Chapter 771 – Chaotic Source Crystal

A feeling of extreme danger swiftly surged through Chen Langya’s entire body like a cold stream, and it felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit. At this instant, he sensed death approaching, and it was such a strong feeling that it caused all the hairs on his body to stand on end!

Could it be that I’m going to die?

Chen Langya was unwilling, his expression warped while his furious roars shook the heavens, and he seemed like a trapped beast that intended to fight with its life on the line!


However, to his terror, a strand of violent pain suddenly came from behind him at this instant, and it was even to the extent he was able to feel the flesh on his back being ripped off while blood sprayed out!

This sudden and unexpected change in events shocked Chen Langya to the point his soul almost left his body. He suddenly remembered that he’d only been paying attention to the Bloodsoul Qiongqi before him and had forgotten the strange fellow that could control the energy of space…


An enormous claw that covered the sky tore down, and its shadow enveloped down onto Chen Langya.

He would have been able to dodge this strike, but the heavy injury he suffered from behind caused his figure to stagger, and he’d completely lost the opportunity to resist and struggle, so he could only watch as death approached.

“I never imagined that I, Chen Langya, who has lived a glorious life wouldn’t just lose at the hands of Chen Xi, I’m about to lose my life to a bloodsoul now…” Chen Langya was deeply grieved and revealed an expression of despair, and he couldn’t help but close his eyes.


An enormous bang sounded out, and then a wave of miserable howls resounded out right after. Chen Langya was shocked and hadn’t even opened his eyes when he felt his entire body being drenched by blood while a strand of a dense stench of blood assaulted his nose.

“Bleurgh…” This smell was so bad that it caused his stomach to turn upside down, and he almost vomited. But when he opened his eyes and saw the scene before him, his body instantly went still while he revealed an expression of disbelief, and he instantly forgot all the discomfort that he felt in his entire body.

In the distance, there was a tall figure battling the two bloodsouls, his figure flashed like a bolt of lightning while sword qi surged out both horizontally and vertically, and he was like a god that had descended to the mortal world and possessed vast divine might.

Chen Xi!

Why is it this fellow!?

Chen Langya’s eyes opened wide while his expression changed indeterminately, and his entire body couldn’t help but start trembling while he felt an extremely complicated feeling in his heart. Never had he imagined that the person who would save him in this critical situation would actually be this fellow!

He surely saw everything earlier, right? He surely thinks I’m very useless, right? Haha! He didn’t appear earlier but just had to appear at this moment, what does he want? Has he come to prove that he’s stronger than me?

The more he thought about it, the more Chen Langya felt uncomfortable in his heart, and an indescribable flame of rage couldn’t be restrained from leaping up and surging into his chest. In the next moment, he roared furiously while getting up. “Chen Xi, who asked you to save me? Move away!”

His voice had just started resounding out when his figure had charged up explosively, and he actually charged towards Chen Xi with the intention of forcing Chen Xi back.

Originally, Chen Xi was fighting the two bloodsouls equally, and his addition into the battle instantly caused Chen Xi to retreat repeatedly. It seemed as if Chen Langya had joined forces with the two bloodsouls and they were dealing with Chen Xi together.

Amongst these two bloodsouls, one was formed from the primeval ferocious beast, Qiongqi, and it was violent, vicious, and possessed boundless physical strength. The other bloodsoul was even more terrifying, and it was formed from a ferocious beast Dijiang![1]

This ferocious beast was innately capable of controlling the energy of space, and its speed was swift like a bolt of lightning, causing it to be a shadowlike assassin that moved through space and made it impossible for others take precautions against it.

Regardless of it was the Qiongqi or the Dijiang, both of them had strengths that were at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, causing them to be extremely terrifying, and they pressured Chen Xi greatly.

Now, not only did Chen Langya not help after joining the battle, he started attacking Chen Xi repeatedly like a madman, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel annoyed.

This bastard!

It’s already at a time like this, what’s wrong with him!?

Chen Xi was both shocked and furious while the pressure upon him grew abruptly, causing his figure to be in a slightly sorry state. Especially the Bloodsoul Dijiang, it moved through space and assaulted him repeatedly, and it almost caused Chen Xi to suffer a heavy injury on many occasions.

