Chapter 748 – The Grand Meeting Of The Extraordinary

Chen Lingjun!

This name was so unfamiliar yet so familiar to Chen Xi. It was familiar because of the figure this name represented, his father!

It was unfamiliar because he hadn’t seen his father once since he was able to remember things, nor did he have the slightest impression of his father. It was even to the extent that he only knew his father’s name was Chen Lingjun half a year ago!

Originally, Chen Xi thought his father was an extremely ordinary figure that lived in Pine Mist City and was content with the comforts of a small world. But later on, as his cultivation advanced and he widened his knowledge, he faintly felt that his father wasn’t as simple as he’d imagined.

If his father was ordinary, then how would he be able to become acquainted with Zuoqiu Xue that came from the mysterious Zuoqiu Clan?

If his father was ordinary, how could he know a young woman that came from the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan like Bai Wanqing?

All of this was so extraordinary.

At this moment, when he heard the old man who held a cat in his arms speak the words ‘Chen Lingjun,’ the shock in Chen Xi’s heart was obvious, and he seemed as if he was struck by lightning.

The old man had an ordinary bearing, yet he wasn’t ordinary. His status in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was aloof to the point even Madman Liu was reverent and respectful upon meeting him, and he was absolutely a mysterious and unfathomable senior.

Even such a figure knew his father, so how could Chen Xi maintain his composure?

For the first time, Chen Xi aroused extremely strong curiosity towards his father, Chen Lingjun. Exactly…what sort of person is he?

While Chen Xi was pondering swiftly, the old man had already started speaking slowly with a low and gentle voice that carried a force that calmed the heart, and he was narrating a past event.

“300 years ago, a grand meeting of the extraordinary was held in the Dark Reverie. During this grand meeting, the top great figures of the various powers had participated in it. At that time, there were a total of 37 great figures with exceedingly high cultivations gathered in the Saintly Land of Ascension.”

“The person that held this grand meeting was the Sect Master of the Saintly Land of Ascension, Miao Yunji.”

“The objective of this grand meeting was very simple, and it was only for the sake of obtaining a divine artifact, the Star Manor.”

“According to legend, this Star Manor was left behind by an almighty figure that had ascended to the limits of the Grand Dao a million years ago. Not only did it contain the supreme inheritance of that almighty figure, it also contained an exceedingly mysterious and precious treasure, the River Diagram.”

“You’ve probably heard of the River Diagram as well. By relying on it, the Fiendgods of the primeval times had comprehended their own path towards the Dao. They pried into the workings of the heavens, grasped Grand Dao profundities, and ascended the extremity of the Dao!”

“It was precisely because of this that every single appearance of the River Diagram was accompanied by a rain of blood, causing the three dimensions to be shaken and the six paths of reincarnation to become restless. No matter if it was the Immortal Dimension, the Mortal Dimension, or the Netherworld, all the numerous great figures would fight for it, and that scene that seemed like the end of the world wouldn’t be any different to a true calamity of the three dimensions.”

The old man’s voice was low and carried a trace of emotion as he spoke tirelessly.

However, when Chen Xi heard all of this, it caused a tempestuous storm to arrive in his heart, and he recalled too many things from the past.

The Star Manor!

Isn’t this the manor within the jade pendant that mother left to me?

In there, I saw the spirit brand left behind by my mother, Zuoqiu Xue, for the first time, met Senior Ji Yu for the first time, possessed the Fuxi Divine Statue for the first time, started refining my body for the first time…

It could be said that it was the turning point in his destiny, and it was from that moment onward that he started walking on a path that was completely different from before.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was even more familiar with the River Diagram!

Presently, he already possessed four pieces of the River Diagram. One was from beneath the Profound Disruption Mountain in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, one was given to him by his mysterious ‘Senior Sister,’ and one more was from the sacrificial altar within the Martial Dao Domain in Silken City.

These three River Diagram fragments had fused together into one now, and it floated within his sea of consciousness, whereas the fourth piece had been obtained by him within the Door of Profundity of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. It has been placed within the Buddha’s Pagoda by him, and he hadn’t refined it yet.

Moreover, according to his inference, only by gathering all nine pieces of the River Diagram would they be able to form the complete River Diagram!

“A million years ago, the River Diagram vanished completely and was obliterated within the annals of time. Numerous great figures in the three dimensions had searched bitterly for it, and they returned empty handed in the end. Coupled with the calamity of the Fiendgods erupting during that time, the three dimensions were in an upheaval, so no one paid attention to the whereabouts of the River Diagram any longer.”

“But, for some unknown reason, 300 years ago, the Sect Master of the Saintly Land of Ascension, Miao Yunji, obtained a piece of information by coincidence. There was a Star Manor that had appeared above the Northern Underworld Ocean, and the whereabouts of the River Diagram was hidden within it. So he held the grand meeting and widely invited fellow Daoists with the intention of searching for and obtaining this great fortune together.”

“Because this matter was related to the precious treasure, the River Diagram. Once news of it were to be revealed, it would surely cause a storm in the three dimensions. So, there were only 37 peerless great figures that participated in the grand meeting at that time.”

“But, no one had expected that when they arrived at the Northern Underworld Ocean, they encountered a young man and young woman instead.” 

When he spoke up to here, the old man stopped speaking abruptly and glanced at Chen Xi who was by his side. “You’ve probably guessed who those two people were, right?”

Chen Xi nodded, and he had an extremely complicated feeling in his heart. He was even able to guess that Miao Yunji and the others were surely unable to obtain the Star Manor and came back empty handed in the end…

“Exactly. They were your father, Chen Lingjun, and Zuoqiu Xue.” The old man’s voice unconsciously carried a trace of an emotional and complicated tone when he mentioned these two names.

