Chapter 749 – I’ll Bring You Along To Go Kill People

Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained the various feelings in his heart, and he tried his best calm himself down before he asked. “Senior, has my father really left?”

The old man nodded. “He just left a few days ago. Huating actually went to the Saintly Land of Ascension to attend that birthday for this matter as well.”

Huating was naturally the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Wen Huating, and Chen Xi had found out earlier that besides the Sect Master, Wen Huating, the Sect Masters of the other 9 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect had gone to the Saintly Land of Ascension to attend the birthday this time as well.

Earlier, he was wondering who in the Saintly Land of Ascension had such great face that the Sect Masters of so many extraordinary powers would go over to celebrate his birthday, and the reason turned out to be like this.

It was the attendance of a birthday celebration on the surface, but it was really for the sake of his father!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask while staring blankly. “Why did all of them do this?”

The old man sighed while a wisp of a complicated expression appeared on his face that was covered in wrinkles. “To return a favor. All those years ago, there were too many people that owed your father an enormous favor. Huating and the others went over for the sake of converging the strength of everyone to help your father open up that passageway.” 

When he spoke up to here, the old man sighed with emotion. “The higher one’s cultivation gets, the more fearful one is towards the causal chain. In other words, they went this time to bring an end to this causal chain.”

Chen Xi went silent. The matters related to the causal chain, fate, and karmic luck was too vague, and he’d never paid too much attention to it, so he naturally didn’t embrace of fear them.

“So in this way, I can only meet my father by heading to the Immortal Dimension?” Chen Xi was slightly unable to accept this reality. If I returned to the sect a few days earlier, would I be able to go see my father along with the Sect Master?

“Exactly.” The old man nodded. “But this isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is you shouldn’t go out in the near future, and it’s better if you stay in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and cultivate in peace.”

Chen Xi was stunned as he acutely noticed a trace of unusualness.

Up until the moment he left True Martial Peak, he was still pondering why the old man would tell him all this, and why the old man would advise him not to leave the sect…

Could it be that some sort of calamity is waiting for me in the outside world?

Chen Xi shook his head and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind.

All these things were too complicated, and it was more confusing the more he thought about it. So it was better to stop thinking about it because he could cross the bridge when he came to it. Perhaps only when he really encountered these matters would he be able to understand the complications within it. 


West Radiance Peak.

When Chen Xi brought Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the youths here, this place was completely desolate and silent to the extreme, and it seemed as if there was no vitality here.

The air was devoid of the clanging sounds of Huo Molei forging metal, it was devoid of the natural sounds of the instruments Lu Sheng played, it was devoid of the clear sounds of Yi Chenzi’s go pieces descending onto its board, it was devoid of the complacency of Duan Yi while he guided his brush to write, it was devoid of the happiness of Fifth Senior Sister when she painted…

It was utterly desolate.

Chen Xi was silent as he walked up the stairs step by step. All along the way, he saw spirit farmland after spirit farmland having suffered destruction, abode after abode completely plundered, spirit medicines, ores, precious flying beasts, variant beasts… Everything revealed a declining tendency.

The more he walked, the calmer Chen Xi’s expression got, and his calmness revealed indifference and killing intent, whereas strands of flames of rage were silently brewing, surging, and curling up within the depths of his eyes.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya looked at each other as they’d sensed the unusualness in Chen Xi’s mood.

The youths stopped chatting, and they puckered their lips while following silently behind Chen Xi.

Even A’xiu changed her usual ways and walked silently at the back of the group. Her green dress fluttered about along with her beautiful hair that was like a waterfall, and it caused her to seem like a fairy that moved beneath misty rain, tranquil and beautiful.

“This is where all of you will stay in the future.” Chen Xi stood at the bank of the Sword Purification Pool while he said slowly, “I hope everyone can take this place as their home and cultivate at ease while working hard and making great efforts. Don’t let down the hopes of the Old Priest, and don’t allow the Ninth Hell Tribe to decline!”

The expressions of everyone turned solemn while their revealed firm and persistent gazes.

They’d experienced how luxurious and dazzling a large world was all along the way since leaving the Ninth Hell, and they’d similarly experienced how bloody and brutal this place was, so they weren’t the same Ninth Hell clansmen as they were before.

Their kindness and honestly would be kept for their own clansmen and Chen Xi, whereas they would be the most ruthless and merciless warriors in battle!

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further. After he instructed Meng Wei and Mo Ya to help arrange the residences of these youths and asked A’xiu to take good care of Xueyan, he left along with Huo Molei. 


Huo Molei’s injuries had basically been stabilized, but it required spending a long period of time to heal completely.

He’d already awakened from his deep slumber since the moment they stepped foot on West Radiance Peak, and his eyes were filled with sorrow when he saw how desolate and cold the West Radiance Peak was.

At this moment, he was carried on Chen Xi’s back while leaving the West Radiance Peak.

“Little Junior Brother, where are you taking me?” asked Huo Molei.

Chen Xi didn’t answer him but asked instead. “Eldest Senior Brother, who do you think trampled onto the West Radiance Peak to such a state?”

Huo Molei didn’t even stop to think before he replied. “It’s surely the members of the East Radiance Peak. When Little Junior Brother vanished some time ago, everyone thought that it would be impossible for you to leave the Dark Parasol’s Abyss alive. Coupled with me and the others being tricked out of the sect, no one was taking care of West Radiance Peak, so how could the disciples of East Radiance Peak let this opportunity to plunder it slip by?” 

