Chapter 773 – Gravitational Restricted Area

59th level of the sword cave.


As soon as he entered this area, the pressure increased rapidly, and a violent repulsive force collided with Chen Xi’s body, causing a wave of rumbling sounds to resound out.

If it was said that only 150,000kg of pressure affected his body when he was at the 58th level of the sword cave, then now, it was 1.5milion kg or even 15million kg!

This sort of terrifying pressure collided with Chen Xi, and it was like a myriad of 3km tall mountains smashing repeatedly onto Chen Xi!

An ordinary 2nd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert would probably be unable to endure the pressure here. Chen Xi flipped his hand, causing the Talisman Armament to appear out of thin air, and then a profound sword qi of creation whistled as it slashed out before directly slashing apart the terrifying pressure before him.

Luckily, resisting force with force is quite easy. Chen Xi walked forward while utilizing the Talisman Armament to slash apart the shapeless pressure.

This sort of terrifying pressure was obviously an ancient restriction that had formed naturally within the sword cave, and it was like a material wave that repeatedly smashed down towards him. At this moment, Chen Xi seemed as if he was walking amidst a tempestuous storm.

Ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts mostly cultivated in qi refinement, causing their bodies to be comparatively weak, so they had no choice but to rely on various magic treasures to defend against and blast open the terrifying pressure that ceaselessly surged towards them once they entered this area.

If a terrifying bloodsoul were to launch a surprise attack on them under these circumstances, then it would be exceedingly horrifying. Not only would they have to resist the pressure, they had to fight as well, and the difficulties of this was obvious.

It was even to the extent that the Immortal Energy within the bodies of some Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be completely exhausted by the terrifying pressure before they even saw a bloodsoul, and if they didn’t have spirit pills to replenish their True Essence, they could only temporarily leave in dejection.

Earlier, Chen Xi had relied in his cultivation in body refinement to walk up to this point without relying on any magic treasures, but it was obviously different now.


Numerous Creation Sword Qis surged both horizontally and vertically, and they tore apart numerous rifts in the surrounding space as they blasted apart the terrifying pressure.

Chen Xi continued walking forward for a long time while the pressure grew stronger and stronger. He suddenly executed the Heavenly Transformation and transformed into a giant that was over 100m tall, and he instantly felt much more at ease while he held the Talisman Armament and walked forward.

Actually, he was completely capable of relying on his qi refinement cultivation to move forward safely. After all, the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body was ceaselessly replenishing the True Essence within his body, so the problem of exhaustion wouldn’t arise at all.

The reason he utilized his cultivation in body refinement wasn’t a because of a sudden impulse, and it was because he wanted to utilize this terrifying pressure to fiercely temper his cultivation in body refinement.

Presently, his body refinement cultivation had fallen too far behind, and it was only at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. After he cultivated the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture, it allowed him to find the most primitive and ancient path of body refinement, and he’d seen the hope of advancement.

But up until today, he was still unable to take this final step.

It seemed like there was an imperceptible and shapeless shackle and restraint that caused it to be extremely difficult to cultivate both body refinement and qi refinement after stepping into the Nether Transformation Realm, and he could only choose one of them.

It was an indescribable feeling like a restriction that was set by the Heaven Dao, and it was even more like a restricted area in the path of cultivation that seemed to be utterly impossible to surmount.

Since cultivating until now, Chen Xi had indeed noticed that no matter if it was his friends or enemies, they were either pure qi refiners, pure body refiners, or possessed cultivations in both qi refinement and body refinement just like him, but one of these cultivations were surely incapable of attaining the Nether Transformation Realm.

In the past, he didn’t think this was strange. But now, along with his body refinement cultivation being unable to advance after so long while the gap between it and his qi refinement cultivation grew larger and larger, he gradually started to treat this problem cautiously.

Is it really impossible to cultivate in both body refinement and qi refinement at the Nether Transformation Realm? Chen Xi utterly didn’t believe that such a restriction and shackle would exist on the path of cultivation, and he wanted to try with all his might until he’d failed completely.

If his body refinement cultivation were to stop at this point, then it would simply be an unparalleled loss!

After all, the might of the Divine Abilities he was most adept in like the Grand Astral Palm, Stellar Lightningform, Starsky Wings, the Eye of Divine Truth, and so on and so forth would undergo a tremendous change every single time he entered a higher realm of cultivation, and their might would be utterly incomparable to before.

Once he was to stop here, then how horrible would it be?

It would simply be a loss of numerous terrifying portions of combat strength!


Sword qi whistled through the sky as it tore the strands of terrifying pressure apart, and he drew the remaining pressure was into his body to ceaselessly strike and temper it, causing a wave of rumbling to resound out.

The pressure here was so terrifying that ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators would find it difficult to move an inch, and Chen Xi could only disperse a portion of the pressure before utilizing it to temper his body.

Otherwise, if this pressure were to swarm directly upon him, his entire body might be crushed apart, and even if he was able to be reborn with a drop of blood, he would be crushed once more. If this cycle were to repeat itself until his Shaman Energy dried up, then he would surely die.

Very good, the strength of my body is finally being tempered and becoming even more condensed. If this goes on, and when I reach the limit, then perhaps I’ll be able to charge into the Nether Transformation Realm! Chen Xi walked for a long time and was able to clearly sense the ceaseless change occurring within his body after experiencing the endless pressure. Even though this change was tiny, it was improvement that was very difficult to come by.

But the pressure in the 59th level of the sword cave was too abnormal, and it became more terrifying the deeper he went. At the end, Chen Xi had no choice but to execute the Deity Transformation and Steller Lightningform.

