Chapter 754 – Two Immortal Artifacts

The Eternal Dao Scripture glowed while the words on it were like gems that emanated a clear radiance and leaped out from within, and they resounded with a faint tune of the Dao that was like the sound of nature.

Chen Xi’s mind was immersed within it. He was neither happy nor sad, and his mind was in complete concentration.

Instantly, he saw a gorge that was suffused with celestial mist, an expanse of verdant bamboo forest, and between the cover of the bamboo forest was a gurgling spring.

Every single droplet of the spring water that flowed from it was round like a clear pearl, and it clinked as it flowed and seemed extremely ordinary. But, when one looked carefully, within every single one of those droplets was actually numerous Grand Daos and profound Laws that suffused a clear radiance and eternal vitality!

Is this the Spring of Eternity?

According to rumor, the Spring of Eternity had existed in the world since the chaos was split apart, and its spring water emitted a graceful and clear radiance that was eternal and filled with vitality. An ordinary person only had to drink a drop before the person would be able to escape his mortal body, and he would obtain eternal youth and an extremely solid foundation to cultivate upon!

Besides that, the foundation and inheritance of the Eternal Spirit Mountain came from this Spring of Eternity, and it was branded with the various Grand Dao profundities related to the ‘eternal!’

When these thoughts flashed past Chen Xi’s mind, the spring water within the scene instantly started boiling, and then they transformed into strings of words that flew out before boring their way into his sea of consciousness.


His mind droned as all the scenes before him vanished, and his entire body seemed to be immersed within a clear colored ocean while countless obscure and profound techniques surged through his entire body like the tide.

The Eternal!

What was the Eternal?

Something that broke through the shackles of the Temporal Laws and existed without end!

This was one of the supreme profundities of the heavens and the earth, and it caused countless people to dream of comprehending it. Moreover, it was a supreme Dao Insight that Heavenly Immortals sought for tirelessly!

At this moment, even though the Eternal Dao Scripture Chen Xi was comprehending now was only a copy, the numerous profundities branded on it seemed boundless like the milky way and vast like an ocean. It was probably difficult to comprehend a portion of it in one’s entire lifetime.


Even with Chen Xi’s current comprehension ability, he felt that it was extremely strenuous, and it felt that it was obviously difficult to the extreme to completely comprehend this Dao Scripture within a short period of time.


Right at this moment, the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness emanated a strange fluctuation. Unlike before, this fluctuation didn’t just surge throughout Chen Xi’s body but even affected the Eternal Dao Scripture!

Instantly, a blazing rain of light sprayed through the sky like a tempest, whereas even though the Eternal Dao Scripture was only a copy and not the original, it actually developed boundless profundities within it at this moment!

Line after line of completely new words drifted out and flowed like gurgling streams that coiled around Chen Xi’s body, and this phenomenon actually continued for the time for an incense stick to burn.

Chen Xi was shocked by this scene to the point of awakening from his comprehension, and when he sized up the Eternal Dao Scripture once again, it was still the same as before. But there were countless new words that were obscure and profound, and these words were extremely miraculous and fluttered about around him.

Could it be that the River Diagram fragments revealed the true Eternal Dao Scripture before me? Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he had a strong feeling that his guess wasn’t wrong. Otherwise, where could these new words that were coiled around him have come from?

When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart because this Eternal Dao Scripture was the supreme inheritance of the Secluded Paradise, the Eternal Spirit Mountain. Even though it was only a copy, it was still filled with knowledge that was vast like an ocean.

Now, the River Diagram fragment was actually capable of revealing its true and complete profundities. So exactly how formidable was its ability?

Since he’d obtained the River Diagram fragments until now, it was the first time he’d encountered such a miraculous thing, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this ability was terrifying. If another incomplete Dao scripture was given to me, then would it be able to be completely revealed to me by the River Diagram fragments?

In next to no time, Chen Xi stopped thinking about this because he didn’t have much time, and now that the Eternal Dao Scripture he had to comprehend was the complete version, its difficulty had increased by more than just a few times.

The clear radiance of the Eternal effused out while every single word was like a gem that emitted a bright radiance that enveloped Chen Xi within it.

His expression was clear while his back remained ramrod straight, and he sat upright beneath the starry sky while his entire figure emitted an indescribable aura, causing the depths of the starry sky to faintly emit the tune of the Dao that was very indistinct. 


Seven days later, everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain arrived once more at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

On the mountain pathway, a golden robed young man couldn’t help but ask. “Princess, what if the Nine Radiance Sword Sect really comprehends the Eternal profundity within seven days? How will we report back to the sect?”

The Eternal Dao Scripture was the supreme inheritance of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, the foundation of their sect. Once it was leaked to the outsider world, then it would surely arouse the fury of the sect, and those consequences weren’t something that any one of them was capable of bearing.

Baili Yan, who wore a feathered dress and a star shaped crown, shook her head and said with the utmost confidence. “It’s absolutely impossible! All of you know as well that the Eternal Dao Scripture we handed over was only a copy, even if a Heavenly Immortal were to comprehend it, it would be utterly impossible to comprehend anything from it.”

Everyone was stunned and was slightly unable to figure out where the princess got such strong confidence from.

But no matter what, this answer allowed all of them to heave a sigh of relief in the end. So long as the supreme inheritance of the sect wasn’t leaked, then why should they care about anything else?

Baili Yan was composed and calm on the surface, yet she was extremely complacent in her heart. Even though the Eternal Dao Scripture was a copy, it had also been altered slightly by her. She’d added some profundities that seemed to be correct yet weren’t within the Eternal Dao Scripture, so not to mention comprehending it, just a hasty glance through it would cause the vital energy of those with an unsteady will to fall into disorder or even suffer from qi deviation.

