Chapter 755 – In Confrontation

After the time for an incense stick to burn, a wave of footsteps sounded out from outside the Sword Evaluation Hall, causing the spirits of everyone in the hall to be refreshed, and they looked over in unison.

It was high noon. The sun was radiance and poured down with expanses of brilliant light while a tall figure walked over while bathed under the brilliance of the sun. His figure was ramrod straight as he walked with steady footsteps, and he seemed to have fused with the world and resonated with the Grand Dao as he moved. Moreover, his bearing was vast and extraordinary. It was precisely Chen Xi. 

Lie Peng couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of admiration and emotion in his gaze when he saw this familiar figure. Only a little over a year has passed, yet this disciple Senior Brother Liu brought back already possesses his own ‘influence and power.’ Who would have imagined this in the past?

All the members of the Eternal Spirit Mountain revealed complicated expressions.

Seven days ago, Chen Xi’s appearance could be said to have given them a vivid lesson, and it allowed them to completely understand that peerless and monstrous geniuses didn’t only exist in the Secluded Paradises. Moreover, it allowed them to understand that they shouldn’t underestimate the heroes in the world, no matter the time or occasion.

Chen Xi entered the hall and directly moved to bow in greeting to Lie Peng before he handed over the Eternal Dao Scripture.

“Chen Xi, have you comprehended the Eternal profundity within it during these seven days?” After Lie Peng handed the scroll over to Baili Yan, he couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes of everyone descended onto Chen Xi in unison, and their expressions faintly carried a trace of nervousness because Chen Xi’s answer would determine the outcome of the wager and decide the ownership of an Immortal Artifact. So how could they not be nervous?

Chen Xi acutely noticed the slight changes in the atmosphere, but he didn’t take it seriously and pondered briefly before he replied. “I’ve roughly comprehended it.”

Lie Peng’s eyes lit up abruptly, and he clapped while roaring with laughter. “Good! Good! Good! As expected of the most astounding and extraordinary disciple of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Such comprehension ability is truly shocking.”

The expressions of everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain revealed disbelief. He comprehended the Eternal profundity in seven days? How could this be possible!?

After all, even Lu Ping had exhausted over a year to comprehend the Eternal profundity, and it was even under the guidance of the seniors from their sect. 

Even then, it had stirred the entire Eternal Spirit Mountain, whereas, Lu Ping had leaped up to become a top existence that was renowned throughout the sect.

But now, Chen Xi actually said he’d comprehended the Eternal profundity in seven days, and this was simply as if they heard a huge joke that was so utterly absurd!

Impossible!How could this be possible?

Even an innate saint would probably be unable to achieve this, right?

The gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi gradually turned to suspicion and even disdain from the shock they revealed at the beginning because they thought Chen Xi was lying.

Chen Xi acted indifferently to all of this, and he cupped his hands to Lie Peng before intending to leave.

“Wait!” Baili Yan spoke abruptly, and then she stood up and walked to Chen Xi’s side before staring at Chen Xi’s eyes. “Have you really comprehended the Eternal Dao Insight?”

Chen Xi frowned as he looked at this young woman who stared at him like a proud peacock with her chin raised up high, and he replied with a question. “Is there any need for me to prove it to you?”

Baili Yan smiled lightly and said slowly, “Of course not. But if you’re unable to prove it, then Elder Lie Peng is going to lose an Immortal Artifact. You have to take responsibility for this, right?”

She similarly didn’t believe that Chen Xi was capable of comprehending the Eternal Dao Insight in seven days. After all, she’d altered the Eternal Dao Scripture, and even if a Heavenly Immortal that had grasped the ability of comprehending all abilities tried to comprehend it, it would be impossible, let alone Chen Xi?

Even if she took a thousand steps back, and even if she’d given the real Eternal Dao Scripture to Chen Xi to comprehend, could he comprehend it in a mere seven days?

So she firmly believed that Chen Xi was surely lying!

When she thought up to here, Baili Yan couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. I never imagined that such an outstanding young man would have the bad habit of lying. There really is no perfect person.

But one flaw couldn’t obscure the beauty of a jade, and she still admired Chen Xi greatly, and she hadn’t given up her intention to take him under her command. It was even to the extent that she’d thought of a superb method against Chen Xi’s bad habit of lying, and she would surely be able to make Chen Xi listen to her obediently.

After all, a person that liked to lie was a person that placed extreme emphasis on prestige, and it meant that the person’s pride was greater than others and would even be slightly hypocritical. So long as one handled such a person well, it would absolutely be accomplished easily.

Chen Xi didn’t know that so many thoughts had actually flowed through Princess Baili’s mind in this instant, and he only stared blankly at her before looking at Elder Lie Peng.

Lie Peng frowned instead, and then he looked at Baili Yan. “Princess, since Chen Xi has already clearly stated that he has grasped the Eternal Dao Insight, this wager ought to have been won by me. So why is there any need to prove it? Could it be that you think Chen Xi’s words could be a lie?”

Chen Xi roughly understood everything when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but be amused in his heart. He originally thought that making Princess Baili lose the last time had already given her a heavy lesson, yet he never expected that she was madly addicted with gambling, and not only had she not learned a lesson, she instead put forward a wager with Elder Lie Peng. Such courage wasn’t something everyone was capable of possessing. 

It wasn’t difficult to discern from this that Princess Baili was someone that was proud to the bone, and she possessed confidence and a desire to control that exceeded the imagination of ordinary people. Once she firmly believed something, her courage would be so great it would arrive at an insane state.

