Chapter 751 – Everyone Has Arrived

East Radiance Peak was the number one peak amongst the four peaks that Elite Disciples resided on. Not only did it mean that it possessed a few thousand Elite Disciples, it also meant that the East Radiance Peak’s wealth was second to none.

For example, this martial practice ground was built to a grand scale. It occupied an enormous area of land, whereas the ground it covered was paved with Aquamarine Steel that had chrysanthemum patterns carved upon it, was smooth like a mirror, and hard to the extreme. Moreover, there were 108 spirit springs in the surroundings, yet it wasn’t a formation, but merely there for the disciples to consume while cultivating. Thus, the luxuriousness of the lives of the disciples on East Radiance Peak was obvious from this.

At this moment, all the disciples on East Radiance Peak had come over in an aggressive manner under the lead of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou, and they were like a vast and mighty black cloud that pressed down towards Chen Xi with overwhelming numbers, causing it to be rather astounding.

They’d already obtained the news that only Chen Xi and Huo Molei had come over to cause trouble. Huo Molei was only an equipment refiner and could be overlooked, and only Chen Xi was someone worthy of them taking seriously.

But it was merely to the point of taking him seriously.

Even though Chen Xi was really formidable now and was ranked amongst the Core Seed Disciples of the Divine Radiance Peak while his name was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, he was only a single person after all!

On the other hand, they had a few thousands of people on their side, and all of them were Elite Disciples at the Rebirth Realm. They believed that even if they overwhelmed him by fighting him successively or swarmed him with numbers, they would be able to drown Chen Xi!

So they came aggressively while rubbing their palms together, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were even filled with provocation, rage, resentment, complacency, and so on and so forth.

Under normal circumstances, no matter how formidable their opponent was, their opponent would reveal slight seriousness or uneasiness at this moment, and it was even to the extent that some would be directly terrified to the point of fleeing, begging, or admitting defeat…

They had even started thinking about what they should do if Chen Xi admitted defeat. Would they fiercely humiliate him before letting him off? Or would they break his legs and make him crawl his way out of East Radiance Peak?

This question truly caused them to be conflicted.

Even though they were conflicted, it caused them to feel more and more excited, and they were burning with eagerness, causing their gazes to turn even more hostile.

However, Chen Xi’s reaction exceeded all of their expectations. Not only did he not reveal a serious or uneasy expression, he wasn’t terrified to the point of fleeing or had the impulse to admit defeat. It was even to the extent that there wasn’t a slightest change in his expression!

Most infuriating of it all was he’d actually spoken words that were very absurd and detestable at a time like this — Has everyone arrived? 

All of them were stunned when they heard these words, and they almost didn’t dare believe their ears!

Motherfucker! Could it be that this kid has gone mad!?

Even a blind man is able to discern that this situation is disadvantageous to him, right? Or perhaps he thinks that all of us wouldn’t dare injure him?

A thin and ugly fellow suddenly laughed with ridicule. “Fuck, Senior Brother Chen Xi, can you not make such jokes? Who do you think you are?”

Another shorty with small eyes and a large head chuckled with amusement. “I never imagined that Senior Brother Chen Xi would actually be rather good at amusing others. Come, why don’t you make another joke for everyone?”

Everyone exploded with laughter in an arrogant and overbearing way. They didn’t seem like cultivators but like local ruffians who were teasing a young woman on the streets, and they were indescribably complacent and rampant.

It couldn’t be helped, Chen Xi was truly too renowned now, and he’d offended their East Radiance Peak too severely in the past. So since he’d stupidly delivered himself to them today, how could these disciples of the East Radiance Sect let such a superb opportunity to bully him slip by?

Of course, those that dared to be so rampant were generally those that possessed weak strengths, whereas some of those with formidable strengths had already silently hidden themselves in the depths of the crowd while watching coldly from there.

Even though these people hadn’t said anything, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi couldn’t help but carry a trace of an unusual expression. Where’s  this fellow’s confidence coming from? Could it be that he thinks he can sweep through the entire East Radiance Peak by himself? 

After all, even the number one Core Seed Disciple on Divine Radiance Peak, Chen Langya, didn’t dare do this!

Even if we take a thousand steps back and this fellow is really capable of sweeping through everyone. But could it be that he isn’t afraid of drawing out the higher-ups of the sect? Isn’t he afraid of arousing displeasure of the great figures in the clan, causing them to interfere in this matter and punish him?

This fellow…is truly unfathomable!

Everyone had different views, but all of them commonly felt that Chen Xi had purely come to court death, and he’d simply not taken their East Radiance Peak and the higher-ups of the sect seriously!

“Looks like everyone really has arrived…” Chen Xi who stood there alone spoke abruptly with a calm expression, and his voice didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

Everyone exploded with laughter once again. Looks like this fellow has gone mad from his terror, and he can only repeat these words.

Only the eyes of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou constricted abruptly.

In the next instant, Chen Xi vanished from where he stood, and the battle erupted with a bang! 



A myriad of talisman markings interweaved together like a river of stars that swept down, and it was like a dragon that left its lair to sweep through the surroundings. Instantly over 10 people were blasted flying while blood flowed from all their seven apertures, and they’d completely lost the ability to do battle.

A trace of a complacent smile still remained on their faces, yet they’d fainted already. Because Chen Xi’s movements were truly too swift, to the point they were utterly unable to react in time!


Another wave of talisman markings swept down like comets, and they were the chains of the Grand Dao that were swung about in the hands of a Fiendgod. Everywhere they passed, expanse after expanse of East Radiance Peak disciples were smacked flying like balls while a rain of blood drifted down, and shrill and miserable cries rose and fell in the surroundings.