Under such circumstances,  how could the Eternal profundity possibly be leaked?

Not too long after, their group arrived at the Sword Evaluation Hall, and Elder Lie Peng had already been waiting here a long time ago.

“Haha, Fellow Daoists, please wait a moment. Chen Xi is still comprehending and hasn’t left his closed door cultivation. I’ve already sent someone to go notify him.” Lie Peng roared with laughter as he rose up to greet them.

The eyelids of everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain twitched when Chen Xi was mentioned, and they felt slightly uncomfortable in their hearts. After all, Fang Jinglue and Lu Ping from their sect had lost miserably at Chen Xi’s hand seven days ago within this very hall.

It was fine when this matter wasn’t mentioned, but it was like a fishbone that was stuck in their throat and extremely uncomfortable when it was mentioned before all of them, who were extremely proud.

Baili Yan’s expression didn’t change as she said with a clear voice, “Don’t mention it Elder Lie Peng, we’ll just wait for a moment.”

Lie Peng combed his beard and smiled before starting to ask everyone to take their seats.

The instant Baili Yan sat down, she said directly, “Elder Lie Peng, why don’t we seize this moment of leisure to make another bet? Just take it as something to pass our time?”

Lie Peng’s brows raised as he said with surprise, “Oh? What do you want to bet on this time? Please do tell me about it.”

Baili Yan said without the slightest hesitation. “It’s very simple. I bet that Chen Xi was unable to comprehend the Eternal profundity within seven days.”

At this moment, Lie Peng’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch, and he was slightly displeased in his heart, yet he still smiled and said, “Then what if Princess loses?”

“If I lose, then Elder Lie Peng can make any demands, and so long as it doesn’t go too far, then I’ll agree to all of them.” Baili Yan said indifferently, “If Elder Lie Peng loses, then can you give up a cherished possession and give Chen Xi to my Eternal Spirit Mountain?”

Lie Peng’s eyes narrowed abruptly as cold lights flashed within. He never expected that Baili Yan would actually put forward such a condition, and if he were to agree, then even if he didn’t lose this bet, he would still suffer the accusation of the entire sect.

After all, a disciple like Chen Xi was truly too rare and unique, and he belonged amongst the greatest and most peerless geniuses in the entire Dark Reverie.

So how could the possession of such a disciple be decided with a bet?

Even everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain was stunned when they heard this. The Princess wants to recruit Chen Xi to be of use to her? Oh, if it’s like this, then it’s actually not bad either…

Everyone couldn’t help but start indulging in their imagination because their Eternal Spirit Mountain really welcomed figures like Chen Xi, because he was like a unique treasure where one wasn’t afraid of a high price, but rather being unable to purchase it at all.

“No!” Elder Lie Peng spoke resolutely and decisively as he refused. “If these are the conditions, then there’s no need for this bet.”

“Then why doesn’t Elder Lie Peng set the conditions?” Baili Yan wasn’t surprised in the slightest, and it would be strange if Lie Peng agreed so easily to these conditions.

She’d even planned in her heart about how she should coerce and bribe Chen Xi later to make him obediently enter under her command and be of use to her.

Lie Peng couldn’t bear to spoil the atmosphere, so he pondered briefly before he said with a smile, “Since it’s a bet, then why don’t each of us take out an Immortal Artifact as the wagered items. How about it?”

An Immortal Artifact!?

Those disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain couldn’t help but be surprised when they heard this because it was absolutely an extravagant move. An Immortal Artifact was priceless, and it was a precious treasure even in the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

Of course, they were merely surprised and couldn’t be said to be shocked. After all, when they came out to the world to gain experience and tempering this time, the sect had bestowed numerous Immortal Artifacts to them. So compared to the disciples of the other sects, their confidence and resources were much stronger.

Lie Peng was hoping for this exact effect because an Immortal Artifact could absolutely not be considered to be shabby, yet it couldn’t be considered to be too absurd for both their sects, and they were able to grit their teeth and hand it over.

“Alright!” Baili Yan pondered briefly before nodding in agreement, and then she raised her hand and took out a palm sized feathered shirt that glowed with strands of dark green Immortal Energy.

“This is the Nethermist Feathered Armor. It’s an ordinary Immortal Artifact with 36 Immortal Restrictions placed upon it. So long as its refined well, it’ll be able to produce an Artifact Spirit. Even though it isn’t as precious as a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, but it’s an existence at the top amongst ordinary Immortal Artifacts.” Baili Yan said slowly, “Not to mention it’s a defensive Immortal Artifact, and when worn, it’s even capable of protecting one’s life when facing the full forced strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.”

Lie Peng pondered briefly before taking out an Immortal Artifact as well. It was an Immortal Sword that was snow white and smooth, sharp and imposing, and it was suffused with an extremely sharp Immortal Energy.

This Immortal Sword was called Snowray, and it was similarly an ordinary Immortal Artifact. It possessed peerless offensive force, and when used in the hands of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, it was capable of exerting might that shook the heavens and the earth.

Baili Yan nodded in her heart because the quality of this Snowray Immortal Sword was extraordinary, and it was roughly on par with the Nethermist Feather Armor she put forward. One was offensive and the other defensive, and they complemented each other.

As the bet came into effect, both of them instantly felt slight anticipation in their hearts. Who exactly will win? 

All answers would only be revealed once Chen Xi arrived! 

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