Chapter 774 – Shocking Sword Technique

The grey clothed old man frowned as he said, “You still won’t give up?”

Before Chen Xi could reply, he flicked his sleeve and said, “Nevermind, it’s fine to tell you.”

It turned out that a Lightning Restricted Area that was extremely terrifying existed in the 60th level of the Bloodsoul Sword Cave, and it was more than 10 times more formidable than the Gravitational Restricted Area in the 59th level.

Normally speaking, only Earthly Immortal Realm experts at the 3rd level or above were capable of safely entering the 60th level.

A few tens of years ago, the grey clothed old man and another few Earthly Immortal Realm elders had joined forces to search for a piece of Chaotic Source Crystal that was the size of an entire hill within the Lightning Restricted Area of the 60th level!

Unfortunately, so many years had passed yet the grey clothed old man and the others weren’t able to locate it yet, and the reason was that a Lightning Spirit with supreme intelligence had actually been born within the Lightning Restricted Area of the 60th level!

The Lightning Spirit was formed from a bloodsoul, and it was capable of transforming into strands of lightning and hiding amidst the lightning in the area, causing it to be extremely difficult to notice. Moreover, its strength was terrifying and comparable to an existence at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

The existence of this Lightning Spirit was absolutely a variant wouldn’t appear in a myriad of years, and an existence like this was rarely born even in the levels below the 60th level.

It was precisely this Lightning Spirit that had hidden the Chaotic Source Crystal, causing the grey clothed old man and the others to search for over 10 years yet were unable to locate a trace of it.

It wasn’t just that, they’d also frequently suffered the sneak attacks of this Lightning Spirit and suffered a great deal of injuries, and if it wasn’t for them being in a group, their lives might have even been in danger!

It was precisely because this place was too dangerous that the grey clothed old man would be arranged to stay at the 59th level and warn the others not to try stepping into the 60th level.

“Lightning Spirit, a Chaotic Source Crystal the size of a hill…” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked when he finished hearing what the grey clothed old man said. If it’s like this, then the 60th level of the sword cave really is dangerous to the extreme.

“Go on, go on. This place isn’t somewhere you can stay for long.” The grey clothed old man spoke indifferently.

Chen Xi was instantly vexed in his heart when he heard this.

He’s come to the sword cave this time solely for the sake of tempering himself and the Sword of Creation he’d comprehended for 10 years. Moreover, through these few days of training, his strength had indeed obtained swift transformation and improvement.

Even though the pressure and danger he encountered grew stronger and stronger all along the way until now, he felt that it hadn’t forced out his limit.

In other words, the pressure from before was still within a scope that he could endure! So he would naturally feel unwilling if someone asked him to leave just like this.

Chen Xi went silent and hesitated for a moment, and then he gritted his teeth before turning and leaving. In next to no time, he’d entered the boundless area of pressure and walked with difficult within it.

“He really left? I never expected that this little fellow isn’t a self-conceited fellow.” The grey clothed old man was slightly stunned when he saw Chen Xi leave so resolutely, and then he shook his head. “Right, even though this little fellow’s strength is heaven defying, he’s only at the Nether Transformation Realm in the end, so he would most probably die if he entered the 60th level of the sword cave. The wisest decision is to leave.”

However, in the next moment, he was dumbstruck.

Because he clearly saw that Chen Xi hadn’t left, but he’d chosen to train within the Gravitational Restricted Area!

“Little Fellow, aren’t you afraid of injuring yourself if you cultivate within it?” The grey clothed old man couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Xi had a calm expression as he frequently utilized the Talisman Armament to tear apart the pressure that enveloped him, and he said, “Would it be possible for anything to happen to me with Senior protecting me from the side?”

The grey clothed old man was stunned, and then he roared with laughter. “What a kid! Interesting! Then cultivate at ease, and I’ll naturally lend a hand if you’re really unable to persist.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he restrained his smile and fell into meditation. 


The Gravitational Restricted Area was an extremely special area. Its borders had the least pressure while the pressure grew the deeper one went.

At this moment, Chen Xi was tempering his Sword of Creation within it.

Numerous sword qi that developed profundities and deduced creation charged into the sky, and they spread throughout the surroundings while slashing apart the strands of terrifying pressure that came from all directions.

It was like he was fighting with a shapeless enemy. Once he stopped, he would be fiercely affected by the terrifying pressure and suffer a heavy injury.

An entire seven days and seven nights!

Chen Xi didn’t stop even once, nor did he rest for a moment. This was the contribution of the replenishment from the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body. But even though his strength was at a peak state at all times, his body and mind had already arrived at their limit.

The muscles in his entire body were sore, swollen, and intolerable, and they felt as if they were filled with lead. His mind was even weary to the limit, causing it to even go blank!

At this moment, he seemed like a wooden puppet whose soul had left its body. Every single move he made carried a sluggish and stiff feeling, and he’d already forgotten everything in his surroundings.

It was even to the extent that he’d completely not noticed how shocking the changes the sword qi he executed was undergoing! 

Swish! Swish!

Sword qi howled and spread out in all directions, and its sharp howls gradually became low and heavy. Later on, it was even impossible to hear the slightest sound, and it had become perfectly silent.

However, its force grew more and more terrifying. Every single strand of sword qi easily tore apart the pressure in an area of 30km, causing it to seem as if a void had formed around him.

It felt as if he was the supreme lord of creation in this void, and he was using the sword in his hand to create and deduce all profundities and variations. Everywhere the blade of his sword pass, creation overflowed!

