Chapter 761 – Xueyan Becoming His Servant

Xueyan was a capable subordinate of Bing Shitian’s. She was more tender than a flower and innately charming, so even just leaving her by one’s side was pleasant to both the eye and the heart.

But at the same time, she was also an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Such an unrivalled beauty, a figure of high status, was actually pouring wine obediently for Chen Xi like a maidservant, and Bing Shitian would probably be too cowardly if he still didn’t get angry.

His gaze was like a bolt of lightning that was interwoven with the Laws, and it was blurry and ethereal. As soon as rage arose in his heart, it was instantly sensed by the Laws of the heavens and the earth, causing space to tremble, the airflow to rumble, and the atmosphere to be murderous to the limit.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he drank the wine, raised the cup, and made Xueyan fill it once more.

Xueyan’s expression changed indeterminately, and she struggled unprecedentedly in her heart. But in the end, she still walked forward and acted.


The wine cup in Bing Shitian’s hand was crushed into pieces, causing specks of it to hurtle towards the surroundings. His expression was already livid and icy cold to the extreme, causing the entire hall to seem to have fallen into an ocean of rage. Moreover, space, light, the airflow, and everything in the surroundings seemed to be roaring and furious. The rage of a Heavenly Immortal caused blood to flow into rivers!

“Emissary Bing, it isn’t good to get infuriated because if blood does flow into a river, it might harm you as well. Please restrain your anger!” Wen Huating spoke abruptly with a voice that was like the roar of a dragon from the nine heavens, yet it seemed like a chant of the Grand Dao, and it resounded throughout the hall. Instantly, all the phenomena in the surroundings was wiped away, causing the surroundings to become tranquil, calm, and orderly.

“Very good!” Bing Shitian stood up. His figure was like a pillar that supported up the sky while he himself was like an Emperor that controlled the world. His gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swiftly swept past everyone before he said indifferently, “Everyone has truly given me a pleasant surprise today. Courtesy demands reciprocation, so if I have the chance in the future, I’ll surely deliver such courtesy as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he strode out while followed by the Laws, and he arrived before Chen Xi with a single step and stared down at Chen Xi for a long time. In the end, he didn’t say anything before turning around and leaving.

“Xueyan, come with me.” 

Shockingly, he was intending to leave!

“My Lord, forgive me but I’m unable to comply with your wishes. I’ve already joined Chen Xi and am not willing to follow by your side any longer. From now onward, there’s no more relationship between us. I hope you can forgive me.” Xueyan stood on the spot and struggled for a long time before gritting her teeth in the end, and she spoke with a trembling, low, and hoarse voice that carried a trace of magnetism and resolution.

Outside the hall, Bing Shitian’s figure that was like a mountain was bathed beneath the sunlight, and no one was able to see his expression clearly. He stood there for a moment before leaving with large strides. “Xueyan, remember what you said today!”

His voice rumbled like a judgment announced by a god, and he’d already vanished before his voice could finish resounding out in the air.

Everyone in the hall couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw Bing Shitian leave, and it was as if they’d sent away the god of plagues. Only Xueyan’s beautiful face was bleak as she stood there silently.

Only she understood Bing Shitian’s nature the best. Since he’d suffered a loss in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect today, he would surely not let the matter go in the future, and she who was a ‘traitor’ would probably suffer a horrible end…

After a short moment, the atmosphere in the hall recovered to its previous state.

Numerous gazes couldn’t help but converge onto Chen Xi because this junior had caused the horizons of all of them Earthly Immortal Realm experts to be broadened, and they were even astounded.

Moreover, they were even slightly surprised that he dared to be in confrontation with Bing Shitian and didn’t fall into a disadvantageous position. Even they couldn’t help but feel slight admiration towards such a disciple.

They firmly believed that Chen Xi knew even more clearly than them about how great Bing Shitian’s origins were and how formidable Bing Shitian’s strength was. But he dared to act in such a way and did it do excellently. Not to mention a young man at the Nether Transformation Realm, even they who were old fellows that had lived for countless years might not be able to achieve this!

“Chen Xi, you really have a child with Qing Xiuyi?” Wen Huating couldn’t restrain the curiosity in his heart and asked.

If Bing Shitian was a great figure that no one dared disregard, then Qing Xiuyi was an existence that astounded everyone. All those years ago, she was said to be a unique genius in the Dark Reverie!

She’d overcome nine levels of the heavenly tribulations in a single night, yet she didn’t ascend to become a Heavenly Immortal but chose to enter the cycle of reincarnation for 100 lifetimes, and it shocked the world. Now, she’d returned mightily to the Heavenflow Dao Sect and dealt with the karma of her 100 lifetimes, so once she succeeds in her cultivation, she would surely shock the three dimensions and attain a supreme path towards the Dao!

Such an astounding, legendary, and peerlessly talented young woman had actually had a relationship with the disciple of their sect, so Wen Huating couldn’t help but be curious.

Not to mention him, all these old fellows present here that had lived for countless years were extremely curious as well. Such a matter was truly too shocking, and it felt like a Heavenly Immortal from above the nine heavens had married a poor kid from the mortal world. So the strong shock created by it was absolutely unequalled.

Even Xueyan actually recovered from her complicated feelings of terror and uneasiness, and she perked up her ears while she couldn’t help but reveal a curious expression.

When facing this, Chen Xi’s mind was very calm, and he only nodded.

Everyone present was shocked and speechless.



On this day, Bing Shitian arrived at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect with delight, yet he returned while filled with rage.

