Chapter 769 – Blood Robed Man

39th level.

49th level.



When Chen Xi arrived at the 55th level of the sword cave, he finally sensed a type of pressure, but it wasn’t strong, and he was able to completely disperse this pressure by slightly circulating his True Essence.

This place was the limit for cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm, and the strength of the bloodsouls further down was comparable experts at the Earthly Immortal Realm. In other words, starting from the 56th level and below was where true danger lay!


A bloody glow flashed past like an arrow while emitting a sharp howl as it tore through the sky, and it struck towards the back of Chen Xi’s head.

Chen Xi didn’t turn around and casually grabbed the bloody glow in his hand. This was a bloodsoul that was seething with bloody qi, and it possessed warped features, crimson red and brutal eyes, and a strength that wasn’t inferior to a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm who possessed five times combat strength.

Yet now, it was held by Chen Xi in his hand like a rag, and it didn’t even have any room to struggle while its bloody and large mouth that was filled densely with fangs let out waves of roars.

This sort of bloodsoul is probably the soul of a formidable living being that didn’t disperse after its death and transformed into monstrous malicious qi that was sealed up in here. I truly wonder what sort of terrifying thing is being suppressed at the bottom of this sword cave to actually make this place be filled with bloodsouls of varying strength… Chen Xi carefully sized up this bloodsoul for a moment and pondered briefly before withdrawing a drop of water from the Nether Springs and infusing it into the bloodsoul’s body.

He’d obtained this nether spring water from the Nether Spring Ocean in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and it was extremely miraculous and poisonous. But, it possessed an extremely shocking and magical ability in the aspect of cleansing spirit pills, magic treasures, and purifying the soul.

At that time, he was only able to gather the nether springs water after he learnt the Dao Art, Cage Etching, that the tiny cauldron passed down to him. Otherwise, all the treasures in the world were incapable of holding it.

The reason was that its properties were too overbearing. It was capable of corroding any magic treasure, so after years passed by, even an Immortal Artifact would suffer severe damage from it.


As soon as this drop of nether spring water was infused into the bloodsoul, its entire body instantly started emanating surging bloody qi while resentment, vicious qi, and malice that was visible to the eye was incinerated into nothingness.

Chen Xi formed a few seals and gathered this bloody qi before condensing it into a blood pill. This was a great thing that was filled with blood qi, and it carried an extremely great benefit if given to those youths of the Ninth Hell Tribe to temper their bodies.

In next to no time, this bloodsoul completely changed in appearance, and it was completely crystalline and translucent while its expression was peaceful and tranquil. It didn’t carry the slightest vicious and brutal aura any longer.

If one looked carefully, this bloodsoul actually had the appearance of a beautiful young woman! Unfortunately, she had a blank expression and obviously didn’t possess a consciousness, and it was only a body formed from the soul.

Chen Xi frowned. He was seized with a sudden impulse to try the nether spring water, yet he never imagined that he would create something that seemed like a person yet wasn’t a person, and seemed like a soul yet wasn’t one either.

After pondering for a long time, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and directly put this bloodsoul young woman in the Buddha’s Pagoda, and he intended to ask the seniors of the sect about how he should deal with it after he left the sword cave.

Of course, with his current cultivation, it wasn’t difficult for him to discern that it was actually a ball of pure soul, and it could be used to refine numerous spirit pills and even carried a miraculous effect towards equipment refinement.

But he couldn’t bear to do this because the appearance of the bloodsoul was a beautiful young woman that had no enmity with him. Even though the soul had lost its consciousness, he was absolutely unable to accept it being cruelly refined into a medicinal pill, and he was unable to cross this barrier in his heart.

Moreover, for the sake of proving his inference, Chen Xi had successively captured a few more bloodsouls and purified them with the nether spring water. Sure enough, it was just like he’s seen earlier. All these bloodsouls transformed into strands of pure souls, and there were middle aged men, old men, young women, and various types of beasts.

Bloodsoul Sword Cave… This place is really strange. Chen Xi pondered for a long time yet was unable to figure it out. So he shook his head and stopped thinking any further before flashing towards the next level of the sword cave.



The 56th level of the sword cave.

At the instant he arrived here, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble as he faintly sensed that a heavy pressure had suffused the space around him, and even the air carried a trace of a terrifying oppressive aura.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and circulated his cultivation to disperse this heavy pressure, and then he moved towards the depths of the sword cave.

This place was usually utilized by Earthly Immortal Realm experts to train themselves and temper their cultivations, and there were very few cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm that dared to come here because the pressure here was too terrifying. An ordinary person would be pressured to the point the person’s vital blood flowed in the opposite direction and even be crushed apart at the instant the person entered this place.

But all this merely caused Chen Xi to feel pressured, and it couldn’t be considered to be dangerous at all.

His comprehension in meditation of 40 years in the world of stars wasn’t carried out for noting. His current cultivation had already attained an unbelievable level amongst his peers a long time ago, and it was sufficient to be described as heaven shaking.

It was even to the extent that even he wasn’t sure exactly what level his current strength had attained and what sort of enemy he could go against. So besides the intent to temper his strength, Chen Xi had come to the Bloodsoul Sword Cave to test the limits of his strength.

Hmm? As he walked within this space, Chen Xi acutely noticed that this area was different from before.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

There seemed to be howls coming from the ground and rocks, and it felt extremely unique as if a grand battle had occurred here a long time ago and the killing intent from that time hadn’t dispersed even until this day.

This place really is different from the other levels of the sword cave. Chen Xi started becoming vigilant in his heart because he noticed that his Divine Sense was greatly restricted here, and it could only search an area of less than 50km!


