Chapter 752 – Was Today’s Show Entertaining?

Streaks flowed over like raindrops, and they arrived above East Radiance Peak in the blink of an eye.

“It’s Wang Zhonghuan, Yun Ye, Xiong Wei, and the other senior brothers!”

“Now all the Core Seed Disciples from our East Radiance Peak have arrived!”


When they saw the few tens of figures that had arrived, those disciples of the East Radiance Peak that intended to disperse and flee couldn’t refrain the excitement in their hearts, and they emitted a wave of rumbling cheers. Moreover, even those people that were emanating shrill cries on the ground had gone silent and revealed expressions of delight.

What else besides timely assistance was most exciting in this world?

In merely an instant, hope was rekindled within the hearts of these Elite Disciples from East Radiance Peak, and their fighting spirits soared. 

Those people that came over were Wang Zhonghuan, Yun Ye, and the others. Moreover, even Long Zhenbei, Chang Le, Luo Qianrong, An Wei, Xia Yi, and the others had heard of the incident and came over.

Besides Chen Langya, almost all the Core Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak had arrived here.

These people represented the topmost forces of the disciples in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. All of them were geniuses that possessed extraordinary natural talent, but when they saw the exceedingly horrifying scene on the martial practice grounds of the East Radiance Peak, all of them were extremely shocked, and if it wasn’t for them noticing Chen Xi’s figure, they would have almost thought an enemy had invaded!

“Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, you’ve come at the right time. This kid Chen Xi has trespassed onto our East Radiance Peak for no reason and rhyme, and he ferociously and overbearingly bullied all of us. I hope Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters can stand up for us!”

“Yes, he trampled on the rules of the sect and assaulted his fellow disciples. Chen Xi is too lawless!”

“Right! He must be severely punished!”

The disciples of the East Radiance Peak were filled with righteous indignation and spoke righteously. All of them were like untouched maidens that had been raped and were indescribably aggrieved, and they gnashed their teeth with extreme hatred and resentment when mentioning Chen Xi’s name.

Above the layer of clouds, Wang Zhonghuan and the others glanced at each other while revealing furious expressions. They were from the East Radiance Peak, so their hearts were on the verge of dripping with blood as they watched their juniors being bashed to such an extent.

“According to my understanding, Junior Brother Chen Xi isn’t an unreasonable person. Since he acted in this way, it was surely these disciples of the East Radiance Peak that offended him first.” Luo Qianrong’s expression remained unchanged as she spoke slowly.

“Exactly. I heard that all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak wantonly plundered the West Radiance Peak some time ago, and they completely cleaned out the spirit farmlands, herb gardens, and precious and variant beasts on the West Radiance Peak. Their actions were despicable like thieves, and they do indeed deserve to be taught a proper lesson,” said the nearby An Wei.

“Even if they need to be taught a lesson, there’s no place for him, Chen Xi, to interfere, right!?” Wang Zhonghuan gritted his teeth with rage as he spoke.

“Then what do you want? Want to fight Chen Xi?” Long Zhenbei was displeased because this fellow actually dared to speak like this to An Wei, and in his opinion, it was going a bit too far!

“You…” Wang Zhonghuan was stunned before the rage on his face instantly vanished without a trace, and then he went silent in dejection like a lion that had lost a battle.

He’d witnessed exactly how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was while at the Sword Evaluation Hall, so no matter how unwilling he was, he had to admit that fighting Chen Xi at this moment was simply be asking to be humiliated.

Yun Ye and the other disciples from the East Radiance Peak recalled this as well, causing them to go silent while they sighed in their hearts. Why are these bastards so ignorant? They could have offended anyone, yet they just had to offend this maleficent existence, Chen Xi!

The atmosphere instantly became strange.

The arrival of Wang Zhonghuan and the others had originally caused those disciples from the East Radiance Peak to see hope. But…all of them stood above the clouds and didn’t make a move. What’s going on?

However, to their utmost horror, Chen Xi still didn’t stop under these circumstances, nor did he reveal even a trace of fear!

In other words, since Wang Zhonghuan and the others arrived, the battle was still continuing.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi didn’t even raise his head. He attacked like a bolt of lightning as he continued to sweep through everyone present here, and he was like the autumn wind blowing away the fallen leaves in an extremely direct manner.

The shrill cries were even more miserable than before…

Everyone was stunned and didn’t dare believe that the situation would develop to such an extent. But everything that was occurring before their eyes told them that all of this was true, and it wasn’t a dream.

Instantly, their rekindled fighting spirit collapsed once more, and they were in a state of panic and misery.

They’d finally fully understood the situation they were in, and they finally knew exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s might was now because even Wang Zhonghuan and the others had chosen to look on and do nothing after arriving…

Who else in the world could save them?

The higher-ups of the sect?

But since the battle began until now, the commotion caused by it was so great to the point even their Senior Brothers like Wang Zhonghuan had noticed it. Could it be that those great figures of the sect are unable to notice the commotion here?

But not to mention noticing the commotion, there wasn’t even a trace of them present here!

This discovery caused the hearts of these disciples from the East Radiance Peak to go cold as if fallen into an icy pit. Obviously, the entire sect seemed to have tacitly approved of Chen Xi’s actions…

The martial practice grounds fell once more into chaos. The horrifying scene of a rain of blood was present everywhere while shrill and miserable cries filled the surroundings.

Under Chen Xi’s control, not a single person was able to escape, and when the battle ended, these thousands of disciples from the East Radiance Peak were laying in pools of blood while groaning endlessly in pain.

On the other hand, Chen Xi himself wasn’t even tainted with a single drop of blood and was completely unharmed. He stood alone above the pools of blood with a tall figure and extraordinary bearing, and if it wasn’t for them having seen it with their own two eyes, it was truly impossible to imagine that all of this was caused by him.

