Chapter 775 – A Myriad Of Techniques Emerging From A Single Sword Strike

60th level of the sword cave.

Violent lightning raged about here, and they seemed like numerous silver snakes that were thick and large like buckets roaring and dancing about madly. The entire area was filled with lightning, while the aura of destruction that seemed strong to the point of seeming to be material suffused every inch of space.

If one looked carefully, the might of the lightning within the Lightning Restricted Area grew stronger the deeper one moved towards its core, and at the core area, some bolts of lightning even took the shape of blades, swords, axes, and halberds, causing it to be extremely astounding.


A tall figure appeared in this area. His clothes fluttered while his entire body emanated Sword Insight, and every single move he made sprayed out numerous strands of resplendent sword qi that tore apart all the lightning that blocked his path.

His movements weren’t swift, yet they carried a peerless and all-powerful aura, causing him to seem like a strolling emperor of the sword, and everywhere he passed, everything moved aside!

This person was precisely Chen Xi.

During those seven days of cultivation in the Gravitational Restricted Area, he’d finally attained proficiency in the Sword of Creation, and his comprehension towards the Sword Dao had even broken through the level of ‘Sword Qi Strands’ to attain the state of ‘Sword Light Dispersion.’

Once one attained this level, one could already be called a grandmaster in the Sword Dao. A single sword light contained a myriad of variations, countless profundities, and it transformed from simple to complicated. This level had a different name, and it was called ‘a myriad of techniques emerging from a single sword strike!’

What was a myriad of techniques emerging from a single sword strike?

It was to allow Dao Arts to accompany the sword qi, and the boundless profundities within it changed according to the person’s intent. Only with destruction was there development. Under the might of a sword strike at this level, all techniques didn’t dare disobey!

It could be said that even though Chen Xi was still at the Nether Transformation Realm now, his combat strength had improved greatly when compared to before! So, it wasn’t difficult for him to go against an expert at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm now.

Such heaven defying combat strength could simply be described as capable of shocking the world, and it news of it were to be spread, it would surely cause the jaws of everyone to be shocked off.

But Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied because this wasn’t his limit. As far as he was concerned, when the Sword of Creation could be deduced and commanded with the might of his Dao of Talismans, only then would it be considered to be truly perfect.

Not to mention his current attainments in the Grand Dao of Creation had only attained the Advanced Realm, and there was still a gap between perfection that couldn’t be closed within a short period of time.

Just like the Grand Daos of Paramita, Oblivion, Eternal, and Obliteration, the profundities of Creation were similarly an extremely rare Grand Dao, and comprehending it completely was absolutely not something that could be done overnight.

What a terrifying force of lightning, and it even makes my cultivation restless. Perhaps I only need a thought to summon the Azure Lightning Tribulation and advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm, right? As he walked within the Lighting Restricted Area, the pressure upon him grew as he went deeper, and even if Chen Xi’s current combat strength had undergone a tremendous change, he still felt slightly strained.

It was even to the extent that he was able to faintly sense that even if he was suppressing his cultivation, the Azure Lightning Tribulation for him to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm would surely descend in three months to a year or so.

This was a form of subconscious sense that couldn’t be grasped, yet it could be comprehended in the heart. It was extremely profound, and it was a sort of connection cultivators had with the workings of the heavens.

Once one’s cultivation attained the Earthly Immortal Realm, one could even rely on this sort of connection to the workings of the heavens to deduce the dangers of one’s future, and it was extremely miraculous.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The terrifying energy of lightning were slashed apart by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and they only left behind strands of lightning energy that he drew over to temper his body. They emanated balls of dazzling bright lights while the skin that was struck trembled while causing him to feel intense pain and numbness there.

When he was at the Gravitational Restricted Area earlier, he’d used the terrifying pressure there to temper his body, and now, he was using the energy of lightning to do it instead.

Even though acting in this way was dangerous and painful, the effect of it towards the tempering of his body was obvious. Up until this moment, his body was so strong that it had simply arrived at a shocking state, and it seemed to have already attained the limits of the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm and was only an inch away from the Nether Transformation Realm. However, it just so happened that this inch seemed like the gap between the heavens and the earth, and it was more than just a thousand times more difficult to surmount.

For the sake of advancing to the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement, Chen Xi had utilized countless methods like comprehending the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture to transform his body into a Dao Origin that merged with the heavens and the earth. Presently, he’d even relied on the terrifying pressure and energy of lightning to temper his body, and it could be said that his current body refinement cultivation was absolutely invincible amongst his peers because if it was any other body refiner, the body refiner would have advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm a long time ago.

Unfortunately, all of this seemed to be so difficult to him.

Dammit! I don’t believe that I’m unable to advance into the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement! Chen Xi gritted his teeth while a trace of ruthlessness flashed on his handsome face, and then he continued walking towards the depths of the Lightning Restricted Area.



At this moment, at the core area of the Lightning Restricted Area, there were a few figures sitting there while their entire bodies emanated terrifying Immortal Energy, and the lightning in the surroundings hadn’t even approached them before being blasted away.

This group was led by a middle aged man with a black beard and black hair who wore a loose Daoist robe and had eyes that were like stars. At this moment, he said with a worried expression. “The cultivation of that animal is growing stronger and stronger.”

The others kept silent.

During these ten plus years, they’d fought countless times against the bloodsoul that had transformed into a Lightning Spirit, and every single time they were about to succeed, it would rely on this expanse of lightning to escape.

