Chapter 750 – Invading The East Radiance Peak

Du Guan’s eyes constricted abruptly while his expression stiffened, and he seemed as if he saw a ghost.

Everyone was stunned, and then they looked over along Du Guan’s gaze before all of them were agape with incredulity.

Du Xuan couldn’t help but turn his head as well, and within his field of vision was a tall and handsome figure whose clothes fluttered in the wind. It was none other than Chen Xi!

Especially when he saw Huo Molei who was on Chen Xi’s back, he couldn’t help but be stunned and reveal a shocked expression. This fellow was actually still alive!?

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The originally bustling atmosphere instantly vanished without a trace and became silent, perfectly silent. Only Chen Xi’s footsteps were resounding out in the air like the beats of a drum that struck on the hearts of all.

Chen Xi stopped when he was 100m away from them, and he placed Huo Molei carefully on down to sit on a pile of rocks before he said with a light voice, “Eldest Senior Brother, sit here and watch the show.”

His voice was calm and indifferent, yet it was icy cold like a sharp blade when it entered the ears of those disciples from the East Radiance Peak, and it pierced them to the point their hearts couldn’t help but constrict.

All of their expressions went grim as they finally understood that Chen Xi had come to take revenge!

Instantly, the legs of a few disciples couldn’t help but tremble, and they almost turned around and fled.

Chen Xi’s strength was too terrifying. They were only Elite Disciples, whereas Chen Xi had become a Core Seed Disciple a long time ago. Moreover, he was one of the top. No matter if it was status or cultivation, they weren’t on a single level, and all of this caused their hearts to go cold.

“Why aren’t you continuing?” Chen Xi swept everyone with his gaze before looking at Du Guan in the end.

Du Guan’s entire body trembled while his face went pale. He’d just sworn that Huo Molei and the others would die for sure, yet now, not only had Huo Molei appeared alive and well, even this maleficent existence, Chen Xi, had come along. So how could he not be shocked?

Compared to his older brother Du Xuan, he was at most a boastful profligate disciple that lacked both in learning and ability, and he’d been fiercely taught a lesson by Chen Xi when Chen Xi had just joined the sect. Now, when he saw Chen Xi once again, the terror in his heart was obvious.

“Chen Xi! This is the East Radiance Peak, there’s no place for you to act wildly here!” A disciple mustered up the courage to shout out at Chen Xi.


Chen Xi didn’t even glance at the disciple before his right hand flipped lightly, and he slapped that disciple flying from 100m away. Chen Xi struck the disciple to the point blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose, and he rolled on the ground like a bottle gourd upon falling to the ground and howled miserably without end.

“Shut up!” said Chen Xi.

In the next moment, the miserable howls stopped abruptly, and this scene caused everyone in the surroundings to be horrified and fall in a state of anxiety.

“Speak!” Chen Xi stared at Du Guan with a calm expression, yet it carried a dignified bearing that didn’t allow anyone to go against him.

Du Guan’s mouth trembled while his expression changed indeterminately, yet he was unable to open his mouth.

“Enough! Chen Xi, this is the East Radiance Peak. No matter why you’ve come here, you have to consider the rules of the sect. Could it be that you’ve disregarded the rules of the sect by acting so presumptuously?” Du Xuan swiftly raised his eyes to look directly at Chen Xi with a stern expression as he berated loudly without end.

“Do you have the qualifications to talk about the rules of the sect with me?” Chen Xi raised his hand before his palm swept down.


Du Xuan was prepared since the beginning, and he was just intending to resist, yet before he could make any reaction, a terrifying and enormous force pressed down upon him and directly blasted him onto the ground. He was pressed down there like a toad, and it was futile no matter how he struggled, causing his face to turn savage and livid from his anger.

Never had he imagined that Chen Xi’s current strength would actually be terrifying to such a state, and a casual attack would cause him to not even have room to resist!

After all, he was still able to compete with Chen Xi during the peak trials, and even if he’d lost, he wouldn’t lose so grievous and hopelessly.

How could this be possible?

How long has passed since then, how could his strength possibly have attained such an astonishing degree?

Du Xuan’s expression changed indeterminately while his entire body was filled with terror.

Even the other disciples of East Radiance Peak almost had their eyes drop out of their sockets when they saw this scene. Senior Du Xuan was one of the five great Elite Disciples in the past, an existence that was ranked in the top three amongst the thousands of Elite Disciples on East Radiance Peak, so how could he possibly lose so quickly?

Chen Xi’s gaze shot towards Du Guan once more, and he didn’t speak this time.

But this sort of shapeless pressure almost caused Du Guan to collapse. His teeth emitted cracking sounds as he was terrified to the limit, and he couldn’t refrain from turning around and fleeing any longer.


In the next moment, he was suppressed on the ground like his older brother Du Xuan.

“Be patient, I’ll get even with both of you later.” Chen Xi glanced at Du Guan and Du Xuan who were on the ground before he turned to look at the other disciples of the East Radiance Peak.


The bodies of these disciples trembled at the instant they were swept by Chen Xi’s gaze, and they were unable to stop themselves from taking a step back. They were simply like a group of sheep that were facing the gaze of a lion.

“I presume all of you clearly understand why I’ve come this time. I’ll give all of you 10 minutes to hand over 10 times the treasures all of you obtained from my West Radiance Peak, otherwise, no one can save all of you today.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “Of course, all of you can choose to flee as well, or perhaps go get help. But I can tell all of you very responsibly that so long as all of you dare act in this way, I’ll dare to kill all of you. You can try if you don’t believe me.”

Everyone was stunned because they’d refined and absorbed all those treasures they’d plundered a long time ago, so how could they hand it over? Let alone repay it 10 times.

“Are all of you unwilling?” asked Chen Xi.


All of them seemed as if they’d heard the urging of a devil, and they scattered instantaneously and hastily dispersed towards the surroundings. Regardless of whether they were going to prepare treasures, they were truly unwilling to face Chen Xi any longer.

Chen Xi stood with his hands behind his back and waited silently.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In next to no time, streaks surged over here from every direction, and they tore through the sky while emitted dazzling and resplendent glows. Obviously, Chen Xi’s appearance had alarmed all the disciples on East Radiance Peak.

The impetus of their arrival was rather mighty. Over a thousand Elite Disciples also meant that they were over a thousand Rebirth Realm experts. At this moment, they converged over here like a dark cloud, and if it was anyone else, that person wouldn’t have been horrified a long time ago.

But Chen Xi still stood there silently while his clothes fluttered with the wind, and he was like a rock that stood without moving after experiencing the passage of 10,000 years and revealed a bearing that was heavy and deep like an abyss.

Huo Molei was composed just like Chen Xi. He sat on the pile of rocks while staring at Chen Xi’s lone figure with a gaze that carried a wisp of admiration, gratitude, and pride.

“Chen Xi, how dare you come cause trouble at my East Radiance Peak for no reason or rhyme? Do you really think there’s no one capable on East Radiance Peak?” Accompanying this voice was Leng Qiu’s figure that appeared swiftly at the scene, and Pang Zhou came along with him.

Both their expressions were extremely gloomy, and their gazes swept past Du Xuan and Du Guan who lay on the ground before descending onto Chen Xi.

In next to no time, the other few thousands of disciples had gathered in the surroundings of the martial practice grounds, and they were like a black mass that completely surrounded Chen Xi and Huo Molei.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and directly disregarded Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou before his gaze swept past the other disciples, and he only spoke a single sentence with a light voice. “Is everyone here?”

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