Chapter 765 – Comprehending Creation

The grand meeting of the immortal sects was about to begin, and the most monstrous disciples of the 10 great immortal sects were about to converge in Skyreach Sect to determine a victor!

News of this shook the entire world. For a time, the experts and disciples of the various great sects rushed towards Skyreach Sect in unison because even though they were unable to participate in it, they would be able to watch and learn from it, and it was sufficient for them to obtain boundless benefits from it.

Most importantly, during these past three years, the disciples of the Unknown Lands and Secluded Paradises had been emerging into the world successively, and they’d made great reputations for themselves. They seemed to have become existences that were like the scorching sun in the midday sky, and their reputation even overshadowed the disciples of the 10 great immortal sects.

Yet the immortal sects held a grand meeting under these circumstances to select the most monstrous geniuses amongst their disciples, so they obviously had the thought of competing with the disciples of the Unknown Lands and Secluded Paradises.

Moreover, the disciples of two great mysterious sects would supposedly attend the grand meeting and might even participate in it to compete with the disciples of the 10 great immortal sects.

All of this caused the meaning of this grand meeting to be extraordinary, and it drew the close attention of the entire cultivation world, causing all topics of public conversation to be centered around the grand meeting.

There were a total of eight disciples participating from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they were respectively Chen Langya, Luo Qianrong, Chang Le, Ning Zhen, Long Zhenbei, Wang Zhonghuan, An Wei, and Yun Ye.

These eight people could be said to be the greatest existences amongst the Core Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and the weakest amongst them possessed six times combat strength! Moreover, most of them possessed extraordinary natural talent and strengths that far exceeded ordinary people.

But to the surprise of the entire sect, Chen Xi wasn’t participating and chose to enter into closed door cultivation instead.

However, a few words from the Sect Master, Wen Huating, put an end to the confusion of everyone and caused the entire sect to be shocked – “Chen Xi has already walked to the furthest reaches of his peers, and what he pursues isn’t within his own realm of cultivation!”

He was unmatched amongst his peers and could only go against himself to pursue an even higher and wider sky!

This piece of news unexpectedly reached the outside world, and for a time, the entire cultivation world was in an uproar, and they felt extreme astonishment and disappointment.

After all, the news of Chen Xi slaughtering Yan Shisan and defeating the top disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, Lu Ping, had been spread throughout the cultivation world a long time ago, causing the words peerless genius to be insufficient to describe his brilliant combat achievements!

A great senior that lived in seclusion within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had once given a very objective and fair evaluation of Chen Xi. He said Chen Xi stood towering within the world, stood proudly above the geniuses, and led the tide of an era.

Such a figure had actually not come to participate in the grand meeting, so it caused countless people in the world to be extremely disappointed. Some said he was trying to act better than others, some said he didn’t deserve his reputation…

However, even more people vaguely guessed that it wasn’t that Chen Xi didn’t want to participate in the grand meeting, but it didn’t arouse his interest in the slightest.

While the outside world was engaging in animated discussion, Chen Xi was meditating in closed door cultivation instead.

The world of stars.


A wisp of sword qi surged out and shot into the sky. It was like the heavens and the earth were being split apart once more and creation emerged into the world, and it caused a star to be sliced apart into two meteors that whistled as it plunged to the ground.

This was the world of stars, and the myriad of stars here were no different from real stars that stretched out from countless of kilometers, yet this single sword qi had sliced it into two!

How vast and sharp was this sword qi?

It was brilliant and vast, and it converged the divine beauty of everything in the world while emanating the might of creation!

Chen Xi was shocked and unable to recover from it for a long time

This sword qi came from the bone left behind by the Exalted Ant Emperor. It was thick like a chopstick, 3cm long, crystalline, translucent, and suffused with the brilliance of creation. Moreover, an ancient talisman marking converged on its surface to transform into the pattern of an ant.

Unlike Chen Xi’s Exalted Rank cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm, this was left behind by the Exalted Ant Emperor of the primeval times that possessed enormous strength, and whose might was on par with the Dark Parasol Divine Tree.

Up until now, Chen Xi still remembered how lofty and proud the extremely tiny little ant who held the broken sword was when it slaughtered the Xeno-race Saint Emperor within the Door of Profundity. It was like a god of the sword that had come from the primeval times, like an existence that held the world and creation within its body, and it caused him to be unable to help but feel boundless reverence.

Creation…Such a miraculous and terrifying Grand Dao profundity actually exists in the world. Chen Xi muttered, and then he took a deep breath and started to meditate in comprehension.

Even though this piece of jade white bone was only 3cm in size, it was branded with extremely vast and numerous profundities, causing it to seem as if boundless secrets were contained within it.

The Sword technique contained within it was called ‘the Sword of Creation!’

To Chen Xi’s surprise, even though he was able to comprehend the profundities of the technique, he wasn’t even able to sense the Creation Dao Insight contained within the technique, let alone comprehend it.

This was like a situation where he was only able to comprehend the sword technique yet unable to study its essence, and it was as if he had an empty shell that lacked an aura and force to transform the simple into the extraordinary.

Chen Xi frowned because this was the first time he’d encountered such a difficult Sword Insight since he’d advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm, and even his extraordinarily high comprehension ability and the River Diagram fragments seem to have encountered an obstruction.

But the more it was like this, the more it allowed him to sense how extraordinary the ‘Sword of Creation’ was. In other words, a cultivation technique like this surely possessed a might that shook the heavens and the earth, so even though it was exceedingly obscure, if he was able to master it, then its might would surely exceed his imagination!