In the next moment, a vertical eye opened up between Chen Xi’s brows, and it was precisely the Eye of Divine Truth. His deep gaze shot out, and he instantly saw that this expanse of the sword cave was filled with terrifying blood qi, resentment, vicious qi, qi of Yin attribute…

Even if an ordinary cultivator wasn’t affected by the pressure here, breathing the air in this place would cause the cultivators consciousness to be invaded, and the cultivator would go mad and even suffer from qi deviation.

Chen Xi moved forward cautiously.

He was vaguely able to see an enormous rift in the distance, and he was faintly able to sense a strand of peerlessly fierce Sword Insight still residing there without dispersing!

It looks to be formed naturally, yet was actually torn apart by a strand of sword qi that flashed by. Isn’t this sword qi too terrifying? It still hasn’t dispersed up until now… Chen Xi was greatly shocked, and he roughly walked another 10 minutes before a shapeless pressure suddenly enveloped him.

Chen Xi swiftly turned his head and saw a blood robed man flashing over explosively from the distance, and the man possessed a monstrous imposing aura and carried a myriad of bloody glows, causing him to seem like a god of devils that had walked out from a river of blood.

This was a formidable bloodsoul!

His countenance was ghastly pale while his eyes were completely crimson red and suffused with a devilish and icy cold sheen. At the instant he appeared, he let out a sharp howl that shook the sky and pierced Chen Xi’s ear drums.

“Nether Transformation Realm… Human? How many years has it been? I’ve finally caught a weak little fellow!” The red robed man roared with strange laughter and was actually able to speak, and his eyes seemed to be burning with ghastly flames as he spoke with a sharp voice.

The scene before him instantly caused Chen Xi to feel apprehensive. I never expected that not only do the bloodsouls in this 56th level of the sword cave possess strengths that are comparable to Earthly Immortal Realm experts, even their consciousness hasn’t been destroyed!


The blood robed man attacked with a surging bloody glow that seemed like a myriad of mighty torrents that carried a violent impetus as they swept towards Chen Xi.

Everywhere it passed, the earth cracked apart and was corroded while space trembled and rumbled, and the entire area seemed to have been drowned by a boundless bloody glow. Moreover, the impetus of this struck was something only an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm was capable of executing.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged, and he only swung his right arm when the sea of bloody glow came close to him. His arm was like a sharp sword that held up the heavens, and then it slashed out with a strand of profound and unfathomable Creation Sword Qi. 


It was like a blood colored cloth was cut open from the middle by a sharp pair of scissors. The sea of bloody glow was slashed into two, whereas the momentum of the sword qi didn’t reduce in the slightest as it slashed horizontally towards the blood robed man’s waist.

“How strange! You were actually able to destroy my attack?” The blood robed man was surprised, and with a flash of a bloody glow, he’d already avoided Chen Xi’s sword qi.

This strike caused Chen Xi’s entire body to feel relaxed, and a wisp of burning battle intent silently suffused his eyes.

He’d come to the Bloodsoul Sword Cave this time precisely for the sake of tempering his strength, yet the bloodsouls he’d encountered earlier were too weak and couldn’t make him concentrate in the slightest.

On the other hand, the appearance of this blood robed man instantly aroused a trace of desire to do battle in his heart, and he had the feeling that the strength of this opponent was probably not inferior to Xueyan!


In the next moment, he’d already taken the initiative to attack. The Wings of Disruption flapped as his figure seemed to transform into a myriad of talisman markings, and then the Talisman Armament appeared within his hand before numerous Creation Sword Qi sprayed out from it.

Sword qi whistled through the entire area, and they were both horizontal and vertical!

During the 10 years he was in the world of stars, he’d been constantly comprehending the Sword of Creation, and he’d successfully comprehended a trace of Creation Dao Insight. Presently, as he executed this sword move, he had the strange feeling of creating the heavens and the earth and deducing the profundities of the world.


The blood robed man had never imagined that this little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm would actually dare to take the initiative to attack him, and he was instantly furious. He carried a myriad of bloody glows as he entered into a fierce battle with Chen Xi.

In an instant, both of them had already exchanged more than 100 moves.

Chen Xi grew more and more courageous as the battle played out. The various comprehensions he’d obtained during those 10 years surged into his heart and transformed into the brilliant sword qi in his hands. His Sword Insight was like the profundities of the world, possessed boundless variations, and was unfathomable, yet it sharp and fierce as if it was capable of cutting down the stars, moon, and sun in the sky!


Truly too satisfying!

Since he’d returned to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it had been very long since Chen Xi had fought to his heart’s content like this.

He gradually forgot where he was, and the Sword Insight in his entire body seemed to blaze while the sword moves he executed became even greater. They were coiled with the tune of the Dao and caused profundities to be formed within them. Everywhere the sword qi passed, mountains were slashed apart, the earth cracked, and it encountered no obstruction.

“AH!” In merely less than 10 minutes, a miserable and shrill cry sounded out abruptly, and the body of that blood robed man had actually been slashed into two! And his body was wriggling in midair and seemed to intend to combine back into one.

“Disappointing! Too disappointing! Is there any meaning in continuing to live if your strength is so weak? Die!” Chen Xi flew through the sky towards the blood robed man before slashing out with his sword, and he directly cut the blood robed man into thousands of pieces!


Surprisingly, after the blood robed man died, his blood qi seethed before a black object actually fell out from within and smashed onto the ground. Unexpectedly, it was extremely heavy and smashed open a bottomless hole in the ground! 

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