Chapter 764 – Bai Jingchen

Violet Thistle Mountain Range rose and fell endlessly at the eastern part of the Dark Reverie, and it was luxuriant, lofty, vast, and grand.

When looked down at from midair, this mountain was like an 5,000km long enormous dragon residing on the ground. Its was winding like a serpent, covered in the violet qi of kings, and every time the sun rose, this mountain would be enveloped within a violet colored mist that was solemn, thick, and carried the aura of an emperor.

Violet qi that came from the east; it was a rare paradise where Dragon Veins converged.

The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan was situated here.

The Bai Clan was an ancient clan whose history could be traced back to the primeval times, and its forces were so enormous and its foundation so thick that it was comparable to the 10 great immortal sects.

What people took the greatest delight in talking about was that the Bai Clan’s customs were very brutal. All the male children of the clan were like heroes that were upstanding, dauntless, and extraordinarily bold and powerful.

In other words, the bodies of the members of the Bai Clan innately flowed with the blood of war, and they’d placed their gazes outside of the Dark Reverie and had advanced towards the Xeno-race a long time ago!

There was no reason but merely for the sake of battle!

They carried out slaughters in the name of battle, causing them to seem exceptionally overbearing and ferocious.

But the thing that caused everyone in the world the greatest headache was this as well. The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan loved battle and were extremely protective, so if someone dared to offend their Bai Clan, then there was utterly no need to care about if there was a reason because they would beat first and ask questions later.

So if it was in terms of the most terrifying power to the people in the cultivation world, then it wasn’t the immortal sects, nor the demon sects, but the Bai Clan!



In the martial practice grounds in the Bai Clan.

A robust and tall middle aged man squatted at the corner of the wall while his enormous hand held a large bowl. This large bowl was simply like a wooden basin, and within it was steaming white and jade-like noodles that were sprinkled with some verdant coriander.

The middle aged man’s face was craggy, his pitch black beard stood up straight like iron needles, and he was extremely heroic and unrestrained. He was gobbling down these noodles, and he was eating with extreme satisfaction to the point soup dripped from the corners of his mouth.

In the blink of an eye, he’d finished the entire large bowl of noodles, and even the soup was swallowed entirely with a raise of the bowl. Only after he did all this did he smack his lips in a slightly unsatisfied manner.

After that, he stood up to arrive at a 3m tall wooden bucket at the side before lifting up his chopsticks and filling another bowl of the noodles…

Then, he squatted down at the corner and chowed down.

He simply seemed like a laborer at the side of the road, like a hungry ghost that was reborn.

The youths on the martial practice grounds were already accustomed to this scene, and they didn’t even take a glance at the middle aged man as they tempered their bodies with concentration.

These oldest amongst these youths were around 11 or 12, and the youngest were around eight or nine. Their upper bodies were laid bare, and every single one of them had strong physiques, bulging muscles, and seemed to be filled with explosive strength.

Before every single youth was a pitch black and enormous rock that was like a small hill. This was a type of rock called Heavyhell Rock, and a fist sized piece of it was already over 1,500kg in weight. For example, the small hill sized Heavyhell Rock before these youths were probably no less than 1.5 million kilograms.

But shockingly, these youths were able to casually lift up the Heavyhell Rock before them like they were lifting wooden sticks, and it seemed to be done easily and in a very relaxed manner.

Some older youths even tossed the Heavyhell Rock repeatedly into the air, and it was simply as if they were playing ball. If this were to be seen by people of the outside world, their eyeballs would surely drop out of their sockets.

But the robust middle aged man at the corner of the wall similarly remained indifferent to this, and he enjoyed his noodles.

Right at this moment, a wave of rapid footsteps resounded out abruptly as a young man that wore a luxurious robe and a golden belt ran over and said, “Uncle, I’ve done what you asked.”

As he spoke, he took out a jade fan with a swish before fanning it repeatedly, and then he took out a white handkerchief with golden borders with his left hand and wiped the sweat of his forehead, causing him to seem exhausted.

If Chen Xi was here, he would surely be able to recognize that this young man was Bai Gunan.

“Pretentious fool!” The middle aged man remained squatted on the ground while he drank up the bowl of soup with a slurp, and then he glanced at Bai Gunan before passing the same judgment he usually did.

Bai Gunan was embarrassed and very sensibly put away the jade fan and handkerchief.

“Pretentious fool, what did you tell him?” The middle aged man put the bowl down and burped with satisfaction.

“I told him that Little Aunt will only be able to return 10 years from now, and he should remain calm.” Bai Gunan replied quickly, and then he asked. “Uncle, is Little Aunt fine in the battlefield outside the three dimensions?”

The middle aged man laughed with ridicule. “What the fuck could happen to her? With Elder Teng following by her side, unless a Saint Emperor makes a move, otherwise who could harm her?” Even though his words were crude, they carried a convincing feeling of confidence and heroism.

Bai Gunan was greatly reassured, and he let out a long sigh of relief. “That’s good. That fellow Chen Xi will probably be at ease this time.”

The middle aged man looked at him with surprise. “Pretentious fool, didn’t you think everyone in the world is an eyesore? Why have you actually started to be concerned about that kid?”

Bai Gunan said with displeasure, “Uncle, stop calling me pretentious fool.”

The middle aged man nodded. “Alright, pretentious fool, it won’t be repeated.”

Bai Gunan. “…”

“Uncle, I do indeed think that those disciples of the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect are an eyesore. But only Chen Xi is special to me, and he’s worthy for me to associate with him. Coupled with his relationship with Little Aunt, I’ve already taken him to be a part of my family since a long time ago.” After a short moment, Bai Gunan spoke with a prideful expression.