Gradually, the soundless sword qi became ethereal and translucent, and it attained a sort of limit. Every single swing of his sword seemed like a variety of profundities were being created and developed, and they were dazzling and profound to the limit.

When this sort of silent, heavy, dazzling, and extremely ethereal sword qi attained its utmost limit, Chen Xi’s movements grew slower and slower, and every single swing of the Talisman Armament seemed like an ant was moving an enormous mountain.

Later on, the Talisman Armament in his hand slowed down to the point of stopping abruptly. At that instant, the boundless pressure surged over from all directions once more.

After that, at the instant this pressure had just arrived before him and hadn’t touched his body, the Talisman Armament in his hand swept down like a river of stars that lay across the universe!


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out. It was like the first thunderclap when the chaos was split apart at the beginning of the world, and it reverberated throughout the entire 59th level!

“Eh!” Before the gorge, the grey clothed old man’s body stiffened as he swiftly opened his eyes, and then he noticed to his shock that an indescribable and terrifying sword qi was spreading out from within the Gravitational Restricted Area towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, the sky collapsed, the earth crumbled, and the entire world seemed to be shattered, thrown into disorder, and obliterated!

The entire Gravitational Restricted Area simply seemed as if it was fiercely crushed by an enormous hand, causing it to be filled with a scene of desolation.

The grey clothed old man’s heart jerked because the peerlessly terrifying sword qi had actually spread towards him…


Even if he’d circulated his cultivation, the grey clothed old man was still shaken by this sword qi and was forced back by over 10 steps before he was able to stabilize his body. Moreover, his expression had already become heavy and shocked to the extreme.

What sword qi is this!?

After all, he was at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and he’d cultivated for countless years. Now, a strand of sword qi, no! The aftershock of a strand of sword qi had shaken him to the point of retreating repeatedly. So how terrifying would it be if this sword qi were to be slashed directly at him?

Could it be that all of this was done by that little fellow, Chen Xi?

The grey clothed old man was surprised and bewildered, and he noticed that he’d still slightly underestimated this junior that he’d seen for the first time.

After a long time, the sword qi within the Gravitational Restricted Area had dispersed completely, whereas the ground in an area of 5,000km was already filled with crisscrossed ravines and was covered in destruction.

When he looked over carefully, the horrifying ravines on the ground were still flowing with a trace of fierce Sword Insight, and merely sensing its aura caused his heart to palpitate.

At the center of the Gravitational Restricted Area, Chen Xi stood without moving like a clay statue with his sword in hand, and even though he didn’t speak a word, he emanated an unmovable aura.

“Little Fellow, are you alright?” asked the grey clothed old man.

There was no answer.

The grey clothed old man frowned and separated a strand of his Immortal Perception to investigate. However, it hadn’t even touched Chen Xi’s body when it was forced back by a shapeless sword qi.

It was even to the extent that if he was just slightly slower, then this strand of his Immortal Perception would be directly slashed apart!

This scene caused the heart of the grey clothed old man to thump, and he was even slightly afraid to make any rash movements. If news of such a feeling appearing on an old fellow who’d lived for countless years was spread, he would surely be embarrassed to death.

But it just so happened that he was extremely serious at this moment because he noticed that this junior, Chen Xi, was too surprising, and Chen Xi was simply like a freak that couldn’t be judged based on convention at all.

Entering into the 59th level of the sword cave with a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm and forced him back over ten steps with merely the aftershock from a peerless sword qi he executed. How could such magnificent feats be achieved by an ordinary figure?

“Jianheng…really took a good disciple!” The grey clothed old man stared blankly for a long time before being unable to help but sigh with emotion and repeat something he’d said before. But this time, it wasn’t merely admiration but shock, and a type of all knew acknowledgement and perception.

Just like this, Chen Xi stood on the spot for three days.

Three days later, he seemed to come to life from a clay status, and his entire body emanated a vast and peerless imposing aura. It was like the profundities of the Grand Dao surrounded his body, and they displayed a vast might that was deep like an abyss!

“He has changed…” The grey clothed old man muttered. Three days was like a blink of the eye to him, so when he saw Chen Xi recover, he instantly noticed that the imposing aura of this junior had undergone a tremendous change.

It was an aura of deduction and creation, an exuberant force. Now that it appeared within Chen Xi’s aura, it caused him to seem like a lord of creation, and it seemed like he was capable of deducing a myriad of profundities and secrets with a single intent!

The grey clothed old man was truly unable to believe how a young man that hadn’t advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm could possibly possess such a terrifying aura that caused even his heart to palpitate.

Since he’d started cultivating until now, this was simply the first little fellow that was so difficult to figure out, and Chen Xi had simply destroyed all his past perceptions of cultivators in the Nether Transformation Realm!

“Senior, can I enter the 60th level of the sword cave now?” Chen Xi turned around and asked calmly.

The grey clothed old man went silent for a long time before nodding in the end.

Chen Xi cupped his hands and intended to enter the gorge behind the old man that was the entrance to the 60th level of the sword cave.

At the instant before Chen Xi left, the grey clothed old man couldn’t refrain from asking. “Wait. I really want to know why you haven’t advanced into the Earthly Immortal Realm with your current cultivation?”

“I just feel that it’s still not enough. I still haven’t arrived at my limit…”

Chen Xi’s voice was still reverberating by his ears, yet Chen Xi had already vanished. The grey clothed old man stared blankly for a long time before he couldn’t help but sigh. “Jianheng! Oh! Jianheng! This disciple of yours…makes me feel deeply ashamed!” 

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