Chapter 77 – Dark Wyrm King

Chapter 77 – Dark Wyrm King

Layer upon layer of dense fog covered the sky, seeming like a pitch-black night.

Chen Xi’s Perception Force was merely able to cover an area of 33 meters, as surpassing 33 meters would cause his Perception Force to be bounced back by a shapeless force; this caused him to be even more cautious.

If said in a simple manner, a formation was formed from numerous talismans that were engraved with dense talisman markings and cooperated with each other from a great distance. These types of formations were fused into one being with the world and possessed the might of techniques.

In other words, there were only formations when there were talismans, and dense talisman markings that were filled with profound meanings were the core of the formation.

Chen Xi had crafted talismans for many years and was deeply influenced by it, thus his comprehension ability was extremely high as well. But ordinarily, the talismans he crafted were all basic talismans, so he was at a loss for what to do when faced with the Thousand Illusion Maze Formation before him.

However, although he was unable to easily get rid of the formation before him, he was still able to differentiate that the Magic Treasures used as the foundation of the formation ought to all be graded Magic Treasures, and only Violet Palace Realm cultivators were able to bind and control graded Magic Treasures!

“This is obviously a graded formation, it’s too unbelievable. Could it be that there’s a Talisman Formation Master level demon cultivator within the depths of the southern barbaric mountains?” Chen Xi was extremely surprised. Although the grand formation before him was only a maze and illusion formation, who knew if killing intent was concealed within it? At the moment, the grand formation had obviously not been fully activated. Otherwise, he would absolutely not be without pressure as he was right now.

“I must break the formation!”

“If I wait for the formation to be activated, then my situation would surely become very dangerous!”

Being pressed for time, Chen Xi controlled his formidable Perception Force like numerous tentacles to spread out in all directions. Fortunately, his foundation in the Dao of Talismans was extremely solid and his comprehension ability in the Dao of Talismans was shocking, otherwise, it would be utterly impossible for him to walk out of the Star Secret Realm. At this moment, when he calmed his heart and comprehended, he was like reeling in silk from cocoons. He was able to notice the location of many profundities, and he’d obtained a good deal of comprehension towards the Dao of Formations.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi suddenly felt his heart palpitate.

Right at this moment, a low and droning roar rumbled into the grand formation. “Children, go! Kill that human youth!”



Accompanying the waves of frenzied and bloodthirsty yelling, all of a sudden, the far away mist swiftly split open from the middle like a door had been opened. Demons like a wave of tidewater surged into the formation.

Wolf demons that held dual Sai, bear demons that held iron rods, bat demons with wings on their backs… All of them had frenzied and savage expression as they roared and howled while charging towards Chen Xi.

When he saw this, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief instead. The strongest amongst these demons was only at the Congenital Realm, but he still didn’t dare be slightly careless due to the huge number of them.

Although cultivators at the Violet Palace Realm were able to sweep through all Congenital Realm cultivators, when being surrounded by a powerful army and especially under the circumstances of being unable to fly into the sky, there was no Violet Palace Realm cultivator that dared guarantee they could completely annihilate a myriad of enemies by themselves. Attacks could come from anywhere, and sneak attacks and dirty tricks would endlessly occur.

However, Chen Xi was already capable of crushing existences at the same cultivation as him when he was at the Congenital Realm. Presently, not only had he advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, his cultivation in the Martial Dao had attained the Dao Insight Stage; He wasn’t afraid of tactics that used numbers to attain victory.


Like a sea dragon entering the sea or a spirit crane returning to its nest; Chen Xi’s figure was like a gust of wind as he attacked straight towards those demon beasts.


Chen Xi’s pierced into a blue-haired fish demon’s scale armor with a single stab of his sword, piercing a hole through the fish demon’s heart. Chen Xi’s figure swayed to dodge a few demon-kind that had sneak attacked him before twisting his hand backwards and slashing out. The throats of another five demons were cut open, spouting pillars of blood.




Swing again!

