Chapter 762 – Refining The Laws

In the world of stars, Chen Xi sat cross-legged beneath the myriad of stairs with a ramrod straight figure and a tranquil expression, and he seemed to have fused with the Grand Dao, causing his entire body to emit strands of the aura of the Dao.

Above him were countless exceedingly profound Laws interwoven together and roiling endlessly like a nebula, and the profundities of numerous Grand Dao’s revolved and surged within it, causing it to seem like a miracle of the gods.

It was a ball of true Laws of the heavens and the earth!

It came from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it was from its quintessence. It was a divine tree from the primeval times, a bridge that connected the Mortal Dimension to the Immortal Dimension, so how shocking would the Laws of the Heaven Dao it possessed be?

Even though this was only a strand of its quintessence that Chen Xi had obtained from within the Door of Profundity, the quintessence profundities it possessed within it was already capable of allowing his comprehension in Dao Insights to attain a tremendous change!

Chen Xi was comprehending with a clear mind, and he sensed the variations revealed from it with a pure mind and completely clear heart.

This was the first time that he’d directly perceived the existence of the Laws, and it was like numerous chains of the Heaven Dao that were filled with a supreme aura of order and creation.

Above Dao Insights were the Laws, the laws of all techniques. It was the transformation of the Grand Dao, a rule of the heavens that held the world together and controlled order!

Chen Xi was even able to imagine that the strength of a Heavenly Immortal was surely related to the amount of Laws the Heavenly Immortal had grasped. These Laws were converged on the Heavenly Immortal like the chains of gods, and every single one of them reflected the workings of the heavens and illuminated one’s own self, causing every single move one made to be followed by the Laws and techniques.

Even though this direct perception and comprehension of the Laws was temporarily incapable of displaying its might, once that day came that Chen Xi ascended into immortality, he would surely obtain an extremely great benefit from it!

At this moment, he comprehended silently while the energy of the Laws within the quintessence of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree transformed into complete Dao Insights that were absorbed, refined, and used to supplement his Dao Insight comprehension.

Comprehension wasn’t restrained by time.

Unlike Grand Dao fragments that were refined in an instant, this quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree was formed from the Laws of the world. The former was like food that had already been cooked and could be consumed directly, the latter was like a complete ingredient that had to be cut up, prepared, and cooked bit by bit before it could be consumed.

The former’s speed was swift yet lacked a process of experience. It was like one who’d eaten to the point of becoming a fatty in one go, was covered in excess fat, and found it difficult to control one’s own strength with ease, causing one to have to slowly temper it and temper this excess flesh into muscles that were filled with explosive force.

The latter was the exact opposite. It was like a weak and ordinary person trained step by step before finally transforming into a strong and robust man. It allowed one to experience the magical effect of one’s Dao Insight comprehension increasing while allow allowing one to easily control everything.

This was the difference between Grand Dao fragments and the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. But comparatively speaking, the quintessence of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree was much more superior. Even though it required one to spend some time, but the aura of the Laws contained within it was the most precious!


After an unknown period of time, the rumbling of the Grand Dao arose in Chen Xi’s surroundings while a rain of light sprayed out and erupted from him. Moreover, a shapeless gale whistled and surged in the surroundings, causing him to seem like a god of wind.

The Grand Dao of Wind, Perfection Realm!

Instantly, his Blackhole World underwent a tremendous change. Talisman Markings surged as they formed a myriad of patterns, and the world within his Blackhole World produced a miraculous rhythm between ‘movement’ and ‘calm.’

It was wind that was flowing, flashing, and whistling…


Thunder suddenly erupted within his Blackhole World to fuse with the wind, causing his entire Blackhole World to be bathed in a vast phenomenon of ‘destruction’ and ‘new life.’

This was like the saying, everything grows with a gust of wind and a strike of lightning!

Early on when he was in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, Chen Xi had already attained the Perfection Realm in the Grand Dao profundities of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. Now that the Grand Dao of Wind had attained perfection, it instantly caused this string of changes.

These sort of changes didn’t just mean that his Blackhole World had become even more rich, colorful, and exuberant with vitality, it was also suffused with brilliant divine light. Most importantly, from this moment onward, he was able to exert seven times his combat strength!

All of this was like flowing water that flowed past Chen Xi’s heart while everything down to the slightest detail was revealed before him. He remained emotionless and pure, and he didn’t sigh with emotion nor exclaim with admiration before he fell once more into deep levels of the comprehension.

Presently, there was no one that doubted Chen Xi’s comprehension ability in cultivating. He possessed extraordinary natural talent and had the assistance of the Fuxi Divine Statue and the River Diagram fragments, otherwise, how could he possibly smoothly attain his current accomplishments?

He’d cultivated for less than a hundred years, yet he’d already attained this level of cultivation. Moreover, he’d reconstructed his Blackhole World with the energy of the Dao of Talismans, and it was like he’d forcefully opened up a path towards the Grand Dao by himself. Few people since the ancient times were capable of accomplishing such a magnificent feat.

Actually, with his current comprehension in Dao Insights, there was entirely no need for him to comprehend, and he just had to temper and solidify his cultivation slightly before he could directly charge into the Earthly Immortal Realm.

But he didn’t do so.

Every single realm had an ‘extreme’ that existed within it. It was a limit, the end of a realm, and it represented perfection and the extreme.