Sure enough, Baili Yan was filled with confidence as she persisted. “Why must Chen Xi’s words be true?”

Lie Peng frowned, and eh was very displeased in his heart. He even dared to strike his chest and guarantee that Chen Xi would absolutely not deceive him. But when he thought of how Princess Baili might not believe it even if he guaranteed it, it would truly be an embarrassing moment.

So, he could only shoot his gaze at Chen Xi at this moment, and he said in consulting tone, “Chen Xi, why don’t…you display the Eternal Dao Insight for a moment?”

Chen Xi was absolutely the first person that was capable of making Lie Peng, who managed the punishment in the sect, had a status only inferior to the Sect Master, and had a stern nature, speak in such a tone.

Chen Xi wasn’t an idiot, and he naturally discerned the meaning behind Lie Peng’s words. But he didn’t display it right away because he felt he would be like a clown if he did.

He raised his eyes to look at Baili Yan and said abruptly, “Since it’s a bet, then why don’t we add a bit more to it?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was stunned. Has this fellow gone mad? Or is he really confident?

Someone couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice. “This fellow wouldn’t be trying to bluff us, right? Since the matter was exposed, he hurriedly displayed an even more arrogant appearance to make us mistake it for him being filled with confidence?”

“I think so too. If it’s really like this, then this fellow’s acting skills are too extraordinary, and if he went to swindle others, then he would absolutely be a master.”

“Haha, interesting, truly interesting.”

The whispered discussions of these people weren’t covered up. It seemed as if they were intentionally speaking for Chen Xi and Lie Peng to hear, and their tone and expressions were filled with contempt and disdain.

Lie Peng’s face sank instantaneously, and his heart was filled with rage. In this current situation, he could only place his hopes on Chen Xi.

“Alright, I agree. I wonder what sort of addition Fellow Daoist Chen Xi has in mind?” Baili Yan stared fixedly at Chen Xi for a short moment before agreeing with a light smile in the end.

“Simple, if you lose, then apologize to my Martial Uncle Lie Peng, and if I lose, then you can state any request.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and in a composed manner.

Lie Peng was stunned and extremely gratified in his heart. Chen Xi was obviously suffering a great loss in this bet, but it just so happened that it was even more capable of displaying Chen Xi’s feelings towards him.

Just think about it, Chen Xi was willing to put forward such conditions just for the sake of making Baili Yan apologize to him, so how could he not be satisfied?

This little fellow didn’t let down my intentions to foster him!

Lie Peng decided in his heart that he would distribute more resources to the West Radiance Peak and Chen Xi in the future, and so long as it didn’t exceed the scope of his authority, he would satisfy any requests of Chen Xi’s!

“Alright, I agree.” Baili Yan nodded, and then she smiled in a leisurely manner. “Now, we’ve already said to much, so shouldn’t you display the Eternal Dao Insight?”

As she finished speaking, she’d intentionally placed emphasis on the last three words, and she inadvertently revealed a trace of faint ridicule. It couldn’t be helped because even with her shrewdness, she was unable to bear Chen Xi continuing his act. 

“Why the rush? I still have another condition.” At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be even more composed and unhurried instead.

“Go on.” Baili Yan frowned.

“Find someone to spar with me. Don’t worry, I’ll only utilize the Eternal Dao Insight during the battle,” said Chen Xi.

“Hmph! Even a spar is fine, but I’m just worried you’ll go back on your word and utilize your own Dao Arts.” Before Baili Yan could reply, a disciple couldn’t refrain from grunting coldly.

Chen Xi glanced at this disciple. “Let me ask you, are you familiar with the Eternal Dao Insight?”

That person raised his chest and said with disdain, “What a joke! As a disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, I am of course familiar with the Eternal Dao Insight.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “Then why are you worried about being unable to distinguish whether I’m utilizing the true Eternal Dao Insight? Fellow Daoist, you have to think before you speak sometimes. Don’t assume that someone will be dishonest because that would be an utter embarrassment to you.”

That person’s face instantly flushed red, and he gritted his teeth and said, “You dare call me stupid?”

Chen Xi shrugged. “That was you, not me.”

“Enough!” Baili Yan stared at that disciple with a stern expression, causing the disciple to instantly shut up and not dare say another word. Only the gaze he shot at Chen Xi was filled with resentment.

“I wonder which Senior Brother is willing to make a move and spar with Fellow Daoist Chen Xi?” In the next moment, Baili Yan’s gaze swept everyone from her side.

“I’ll do it.” Her voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when a person that no one had expected stood out — Lu Ping!

Lu Ping’s disposition was steady and calm to a terrifying extent. Logically speaking, he ought to not agree to stand out at the first possible moment during such a situation, but in next to no time, everyone came to an understanding. 

Only Lu Ping and a few others amongst them had grasped the Eternal Dao Insight, whereas Lu Ping had lost to Chen Xi the last time. So what he intended from suddenly jumping out to spar with Chen Xi was thought provoking.

Lie Peng didn’t think too much. He directly flicked his sleeve when he saw Lu Ping walk out and activated the Sword Evaluation Platform.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, please guide me.” Lu Ping cupped his hands and spoke calmly.

“Please go ahead.” Chen Xi cupped his hand as well.

In the next moment, both of them had already leaped up the Sword Evaluation Platform and stood in confrontation from afar, and a new spar was about to begin! 

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