Chapter 756 – The Five Moves of The Eternal

On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Chen Xi and Lu Ping stood in confrontation from afar.

The atmosphere in the hall was silent, perfectly silent. The gazes of everyone were converged on Chen Xi, as they wanted to see if he’d actually comprehended the profundities of the Eternal Grand Dao or not.


They didn’t engage in any small talk before Lu Ping’s body rumbled as it emanated a strand of vast clear brilliance while remaining on the spot, and it was pure and translucent, ethereal and brilliant. His entire body seemed to stand proudly through the ages, unharmed by time, and eternal!

In the next moment, he stepped on ripples of clear radiance that shook the sky, and his aura carried a myriad of profundities as he dashed right at Chen Xi.


His fist hadn’t arrived, yet the terrifying force contained with his fist move directly tore the sky apart, and it was like a ray of light that tore apart the annals of time!

“One of the Five Moves of the Eternal, Armorbreaker!” A disciple from the Eternal Spirit Mountain cried out with shock.

Not only did the Eternal Dao Scripture contain the Eternal profundity, it even contained five moves of Dao Arts that the ancestors of Eternal Spirit Mountain had taken painstaking effort to create after comprehending the Eternal.

Even though it was merely five moves, every single move contained profound variations and the essence of the Eternal Grand Dao. They possessed might that shook the heavens and the earth and shocked the ages, and they were the ultimate techniques of the Eternal Spirit Mountain!

For example, the Armorbreaker technique executed by Lu Ping was the most offensive amongst the five moves, and it was said to break apart the armor of the enemy, yet the enemy’s soul remained eternal. Once it was executed, it would surely move like a bolt of all powerful lightning, and nothing was capable of resisting it.

Even if it was within the Eternal Spirit Mountain, very few disciples were capable of comprehending this move, but it didn’t stop them from knowing and admiring this move.

For example, at the instant Lu Ping executed the Armorbreaker move, it instantly drew the praise of all the disciples from the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm. Under the astounded gazes of everyone present, his entire body similarly surged with an ethereal and clear radiance that seemed like the clear sky of the ages, and it was eternal and brilliant.

This is…

The pupils of everyone constricted. As disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, how could they be unable to sense that this was shockingly the aura of the Eternal Dao Insight?

It can’t be mistaken! 

That aura of breaking through the shackles of time and existing eternally is absolutely the Eternal Dao Insight, without a doubt!

However, before everyone could recover from their shock, they saw an even more horrifying scene.

When faced with Lu Ping’s fist, Chen Xi stepped on a clear radiance as he punched out with his fist, and he actually executed the Armorbreaker move as well. Moreover, it carried both spirit and form, and it was matchless!

How could this be possible!?

All of them gasped while they felt their scalps go numb. This was too astounding because Chen Xi wasn’t lying, and not only had he comprehended the Eternal Dao Insight, he’d even grasped one of the Five Moves of the Eternal, Armorbreaker!

Baili Yan’s pupils constricted while her face froze. This…is actually true?

She clearly remembered that the Eternal Dao Scripture she handed over was only a copy and had many profundities that appeared to be right, yet weren’t, mixed within. Under these circumstances, how could it have possibly been comprehended by someone?

Even if Chen Xi’s natural talent is extraordinary, and he’s capable of eliminating the errors within the scripture. But only seven days have passed, so how could he have possibly grasped the Eternal Dao Insight in such a short period of time?


Baili Yan took a deep breath and tried hard to calm herself down. It was only an Immortal Artifact, and she didn’t care about it. What she cared about was the inheritance of her sect.

If it was really grasped by Chen Xi, then even with her status and identity, she would be utterly unable to return to the sect and report to her seniors in the sect.

Because unlike any other inheritance, this was the foundation of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, and it was a unique Grand Dao profundity that only disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain were capable of grasping. Once this Dao Insight was leaked, then just thinking about the consequences caused her heart to go cold.

