Chapter 768 – Who Is Senior Brother?

The 34th level of the sword cave.

The space here was filled with tremendous pressure and the aura of blood that was dense and almost material. The stream that was like lava at the side was boiling, and it created numerous whirlpools that revolved madly and emitted a wave of rumbling noises.

If it was an ordinary person that had entered here, the person would have been crushed apart by the all-pervasive pressure since the beginning and transformed into a pool of blood. Even if the person was able to resist this level of pressure, the person would probably be unable to resist the suction force of the whirlpools in the stream.

Fang Ren had been terrified to the point he was trembling while his countenance turned pale a long time ago. If it wasn’t force a trace of sobriety still remaining in his mind, he would truly wish for nothing more than to hold on tightly onto Chen Xi’s leg and never let go.

To Fang Ren who was only at the Golden Hall Realm, this place was simply no different than purgatory, and extremely lethal danger filled every single corner of this place. He believed that if Chen Xi wasn’t present here, he would surely be dead by now.


Right at this moment, the heavens and the earth trembled as a wave of violent rumbling sounded out from afar, and it seemed like an enormous army was rushing over here with a shocking impetus.

At this same time, a strand of dense, violent, and savage aura that seemed material gushed over and shook the surroundings, and there was a wave of extremely ear piercing sharp cries faintly resounding out from within it.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he was slightly surprised. Within his Divine Sense, there were almost 100 bloodsouls charging over from a few thousand kilometers away. These bloodsouls were obviously more formidable than those he’d sensed before. Their bodies emanated bloody glows that shot into the sky, and they traveled on balls of mist with extraordinary speed. The vast impetus created by them simply seemed like an army of Rebirth Realm cultivators were whistling over from the distance.

“The bloodsouls in this sword cave are even capable of forming large groups on the scale of beast tides?” asked Chen Xi.

“Impossible. These bloodsouls are utterly devoid of intelligence, and every single one of the is bloodthirsty and murderous. How could they possibly make a move in together? Unless…” Fang Ren shook his head repeatedly, and he seemed to have realized something as he finished speaking, causing his face to reveal shock as he cried out involuntarily. “What? A large mass of bloodsouls are charging over here!?”

Instantly, his entire body started shivering while his face went pale, and his eyes turned dim while revealing an expression of despair.

He knew the situation within the Bloodsoul Sword Cave very well, and it was because of this understanding that he knew very well what a large mass of bloodsouls meant. Once ordinary disciples were to encounter them, then unless these disciples crushed their teleportation talismans in time, otherwise, there would absolutely be no chance of survival!

Fang Ren had already come to the sword cave on more than one occasion, and he’d exhausted a great deal of contribution points to the sect every single time. If he were to come back empty handed again this time, then the contribution points he was left with wouldn’t be sufficient for him to enter once more.

That meant that the Treasure Emperor Silkworm he obtained would have no chance of surviving at all…

A strand of strong unwillingness surged into his heart, and Fang Ren felt he was extremely unfortunate. He’d arrived at the 34th level of the sword cave with great difficulty yet just happened to encounter a group of bloodsouls, and this caused him to feel both panicked and wish to cry, but have no tears.

Chen Xi patted his shoulder as a form of consolation because he was able to discern that this little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm was still young and didn’t possess a firm disposition, so falling into panic for some time couldn’t be avoided.

In next to no time, the group of bloodsouls that carried a surging aura of blood and vicious qi appeared within their fields of vision.

Fang Ren instantly gave up when he saw this scene, and he said with grief, “Senior Brother, flee. This isn’t something we can resist…”

Flee? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he understood what Fang Ren was thinking, and he couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

Fang Ren was exasperated. “Senior Brother, it’s already a time like this, how can you still laugh!?”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Why can’t I laugh?”

Fang Ren felt even more exasperated, and he even suspected that there was something wrong with this Senior Brother of his. Besides those extremely formidable existences, those that are still able to laugh while facing over 100 bloodsouls are…

When he thought up to here, he was suddenly dumbstruck as he realized a problem. This senior brother before him seemed to have never told him exactly what level of cultivation he possessed.


Right at this moment that he was stunned, Chen Xi suddenly stretched out his hand and formed a sword with his fingers, and then he swept his fingers through the sky, causing a wisp of sword qi to shoot out explosively!

This sword qi seemed to split the heavens and the earth apart and deduced boundless profundities as it lay across the heavens and the earth. Everywhere it passed, all the bloodsouls were like pieces of paper that were slices apart, causing severed limbs to fly out in all directions!

In merely a single strike, the 100 plus bloodsouls that were still 50km away had died on the spot!


Fang Ren gasped and was dumbstruck on the spot, and he simply didn’t dare believe his eyes.

After all, those were over 100 bloodsouls with strengths comparable to the Rebirth Realm. Even if a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator was here, how many of them would be able to achieve this in such a relaxed manner?

“Se… Senior… Who exactly…are you?” Fang Ren’s teeth were chattering. He finally understood that this young man before him was absolutely not an ordinary person, and the young man might be an old senior of shocking seniority!

“I’m no senior. Strictly speaking, we’re actually senior brother and junior brother.” As he spoke, Chen Xi suddenly thought of something. “I forgot that you came here because you wanted to gather bloodsouls.”

The mention of bloodsouls moved Fang Ren’s attention as well, and when he saw the corpses of bloodsouls that covered the ground and were gradually transforming into a mist of blood before vanishing, he couldn’t help but feel pained. What a large number of bloodsouls. It would have been enough to feed the Treasure Heaven Silkworm for many days…

“But there’s no need to worry. I’ll help you ask for some later,” said Chen Xi with a smile while his eyes looked towards the distance. Earlier, he’d already noticed that the appearance of these bloodsouls was extremely unusual, and when he searched with his Divine Sense, he really did notice a group of people rushing over here from the distance.