“At that time, the Star Manor was obtained by your mother, Zuoqiu Xue, and it aroused the fury of Miao Yunji and the others. So they intended to join forces and seize it from your mother, yet never had they imagined that 38 great figures with extraordinary cultivation weren’t a match for you mother.”

Chen Xi was stunned. So mother was even encircled and attacked for the sake of obtaining the Manor all those years ago…

This caused him to be both furious and shocked. The people that participated in the grand event all those years ago were the 38 top figures within the entire Dark Reverie, yet they weren’t a match for mother alone?

Exactly how formidable was her cultivation all those years ago?

A Heavenly Immortal?

Or perhaps, even higher than a Heavenly Immortal?

“Your mother, Zuoqiu Xue’s, origins are very mysterious, and she’s from the Zuoqiu Clan of the Immortal Dimension. It’s a mysterious clan that no one is able to obtain knowledge about. But Miao Yunji and the others didn’t know all of this, otherwise they would absolutely not dare rashly make a move.” The old man’s eyes looked towards the distant sky, and it was profound, vast, and carried a trace of recollection. “At that time, Miao Yunji and the others lost, were heavily injured, and on the verge of death. At the critical moment, it was your father, Chen Lingjun, that stood out and asked your mother to let them off.”

“Miao Yunji and the others were grateful for your father’s kindness and all of them guaranteed that they would absolutely not leak the news of this. But in the end…” When he spoke up to here, the old man couldn’t help but sigh.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. “It was still leaked in the end?”

“Exactly.” The old man nodded and didn’t deny it. “Later on, your parents suffered the pursuit of a mysterious force, and they vanished while being heavily injured. Moreover, not a trace of them could be found in the entire Dark Reverie.”

Chen Xi asked abruptly. “How many years ago did this occur?”

The old man pondered briefly. “Around a hundred years ago. I’m not sure about the exact time.”

Chen Xi stared blankly as he fell into deep contemplation.

“But I remember extremely clearly that your father suddenly made an appearance 60 years ago, and he headed to the Bloodnet Devil Sect by himself and killed its Sect Master, Wang Feiqiao. After that, he entered the Saintly Land of Ascension and vanished.” The old man said slowly, “The Sect Master of the Bloodnet Devil Sect, Wang Feiqiao, was the person that leaked the news all those years ago, and if it wasn’t for his death, no one in the world would know that your father, Chen Lingjun, had actually reappeared in the Dark Reverie.” 

Chen Xi went silent, yet he was swiftly deducing in his heart.

A hundred years ago, father was heavily injured and vanished in the Dark Reverie. He surely returned to his hometown, Pine Mist City, and then had me and Chen Hao. It was precisely during the time Chen Hao had just been born that mother was abducted by a great figure of the Zuoqiu Clan, whereas, father vanished once more…

Sixty years ago, father reappeared in the Dark Reverie, and it just happens to roughly conform to the time father vanished, whereas I was only almost four at that time…

Earlier, Chen Xi wasn’t sure that his guess was correct, but the following words of the old man had proved his guesses a step further, and it allowed him to finally understand the sequence of events.

Three hundred years ago, father and mother appeared at the Northern Underworld Ocean, and then they obtained the Star Manor before defeating Miao Yunji and the others that intended to seize the Manor from them. After that, the news of this was leaked by someone, causing them to be pursued by the Zuoqiu Clan, and they fled back to Pine Mist City.

However, after Chen Hao was born, the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan appeared once more in Pine Mist City, and they took mother away. On the other hand, father was furious and pursued them to the Dark Reverie, yet he was unable to catch up to mother, so he turned around to the Bloodnet Devil Sect to kill its Sect Master Wang Feiqiao to vent his rage.

As for why his father would have headed to the Saintly Land of Ascension, Chen Xi was unable to deduce it.

The old man told him the answer. “There’s a door that leads to the Immortal Dimension in the Saintly Land of Ascension, and your father intends to rely on this door to head to the Immortal Dimension.”


Leads to the Immortal Dimension?

Chen Xi was stunned in his heart because this news was too shocking. All cultivators cultivated and sought the Dao for the sake of ascending into Immortal Dimension and entering the Immortal Dimension. But he’d never heard that there was actually no need to ascend through ordinary methods from the Mortal Dimension, and one could head to the Immortal Dimension through a door. If this is true, then what’s the point of cultivating?

The old man seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he said while shaking his head, “You’re wrong. The existence of that door is a taboo, and it’s extremely dangerous. Even if it’s one of the great figures within the Saintly Land of Ascension, unless they have no other choice, they would absolutely not dare rashly step foot through that door.”

“But your father had no choice but to choose this door to head to the Immortal Dimension. As for the reason, you’ll understand once you’ve truly started to come in contact with the Laws of the Heaven Dao. Your father’s existence has already been taken to be a heretic and criminal by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and not only is it impossible for him to step foot in the Immortal Dimension for his entire lifetime, so long as he’s noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, then he would suffer a calamity.”

Heretic? Criminal?

Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened as he suddenly recalled what Ji Yu had once said. Ji Yu was similarly a criminal of the Three Dimensions whose existence wasn’t tolerated by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, so he could only stay in a small world to avoid being noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao.

Now, his father had actually been taken to be a criminal by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and this caused Chen Xi to be slightly muddled while a thought couldn’t be restrained from emerging within his heart. All of this wouldn’t have been done by the Zuoqiu Clan, right?

When he thought up to here, his entire body couldn’t help but go cold because the outcome of this guess was too shocking. If it was true, then it meant that the Zuoqiu Clan had actually attained the state of being able to control the Laws of the Heaven Dao!

Exactly…what sort of terrifying existences are they? 

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