As he finished speaking, his tone carried a strand of rage.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Exactly. The culprit is surely the members of the East Radiance Peak.”

Huo Molei seemed to have suddenly understood something, and he said, “Little Junior Brother, you wouldn’t be taking me to East Radiance Peak, right?”

Chen Xi smiled yet his smile was utterly cold and murderous. “Vengeance for every grievance must be sought, and all resentment deserves payback. Since they’d taken what is ours, we’ll make them return it 10 fold!”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi turned around to meet Huo Mo Lei’s gaze, and he said silently, “Eldest Senior Brother, I’ll bring you to go kill people, alright?”

Huo Molei was stunned, and he nodded fiercely!

His fierce eyes were filled with a gratified and excited expression. 


Chen Xi had returned to the sect for less than half a day, so besides the disciples that were on guard and everyone within the Sword Evaluation Hall, everyone else didn’t know any this news.

After all, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was truly too large, and merely the West Radiance Peak occupied a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and it could compare to a small scale kingdom.

At this moment, all the disciples on East Radiance Peak had finished cultivating, and they were chatting on the martial practice grounds.

“In my opinion, since Chen Xi has died and there isn’t anyone on West Radiance Peak, we ought to divide out a portion of the disciples of our peak to cultivate on West Radiance Peak. Otherwise, it would truly be wasting god’s given gifts.”

“Exactly. Our East Radiance Peak has a few thousand disciples yet only a hundred over abodes. It’s utterly insufficient to be distributed amongst all of us. But the West Radiance Peak has a mere five or six people, yet they occupy so much resources. It’s simply infuriating!”

“Precisely! Since it’s deserted, why shouldn’t it be handed over to be managed by us? I heard that after we plundered it the last time, another batch of spirit medicine has matured on the spirit farmlands on West Radiance Peak. Why don’t we plunder it once more?”

“Haha, you’re right.”

When the West Radiance Peak was brought up as the topic of their conversations, all the disciples couldn’t help but be complacent, and their entire bodies felt comfortable.

It couldn’t be helped, Chen Xi was too dominating while he was in the sect. He’d caused commotion after commotion since he joined the sect and shocked everyone in the sect. Moreover, he’d even ascended to become a Core Seed Disciple in Divine Radiance Peak, causing all of them who were disciples of the East Radiance Peak to not dare look for trouble with the West Radiance Peak.

But now, Chen Xi had vanished after heading to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and he hadn’t appeared in the world for a few months. So was it any different than death?

Coupled with the absence of Huo Molei and the others, how could they restrain themselves when facing an empty West Radiance Peak that wasn’t guarded by anyone? Thus, two months ago, they charged up to West Radiance Peak and plundered is fiercely. Not only did they completely clean up the spirit farmlands and herb gardens, even the precious flying beasts and variant beasts on the mountain were captured by them.

They were simply like a group of locusts that caused the land to become barren wherever they passed.

Two months had passed since the last time they plundered the West Radiance Peak, yet the West Radiance Peak was still quiet as before, whereas there wasn’t any news about Chen Xi and even the sect was indifferent towards this matter!

All of this caused these disciples from the East Radiance Peak to be even more unbridled, and they moved through the West Radiance Peak and plundered it whenever they had nothing to do. They seemed to have taken it to be a natural treasure trove that they could plunder as they pleased.

“Senior Brother Du Xuan, where did master go? Why haven’t I seen him recently?” A disciple turned around abruptly and asked Du Xuan who stood at the center of the crowd.

“Master naturally has his own matters to attend to. How could he be someone that you can question?” Du Xuan frowned and berated with displeasure. 

That disciple was instantly extremely embarrassed.

The nearby Du Guan couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw this. “Big Brother, you’re being too serious. Presently, all our brothers are all concerned about how to merge the West Radiance Peak with our East Radiance Peak, yet Master hasn’t returned for such a long time. You can’t blame them for being anxious.”

Du Xuan’s expression eased up as he nodded. “It ought to be soon. According to my estimations, it’s impossible for the disciples of the West Radiance Peak to return. The West Radiance Peak is completely deserted, so under these circumstances, the sect will surely agree to merge the two peaks.”

Impossible to return…

The others were stunned as they acutely grabbed onto the key words in what Du Xuan had said, and all of them were excited in their hearts. What does this mean? Could it be that Huo Molei and all those pieces of trash have unfortunately perished while carrying out an assignment outside the sect?

“Alright, don’t make wild guesses!” Du Xuan noticed the changes in the expressions of everyone, and he hurriedly frowned before berating. “If all of you have the time to think about all of this, why don’t you place more effort on your cultivation!”

Du Guan roared with laughter instead. “Big Brother, just look at yourself, haven’t you become serious again? What’s so hard to talk about? Isn’t it just those pieces of trash dying outside the sect, what’s the big deal?”

“Senior Brother Du Guan, is this true?” The bodies of the other disciples trembled while they cried out with excitement.

Du Guan enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention, and he patted his chest with a complacent expression on his face as he said, “Don’t worry. If they’re able to return, then my surname won’t be…”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Because Du Guan had inadvertently glanced towards the surroundings and surprisingly saw a fellow that was bound to have died a long time ago yet had suddenly appeared at this moment! 

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