Even then, numerous bloody marks had been clawed out on his body, causing blood to dye his clothes. His injuries weren’t heavy, and it instantly recovered to its previous state, but this sort of feeling caused Chen Xi to be very annoyed.

“Fuck off! Otherwise, I’ll kill you first!” Chen Xi’s expression was gloomy as he sternly berated Chen Langya.

Chen Langya’s existence caused his hands and feet to be bound. He couldn’t kill Chen Langya but leaving him alive wasn’t an option as well. It was like a fishbone stuck in his throat, and it caused him to be very uncomfortable. It was precisely because of this that he was forced to dodge repeatedly while facing the Qiongqi and Dijiang.

“I still haven’t asked you to fuck off yet!” Chen Langya’s hair was disheveled and seemed like a madman while he attacked without holding back in the slightest. “On what basis are you interfering in my business? Even if I, Chen Langya, die, I’ll absolutely not owe you, Chen Xi, a debt!”

Chen Xi was almost angered to the point of laughing. Looks like this bastard has really gone bad!

Chen Xi stopped holding back. He executed the Wings of Disruption with a swish to forcefully resist the claw from the Qiongqi before directly flashing before Chen Langya, and then he slapped Chen Langya on his shoulder. “Get the fuck down there and stay there!”


Chen Langya was caught off guard, and his entire body smashed onto the ground like a comet, causing his gaze to be dazed. Chen Langya was angered to the point he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Bastard! I’ve been pushed away by this Bastard again!

The scene before his eyes was simply too alike to the scene that had occurred a few years ago in the Sword Evaluation Hall. Chen Xi had flicked his sleeve and directly forced him out of the combat ring, and Chen Xi was even more ruthless this time and had slapped him down onto the ground like a wooden pole!

He struggled with the intention of getting up. Unfortunately, Chen Xi had utilized the ‘Cage Etching’ technique to restrain his body, causing him to have no choice but to stay there resentfully for a short period of time.

Chen Xi instantly felt much more at ease without Chen Langya holding him back, and he gritted his teeth while venting his bellyful of annoyance on his enemies.


Right at this moment, the Dijiang moved through space and vanished, and it started playing flying cat and mouse with Chen Xi once more.

“Are you having fun! Then I’ll play with you till the end!” A vertical eye opened up between Chen Xi’s brows, and then his figure flashed out before he stretched out his hand to tear space apart and grab fiercely within it.


A leg on the enormous figure of the Dijiang that seemed like a bag was grabbed onto by Chen Xi and dragged it out, and then he suddenly swung the Dijiang up before smashing it onto the ground.

Numerous cracks spread out on the ground from the enormous body of the Dijiang smashing into the ground. Its entire body was convulsing as it howled, and then it executed its teleportation technique and vanished once more with a swish.

This scene shocked the Qiongqi to the point it was stunned. This young man at the Nether Transformation Realm is too formidable. Even Dijiang that has grasped the energy of space had actually been caught by him with a single grab!

Was that a coincidence?

After that, the Qiongqi saw that the Dijiang who’d just vanished into space was dragged out once more by Chen Xi before being fiercely smashed onto the ground and caused dust and smoke to suffuse the air. Its four pairs of wings had been broken, and it was convulsing endlessly on the ground.

This time, the Dijiang stopped dodging. It had already discerned that the vertical eye between Chen Xi’s brows were actually capable of seeing through reality and penetrating through the surface of things to see its essence. So spatial teleportation was utterly incapable of escaping the detection of his eye!

“Why have you stopped? Continue! I still haven’t had enough fun!” Chen Xi stared coldly at the Dijiang.

The Dijiang roared furiously as it struggled to get up, and then it started joining forces with the Qiongqi to fight Chen Xi head on and didn’t dare execute any spatial teleportation or concealment techniques.


The battle erupted once more. Terrifying collisions of energy seemed like the heavens and the earth were collapsing, like tsunamis and earthquakes, and they raged through the surroundings with blazing brilliance, causing the heavens and the earth to be cast beneath a shadow.

