Chapter 760 – The Rage Of A Heavenly Immortal

Bing Shitian’s gaze was clear and suffused with the halo of countless Laws that were interwoven together, and they seemed ethereal and mysterious.

He looked down silently at that familiar figure at the end while his heart remained unmoved, and he couldn’t help but recall events of the past.

The first time they met was in the Primeval Battlefield, and this fellow Chen Xi was only at the Rebirth Realm, but Chen Xi had displayed extraordinary talent and drew his gaze over successfully.

The second time they met was in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm. At that time, Chen Xi had already grown into a formidable cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm who’d repeatedly obtained fortuitous encounters, and his Blackhole World was destroyed by Bing Shitian himself, causing Chen Xi to be heavily injured, on the verge of death, and vanish from the world.

Now when they met once more in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect today, Chen Xi had already become a genius that was renowned throughout the world, an existence that was practically invincible amongst those of the same generation and was extremely brilliant.

All of this caused Bing Shitian to sigh with emotion, and Bing Shitian felt that this fellow Chen Xi was really like a cockroach that was impossible to kill or break, who became more courageous the more setbacks he faced, and had a terrifyingly tenacious vitality.

Especially Chen Xi’s ability to reconstruct his Blackhole World and recover his cultivation, it was extremely surprising to Bing Shitian, because Bing Shitian knew that even an Earthly Immortal would perish under his full forced strike, yet not only was Chen Xi able to survive, he was even able to recover his cultivation from a crippled state. Needless to say, this was an extraordinary miracle.

But it was impossible for all of this to disturb his mind. In his eyes, Chen Xi was still tiny like an ant, and no matter how tenacious Chen Xi was, there was an enormous gap between them that was impossible to surmount.

While Bing Shitian was sighing with emotion in his heart, Chen Xi was similarly thinking about numerous things in his heart.

He clearly remembered that if it wasn’t for the tiny cauldron’s assistance in the Primeval Battlefield, Bing Shitian would have died a long time ago at the hands of the four Xeno-race experts.

He similarly remembered the wager he made with Bing Shitian, and he originally thought that with Bing Shitian’s distinguished identity as a Heavenly Immortal, Bing Shitian wouldn’t break the rules arbitrarily before the outcome of the wager was decided.

But now, after he’d experienced so many things, Chen Xi finally understood everything. Even if some people had ascended to become heavenly Immortals and were otherworldly, their nature was hard to change, and the despicableness and shamelessness in their bones wouldn’t weaken in the slightest.

To speak in a blunter manner, a dog can’t change its ways.

Actually, Chen Xi was very curious about how a despicable and shameless person like Bing Shitian had cultivated to become a Heavenly Immortal. Could it be that he got lucky?

Bing Shitian spoke abruptly with a dignified expression, and it carried an inviolable aura. “May I ask Fellow Daoist Wen if a disciple has room to speak here? He seems to slightly not know his place.”

Even though he was staring at Chen Xi, he was speaking to Wen Huating, and from the beginning until the end, he had an appearance of superiority and treated Chen Xi like a junior.

Chen Xi started laughing and he replied before Wen Huating could speak. “This is the territory of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, whereas you’re a guest from afar, so isn’t questioning the host like this an action that’s slightly meddling in other’s affairs?”


All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts including Wen Huating within the hall feigned ignorance when facing this scene, and they turned a blind eye to it, causing their attitudes to be very thought provoking.

Bing Shitian was stunned as he clearly sensed the changes in the atmosphere, and then he pondered briefly before laughing lightly as he said, “Not bad. We haven’t met for only a few months, yet I never imagined that your boldness has become much stronger. But, unfortunately, a nobody is always a nobody and will only know how to engage in verbal arguments.”

He couldn’t be bothered to continue covering up any longer. After all, everyone in the hall was clearly aware of the resentment between him and Chen Xi, so too much covering up would caused him to seem too fake. So it was better to be straightforward and use the situation and absolute strength to deter this ant that didn’t know what was good for him.

So as soon as he spoke, he seemed to be exceptionally overbearing and disdainful, and his mighty aura as a Heavenly Immortal allowed him to easily exert this sort of aura to the limit and in an extremely natural way.

Chen Xi was even more direct than him. “I just want to know that besides talking, do you dare to make a move right now?”

Bing Shitian chuckled. “Returning to violence in a few words. Chen Xi, your display is truly slightly disappointing to me. But since we’re talking about it, do you think your status is worthy of me making a move against you?”

Chen Xi started laughing as well. “You of course wouldn’t dare to make a move openly. As for what you do in secret, you ought to know it very well.”

Wen Huating and the others watching coldly from the sidelines while feigning ignorance, and they praised in their hearts instead. Merely this courage of this little fellow Chen Xi to face a Heavenly Immortal directly isn’t something an ordinary person can compare to.

After all, which young man wouldn’t be respectful, reverent, and trembling with fear when facing a Heavenly Immortal?

A disciple like Chen Xi that dared to engage in an argument with Bing Shitian and not reveal the slightest fear from the beginning until the end was truly too rare.

Of course, they were clearly aware that Chen Xi dared act in this way because all of them were present here, and he was ‘utilizing the situation’ to act. But, the more he acted in this way, the more they admired Chen Xi instead.

Unrestrained, not rash, skilled in adjusting to the situation, and utilizing various beneficial circumstances. Every single senior of a sect was very happy to see such a disciple in their sects.