On that same day, the Heavenflow Dao Sect spread the news that the master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s East Radiance Peak, the higher-up Elder Yue Chi had gone missing, and he might have betrayed the sect.

At the same time, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect similarly spread news that the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Bing Shitian’s capable subordinate, the pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox Xueyan had joined the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and completely cut off all ties with Bing Shitian!

These two pieces of news were simply like two thunderclaps that descended from the sky, and it shocked the entire cultivation world and caused countless people to be stirred.

It was even to the extent that most people faintly guessed that this was probably the outcome of a fight between the Heavenflow Dao Sect and Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

After all, the time both these pieces of news appeared was too coincidental. It was on the same day, and a great figure of each power had betrayed the other power, and the meaning behind this was thought provoking.

It was like one struck a punch while the other kicked in retaliation. They were in confrontation, but it just happened in secret.

All in all, these two pieces of news caused the cultivation world to notice that the relationship of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and Heavenflow Dao Sect was probably like the relationship between fire and water.


When he arrived back at West Radiance Peak, Chen Xi went to look for Second Senior Brother and the others at the first possible moment. 

Earlier, there were already elders of the sect that had inspected them personally, and there wasn’t any malicious restriction placed secretly within the bodies of Lu Sheng and the others. They only had to recuperate for a day before they would make a full recovery.

This caused Chen Xi to heave a long sigh of relief, and then he left his room to look for A’xiu.

“What’s going on?” Chen Xi pointed at Xueyan who followed right behind him, and he asked while frowning.

“Oh, she felt that staying by your side has an even better sense of safety that staying by the side of others. So she stayed behind.” A’xiu spoke with a clear voice.

She was sitting by the lake while her snow white slender legs were stretched into the water, and her tender and white little feet were slapping the clear lake water and caused circles of ripples to arise on the lake.

Bai Kui lay in her embrace and was eating a glistening yellow spirit fruit which emitting crunching sounds, and he had a delighted and intoxicated expression.

Butterflies fluttered about while birds let out clear cries, and numerous precious beasts were wandering about in the surroundings. The green dressed young woman sat by the bank of the lake and was bathed beneath the translucent sunlight while having a snow white little beast in her embrace, and her grinning face was radiant, causing this scene to be beautiful to the point of being unable to move their eyes away.

But Chen Xi frowned and completely disregarded this beautiful scene. As far as he was concerned, it felt slightly off to have Xueyan following by his side, and he was unable to accept it easily.

Originally, Xueyan’s mood was very downcast because she had no choice but to betray Bing Shitian. She was very hesitant, felt deeply humiliated, and felt extreme despair towards her future.

But now when Chen Xi actually revealed such an expression, a strand of rage couldn’t help but arise in her heart. I’m fucking astounding in the world and my charm can overturn a kingdom. How many people wish for nothing more than to bow beneath my skirt? Even if Earthly Immortals or Heavenly Immortals seem my peerless beauty, they would feel extremely covetous. What sort of expression is that on your face!?

When she thought about how she would follow by the side of a bastard that didn’t know how to appreciate her beauty and be a servant, Xueyan couldn’t help but feel boundless resentment and she wished for nothing more than to cover her face and cry.

“Aiya! You’re still unsatisfied after I’ve given you a pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox as a servant?” A’xiu said with surprise, “I exhausted a great deal of effort to tame her to be so obedient.”

Xueyan’s body couldn’t help but tremble when she heard this. Tame? What a humiliating word to use…

Chen Xi’s brows knit together even more tightly, and he was slightly at a loss for where to arrange for Xueyan to stay at.

“Alas, since you’re so unwilling, then casually find someone to give her away to.” A’xiu waved her hand and spoke with indifference.

“Don’t!” Xueyan spoke without any consideration while her delicate body trembled, and she was truly terrified. If she was really given away by Chen Xi, then it would simply crush her dignity, and if that happened, then she would really have the impulse to commit suicide!

“Look, what do you think of my taming? She’s utterly not willing to leave.” A’xiu grinned.

“Alas.” Chen Xi sighed and could only accept this.

Xueyan felt blood surged into her throat as she looked at their appearances, and she was aggrieved to the point of almost spitting blood.


The next day.

Lu Sheng, Yi Chenzi, Duan Yi, A’Jiu, and Qing Yu woke up successively, and all of them cried, smiled, and were extremely excited upon seeing Chen Xi and Huo Molei.

Never had they imagined that they would be able to return to the West Radiance Peak in their lifetime and gather together with everyone.

At this moment, when they met each other once again, the excitement in their hearts was obvious.

At night on that very day, Chen Xi drank wine with all his seniors, chatted, and they were overflowing with joy. Only Mu Kui and Ling Bai weren’t there, and it caused everyone to feel very regretful.

Chen Xi didn’t say much, but he was sure in his heart that they would return!

After he instructed some things, Chen Xi decided to enter into closed door cultivation and cultivate.

On this night, Lu Sheng and the others got to know Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and those youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe. Of course, there was also A’xiu and Xueyan.

Chen Xi believed that with A’xiu present, there was no need to worry about West Radiance Peak, and he didn’t have to worry about anything while in closed door cultivation.

Within the world of stars, Chen Xi sat crossed-legged there before he withdrew the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and he started to absorb and refine the Grand Dao profundities within it…

He wanted to perfect his Grand Dao profundities and charge through his path towards the Exalted Rank in the Nether Transformation Realm!

At that time, how much will my combat strength increase?

Chen Xi was filled with anticipation.

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