Chapter 753 – Overflowing With Guests

Dawn the next day, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect knew that Chen Xi had returned!

For a time, regardless of if it was inner court disciples, outer court disciples, Elite Disciples, Core Disciples, or even those elders and higher-ups, all of them were discussing the same name — Chen Xi!

During this past year, if it was in terms of the person with the most resounding reputation in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, then it would surely be Chen Xi. Since the moment he joined the sect, he’d created stir after stir and miracle after miracle.

Now, a legendary figure like this had returned while carrying a monstrous reputation, and he’d completely stirred the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

On this day, the disciples started to become distracted when cultivating, the elders were frequently lost in thought while teaching, and it was even to the extent the disciples that guarded the entrance to the sect had exceedingly absent-minded expressions.

When their cultivation ended, their classes finished, and it was time to be substituted at their posts of guarding the entrance, the distraction in their minds were completely wiped away while their spirits rose, and then all of them charged excitedly towards West Radiance Peak. They wanted to pay a visit to Chen Xi, and they wanted to see this legendary figure that was like the scorching sun in the midday sky within the entire Dark Reverie!

West Radiance Peak was unusually bustling and crowded with people.

Chen Xi didn’t return to Divine Radiance Peak, but moved into West Radiance Peak because with his current cultivation there wasn’t any difference no matter where he cultivated.

But never had he imagined that so many people would come pay him a visit today, and even if he arranged for Meng Wei and the others to entertain the guests, they were still indescribably busy.

He was able to sense that regardless of the strength or status of these disciples and elders, all of them carried good intentions when paying him a visit. 

These sort of good intentions were either contained within reverence or mixed within gazes of admiration. All in all, so long as there were no unwanted guests paying him a visit, then he would welcomed them.

An Wei, An Ke, Long Zhenbei, and the others had come as well, and they helped Chen Xi take care of all the disciples and some elders of the sect.

Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthly Immortal Realm elders handed over the Eternal Dao Scripture to Chen Xi and chatted with him for a long time before leaving swiftly.

Even though Lie Peng and the others had left, when this scene entered into the eyes of the other disciples and elders, it caused them to feel even more admiration towards Chen Xi. All of them decided in their hearts that they would get on good terms with Chen Xi, and even if they were only able to form some goodwill with Chen Xi, it was still a type of honor for them.

Of course, the guests that came to visit wouldn’t come empty handed. Those with ordinary backgrounds gifted some spirit flowers and spirit herbs that they collected with great effort. Those from well off backgrounds were even more generous, and they sent over numerous precious treasures from all over the world to the West Radiance Peak.

There were so many gifts that if they were to be piled up together, they would simply be able to be piled into a mountain!

Before Chen Xi could even react to what had happened, the empty spirit farmlands and herb gardens on West Radiance Peak had numerous spirit herbs, spirit flowers, and precious medicines planted on them. Moreover, even the gorges and forests had numerous precious and variant beasts moving about within them, causing the West Radiance Peak to seem full of vitality.

This was the benefit from ‘might.’

Even though Chen Xi had just joined the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for a year, his display overshadowed most of the disciples, causing him to be extremely dazzling to the point even Chen Langya was extremely dim before him.

How could they dare to not pay a visit to such a figure? And how could they dare to come empty handed?

The Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak had come as well, and they’d come to return the treasures. Chen Xi had given them 10 days to return the treasures, yet after they experienced the miserable lesson from yesterday, how could they dare to delay?

Even if they clearly knew that the West Radiance Peak was overflowing with guests and crowded with people, they could only summon up the courage to go over, and they seemed like they’d committed crimes as they avoided the gazes of everyone and hastily sent over the treasures before turning and leaving.

It couldn’t be helped, the bashing they received yesterday was truly too ruthless, and they hadn’t recovered up until now. All of them had swollen faces or staggered along, causing them to be in an indescribably sorry state, and they would surely die of embarrassment if someone saw them.

But it couldn’t be helped that their appearance was still noticed by some hawk eyed people, and it instantly caused a stir. Everyone moved far away from them as if avoiding the plague, and they pointed at them while discussing in low voices, causing their faces to flush red with embarrassment and wish for nothing more than to find a hole to hide themselves.

Chen Xi didn’t continue making it difficult for them. He only took the treasures before allowing them to leave. His attitude was neither hostile nor friendly, but his actions drew the cheers of numerous people instead.

Everyone constantly praised him for being broad-minded, magnanimous, forgiving, and repaying hate with kindness, and they said he possessed the bearing of a kindhearted and just saint of the primeval times.

This scene was noticed by those disciples of the East Radiance Peak, and they were depressed to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood. If Chen Xi’s like a primeval saint, then what are we? Despicable scum?

Chen Xi finally sent off the last guest when the veil of night descended, and he couldn’t help but heave a long sigh of relief. He felt that entertaining and sending guests off was simply more tiring that a fierce battle with his enemies.

Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the other youths were very tired as well, and they went to rest a long time ago. Only A’xiu was still excited, and she had her hand behind her back while she leaped about and sized up the piles of treasures on the ground.

All these treasures were precious and variant treasures of varying colors. They flowed with a multicolored sheen and possessed various profound uses. But they were far from being practical, and they were mostly decoration and jewelry.