In the next moment, she’d stopped thinking and clenched her fists while she stared fixedly at Chen Xi who was on the Sword Evaluation Platform.

At this moment, the spar on the platform was growing more intense as time passed.

No matter if it was Chen Xi or Lu Ping, both of them executed the Eternal Dao Insight in battle, causing the clear brilliance of the Eternal Dao Insight to be everywhere, and it was brilliant and blazing while their battle was extremely intense.

Compared to the others, Lu Ping was even more shocked in his heart because only when one personally fought Chen Xi would one sense it more directly and strongly.

Not only had Chen Xi grasped the Eternal Dao Insight, he’d even grasped the Five Moves of the Eternal. Because since the battle started until now, Chen Xi had clearly executed the ‘Armorbreaker,’ ‘Incomplete,’ ‘History,’ ‘Mortality,’ and ‘Evermore!’

This caused Lu Ping who was composed and steady like a rock to be unable to help but feel a trace of astonishment. Isn’t this too inconceivable? It’s too unbelievable!

He even dared swear to the heavens that regardless of moves, essence, or the myriad of profundities contained within them, the Five Moves of the Eternal Chen Xi utilized were completely genuine!

If it wasn’t for his opponent being Chen Xi, he would have almost thought he was sparring with a senior brother from his sect, and he was utterly unable to imagine that the person before him was an existence that had comprehended the Eternal Dao Scripture for only seven days…

Of course, Lu Ping had also noticed that Chen Xi’s movements were very lacking in fluency, and it hadn’t attained a state of perfection, whereas the Eternal Dao Insight Chen Xi had comprehended could only barely be considered to have been grasped.

But the more it was like this, the more it proved that Chen Xi had really grasped the Eternal Dao Insight in seven days and had utterly not come into contact with it in the past. Otherwise, it would be impossible for his movements to be so lacking in fluency, and it would be impossible for the level of his Dao Insight comprehension to be so low.

Exactly how did this fellow accomplish this?

Lu Ping was shocked, and everyone in the hall was similarly shocked. the gazes they shot at Chen Xi, who was on the Sword Evaluation Platform, were filled with astonishment, and they seemed as if they were looking at an unbelievable freak.

Lie Peng sighed repeatedly with admiration because Chen Xi had given him too many pleasant surprises. Since the battle had begun until now, he’d been grinning from ear to ear, and if this scene were to be seen by other disciples, then they would surely have their jaws shocked off because the stern and merciless Enforcement Elder, Lie Peng, was actually capable of smiling so brilliantly? 


Chen Xi was completely unaware of everything in the surroundings. He was immersed in this spar, and he was using this opportunity of the battle with Lu Ping to slowly verify what he’d comprehended in these past few days.

He’d comprehended silently for over a month in the world of stars before he’d finally grasped the quintessence of the Eternal Dao Insight, and it was so swift that even he was slightly astounded.

But right after that, he understood that all of this was the contribution of the River Diagram fragments.

Not only had it assisted him in revealing the complete Eternal Dao Scripture, it even created a strange fluctuation that allowed him to comprehend and grasp the exceedingly vast profundities contained within it.

After that, he used the last remaining period of time to comprehend the Five Moves of the Eternal contained within the scripture. But all of this was comprehended by him, and he wasn’t sure if there were any flaws or mistakes in them.

The battle with Lu Ping was simply like timely rainfall that allowed him to directly verify everything he’d grasped and repair its deficiencies, causing his comprehension and knowledge of the Five Moves of the Eternal to become even deeper.

Now that he thought about it, Chen Xi even felt that he should thank Baili Yan for providing him such a rare opportunity and allowing him to comprehend and grasp the Five Moves of the Eternal through this method, because it was probably impossible for him to find such an opportunity in the future.

Since the battle began until now, due to the Dao Arts he was using were extremely lacking in fluency, it caused Chen Xi to have always been in a disadvantageous position. But along with the passage of time, his knowledge of the Five Moves of the Eternal grew deeper and deeper while his movements grew skillful and smooth, so the might he exerted rose steadily along with this.