Up until this point of time, all the few thousands of disciples from the East Radiance Peak had been crushed!

Everyone was shocked!

Above the layer of clouds, Wang Zhonghuan, Yun Ye, Long Zhenbei, An Wei, and the others were collectively stunned when they saw this scene, and they remained perfectly silent.

But the show didn’t end just like this.

In the next moment, Chen Xi had already arrived before a person and said, “Didn’t you speak about amusing others. Come, amuse me as well. The consequences of me not laughing are very severe.”

The person Chen Xi spoke to had small eyes and a large head, and he was the disciple that had mocked Chen Xi earlier. At this moment, he was wailing on the ground, and his entire body trembled upon hearing this. He revealed a smile that was even more ugly than a teary face, and then he gaped yet was unable to speak a single word.

He was aggrieved to the limit in his heart. Who would have imagined such a scene would occur? This isn’t how people do things…

“Hahaha! Little Junior Brother, drink!” Right at this moment, Huo Molei stood up and tossed over a wine gourd to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed it before raising it up and drinking as much as he could. The burning and rich wine bore into his entire body, causing him to feel indescribably comfortable, and he couldn’t refrain from howling. It was like the roar of a dragon that rose into the sky and shook the surroundings.


The rage and hatred that was pent up within his heart during these past few days were completely vented today, causing his entire body to be relaxed and his bearing to be unrestrained, and he revealed a wisp of his true nature.

“Eldest Senior Brother, was today’s show entertaining?” asked Chen Xi.

“It couldn’t be any better!” Hua Molei roared with laughter, and all the gratitude within the gaze he shot at Chen Xi had transformed into heartfelt reverence.

Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly before turning around abruptly, and then his gaze flashed past all the disciples from East Radiance Peak. “Send over 10 times the treasure you plundered from my West Radiance Peak within 10 days, otherwise I’ll pay the East Radiance Peak a visit every three days!” 

As he spoke, Chen Xi turned around and carried Huo Molei on his back before transforming into a ray of light that left swiftly, and he only left behind an expanse of blood, an area filled with groans of pain, and a scene filled with shock and dejection.

“All of you deserve it!” Wang Zhonghuan and the others frowned, and then they flicked their sleeves and left without turning back because they were completely disappointed in these juniors of theirs.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi will be fine after causing such a great commotion, right?” Long Zhenbei looked at the messy scene, and he felt extreme pity for these pitiable fellows.

“The Sect Master isn’t here, whereas all the great figures of the sect have chosen to turn a blind eye to it. Obviously, they’ve tacitly consented to this matter, and it’s even to the extent that I feel there would probably be no one who would interfere even if Junior Brother Chen Xi turns the entire East Radiance Peak upside down.” An Wei spoke slowly.

“Haha! Right! Even if all these idiots were added together, they wouldn’t be as distinguished as Junior Brother Chen Xi, and if it wasn’t for them being fellow disciples of our sect, then it would serve them right even if they were killed!” Long Zhenbei roared with laughter.

An Wei nodded and deeply agreed.

Presently, Chen Xi was renowned throughout the world. He’d caused a great commotion in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, slaughtered Yan Shisan, and defeated the top disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, causing him to seem to be the number one figure amongst the younger generation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. He already commanded his own power and influence, so how could those higher-ups of the sect go against his intentions?

Not to mention that it was the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were in the wrong in this matter, and they deserved to be struck with misfortune since they offended Chen Xi. 


West Radiance Peak.

At the bank of the Sword Purification Pool, the wooden house constructed for Chen Xi that day was still there. It faced the clear pool while its surroundings were filled with luxuriant plants, causing it to be quiet and elegant.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya had cleared up an area below the Sword Purification Pool for the disciples of the Ninth Hell Tribe to train, whereas their place of cultivation was placed within those abodes on the mountain.

As for A’xiu, she pestered Chen Xi endlessly and moved into Chen Xi’s small courtyard house because she was able to sense that the spirit energy here was the most abundant, and the scenery here was the best.

Most importantly, residing here meant she would be with Chen Xi every single day, and being with Chen Xi meant she would be able to eat delicious food every single day.

Exactly, in A’xiu’s heart, Chen Xi’s worth was reflected in the delicious dishes he cooked…

That night, at the peak of West Radiance Peak, stars studded the sky while a campfire blazed, and the fragrance of meat suffused the banks of the Sword Purification Pool and entered the noses of all.

Chen Xi exerted all his skill to smoothly cook numerous dishes and prepared several jars of wine before drinking to his heart’s content with Meng Wei, Mo Ya, A’xiu, and the others.

He was welcoming everyone from the Ninth Hell Tribe and telling them that this was their second home from toward onward…

Both Meng Wei and Mo Ya understood Chen Xi’s intentions, and they could only drink repeatedly to display their gratitude.

The youths were the most carefree as they were unable to see through all this, but they had an exceptionally steady feeling as if they were rooted to the ground and aroused a sense of belonging.

A’xiu was the most candid and only knew how to eat. Her origins were mysterious, yet she’d helped all of them greatly, so everyone, including Chen Xi, didn’t take her to be an outsider.

All in all, the West Radiance Peak wasn’t chilly and empty tonight, and it was filled with laughter and overflowing with joy.

Only one person had very complicated feelings, and that person was Xue Yan.

She stared blankly at everyone who was drinking and chatting. She couldn’t be said to envy them, but this feeling of being disregarded caused her to feel extremely uncomfortable.

After hesitating for a long time, she decided to have a proper talk with Chen Xi in the end! 

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