“Oh? What’s special about him?” The middle aged man asked with interest.

“How do I say it? In any case, amongst all the people in the world, only he dares to beat me, and I feel he isn’t bad. He has backbone and is responsible.” Bai Gunan pondered for a moment before speaking in an extremely serious manner.

The middle aged man. “…”

After a short moment, the middle aged man tilted his head and said while seeming to be lost in thought, “You’ve done well this time, and you didn’t get beaten for nothing.”

The corners of Bai Gunan’s mouth twitched, and he said with a helpless expression, “Uncle, can’t you speak properly?”

The middle aged man stood up and stretched his body lazily, and then he stretched out his enormous hand to pat Bai Gunan on the shoulder. “Aren’t you afraid if Uncle gets serious?”

Bai Gunan’s small body was patted to the point of trembling, and he grimaced in pain. But, when he heard what the middle aged man said, his body couldn’t help but shudder, and then he hurriedly shook his head and said, “Forget it.”

He knew that once his uncle got serious, then his uncle would be even more ferocious than an infuriated god, and he wouldn’t stop until he killed a few people! Moreover, no one could stop him!

The middle aged man roared with laughter and walked off with large strides. “Come, meet those fellows from the Zuoqiu Clan with me. What a headache! How can your Little Aunt come back if they don’t fuck off?”

Bai Gunan’s face turned pale with fright. “Uncle, speak softly. Don’t let anyone hear you.”

The middle aged man was completely indifferent. “So what if they hear me, what the fuck is there to be afraid of? Pretentious fool, go home and tell your ancestor that there’ll be no lack of benefit for him if he supports me, and if he dares to think about relying on the strength of the Zuoqiu Clan like the other elders and plays all sorts of tricks with me, then watch out because I’ll go deal with him! Tell him that I, Bai Jingchen, do as I say!”

Bai Jingchen. Merely these two words represented a great figure with monstrous authority who commanded the winds and clouds. He was naturally the current Patriarch of the Bai Clan!

Bai Gunan was both embarrassed and scared, and he swept the surroundings with his gaze before pleading anxiously. “Uncle, can you not be so loud? My heart was almost crushed by you.”

The middle aged man roared with laughter that shook the skies once more, and then he shook his head. “Oh you. When will you dare to be like me? When will you attain success? Then that ancestor of yours wouldn’t be worried about not having a successor.”

As he spoke, he raised his leg and kicked forward, causing the space before him to be shattered apart, whereas he himself had already walked in and vanished. No matter if it was how he acted or how he did things, they were done in an unrestrained manner that was overbearing to the bone.

Bai Gunan stood on the spot and stared blankly, and then he grunted. “If I dared to be so arrogant, I would have been killed since a long time ago. How the fuck would I attain success!?”

If this were to be heard by the cultivators of the outside world, they would surely be angered to the point of spitting blood. Are you, Bai Gunan, not arrogant? 


Ten years?

Chen Xi put the jade slip away and frowned without end.

This jade slip Bai Gunan sent over didn’t explain too much, and it only said that Bai Wanqing was supposed to return to the Bai Clan this year. But because of certain reasons, she had no choice but to remain in the battlefield outside the three dimensions, and it would at least require 10 years before she could return. So he asked Chen Xi to stay calm and cultivate.

It wouldn’t be related to those members of the Zuoqiu clan that have appeared in the Bai Clan, right? Chen Xi still remembered that Bai Gunan had once said that Bai Wanqing’s status in the clan was rather bad now, and she suffered being driven out by many seniors of their clan. The reason for this was the members of the Zuoqiu Clan that had arrived in the Bai Clan.

In next to no time, Chen Xi didn’t have time to ponder more about this because the battle between the Violet Lightning Camp and Azurefrost Camp had ended, and as the youths hadn’t seen him for a long time, they’d surged over immediately.

After three years, these youths had changed greatly. Some that were slightly older had become young men, whereas the younger ones like the snotty kid had grown into a youth.

This was the magic of time. When one suddenly turned around, it had already silently changed many things.

Since Chen Xi had left his closed door cultivation, Qing Yu made an exception and gave them a day off. So everyone gathered together to drink wine, chat, and they were filled with joy. Even Xueyan seemed to have started to adapt to her new identity. She seemed to get along well with them and was helping Chen Xi and A’xiu pour wine from the side, and she didn’t reveal the slightest trace of a feeling of being wronged.

Up until late into the night, when Chen Xi returned to his room, Long Zhenbei and An Wei paid him a visit, and they didn’t chat long before leaving.

Both of them had come to invite Chen Xi to head one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Skylift Palace, to participate in a grand event of the immortal sects. This was a supremely grand event held amongst the Seed Disciples of the immortal sects, and only top Seed Disciples had the qualifications to participate.

This grand event represented the highest level of competition within the entire Dark Reverie, and every single time it was held, it would receive the attention of the entire cultivation world of the Dark Reverie.

After all, it was held by extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects. Everyone that participated was a peerless figure in the world, and they deserved to be called the most outstanding existences amongst their peers.

It could be said that so long as figures who were able to participate in this grand event didn’t die early, they would sooner or later grow into a great figure that shook the world!

But Chen Xi refused. With his current strength and thoughts, it was impossible for him to arouse the slightest interest in such a grand event. Not to mention he had a more important things to do.

That was to comprehend the bone left behind by the Exalted Ant Emperor! 

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