Chapter 758 – The Arrival Of His Rival In Love

Book Ten — Rivalry

Bing Shitian will be paying a visit to the sect three days from now?

When Chen Xi returned to West Radiance Peak, he was still pondering about this.

As for the matter of Yue Chi’s betrayal, he’d thrown it to the back of his mind a long time ago because that old fellow was only an accomplice, and Bing Shitian was the true culprit that handled everything from behind the scenes!

Earlier, while Chen Xi was on True Martial Peak, Chen Xi had even requested that Wen Huating gather the strength of the entire sect to annihilate Bing Shitian upon his arrival.

That fellow was too despicable and shameless, and he stopped at nothing when he acted. First, he ordered Yue Chi to harm Qing Yu, then he launched a surprise attack on Chen Xi in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and he’d almost caused Chen Xi to lose his life.

Later on, he’d even ordered Yue Chi to deceive Huo Molei and the others and carried out extreme humiliation and torment upon them. Besides Huo Molei who’d been rescued by him, his other senior brothers and senior sister were still trapped in the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

Such a despicable and lowly fellow that dared to wantonly go against the Nine Radiance Sword Sect ought to be eliminated as soon as possible so as to get rid of all future troubles!

Unfortunately, Chen Xi felt helpless and powerless because Wen Huating didn’t agree, and Wen Huating’s attitude was firm and without any room for discussion.

The reason was very simple. Bing Shitian was a great figure that carried the decree of the Immortal Dimension, and he was also a figure that possessed monstrous authority in the Heavenflow Dao Sect. So once they dealt with him, the consequences would be so severe that even the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was unable to endure it.

This was the influence of the general situation. Even if Wen Huating wished for nothing more than to kill Bing Shitian because of Yue Chi’s betrayal, he could only compromise and not go against the situation.

After all, he was the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he had to consider the benefit of the sect, so he couldn’t act rashly.

This caused Chen Xi to feel extremely disgruntled. He was absolutely not a person that adhered to established practices, so when an enemy trampled on the rules and assaulted him repeatedly, then he wouldn’t fear using various methods to deal with his enemy. 

Even if it was a sneak attack, poison, or various extreme methods. He wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest not would he care what others said because even Bing Shitian didn’t care, so how could he possibly care?

The victor was always right, and methods were only a process because everyone paid most attention to the outcome. This was reality, and only by accepting it would one be able to deal with one’s enemies more effectively.

But unfortunately, Chen Xi had no choice but to temporarily suppress all of this in his heart and to accept a different type of reality — Bing Shitian could die at any place, but he couldn’t die in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

This was reality and also the general situation, and Chen Xi had no choice but to accept it.



However, in next to no time, Chen Xi awoke from his deep thought, and he said with an astounded expression, “Bai Kui!?”

At this moment, he’d already returned to the bank of the Sword Purification Pool on the peak of West Radiance Peak. Not too far from him was A’xiu who had a small beast that was like a snowball embraced in her arms, and she was strolling around randomly at the bank of the jade green lake.

The small beast was like a snow white little lion with soft and dense fur and a pair of round eyes that were pitch black and clear. Who else was it but the infant Pixiu, Bai Kui?

Earlier, Chen Xi thought that the little fellow had left the Nine Radiance Sword Sect along with Mu Kui and Ling Bai, and how could he have imagined that Bai Kui would actually appear in A’xiu’s embrace?

This could absolutely be considered to be a small pleasant surprise.

However, he frowned because Bai Kui actually disregarded him. Earlier, he’d already called out to Bai Kui, yet this little fellow still lay in A’xiu’s embrace with an expression of comfort and narrowed eyes, and he frequently stretched out his pink little tongue to lick his tiny claws in an extremely carefree manner.

“A’xiu, come over here.” Chen Xi gestured.

“Ah, what is it?” A’xiu blinked her eyes as she asked. She wore a green dress, had a graceful figure, and revealed a beauty of her own as she stood by the side of the jade green lake and amidst the luxuriant plants and flowers.

“Hand him over to me.” Chen Xi raised his hand and pointed at Bai Kui.

“That won’t do. Little Bai has suffered too much injustice by your side. You don’t even know how to feed him, nor do you know what he likes. No wonder he’s still unable to grow up until now.” A’xiu shook her head and spoke with a clear voice.

“He’s mine!” Chen Xi corrected.

Bai Kui was an infant Pixiu, an innate auspicious beast that was capable of converging karmic luck. He was an existence that even the great figures of the three dimensions coveted to the extreme, so how could he be casually given to A’xiu?

Not to mention Bai Kui had been by his side for many years, causing a relationship to be fostered between then, and they were like companions. So, Chen Xi would absolutely not allow another to take Bai Kui from him.

“Oh, I of course know that he’s yours. You’re so busy, so can’t I help you take care of Little Bai for a while?” A’xiu grinned as she stroked Bai Kui’s fine fur. “Little Bai, are you willing to allow me to take you around and play?”

Little Bai… The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth twitched. It has only been such a short period of time, yet she has directly changed Bai Kui’s name? Moreover, this name is so childish and crude!

What caused him to be even more speechless was that Bai Kui stuck out his little head and nodded happily. Moreover, Bai Kui even intimately rubbed his head on A’xiu’s ample chest that had developed quite well…

Chen Xi’s eyelids twitched and almost stretched his hand out to pull this ungrateful little fellow over to him. But in consideration of the little fellow being in A’xiu’s embrace at this moment and an embarrassing misunderstanding might occur once he did make a move, he forcefully endured this impulse in his heart.

But his expression had already become exceedingly bad.

“Don’t worry, I won’t treat Little Bai badly, and it wouldn’t be late to give him back to you once I’ve made him nice and fat.” As A’xiu spoke, a violet colored spirit fruit appeared in her slender and jade white hand, and then she passed it over to Bai Kui. The little fellow grabbed it happily in his little claws before munching down on it as if he was nibbling on a carrot.