On the other hand, Lu Ping felt the pressure upon him grow as the battle continued. He even noticed to his astonishment that the Five Moves of the Eternal Chen Xi grasped actually possessed profundities and variations that were even more complete and flawless than what he’d cultivated!

It even caused him to feel in his daze that the Eternal Dao Scripture he cultivated from was the copy, and Chen Xi had cultivated from the real and true Eternal Dao Scripture…

This sort of feeling was too absurd, and he was slightly unable to accept it. He was shocked the longer the battle went on, and his mind couldn’t help but sway slightly.

“That’s enough!” Beneath the Sword Evaluation Platform, Baili Yan couldn’t refrain from crying out with a clear voice to stop this spar. She’d similarly noticed that Lu Ping was simply feeding techniques to Chen Xi during this entire battle, and it would only allow Chen Xi’s grasp of the Five Moves of the Eternal to become deeper and more skillful!

Lu Ping didn’t hesitate in the slightest to jump off the Sword Evaluation Platform when he heard this, and even though his expression was calm as usual, the gaze he shot at Chen Xi couldn’t help but reveal a trace of shock.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was slightly stunned before leaving the Sword Evaluation Platform successively. He didn’t feel much regret in his heart, and conversely, this spar that was carried out in an entirely new method allowed him to obtain great gains, so he was fully satisfied.

The hall was completely silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

Baili Yan stared blankly at Chen Xi as if she’d suffered from great provocation, and her chest rose and fell rapidly. She couldn’t restrain the disbelief in her heart any longer and ask in an agitated state. “You… You… How did you accomplish it?”

Chen Xi said, “Didn’t you witness everything?”

Baili Yan cried out in a sharp voice. “How could that be possible!? The Five Moves of the Eternal are only recorded in the real Eternal Dao Scripture, whereas what I handed over was only a copy. So how could you possibly have grasped it?!”

Meanwhile, she was unable to control the tempestuous waves that surged within her heart, and she was on the verge of losing control because all her pride and confidence had suffered an unprecedented blow and was shaken.

“Are you sure the Five Moves of the Eternal aren’t recorded within it?” Chen Xi said calmly, “Perhaps, this copy contains it, but all of you just didn’t notice it?”

At this moment, how could he possibly tell Baili Yan that he’d comprehended the complete Eternal Dao Scripture through the River Diagram fragments?

“Impossible!” Baili Yan gritted her teeth, and she was agitated to the point her entire body started trembling. “How could I possible be unaware of the inheritance of my Eternal Spirit Mountain? You’re surely lying!”

Chen Xi frowned. “Then where do you think I learned it?”

Baili Yan was stunned. Right, Chen Xi is only a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he probably doesn’t even know where the Eternal Spirit Mountain is. Besides comprehending it himself from that copy of the Eternal Dao Scripture I handed over, how could he have possibly learned it by any other way?

After all, in the entire world, only the members of their Eternal Spirit Mountain were capable of grasping the Eternal Dao Insight, and they were the one and only in the world!

Chen Xi said, “Princess, you’ve lost this bet. So according to the bet, not only do you have to hand over an Immortal Artifact now, you have to apologize to my Martial Uncle Lie Peng as well.”

Baili Yan’s body trembled as she woke up from their chaotic thoughts, and then she glared furiously at Chen Xi before gritting her teeth and speaking word by word. “Don’t be complacent. I’ll surely get to the bottom of this!”

Chen Xi shrugged and didn’t say anything further.

“Haha! Princess, calm you anger. A small wager is just for fun. We were only passing our time, so it’s not good if you take it too seriously.” Lie Peng stood up and said with a smile, “Right, Chen Xi, don’t leave in a hurry. This bet arose because of you, thus since you’ve won, the winnings from the bet ought to be yours as well!”

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