Chen Xi pondered briefly before thinking no more and continuing in his comprehension.

Even though he was temporarily unable to touch the Creation Dao Insight, he wanted to comprehend the profundities branded on the bone because it might be of great benefit towards his efforts to comprehend what ‘Creation’ was.

In the blink of an eye, 10 months had passed fleetingly, whereas a month had passed in the outside world.

Wait! This ‘Sword of Creation’ doesn’t adhere to any fixed moves. So, only figuring out its form yet being clueless towards its insights is an utterly futile effort… On this day, Chen Xi opened his eyes and couldn’t help but sigh. He’d exhausted 10 months of time, yet still had no progress, and he couldn’t help but feel a wave of depression because of this.

Creation, exactly what is creation?

Chen Xi stood up and looked up before staring blankly at the myriad of stars above him. Some people said that creation is a type of fortune, so people frequently said that they would give fortune to another, fortune plays tricks on people, and so on and so forth.

Some people said that creation was a part of nature. It was without a shape like the Dao, ethereal, and impossible to comprehend, so it was a part of nature and formed the beauties of nature.

After pondering for a long time, Chen Xi sat down cross-legged once more before looking at the bone of the Ant Emperor in his hand. This time, he didn’t continue comprehending the profundities within it but just silently looked at and reflected on it.

His heart was calm like a lake without ripples.

In his daze, he seemed to have seen an ant leave its nest on the vast earth and climb up by itself. Its footsteps were very slow, yet extremely firm, and it revealed unquestionable tenacity.

It climbed up a blade of grass, yet when it looked up, it noticed the tree was taller than the blade of grass. So it climbed up the tree. But when it arrived at the crown of the tree, it noticed that there were actually mountains…

Its lifespan was limited, yet its firm footsteps had never hesitated. Along the way, it suffered the bluster of wind and rain, the assaults of armadillos, and it almost suffered the burning of a wild fire once.

But it still struggled to rise up and move forward while covered in scars. Finally, a day came when it hadn’t climbed up the peak of the mountain, yet its vitality had already started to deteriorate. It started to weaken and started to feel that it lacked the strength to carry out its will.

The mountain couldn’t be compared to the tree. It was extremely tall, and it was tall to the point of seeming to be out of reach to a tiny ant. But it still moved forward silently while disregarding life and death, facing the hardships of the journey, without fear of danger.

When it climbed up to the peak of the mountain, it noticed to its shock that there was actually a place higher than the mountain. It was the boundless sky, the place it was able to see from anywhere!

Could it be that the battering of the elements, the dangers, and the hardships of this journey…were all for naught?

At this moment, it was completely devoid of any strength. It just raised its head to look towards the sky with a gaze that was so unwilling and so silent, and then it was swept away by a gust of wind.

It was too tiny, so it was blown into the sky. Instantly, it saw the landscape of the earth, saw the stellar bodies, saw the myriad of living beings that were muddling through their lives on the ground…

The numerous scenes that changed constantly and all the strange and unusual things it saw was like a thunderclap that caused its soul to feel terror and palpitate, and then it suddenly roared furiously. “Dao! Dao! Dao!”

During the first roar, its voice was very weak, and it was drowned out by the raging wind that seemed to be ridiculing its futile effort.

During the second roar, its voice had become loud. It shattered the layer of clouds as it resounded out in the sky, and the ant struggled free of the restraint of the wind and leaped out of its own shackles.

During the third roar, its voice was already like the sound of the Grand Dao. It shook the surroundings and spread throughout the world while a wisp of light surged out from its exhausted body that was covered in scars.

The ant held this strand of light and split the sky apart, and then it was still unsatisfied and slashed down a star!

After that, it finally started laughing with laughter that rumbled like thunder. “Creation, create my own Dao and deduce my own path. So what if I’m an ant? Creation coexists with the world and everything in the world is part of the Dao, so how could there be a difference in status? How could there be a shackle of height?”

Its voice rumbled as it curled up and spread towards the surroundings.

Everything before his eyes vanished, whereas Chen Xi was shocked speechless while his heart was filled with indescribable reverence and admiration because he’d seen the birth of an exalted figure of an era. Even though it was lowly, it was persistent! Even though it was tiny, it was fearless!

Most importantly, he finally knew what creation was!

Create, deduce… Chen Xi muttered with a tranquil expression, and then he closed his eyes and fell into a deep level of comprehension.



The curtains to the grand meeting of the immortal sects had descended during this month that Chen Xi was in closed door cultivation.

To the shock of the entire cultivation world, the person who took the first place in the grand meeting wasn’t from the 10 great immortal sects, but a scholarly young man from the Unknown Lands.

This young man was called Qiu Xuanshu, and he was an innate saint that was exceptionally wise, had mastered the Book of Righteousness, and possessed an unfathomable cultivation. After this battle, his name shook the entire Dark Reverie, and it was known to all the great powers in the world.

On this day, a young scholar arrived at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he frankly stated that he wanted to pay Chen Xi a visit.

Chen Langya, Long Zhenbei, An Wei, Chang Le, and the others were instantly stunned when they saw this young scholar because this person was surprisingly the person that had obtained the first placing during the grand meeting – Qiu Xuanshu!

For a time, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was stirred, and everyone was discussing why Qiu Xuanshu had come to pay Chen Xi a visit. Could it be that he wants to spar with Chen Xi?

Even the higher-ups of the sect were alerted by this, whereas Wen Huating had personally entertained Qiu Xuanshu and treated him as a distinguished guest. Of course, the main reason he was given such grand treatment was because Qiu Xuanshu came from the mysterious Unknown Lands! 

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