This violet colored spirit fruit was shaped like a bamboo shoot and emitted an overflowing violet colored sheen. It was called Violet Orchid Sal Fruit, and it grew on the Divine Sal Tree, causing it to be extremely rare. Moreover, it was an auspicious fruit.

According to legend, if a cultivator consumed this fruit, then it would cleanse the impurities within the cultivator’s body and eliminate all misfortune. To a certain extent, it carried the extremely miraculous ability of getting rid of calamities and disaster.

Chen Xi had once heard of it as well, and he’d always taken it to be a legend. So when he saw A’xiu take out such a treasure to feed Bai Kui, he couldn’t help but feel pained in his heart.

This young woman…is simply a master at wasting treasures!

But just from this, he completely believed that Bai Kui would surely not be treated badly while by A’xiu’s side, and it was indeed better than being by his side.

After all, Chen Xi had fostered Bai Kui using a ‘free’ model in the past. Chen Xi allowed Bai Kui to move about, eat anything he could find or have nothing to eat if he was unable to find anything.

“Where’s Xueyan?” Before long, Chen Xi stopped thinking about this and asked about Xueyan.

“Her? She’s helping me clean up my room.” A’xiu was stunned, and then her eyes spun before she spoke with a grin on her face.

“Oh.” Chen Xi nodded and didn’t ask any further before turning around and walking to his own room.

Bing Shitian was coming to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in three days. According to his inference, Bing Shitian was surely coming for the sake of Xueyan. At that time, Bing Shitian would surely send his second senior brother and the others back, so he could absolutely not allow Xueyan escape his grasp during this period of time. Otherwise, he would lose the qualifications to make demands.

“There seems to be something weighing down on your mind?” A’xiu suddenly asked from behind.

It was only a mere sentence, yet it caused Chen Xi to be stunned on the spot. Even a carefree young woman like A’xiu was able to sense that something was weighing down on his mind, and this caused him to feel indescribably shocked.

It seems that my temper has become worse during this period of time…

He was silent for a long time before moving once again and entering his room. He didn’t intend to do anything during these three days before Bing Shitian arrived, and he just wanted to properly examine his state of mind.

A’xiu smiled as she watched Chen Xi leave, and then she turned around to go play with Bai Kui. 


Three days later, the sky was cloudless as Chen Xi walked out from his room, and his entire bearing had undergone a tremendous change. It had become steady, even more restrained, and carried a feeling of returning to nature.

He just happened to seem like a sword in its case, or a dragon hiding in its lair.

Chen Xi found Xueyan and said, “Come with me.”

Xueyan seemed to not be surprised in the slightest, and she nodded calmly without a trace of pleasant surprise or excitement, causing her reaction to be slightly unusual.

Chen Xi glanced briefly at her before transforming into a streak that flashed towards True Martial Peak.

At the bank of the jade green lake, A’xiu held Bai Kui in her arms while swinging her jade white and tender arm and crying out in a clear voice. “Come back quickly.”

Chen Xi didn’t say anything when he heard this, but he acutely sensed that the delicate figure of the nearby Xueyan trembled imperceptibly.

Chen Xi felt amused in his heart. During these past few days, A’xiu had frequently found some tricky and strange things for Xueyan to do, and she’d obviously tormented Xueyan greatly.

In next to no time, Chen Xi and Xueyan arrived at True Martial Peak, and they walked up the stairs to arrive at the hall at the center of the peak.

At this moment, the grand hall was already filled with people. The Sect Master, Wen Huating, sat upright within the hall with all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts by his side. Surprisingly, Lie Peng was also amongst them, and he sat right below Wen Huating.


The gazes of everyone within the hall descended onto Chen Xi in unison upon his arrival, and these gazes carried curiosity, surprise, and admiration. Obviously, they were rather interested in Chen Xi.

After all, Chen Xi’s reputation was truly too resounding in the recent period of time, and it was like a scorching sun in the midday sky. There were numerous people discussing him every single day, so it was impossible for them to not know about him.

As for Xueyan, she was directly disregarded by everyone. Presently, all of them knew everything clearly, including about Yue Chi colluding with Bing Shitian to deal with the disciples of the West Radiance Peak.

Even though Xueyan was a member of the Heavenflow Dao Sect and was even an Earthly Immortal, the higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect within the hall obviously had no interest in her.

But some were still slightly surprised by Xueyan’s beauty. She was a pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox that was innately charming, and since she was able to cultivate until the Earthly Immortal Realm, her charm was so great that it was absolutely out of their imagination. An ordinary disciple would probably instantly have his soul drawn away upon laying eyes on her.

Chen Xi greeted all these higher-ups of the sect successively before sitting down beneath Wen Huating.

When Xueyan saw this, she followed his footsteps like an obedient maidservant and stood behind him with a meek expression that wasn’t faked in the slightest.

Everyone silently felt admiration in their hearts when they saw this scene. With a cultivation at the Nether Transformation Realm, he’s able to make an Earthly Immortal Realm expert be so docile and obedient. Chen Xi is really extraordinary and deserves his reputation.

Right at this moment, the disciple outside the hall suddenly spoke in a clear voice. “Sect Master, the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Senior Bing Shitian has come to pay a visit!”

“Welcome!” Wen Huating sat upright without moving, and he didn’t stand up to welcome Bing Shitian. This was the bearing of a Sect Master from an extraordinary power. He possessed an awe-inspiring and dignified bearing, a respected status, and was like a king in the mortal world. Even though Bing Shitian was an emissary of the Immortal Dimension, he still didn’t deserve the treatment of Wen Huating standing up to welcome him personally! 

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