Chen Xi charged into the crowd of demons, his body like a traceless gale as he swung the Seventhgold Swordbamboo that seemed like a scattering meteor that emitted a horrifying aura. His imposing manner became more and more sharp as he went on a rampage in the crowd of demons, cutting through their ranks with extreme ease.

He didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest, nor did he dare stay in the same spot for a second. He moved purely out of instinct, like an eel that had charged into a school of sardines. He threw the surroundings and the situation of the battle into chaos and relied on all the chaos to avoid being surrounded.

But even then, there were still some sneak attacks that were like venomous snakes that waited for an opportunity at the side and had accurately hit Chen Xi. Fortunately, his body refinement cultivation was already at the Congenital Realm, so he didn’t receive any injuries. Yet this also caused Chen Xi’s nerves to become even more strained.

The battle that tempered a person’s will the most was undoubtedly a battle of life and death on the battlefield, where one faced a powerful army that was like a forest of sabers and swords without a shred of fear. When one man and one sword faced an army of demons in battle alone, it tested courage, wisdom and strength!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Strands of dense blood shot out violently and sprayed midair, and the pungent smell of dense blood was almost unable to be dispersed and was extremely horrifying.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Miserable howls that were like ghosts wailing rose and fell as one after another demon beast vanished under Chen Xi’s sword. Every time a demon was stabbed to death by his sword, Chen Xi’s killing intent would become even fiercer and sharper, like a treasured sword that was being tempered.

He was like a god of death that endlessly reaped lives.

Chen Xi didn’t go insane from the stimulation of the blood, nor did he feel pity towards those demons that died beneath his sword. His consciousness was extremely cold and collected, like clear ice.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something and suddenly twisted his head. A curved blade that was like a crescent had appeared within his pupils; it was like a god of ghosts had suddenly crawled out from hell and it emitted a terrifying dark and cold aura.

At this moment, he just happened to fall into a siege from six greater demons, and he originally only required a single sword strike to break out of this predicament, however, along with the appearance of the curved blade, he was forced into a dilemma.

Dodging the curved blade would mean suffering the attacks of the six greater demons, and doing it the other way would mean suffering the killing blow of the curved blade.

Needless to say, the person that launched this sneak attack had an extremely precise grasp of the battle and had instantly dissolved the advantage Chen Xi had obtained from his desperate killing earlier and instantly forced him into a hopeless situation.

A hopeless situation that seemed to already be a dead end that couldn’t be broken out from.

“I’ve finally caught this trace of an opportunity. This kid is indeed troublesome, but unfortunately, he’s still going to die in the hands of me, Dark Wyrm.” In the distance, the bald and single horned Dark Wyrm King that possessed a brawny figure couldn’t refrain from laughing complacently, his eyes filled with an expression of ruthless savagery.

But in the next moment, his smile froze as an unexpected turn of events occurred.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Eight cold and sharp flying swords suddenly appeared around Chen Xi’s figure, seeming like a wisp of lightning that bore through the clouds. They instantly cut off the heads of the six surrounding greater demons.

At practically the same time the flying swords appeared, the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in Chen Xi’s hand waved out with a Wavesplit Hurricane that brought along unparalleled might as it fiercely slashed straight onto the curved blade.


The collision of sword and blade emitted a sharp sound that was ear piercing and deafening, and Chen Xi borrowed the force of the collision to flash out like a shadow and floated off in retreat for a few hundreds of meters away.

“This level of strength is not bad, all of you stand back. I’ll greet this little human friend.” A deep and tinny voice that was like muffled thunder sounded out from afar, and only now did Chen Xi notice a brawny man that was bald with a single horn as he held a dark blue curved blade and was walking right towards him.

The dark blue curved blade was like a pond of lake water, both long and wide with cold lights revolving on the edge of the blade. The blade itself was two meters long and was virtually on par with a halberd, but the edge of this blade was much wider.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The demons had been killed by Chen Xi to the point that those remaining were scared stiff long ago. When they heard him, they were all as if released from a burden and withdrew one after another, leaving the ground filled with corpses that flowed with blood.