The scene was in chaos.

At this moment, those disciples actually hadn’t been able to notice exactly where Chen Xi’s figure was!

“Dammit! This fellow actually dared to make a move. Everyone, attacking him together. Let’s crush this bastard!”

“Brothers, follow me!”


Furious roars resounded within the entire heavens and the earth, and it shook the entirety of East Radiance Peak because Chen Xi’s action had completely lit the flames of rage in the hearts of these disciples.

Instantly, various Dao Arts and treasures were like dazzling and resplendent fireworks erupting within the entire martial practice grounds, and they were dense like tempest, emanated blazing light, and completely drowned the surroundings.

These were the attacks of a few thousand Elite Disciples struck out in unison, and its impetus was so great that it caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade while the sun and moon went dim. The layer upon layer of restrictions that densely covered the entirety of East Radiance Peak was activated, otherwise, merely this battle was sufficient to completely flatten and destroy this place.


Chen Xi’s figure was like a shuttle as the Wings of Disruption flickered repeatedly, and his entire body was covered with a myriad of surging talisman markings and the rumbling of the Grand Dao. His entire body seemed like a flowing light that was formed from countless strings of talisman markings, and he caused bodies to litter the ground everywhere he passed with uninterrupted success!

His expression was indifferent and murderous while his eyes were deep, icy cold, and completely emotionless. He was like a merciless executioner that utilized the more ferocious methods and most precise technique to play out a show that was a mix of blood and shrill cries.

This show was for Huo Molei, and it was a pathway for him to vent the rage and hatred that was pent up in his heart for a long time.

Yes, he needed to vent!

He’d never had such an urgent need to vent like he felt at this moment. During these past few days, because of Bing Shitian and Yue Chi, the rage in his heart had already been pent-up to the limit, and he was afraid he would go mad if he still didn’t vent it!


The vital energy in Chen Xi’s entire body surged like a blazing flame, like boiling lava, and he sprayed out various peak-grade Dao Arts with the energy of talisman markings, causing them to erupt with boundless light and emanate limitless might.

Everywhere he passed, no one was capable of resisting him!

He was like the embodiment of the Dao of Talismans. He possessed six times his combat strength, a Blackhole World with the five great Divine Talismans residing within it, and he utilized the Dark Parasol Sapling to ceaselessly replenish his True Essence, so how could the combat strength he exerted be merely at six times?

It was six times to him, but to his enemies, his strength was already capable of crushing most of his peers, and he was practically an invincible exalted figure!

Earlier, Chen Langya who possessed nine times combat strength was blasted out of the Sword Evaluation Platform by him with a flick of his sleeve.

The top disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain that had grasped the Eternal Grand Dao, Lu Ping, was completely crushed by him.

Even the 1st level Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Xue Yan, was captured by him after he took a risk in battle.

This entire string of facts were silently proving how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was, and proving how extraordinary and shocking his natural talent, cultivation, and combat strength were!

Besides Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou, all these Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak were only at the Rebirth Realm. Even though they numbered in the thousands, how could they possibly be a match for Chen Xi?

Numbers were utterly useless before Chen Xi because since the battle began, not a single person was capable of obstructing Chen Xi’s footsteps!

His speed was too swift and seemed like teleportation. When he was in the Ninth Hell, the General Rank expert Yun Su wasn’t even able to catch up to Chen Xi after executing a spatial teleportation technique, allowing Chen Xi to successfully escape the Ninth hell, so how could these disciples possibly obstruct him?

Expanse after expanse of East Radiance Peak disciples fell to the ground while blood sprayed out without end. They were like numerous springs of blood that sprayed endlessly on the martial practice grounds, while shrill howls, curses, and furious roars resounded out without end, and it caused the East Radiance Peak to seem horrifying like purgatory.

At this moment, Chen Xi had completely revealed what being all-powerful was! 

Some people were unwilling to suffer this fate and surged towards Huo Molei with the intention of using him to threaten Chen Xi, but they hadn’t even approached when they were knocked out by a shapeless force.

No one was capable of coming within 30m of Huo Molei!

Because Chen Xi hadn’t left and had always been patrolling around Huo Molei’s surroundings like a gust of wind that blew indeterminately and a shapeless and hard wall. He protected Huo Molei within his boundaries, causing no one to be capable of injuring Huo Molei in the slightest!

Leng Qiu made a move and was crushed.

Pang Zhou made a move and was crushed.



In next to no time, half of the few thousands of disciples from the East Radiance Peak were laying on the ground, laying within pools of blood while letting out miserable and shrill howls, and they’d lost the ability to battle.

This scene was too shocking, and it aroused despair in the hearts of all.

When the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were still standing witnessed this scene, the excitement and complacency that resided in their hearts in the beginning had transformed into despair and coldness.

It was too terrifying!

Who could have imagined that after a few months had passed, Chen Xi’s cultivation would have already grown to such a terrifying extent?

Who could have imagined that even a few thousand people making a move in unison were unable to do anything to Chen Xi?

This was something that only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert was capable of achieving, yet Chen Xi had achieved it now!

This caused terror to arise in their hearts. Their eyes almost split apart while the will to fight in their hearts were like pillars that were without foundation, and it came crumbling down before being replaced by boundless terror.

Once the will to fight was lost, one wasn’t far from failure.

However, right at this moment, numerous streaks tore through the distant sky while emanating imposing auras that shot into the sky like rainbows, and they revealed numerous figures with monstrous auras.

The disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were helpless, in despair, and were intending to disperse and flee suddenly saw this scene, and it was simply as if they’d grabbed onto a life saving straw, causing a trace of hope to be rekindled within their eyes. 

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