This sort of ‘extreme’ very rarely appeared, and since the ancient times until now, only peerless monsters that possessed the potential to become exalted figures might attain this state. Of course, it was merely a possibility!

Chen Xi’s Blackhole World was destroyed, and he’d regained what he’d lost by utilizing the five great Divine Talismans as the foundation to reconstruct it. Thus, it allowed him to attain his current state.

At this moment, his qi refinement cultivation had already attained the highest peak amongst those of the same cultivation a long time ago, and there was already no need for him to exert effort on his cultivation. But the numerous Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped still hadn’t attained the Perfection Realm.

This was also a form of flaw.

Chen Xi’s intentions now were to mend this flaw and allow both his cultivation and Dao Insight comprehension to attain perfection before he charged into the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Not to mention the path in the Nether Transformation Realm was an extremely important barrier as well. A single step taken from it would allow one to escape the ranks of cultivators and attain the Earthly Immortal Realm and leave mortality behind!

This was a process of constructing the Blackhole World and reconstructing one’s own self.

If the Golden Core Realm was said to be the foundation that was immovable, then the Rebirth Realm was a realm that unearthed potential and the process of the Soul Core’s transformation. On the other hand, the Nether Transformation Realm was to develop and construct on this foundation for the sake of preparing to escape mortality and ascend into the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Since the ancient times until now, all great figures that attained extraordinary accomplishments would temper themselves once more during this realm and try their best to construct and perfect their Blackhole World. All of this was for the sake that their step towards the Earthly Immortal Realm would be even more steady, while their path towards the Dao would be broader and longer!



Qing Yu took a deep breath as his gaze swept his senior brothers and senior sister, and then he said, “I’ve already come to an agreement with Meng Wei and Mo Ya, the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost camps will be commanded by me in the future!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart. He possessed a gentle and kind nature, and he was reserved and shy. So asking him to announce something like this in front of everyone was simple an enormous challenge.

But now, for the sake of becoming stronger and for the sake of not experiencing the humiliation and torment he experienced previously, he’d decided that he would use all means to protect himself, protect his senior brothers and senior sisters, and protect the safety of the entire West Radiance Peak!

His senior brothers and senior sister nodded in unison, yet they didn’t say anything. All of them were infatuated on their own path of the Dao, so he didn’t hope for them to voice any objections towards this.

Qing Yu understood this as well, so he took up the flag of manager by himself, and he started to issue orders. “Eldest Senior Brother, you’re skilled in equipment refinement. There are numerous veins of ore on our West Radiance Peak, I need you to refine a set of magic treasures for all these youths. My requirements are very simple, all of the magic treasures must be the best!”

Eldest Senior Brother, Huo Molei grinned, and he patted his firm and bare chest. “Leave it to me.”

Qing Yu nodded, and then he turned around to look at Second Senior Brother Lu Sheng. “Second Senior Brother, you’re adept in the art of Go, and you’re most skilled in creating battle formations. I need you to design a combat formation, defensive, offensive, encirclement, ambush… I require over 10 variations of every single type of formation!”

“Third Senior Brother, you’re skilled in the Dao of Music. Morale is similarly of utmost important in battle. I need you to design some commands for battle, defense, and retreat. Every single one has to be brief and to the point, and the simpler the better!”

The more he spoke, the clearer Qing Yu’s train of thought become, and the thoughts in his mind were quickly spoken by him. His voice was clear, and his handsome face actually revealed a rare wisp of madness. “Coupled with the art of command that I’ve studied all these years, we’ll surely be able to forge the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost camps into top battle camps in the world!”

The hearts of everyone surged and were filled with excitement when they heard this.

Actually, they’d been planning about how to become strong since a long time ago, but they suffered from having no troops under their command, and coupled with them being unskilled in battle, so it had been delayed until now.

On the other hand, Qing Yu’s suggestion had undoubtedly brought forth the abilities they were most skilled in and used those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe as the source of their strength, so it could be said to be favorable in all aspects.

“Then…Sixth Junior Brother, what about me? I’m skilled in the Dao of Calligraphy. What should I do?” Fourth Senior Brother Duan Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“Me too! I’m skilled in the Dao of Drawing!” Fifth Senior Sister A’Jiu cried out as well.

Amongst the people present here, only they hadn’t been given assignments, and this caused them to be rather displeased.

Qing Yu was stunned, and he couldn’t help but scratch his head and pondered for a moment before he said, “Fourth Senior Brother is skilled in the Dao of Calligraphy, so you’ll manage the list of rewards and punishments, the register of goods, and other matters of logistics. As the saying goes, proper preparations of food should be made before troops are deployed, this duty is very important as well.”

Duan Yi roared with laughter. “Good, good, good! I’m most skilled in this.”

“As for Fifth Senior Sister, you’re in-charge of reconnaissance towards the geography of the area and the situation of the enemy. If we might have a battle with enemies in the future, then I need you to draw out every single detail of the location, geography, and arrangement of the enemy camp!”

A’Jiu spoke with confidence. “A piece of cake! Leave it to me!”

“Alright! We’ll take action from tomorrow onward, and we’ll strive to give Little Junior Brother a pleasant surprise when he comes out from closed door cultivation!” Qing Yu gritted his teeth while a wisp of blazing madness flashed past his eyes.

There hadn’t been a moment that he so urgently wanted to express himself and prove himself. He similarly believed that the feelings of the other seniors of his would be just like him.

He wanted to remove the name of ‘trash’ that had always been shackled onto him! 

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