” That clear voice resounded once more.

Chen Xi stopped moving and didn’t even turn around as he said, “No matter who you are, since you dared to use treasures to disturb my Dao Heart, then I’ll surely annihilate you once I’m successful in my cultivation!”

As he spoke, his footsteps grew faster and faster.

That voice went silent for a long time before suddenly turning sharp and hoarse, and it carried monstrous resentment. “Little Fellow, since you refuse to submit to temptation, then die!”


His words hadn’t finished resounding in the air when an extremely terrifying sound of the air being torn apart rumbled from the depths of the grand formation, and then a sword light that was like a flash pierced straight towards Chen Xi’s heart from behind.

It’s speed simply surmounted the barrier of time and broke through the shackles of space. In a thousandth of an instant, it had appeared behind Chen Xi and intended to penetrate his body.

Chen Xi had taken precautions a long time ago. Early on when the sound had just resounded, an expanse of hazy Immortal glow had surged onto his body while the Grand Dao coiled around him, and it completely enveloped him.

But he was still one step too slow, and the wisp of sword light had fiercely smashed onto his backbone before he had the time to dodge.


A mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out of Chen Xi’s mouth while his entire backbone even emitted a wave of cracking sounds. Moreover, his blood charged in the opposite direction while his internal organs were shaken to the point of aching extremely.

Under this terrifying attack, his figure even fell forward like a bullet. “Bastard! I’ll surely repay this enmity by tenfold in the future!”

Chen Xi shouted angrily while he exerted all his strength to control his body, and he was like a hawk with broken wings as he flashed unsteadily out of the grand formation.

“Eh? He was actually wearing an Immortal Artifact and it saved his little life… Hmph! Little Fellow, I’ll be waiting at the 99th level of the sword cave for you to come kill me, don’t just talk big and not come!” The sharp and hoarse voice sounded once more, and as it finished speaking, its tone changed once more to become clear, pleasing to the ear, and filled with the aura of a chanting sage.

At the outer border of the grand formation.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he arrived here, and then he looked at the bottomless ancient slaughter formation behind him while his face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of terror.

How terrifying!

Who exactly was that person?

Why would he be trapped within this ancient grand formation at the 60th level of the Sword Cave?

Why did he say that I must head to the 99th level of the sword cave to kill him?

Chen Xi’s current combat strength was capable of going against a 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert. But earlier, he was actually unable to dodge the strike of that mysterious person at all. Exactly what sort of cultivation would be needed to achieve this?

Moreover, according to his inference, the mysterious person was being suppressed behind the slaughter formation. Even then, the mysterious person was capable of executing such a terrifying strike. Exactly what sort of shocking strength would he possess if he’s released?

It was even to the extent that he knew clearly that he wouldn’t be able to escape that strike even if he crushed the teleportation talisman!

Fortunately, he wore the Immortal Artifact, Nethermist Feathered Armor, that Baili Yan had lost to him, otherwise he would really have died this time…

This sort of feeling of escaping death caused him to shudder with fear just from thinking about it.

Chen Xi didn’t ponder too much about it. After he circulated the Shaman Energy in his entire body to recover his injuries, he leaped out of the pool of lightning before crushing the teleportation talisman to instantly leave the Bloodsoul Sword Cave.

The existence of this terrifying mysterious person caused him to have a deeper understanding of how dangerous the sword cave was. He intended to leave for now and find out everything clearly before returning to train here once more.



“Hey, Fang Ren. How many days has it been, is there still no one that’s willing to bring you along into the sword cave?’

“Junior Brother Fang Ren, I advise you to not waste your time here anymore. Instead of this, why don’t you cultivate diligently and improve your own strength?”

“Let’s go, let’s go. Don’t pay attention to this boring fellow. Be careful or he’ll start annoying us again.”

Before the bronze door in the Soul Suppression Hall, Fang Ren stood there silently while turning a deaf ear to all the ridicule that came from the surroundings, and he just held tightly onto the wooden box in his hand.

He’d already been waiting here for Chen Xi for many days, and he’d seen numerous familiar faces. All of these familiar faces were mostly people that he’d begged bitterly in the past, but none of them were willing to answer him and bring him along into the sword cave, and there was even no lack of people that mocked and ridiculed him to the extreme.

When the two were compared, it caused him to feel even more grateful to his Senior Brother Chen Xi, and he felt that only a person that possessed an extraordinary bearing like his Senior Brother Chen Xi was worthy of the name of number one disciple in the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.


The bronze door flashed with a bright light before a tall figure walked out from within it, and it instantly jolted awake Fang Ren who was in deep thought.

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