Only Chen Xi and the Dark Wyrm King remained on the battlefield.

“Seventhgold Swordbamboo? My Tenthwater Aurora Blade is a high-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure, but it’s actually unable to severe a section of Seventhgold Swordbamboo that hasn’t been refined? It’s truly a good treasure.” The Dark Wyrm King’s swept his gaze over Chen Xi, and his eyes emitted undisguised greed and burning desire when he clearly saw the appearance of the sword in Chen Xi’s hand.

Chen Xi was sizing up the Dark Wyrm King as well. The eight Netherezim Flying Swords fluttered about around him as he clenched the Seventhgold Swordbamboo tightly, and he was incredibly cautious in his heart. He’d felt a shapeless pressure coming from the Dark Wyrm King, a pressure that was overbearing and ruthless. The strength of the Dark Wyrm King’s aura seemed to even surpass the Thunderhawk King.

This fellow ought to be the Dark Wyrm King, the Wyrm that had allegedly cultivated in Moonlight Lake for 5,000 years! Moreover, this fellow has a single horn on his head, he’s obviously a variant in the wyrm family and his strength is probably even more formidable!

“Oh! You are called Chen Xi? Let me think, I seem to have heard your name before…” The Dark Wyrm King seemed to have recalled something and thought for a moment before slapping himself on the head, and cried out. “Amongst those human cultivators that I captured, there seemed to be a few fellows that discussed you. I originally intended to capture you, as the refinement of the Bloodsoul Fortune Pill still lacked a human cultivator, after all. But I never imagined that you would actually come over yourself. Hahaha!”

Chen Xi was startled. Could it be Du Qingxi and the others?

“Du Qingxi, Murong Wei, Cang Bin, Duanmu Ze… You ought to know these names, right?” The Dark Wyrm King had a teasing expression as he spoke in an unhurried manner.

Chen Xi remained silent, yet his expression became even icier. As expected, these demon kings really wanted to use them to refine medicinal pills and Yu Haobai hadn’t deceived him.

“You probably still don’t know what a Bloodsoul Fortune Pill is, right? Hmm, it’s actually extremely simple. It’s to take the blood and souls of you human cultivators as the main medicinal ingredient, then combine it with some treasures of heaven and earth to refine a miraculous medicinal pill.” The Dark Wyrm King licked his mouth and had a ghastly smile. “Whereas you came at the perfect time, we just happened to be planning to extract the blood and souls of those people. Adding you would exactly fill the requirement of nine people and it couldn’t be better.”

This Dark Wyrm King obviously wants to infuriate me, moreover, he’s intentionally delaying. I must not fall into his trap. Aren’t Du Qingxi and the others still alive? I’ll kill this Dark Wyrm and go save them! When he thought up to here, Chen Xi raised his eyes to look at the Dark Wyrm King and killing intent was already bursting out from his chest.

This kid’s mentality isn’t bad. Looks like it really might be true that the Black Ape and Thunderhawk died in his hands. The Dark Wyrm King noticed Chen Xi’s expression and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.


It was at this moment that Chen Xi utilized his Divine Windwing Flight and instantly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, a raging and violent gale descended to envelop an area of over a kilometer.

The sound of wind howled and whistled, and the wind was sharp like the blade of a sword. For a time, the myriad of sword blades were like a torrential downpour, rumbling as they swept towards the Dark Wyrm King.

Hiss! Hiss!

The sky seemed as if it was torn open as this violent gale contained Dao insight and was executed by sword technique, so it transformed into peerlessly swift and fierce Sword Insight that was like lightning, sweeping away all obstacles with extremely shocking might.

“You’re courting death!” The Dark Wyrm King was dumbstruck for a moment, seeming to have never expected that Chen Xi would suddenly launch an attack without warning. His face sank as he took a large stride forward, then the Tenthwater Aurora Blade in his hand slashed out a myriad of solid blade lights in an instant. The blade lights seemed like numerous dark blue crescents that shot out violently with magnificent strength!

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