Chapter 763 – Ascending To The Exalted Rank

Time zipped by, in the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Due to the difference in the Temporal Laws, the passage of time in the world of stars was slower by around 10 times. In other words, Chen Xi had already been comprehending silently for 30 years.

On this day, Chen Xi who sat silently like a withered tree and unmoving like a rock suddenly rumbled with a great tune of the Dao, and it spread out throughout the entire world of stars with great strength.

Instantly, the myriad of stars seemed to have received a summons, causing them to emanate countless expanses of chilly starlight that were like numerous silver colored waterfalls that poured down and enveloped Chen Xi.

Every single inch of his skin, every single pore on his body was bathed in dense and almost material silver radiance. Every single aperture and meridian in his body seemed to have cleared up abruptly, and then it echoed with the myriad of stars above him from afar and produced a type of miraculous and indescribable change.

It was as if in this instant, Chen Xi had transformed into the son of the starry sky, and he’d become the ruler of this universe!

His expression was solemn while his aura was vast and profound. Every single breath he took was like the roar of a dragon, and it shook the starry sky and resonated with the heavens and the earth.

When looked at carefully, one would notice that numerous halos were circling around his body, and every single halo was like a scorching sun that emitted numerous perfect auras.

These auras were formed from quintessence Grand Dao’s like Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Yin, Yang, Wind, Lightning, and Star that were commanded by the Dao of Talismans! Ten types of Grand Dao had attained to the Perfection Realm, and they’d formed into halos that were round like a full moon!

On the other hand, the meridians within his body were inscribed with dense and complicated talisman markings, causing his aura to become even more mysterious, profound, and vast. It seemed as if his body was densely covered with numerous blackholes that carried the aura of devouring everything in the world.

Within his Dantian, when compared to before, the Blackhole World constructed from the five Divine Talismans was alternating between day and night, and the star, moon, and sun in the sky formed a circulation and had started to move, whistle, and flicker between brightness and dimness.

Yes, during this time of three years in the outside world or 30 years in the world of stars, Chen Xi had attained the Perfection Realm in the Grand Dao profundities of Yin, Yang, and Star!

Presently, besides Paramita, Oblivion, Obliteration, and Eternal, all the other quintessence Dao Insights he possessed had already attained the Perfect Realm.

As for the Sword Dao, Dao of Talismans, and Devour Dao, they were Grand Daos of technique and not quintessence Grand Daos, so their level of comprehension was completely different to quintessence Dao Insights.

For example, the Sword Dao was divided into basic, advanced, unity, perfection, Enlightened Sword Heart, Sword Qi Threads, and so on and so forth. The Dao of Talismans and the Devour Dao were roughly the same.

In 30 years of time, three Grand Dao profundities had achieved perfection!

If this were to be placed in the outside world, it was sufficient to shock the world and astound everyone.

But to Chen Xi who possessed the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, this speed of comprehension still seemed to be too slow.

The cause of this was the Star Grand Dao. The quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree possessed the five elements, Yin, Yang, Wind, Lightning, and various other Laws, but it didn’t possess anything related to the Laws of Star.

So Chen Xi had relied completely on his comprehension to comprehend the Star Grand Dao and not the quintessence of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it was precisely because of this that he’d exhausted over 20 years.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked as well. When he was young, he’d comprehended the Star Grand Dao through his cultivation of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Technique and visualizing the Fuxi Divine Statue. Moreover, coupled with the tempering of the Starsky Wings, Grand Astral Palm, and Stellar Lightningform that were related to the Star Dao Insight, he’d comprehended the Star Grand Dao to Advanced Realm a long time ago.

But he never expected that it would actually be so difficult to attain the Perfection Realm in the Star Grand Dao from the Advanced Realm, and this greatly exceeded his imagination and expectations.

However, he came to an understanding in next to no time. Even though the Star Grand Dao was rare, it was one of the most mysterious and vast Grand Daos. It was like the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, it was very ordinary, yet how many people in the world were capable of completely comprehending and grasping it?

During the primeval times, the ancient ancestors had utilized the observing of stars to deduce the workings of the heavens, fate, fortune, and calamity. If it was in terms of the most mysterious and vast Grand Dao amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos, then it would surely be the Star Grand Dao.

So Chen Xi could feel proud in himself from being able to completely master it to the Perfection Realm within a little over 20 years of time.



Ten Grand Daos at the Perfection Realm also meant that from this moment onward, Chen Xi possessed 10 times combat strength, and he was already a true exalted expert amongst those of the same cultivation!Since the ancient times until now, how many people amongst the myriad of living beings and countless geniuses had attained the Exalted Rank?

Once one attained this level of cultivation, it was sufficient to sweep through all in the same generation and be invincible!

On the other hand, Chen Xi was even more outstanding because the strength he possessed far exceeded cultivators of the same cultivation. Early on when he still possessed six times combat strength, he was already capable of blasting Chen Langya who possessed nine times combat strength back with a flick of his sleeve. Moreover, Chen Langya didn’t have the slightest room to resist, let alone now?

It could even be said that even if an exalted figure that possessed 11 or 12 times combat strength appeared now, it would be absolutely impossible for that person to be a match for Chen Xi.

At the bottom of it all,  the Blackhole World constructed from the five Divine Talismans and his ‘extreme’ cultivation contributed greatly to his strength.


Chen Xi opened his eyes. The sun and moon alternated within his eyes that surged with Talisman Markings, and as his gaze swept out, merely his gaze was capable of causing the surrounding space to tremble.