But A’xiu didn’t care about that. Just like all women, she loved these things that glittered and sparkled with sheens of various color. She selected a string of jade white pearls and wore them on her neck before selecting a bracelet inlaid with a string of silver gems and wore it on her white wrist, and she was bustling about with pleasure.

In an instant, her neck, ears, wrists, ankles, and waist were all covered in multicolored treasures, and they were exceedingly dazzling under the veil of night. 

Chen Xi was dumbstruck by this scene. He suddenly recalled that these things seemed to have been given to him by those female disciples from North Radiance Peak. They didn’t even care if it’s useful to me…

But obviously, this jewelry had delighted A’xiu, and based on her rosy cheeks and slightly curled up little mouth, it was clear how happy and satisfied she was at this moment.

“Chen Xi, when exactly will you let me leave?” When Chen Xi intended to return to his room, Xue Yan who’d always kept silent with puckered lips like someone who had been bullied was finally unable to restrain herself from speaking out.

Even though she was able to move about freely, she was restrained by the restrictions placed on her by A’xiu, causing her to be no different than an ordinary person. So Chen Xi wasn’t worried that she would escape.

“I’ll let you go right away when Bing Shitian sends over those senior brothers and senior sister of mine.” Chen Xi replied casually before turning around and entering his room.

“Bastard! Fucking bastard!” Xue Yan was furious. She bit her supple and sexy red lips and wished for nothing more than to take a few bites out of Chen Xi.

“Oh, little fox demon. Come over and help me see if these droplet earrings are nice?” A’xiu spoke abruptly while holding a pair of droplet earrings that were suffused with a dim blue sheen.

Little fox demon? Xue Yan was even more irritated in her heart, but she still walked over obediently and said with a sweet voice, “This pair of droplet earrings aren’t bad. They’re made from bright Ocean Blue Calcedony, have been made with careful and precise craftsmanship, and Master couldn’t be any more beautiful when your beauty is being complemented by it.”

Yes, Master!

When she thought about how such a humiliating word actually came from her mouth, she felt a wave of grievance and humiliation in her heart. But she couldn’t do anything about it because she was under the control of A’xiu, and she could only do this for the sake of leaving with her life intact.

Especially during this period of being in contact with A’xiu, she was even to sense how terrifying A’xiu was even more clearly, so how could she dare be hopeful that she would get lucky?

She knew that even though A’xiu seemed to be carefree all the time, she was simply like a little devil when dealing with her and would frequently make her serve tea or order her about. It seemed as if A’xiu was training a slave, and the slightest disobedience would cause the restrictions within her body to be activated and torture her to the point she wished for nothing more than to take her own life.

She swore that she wasn’t willing to feel it ever again!

If the person she was dealing with was a man, then she could rely on her drop dead gorgeous beauty and charm that could overturn a kingdom to slowly subdue the man. But when facing this woman, A’xiu, she was completely helpless.

This was the negation of the same sex. Especially when one woman was torturing another woman, their methods would simply be even more terrifying than men.

“You don’t mean what you speak. But don’t worry, the day will come when I’ll surely train you into a qualified servant.” A’xiu glared at Xueyan while puckering her lips, and then she turned her head around proudly and couldn’t be bothered to pay any further attention to Xueyan.

Xueyan couldn’t help but be aggrieved when she heard this, and she wished for nothing more than to wail and cry. At this moment, she strongly desired to leave this place and leave this little devil that deserved to be sliced into a thousand pieces! 


Chen Xi sat cross-legged on his bed within the room.

Before him was a scroll that emanated a clear radiance and a rain of light, causing it to seem extraordinary and miraculous. It was the supreme inheritance form the Eternal Spirit Mountain — the Eternal Dao Scripture!

Lie Peng had already made it clear that he only had seven days to comprehend this scripture, and excluding today, there were merely six days remaining. So Lie Peng asked him to make the best use of his time and comprehend it, and it would be an enormous gain if he were able to comprehend a trace of the Eternal Dao Insight.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare waste anymore time. He was similarly extremely curious about the Eternal profundity. He raised he scripture up in his hand, and it warm yet cool. If was like he’d grabbed onto a pool of chilly spring water, and it felt extremely extraordinary to the touch.

Nevermind, it’s better to head to the world of stars to comprehend it. Chen Xi pondered for a short moment and didn’t comprehend it impatiently. He stood up instead and opened up the Manor before heading within.

The Temporal Laws in the world of stars was extremely extraordinary. Time flowed more than 10 times slower than the outside world, and in other words, he would have comprehended within for two months while only six days had passed in the outside world.

The vast starry sky was suffused with a chilly silver brilliance.

Chen Xi sat beneath the starry sky as he took a deep breath, and his mind instantly became empty and clear without the slightest distracting thought.

He slowly opened up the Eternal Dao Scripture.


A string of clear and ancient words fluttered out from the scripture as if they had wings, and they coiled endlessly around him.

The clear light surged about while the aura of the Eternal Grand Dao curled up and dispersed towards the surroundings, and the tune of the Dao that was like the sound of nature could be faintly heard to be slowly resounding out from it.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s mind was completely immersed within this extremely profound environment. His thoughts seemed to be connected to the ancient times, and various comprehensions gradually surged into his heart. 

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