In other words, the appearance of this group of bloodsouls was most probably caused by these people.

“Ask for?” Fang Ren was stunned and puzzled.

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous noise suddenly sounded out from the distance, and then a group of multicolored streaks whistled over and appeared in the distance.

“Dammit! Where are those bloodsouls?”

“Yeah, we chased them all the way, so how could they have vanished without reason or rhyme?”

“Dammit! We exhausted a great deal of effort after entering here to find a bloodsoul lair, and then utilized a secret technique to draw them out with intention of capturing them before refining them into magic treasures. Now, they’ve actually vanished!”

“Let’s continue searching, they might be nearby.

“Those seem to be… Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak!” Fang Ren was astounded. He never imagined that so many senior brothers would actually appear abruptly, and based on the situation, they seemed to have come for the sake of the group of bloodsouls.

“Right, they’re disciples of the East Radiance Peak.” Chen Xi nodded because he’d noticed many ‘familiar faces.’

“Senior Brother, you…you…wouldn’t be thinking of asking them for some bloodsouls, right?” Fang Ren seemed to have realized something and stuttered.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” Chen Xi replied with a question.

“Err…” Fang Ren was completely speechless. Could it be that this senior brother doesn’t know that even though the master of East Radiance Peak, Yue Chi, has betrayed the sect, the disciples of East Radiance Peak possess the greatest forces amongst the four Elite Disciple Peaks?

“There’s someone over there!”

“Quick, quickly go over and ask if they saw those bloodsouls!”

“Eh! Wait! Why does that person’s appearance seem very familiar to me?”

“My god! It’s actually him!”

The group of East Radiance Peak disciples were yelling while flashing over. Their faces froze when they saw Chen Xi while all their voices stopped abruptly, and their eyes emitted deep terror and fear.

Even though four years had passed, the heavy lesson they suffered the last time was still like a nightmare that frequently appeared in their minds, and they were unable to forget it even until now. At this moment, when they saw this overbearing maleficent existence, their entire bodies felt weak while they almost plunged down from midair.

The atmosphere was perfectly silent, deathly silent!

“All of you are gathering bloodsouls here as well?” asked Chen Xi.

Everyone nodded repeatedly, and they were deeply afraid that being slow in the slightest might offend the maleficent existence before them once again.

“Alright, hand over the bloodsouls in your possessions and I’ll let all of you off this time.” Chen Xi casually instructed. Earlier, if it was any other person here, the person would have probably been forced into a hopeless situation by those bloodsouls.

All the responsibility for this had to be borne by these disciples from the East Radiance Peak because if it wasn’t for them, how could the bloodsouls have converged into a group and wreak havoc in the surroundings?

Everyone was instantly extremely hesitant when they heard this. They’d exhausted an enormous amount of effort and took an extraordinary risk in order to capture these bloodsouls, so they were rather unwilling to hand it over just like this.

“All of you are unwilling?” Chen Xi frowned and asked indifferently.

All of them instantly shuddered with fear before walking forward obediently and handing over storage pouch after storage pouch.

With a swish, Chen Xi passed all of these to Fang Ren. “You should quickly leave this place once you take this.” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his eyes to sweep those East Radiance Peak disciples with his gaze and then flashed off into the distance.

Before he left, he placed a layer of restrictions onto Fang Ren’s body, and it was capable of guaranteeing that Fang Ren wouldn’t be crushed by the pressure here.

Fang Ren was utterly stunned, and he held a large pile of storage pouches while staring blankly.

Who exactly…is that Senior Brother?

He actually made these disciples of the East Radiance Peak be so respectful, reverent, terrified, and uneasy. This is too unbelievable!

After that, he suddenly recovered from his shock and looked at those East Radiance Peak disciples that hadn’t left with a vigilant gaze, and then he tightened his embrace on the storage pouches in his arms while feeling conflicted in his heart.

That Senior Brother has already left, so should I return it or not if they ask me for it?

All those disciples from East Radiance Peak were angered to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood when they saw this. Not only had they given away a large pile of bloodsouls for no nothing, they were even stared at as if they were thieves, and they didn’t even get a word of thanks. This is simply…heartless!

Of course, they naturally didn’t dare ask Fang Ren for it. Even though Fang Ren was merely an outer court disciple at the Golden Hall Realm, with Chen Xi as his reliance, how could they dare make a move?

“Alas, we really worked for nothing and allowed another to enjoy the benefits of our hard work.”

“Shh, speak softly! Are you looking for death?”

“Let’s go, let’s go! We’ll just go capture some more. We’re already lucky that we were able to avoid being taught a lesson after encountering this maleficent existence this time.”

Everyone sighed, and they couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Fang Ren before turning around and leaving.

“Senior Brothers, exactly…who is he?” Fang Ren couldn’t restrain the curiosity in his heart, and he asked in a loud voice.

All of them staggered in midair and almost plunged down to the ground. This fellow actually doesn’t even know Chen Xi!?

“Chen Xi!” Before they left, one of the East Radiance Peak disciples gave him the answer.

Chen Xi? Fang Ren muttered, and then he seemed as if he was struck by lightning, causing his entire body to stiffen as he cried out involuntarily. “It was actually Senior Brother Chen Xi! He…he…he…”After repeating the word ‘he’ for a long time, he went silent while his face flushed red, and he was already excited to the limit. In the end, a few words stuttered out of his mouth. “Formidable! Truly fucking formidable!” 

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