He stood up with his hands behind his back, and his tall, graceful, and lone figure seemed to be able to tear open the veil of the sky. His clothes fluttered with the wind as he stood proudly beneath the myriad of stars in the sky, and every single move he made carried a dignified aura of control.

He was like the Emperor of the universe as he stood there, while the myriad of stars were his subjects. This was the vast and mighty aura he possessed  as a figure at the Exalted Rank, and it was terrifying and monstrous.

He strolled within the starry sky and didn’t continue comprehending the Dao.

Only a small bit of the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree remained, and he’d refined it into nine Grand Dao Fragments that respectively contained the five elements, Yin, Yang, Lightning, and Wind. He intended to leave it to his senior brothers and senior sister.

As for the four types of rare Grand Dao Insights — Paramita, Oblivion, Eternal, and Obliteration, they were too obscure and difficult. Even if he entered into closed door cultivation for over a hundred years, he would probably find it impossible to comprehend them to the Perfection Realm.

Three years have passed in the outside world. I wonder if there’s any news about Aunt Bai… Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving as he recalled something, and in the next moment, he’d already vanished in the world of stars.



West Radiance Peak.

Streaks of light flashed about like raindrop. The youths of the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost camps were in an intense battle, causing a dense aura of battle and slaughter to effuse out, and it caused others to have the misconception that they were in a battlefield.

“It’s still too inferior! Remember, there must be variation! Don’t be restrained by fixed techniques. The situation of a true battlefield changes a myriad of times in an instant, so how will all of you face it then?”

“Violet Lightning Camp, attack! All of you are body refiners, so ferociousness is your only advantage!

“Charge! Show them what’s all-powerful might! Show them what’s crushing force! Bring out your imposing auras! All of you only have a single objective on the battlefield, and it’s to slaughter all your enemies! Don’t allow anything to obstruct your footsteps forward!” Qing Yu stood in the distance while shouting in a deep voice. His handsome face was covered in blazing madness, and it caused others to find it impossible to believe that this was a shy and kindhearted youth…

By his side was all his senior brothers, senior sister, Meng Wei, and Mo Ya who were watching the show as well. Even A’xiu had Bai Kui in her arms while grinning at the side and looking at the distant battle.

When Chen Xi walked out of this room, the first thing he saw was the battle that was going on like a raging fire.

Regardless of if it was the Violet Lightning Camp or the Azurefrost Camp, all the youths wore similar equipment. Pure Swan Lightning Wings, Wind Spirit Light Shoes, Four-Symbol Formation Belt, Hollowed-out Black Gold Bracers… All of them were top-grade earth-rank magic treasures.

Moreover, Chen Xi sighed with praise because all this equipment was obviously made specially for the youths, allowing them to bring forth all their distinguishing traits. Moreover, when they fought as a whole, it was capable of forming a connection that was similar to a formation.

Even though the youths of the Violet Lightning Camp were all body refiners, this entire set of magic treasures were extremely beneficial towards them bringing forth their entire combat strength.

Chen Xi practically didn’t have to think to know that all this equipment surely came from Huo Molei.

The battle was very intense, and there were injuries from time to time, causing a rain of blood to spray down. It wasn’t like a drill, but instead seemed no different to a true battle, yet no one suffered a fatal injury.

This came from Qing Yu’s formidable power of control. He was controlling and commanding the battle between the two camps by himself. Every time someone was injured, he would swiftly issue the commands to instantly defend the injured. Moreover, the entire situation of the battle was in good order, and it didn’t suffer any effect from this. His extraordinary ability of command caused him to seem like a general that had experienced countless battles.

This scene caused Chen Xi to be rather amazed, and when he raised his eyes to look at Qing Yu, he saw the shy and kindhearted youth was completely different from usual. Qing Yu was calm and collected as he issued orders, and only his eyes still carried a wisp of blazing madness.

This appearance was something Chen Xi had never seen.

“Hey! Hey! Chen Xi! We’re here.” A’xiu waved her hand from afar and cried out in a clear voice.

At this moment, everyone else noticed Chen Xi as well, and they greeted him warmly. Only Qing Yu was still staring at the battlefield with a concentrated expression, and he’d become oblivious to everything else in his surroundings.

Chen Xi walked over with a smile and said, “After not seeing it for three years, our West Radiance Peak has truly become bustling.”

Everyone roared endlessly with laughter when they heard this. This sort of tranquil life that was filled with struggle was something they liked extremely as well, and they felt they had a place to use their talents.

During this period of time, they’d cooperated with Qing Yu to refine magic treasures, issue commands, record rewards and punishment, replenish consumables, draw up battle diagrams, and study combat formations. Even though they were busy to the point of utter exhaustion every single day, their hearts were unprecedentedly full.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya weren’t unoccupied either. Both of them had become part of the West Radiance Peak a long time ago. Every day, besides patrolling the entire mountain according to schedule, they would cultivate, and observe the growth and transformation of the youths from their clan, and it caused them to be extremely delighted.

If such a life was placed in the Ninth Hell, they would absolutely not even dare dream of it.

Only A’xiu was very free. She made Xueyan do everything, whereas she herself held Bai Kui in her arms and wandered about all over every single day, and she led an extremely cheerful life.

Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart before asking. “Eldest Senior Brother, is there any news about Mu Kui and Ling Bai?”

Huo Molei shook his head, and then he said, “Right, a few days ago, a young man called Bai Gunan came here, and he left a jade slip before leaving when he saw you were in closed door cultivation.”

Bai Gunan?

Why did this fellow come here?

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he thought of something in his heart, causing him to take the jade slip that Huo Molei passed over and sized it up. 

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