Moreover, along with the passage of time, the strength of this vile creature was growing stronger and stronger. It was originally only at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet now, it was already on par with a 4th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Of course, to all of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the strength of this Lighting Spirit still didn’t carry any threat to them. But they were worried because if this sort of situation were to continue, then the strength of that Lightning Spirit would probably rise repeatedly, and the difficulty to kill it would undoubtedly become even higher.

Coupled with the fact that this place was the Lightning Restricted Area, the vile creature was simply like a fish in water here. If it wanted to flee, it would instantly transform into a bolt of lightning and vanish without a trace, and it was impossible to notice its traces even with their Immortal Perception.

All of this caused them to gradually fall into a passive situation.

Just a few days ago, there was even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had almost been killed by a sneak attack, and that shocking scene caused them to be extremely terrified even when they thought about it now.

“If it’s in the outside world, then with our strengths, any one of us would be sufficient to annihilate this animal. But this place is filled with fucking lightning, allowing that vile creature to utilize the benefits of the terrain to flee repeatedly. It’s truly infuriating!” A white robed old man gritted his teeth as he spoke with a gloomy expression.

The black bearded middle aged man in the lead shook his head and said, “Saying all this now is useless. The urgent matter at hand is that we have to make a decision. Do we leave or continue?”

When he spoke up to here, he swept everyone with his gaze before he said solemnly, “If we choose to leave, then we must leave right away before reporting this matter to Ancestor Fei Ling and see if we’re able to get him to make a move and annihilate this vile creature. Otherwise, it would be a calamity in the end if left within the sword cave.”

Ancestor Fei Ling!

Everyone was shocked in their hearts. Amongst the seniors that lived in seclusion within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Ancestor Fei Ling was absolutely one of the greatest amongst them, and he was called one of the ‘Three Saints of Nine Radiance’ along with Ancestor Feng Ting and Deng Chen!

It was even not exaggerating to say that the existence of Fei Ling, Feng Ting, and Deng Chen were like spines that held up the sky, and they guarded the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, causing no one to dare provoke and offend it.

This was the might of a great figure. Before these three ancestors, even the Sect Master, Wen Huating, and those other Earthly Immortal Realm experts that lived in seclusion were reverent, respectful, and called themselves juniors!

The black bearded middle aged man continued. “If we stay back, then we must make a decision. We have to choose someone to be the bait and drew it out before gathering the strength of everyone to annihilate in one go. But the danger will be much greater, and the person that acts as bait might even lose his life.”

As he finished speaking, he made a summary. “All in all, we have to make a decision now. Otherwise, if we continue wasting time like this, our situation will become more and more disadvantageous.”

The expressions of everyone turned serious as they spoke out successively. There were two people that supported leaving, whereas the others persisted in staying.

Moreover, the white robed Earthly Immortal Realm expert called Sun Donghua even openly stated that he would be the bait and take a risk by himself to draw out the vile creature.

“Alright! If we succeed, then not only will we be able to annihilate this vile creature, we’ll even be able to obtain an enormous piece of Chaotic Source Crystal. Coupled with everything all of us have gathered during these past few years, we’ll surely be able to refine a Chaotic Magic Artifact!” When the middle aged man saw this, a bright light flashed within his eyes, and then he decided right away to try once more!

Right when they were discussing how to take action, a wave of rumbling suddenly sounded out from the Lightning Restricted Area outside of where they were.

“An expert is approaching!” Sun Donghua frowned as he listened to the rumbling. “The rate of approach isn’t swift, but his footsteps are steady. This person’s strength is surely around the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

“This shouldn’t be happening. We’ve already ordered this place to be sealed off, and Junior Brother Yue Ping is on guard at the 59th level. So how could someone enter here?” The black bearded middle aged man said, “Could it be Junior Brother Yue Ping has come over?”

While everyone was talking.


A figure charged out and descended to the ground.

It was a tall young man that held an extremely formidable pitch black and lusterless sword in his hand.

“The Nether Transformation Realm!?” Everyone was astounded.

“Little Fellow.” The black bearded middle aged man frowned and said with surprise, “Who’s your master?”

His cultivation had attained the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm a long time ago, so he was naturally able to discern the cultivation of this young man, and this young man was simply a heaven defying existence as the young man was capable of possessing such strength at the Nether Transformation Realm.

“Junior’s name is Chen Xi, and my Master is Liu Jianheng. Greetings seniors.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. While he was tempering his body, he’d noticed the existence of these seniors of the sect with the Eye of Divine Truth, so he’d rushed over.

“A disciple of Jianheng’s?” The others were slightly stunned. All of them came to a sudden understanding, and they couldn’t help but feel envious in their hearts. He was actually able to easily arrive at the 60th level of the sword cave with a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm, and he possesses a cultivation that’s comparable to a 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert. Exactly how monstrous and outstanding of a disciple is he?

“Eh, wait! You haven’t grasped Immortal Perception, so how did you notice our existence?” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert was surprised as he noticed a trace of unusualness. After all, even Immortal Perception suffered restraint in this place, let alone Divine Sense. It was utterly impossible to emit one’s Divine Sense out of one’s body at this place.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts reacted to the meaning behind these words, and they looked at Chen Xi in unison.

Chen Xi said frankly, “I’ve cultivated a type of Divine Ability that’s capable of seeing through reality and penetrating through the surface of things to see its essence. Even the slightest detail within an area of 5,000km can’t escape my eyes.”

The eyes of everyone lit up when they heard this, and they were extremely excited.

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