After another long period of time and under this ceaselessly increasing pressure, Chen Xi even had no choice but to stop and rest. It couldn’t be helped, his Shaman Energy was being exhausted too swiftly, and he had no choice but to cultivate and recuperate.

Just like this, stopped to rest and recover from time to time before continuing forward.

Three days later.

After such a long period of time, Chen Xi had no choice but to stop and rest after every 50km forward. Up until now, he was still in the 59th level of the sword cave! It was obvious how terrifying the pressure here was!


Along with him moving forward once more, he’d charged out of this area of pressure, causing his entire body to become relaxed. It was like a 150 million kg mountain had been removed from atop him, and the light feeling that arrived abruptly even caused him to stagger.

“I’ve finally walked out of that damned place!” Chen Xi couldn’t help but roar with laughter and sigh endlessly with emotion. Since entering the 59th level of the sword cave until now, he’d already walked for almost four days, and the Shaman Energy in his entire body had been exhausted countless times over. The difficulties of his journey here were simply on the verge of exceeding his endurance.

But right after that, his heart jerked. Why has that pressure that exists everywhere vanished? After all, this place is still within the 59th level of the sword cave…

It was even to the extent that he suddenly recalled that he hadn’t encountered a single bloodsoul all along the way!

What’s going on?

“Who is it? Could it be that you don’t know this place has been restricted and no one is allowed to enter?” Right at this moment, a low voice suddenly resounded out by Chen Xi’s ears.

There’s someone here?

Chen Xi was shocked, and then he executed the Eye of Divine Truth and looked over. This place was the 59th level of the sword cave, so his Divine Sense had already been restricted to an area of 3m since a long time ago, causing it to be even inferior to his own vision.

Hmm? With the assistance of the Eye of Divine Truth, Chen Xi instantly noticed that a grey clothed old man was sitting cross-legged before a gorge that was 30km away.

This grey clothed old man had a chilly expression, closed eyes, was extremely thin, and his entire body flowed with Immortal Energy. Obviously, he was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert of the sect.

But Chen Xi had never seen this grey clothed old man, and he was presumably one of those seniors that lived in seclusion.

He knew as well that besides the Earthly Immortal Realm experts that held positions in the sect, there was a large group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they’d chosen to enter closed door cultivation all around the sect and live in seclusion. There was no lack of ancient existences that had lived for countless years amongst them, and they were the true strongest hidden reserves of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

For example, as the Master of West Radiance Peak, Madman Liu, was similarly a forsaker of the heavens, and his strength had attained the level of Heavenly Immortals a long time ago. Chen Xi had long suspected that there might be even more forsakers of the heavens existing within the sect, but it was just unknown to the world.

“Eh! Little kid, you seem to only be at the perfection-stage of the Nether Transformation Realm, yet you’re actually able to arrive below the 55th level of the sword cave and even went through the Gravitational Restricted Area’s pressure to arrive here. Could it be that your strength is already on par with experts at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?” The grey clothed old man seemed to have noticed something, causing his tightly closed eyes to open abruptly, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swept over coldly before sizing up Chen Xi from up to down while a wisp of shock couldn’t help but suffuse his thin and indifferent face. “You’re a Core Seed Disciple from Divine Radiance Peak? Who’s your master?”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. Only now did he know that the area he went through earlier was actually a Gravitational Restricted Area, and it was actually an extremely ancient restriction.

Moreover, he’d already discerned that since this grey clothed old man had already arrived before the gorge, then the grey clothed old man had obviously surmounted the Gravitational Restricted Area, and his strength was at least above the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, if he was to explode with all his strength, he was barely able to fight a 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm expert equally. Moreover, that was only towards ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts. After all, there was no lack of formidable existences amongst Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and there were even some extremely monstrous experts that possessed unfathomable combat strength while at a low cultivation level, so the old man couldn’t be underestimated.

“I’m Chen Xi, and my master is Madman Liu,” said Chen Xi.

“Jianheng’s disciple?” The grey clothed old man was surprised. “I never expected that deranged fellow would actually unprecedentedly take a good disciple. How long have you joined the sect for, why have I never seen you before?”

“I’ve just joined the sect for a little over five years,” said Chen Xi. He’d cultivated for 40 years in the world of stars, and it was equivalent to just four years in the outside world, so if everything was added together, it was only a little over five years.

“Outstanding!” The grey clothed old man sighed with emotion. “I never expected after only not emerging into the world for a few hundred years, such an outstanding disciple like you has actually appeared within the sect.” After that, his expression turned solemn, and then he flicked his sleeve and said, “Chen Xi, you should leave swiftly. The area beneath the 59th level of the sword cave is too dangerous, and even we haven’t gained possession of the treasure yet. Even though your strength is heaven defying, it’s still far insufficient, and it would harm yourself instead if you entered rashly.”

“Far insufficient?” Chen Xi frowned and didn’t believe him. But he was most curious about what he ‘treasure’ the grey clothed old man spoke of was.

“You little fellow. Could it be that you think you can question my words because you possess shocking strength?” The grey clothed old man spoke with displeasure. “Remember, the heavens envy those who are outstanding, and it’s easy to lose your life from being too unyielding. Your natural talent it shocking, and your strength is even heaven defying, but it’s still better to be cautious and maintain a low profile. It’s best not to be arrogant and overbearing like other disciples.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he cupped his hands and said, “Senior is right. But I just want to know exactly what sort of dangers there are beneath the 59th level of the sword cave?” 

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