On the other hand, Chen Langya was stunned a long time ago

Only now did he notice that even though he’d improved greatly during these past few years and was capable of annihilating experts at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, when compared to Chen Xi who was before him, he was simply like a tiny pearl that was competing in brilliance with the bright moon, too weak.

The bloodsoul Dijiang and Qiongqi had joined forces yet were still suppressed by Chen Xi to the point of retreating repeatedly, and Chen Langya even suspected that it wouldn’t be long before these two fellows would die without a doubt!

How could this be possible?

I’ve been cultivating constantly within this Bloodsoul Sword Cave in these past few years. I used life and death to temper my strength, used extreme pressure to unearth my potential, and even utilized a great deal of resources from the sect to steel myself, causing my cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds and allowing me to attain my current state.

He originally thought that it wouldn’t be long before he could surely defeat Chen Xi and reclaim his reputation as number one disciple on Divine Radiance Peak after he completed his cultivation. But the scene that was occurring before his eyes was like a sledgehammer than smashed fiercely onto his heart, causing him to doubt all the effort he’d exhausted.

Exactly…why is it like this?

It was difficult for him to believe, and it caused him to feel frustrated, dejected, and unparalleled despair.

The battle concluded with Chen Xi’s victory. He paid no attention to Chen Langya and started carefully searching on the ground, and he seemed to be looking for something.

“You’re looking for Chaotic Source Crystals?” Suddenly, Chen Langya’s voice sounded out from behind him. “There’s no need to search. In the 55th level to the 66th level, only a single bloodsoul in every single level possesses a Chaotic Source Crystal. The consciousness of these two bloodsouls wasn’t clear, so it’s utterly impossible for them to possess Chaotic Source Crystals.”

Chen Xi turned around. “What’s a Chaotic Source Crystal?”

Meanwhile, the annoyance in his heart had already been fully vented, so he didn’t have much dislike towards Chen Langya. After all, they were disciples from the same sect, and they weren’t enemies with deep enmity either.

“You don’t know?” Chen Langya sat cross-legged on the ground and seemed to have undone a knot in his heart, causing his expression to return to calm and lose its former dejection, viciousness, and despair, and he seemed to carry a tranquil and extraordinary bearing instead. “This bottomless sword cave is completely formed from the Primeval Divine Lotus, and it’s the Founding Ancestor of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. But at the same time, it’s a divine object that came from within the chaos…”

According to his explanation, Chen Xi finally found out that during the primeval times, the Primeval Divine Lotus had charged towards a supreme cultivation realm after the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was just built. After it perished unfortunately, its body had transformed into a good and evil half.

A portion transformed into a force of evil, and it condensed into an Immortal Sword with monstrous killing intent.

Another portion transformed into a force of righteousness, and it transformed into the Bloodsoul Sword Cave that suppressed this Immortal Sword.

The Immortal Sword represented the slaughter and blood caused by the Primeval Divine Lotus during its entire lifetime, and the bloodsouls in every single level of the sword cave were condensed into form from the overflowing blood qi in this sword.

The sword cave represented the righteousness and wisdom of the Primeval Divine Lotus during its entire lifetime. It stood in this place to establish a supreme foundation for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it remained even after experiencing the passage of countless years.

The Chaotic Source Crystals within it weren’t differentiated as good or evil. They were condensed from the Chaotic Essence within the Primeval Divine Lotus’s body, and it had fallen into the 55th to 99th level of the sword cave.

This sort of secret treasure that came from the beginning of the world was gathered and hidden by those formidable bloodsouls in the sword cave, so one had to slaughter them to obtain these treasures!

Of course, not every single bloodsoul possessed a Chaotic Source Crystal. After all, this treasure was too scarce, and all the bloodsouls that were able to possess it had a certain level of intelligence and extremely formidable strength.

So if one wanted to discern which bloodsoul possessed a Chaotic Source Crystal, one only had to see if it possessed a consciousness of its own, and one would be able to roughly make a determination.

“Take a look and see if this thing is a Chaotic Source Crystal?” Chen Xi had a sudden thought and took out a fist sized and completely rusted red colored object that was covered densely in strands of blood. 

1. A divine bird of legend, google ‘帝江’ for pictures.

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