When faced with Chen Xi’s words that carried a trace of ridicule, Bing Shitian didn’t mind at all, and he said indifferently, “I’m a guest today so I won’t make such a big fuss about it with you. But I think you probably don’t know Senior Sister Qing’s current state.”

Before Chen Xi could speak, he continued. “Presently, Senior Sister Qing has already dealt with the karma of her previous lives under the help of the higher-ups of my Heavenflow Dao Sect, and she’s in closed door cultivation. She’ll be able to completely recover her memories when she leaves her closed door cultivation.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Xi. “Of course, there’s a very important piece of news that I forgot to tell you. Once Senior Sister Qing recovers her memories, the higher-ups of the sect will betroth her to me. Even though we won’t be Dao Companions officially, but I presume that Senior Sister Qing won’t refuse.”

Wen Huating and the others frowned slightly when they heard this, and then they looked at Chen Xi with gazes that carried a wisp of worry because they were worried Chen Xi would become agitated or even lose control of his emotions.

However, to their surprise, Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. It was calm and composed, and he didn’t reveal any change in his feelings.

He was silent for a long time when facing Bing Shitian’s provocation, and then he only said a single sentence. “I’ve had a child with Xiuyi.”

It was a very sudden and even crude thing to say. But it carried a direct force that caused everyone in the hall to be stunned, and then an imperceptible smile appeared on the corners of their mouths.

This matter was absolutely a knot in Bing Shitian’s heart. Even if he’d already controlled his feelings to a skillful and easy extent, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch imperceptibly when he heard Chen Xi speak such words at a time like this.

After that, he shook his head and laughed. “Chen Xi, you probably still don’t understand what sort of person Senior Sister Qing was in the past. In her previous life, she was taken in by the sect since a young age, and she’d always taken the sect to be her home and the seniors of the sect as her relatives. She obeys every single word of her seniors and has never gone against them.

Chen Xi said, “Our child is called Chen An. Now that I think about it, he ought to have grown up into a man now. As a father, I’ve always felt guilty and felt that I haven’t been there by his side. But, I firmly believe that he won’t ever disappoint me because he was by Xiuyi’s side since a young age, and Xiuyi taught him many things. So, he has been very obedient since a young age, and his character is just like Xiuyi. He has learnt how to be composed and tranquil since a young age…”

His words weren’t spoken in a confrontational manner, and they was spoken with emotion. Moreover, the feelings he revealed naturally caused it to seem very sincere.

It was even to the extent that these words similarly seemed very sudden, and it was completely unrelated to what was spoken earlier, causing it to simply seem like Chen Xi muttering to himself.

But it just so happened that when these words entered into Bing Shitian’s ears, it was so ear piercing and caused the corners of his mouth to be unable to refrain from twitching while his brows knit together. Can’t this bastard not mention that mongrel!?

At this instant, even with Bing Shitian’s cultivation in the Dao Heart as a Heavenly Immortal, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of fury and detestation, and he interrupted Chen Xi right away. “I don’t have any interest to know what sort of person your son is. Not to mention all of this is only a one sided story from you, and you might not really have a son.”

Chen Xi laughed as well. “Since you said this, then I’ll speak frankly as well. I’m similarly uninterested about what the thoughts of the seniors of your sect are. Similarly, all of this is only a one sided story from you, so who can say if it’s true or false?”

Bing Shitian’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Chen Xi for a long time, and then he nodded and said, “Very good, very good.”  

Chen Xi said, “You too, you too.”

Bing Shitian said abruptly, “Could it be you’re not afraid that I would kill you right now?”

He did indeed have this confidence because he was from the Immortal Dimension, and mostly because he was extremely confident towards the strength he possessed. Even if he completely offended the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, why would he care when that happened?

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere in the hall instantly became oppressive and nervous. The hearts of everyone shook, and they were annoyed by Bing Shitian’s arrogance and shocked by his boldness.

In the entire Dark Reverie, only Bing Shitian possessed the boldness to dare speak such murderous words in their territory.

Chen Xi’s expression was tranquil as before, and his words were extremely direct. “If you dared to make a move, then you wouldn’t have to talk so much nonsense.”

He actually dared to say I was talking nonsense…

The corners of Bing Shitian’s mouth twitched, and he even didn’t know how many times the corners of his mouth had twitched in this short period of time.

After a short moment, he picked up the wine cup on the table before him and finished it in one go. “I really can’t wait for the arrival of the deadline of the wager between us.”

Chen Xi similarly gulped down the wine on the table before him, but he didn’t put down the cup. “I similarly can’t wait, pour me wine.” The first half of what he said was a reply to Bing Shitian, and the second half was to Xueyan.

After that, under the strange gazes of everyone present, Xueyan moved forward before her white hand held the wine jug and poured a cup for Chen Xi, and then she moved back to where she stood before.

She wished for nothing more than to lower her head down to her feet, her white teeth were gritted together tightly, and her beautiful face changed indeterminately. She stared at Chen Xi from behind and wished for nothing more than to take a fierce bit from his neck. He’s truly such a bully!

She didn’t even have to raise her head to know that Bing Shitian surely hated her to the core.

Bing Shitian’s expression finally changed when he saw this scene, and it became icy cold and emotionless while his eyes openly revealed a trace of rage.

He wasn’t angry at Chen Xi, but he was extremely disappointed by Xueyan’s display.

At this moment, a Heavenly Immortal was furious, and it caused the atmosphere in the hall to be filled with a murderous aura.

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