Chapter 747 – As If Struck By Lightning

However, to Chen Langya’s shock, Elder Lie Peng disregarded his gaze before speaking indifferently. “Everyone is right, only Chen Xi has the qualifications to comprehend this Eternal Dao Scripture.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the nearby Earthly Immortal Realm elders were stunned, and then they recovered their calm and tranquil appearances.

They didn’t care what the others thought, and they were only concerned about the choice Lie Peng made. Now that they saw Lie Peng had chosen Chen Xi, it caused them to instantly understand that from today onward within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Lie Peng would probably support and foster Chen Xi with all his strength!

Lie Peng was the one and only Enforcement Elder in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he managed the matters of punishment and possessed great authority that was merely inferior to the Sect Master, Wen Huating. So the effect of this declaration was much more significant than the Eternal Dao Scripture.

Even Chen Langya was disregarded by him, so it was obvious how highly he thought of Chen Xi. In other words, if they were to choose the successor of the Sect Master, then Lie Peng would surely support Chen Xi with all his might!

Compared to the calculating and astuteness of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts, the other disciples in the hall were extremely elated, and they cheered endlessly for Chen Xi and seemed as if they’d won a battle.

After all, Chen Xi’s competition this time was Chen Langya, the one and only number one Core Seed Disciple on Divine Radiance Speak that was in this position since the time before Chen Xi had joined the sect, and he possessed monstrous might and deep connections.

Even if Elder Lie Peng arbitrarily handed over the Eternal Dao Scripture to Chen Langya, they could only display their indignation but be powerless to change anything.

So it was truly difficult to make Elder Lie Peng make his stand known like this.

Chen Langya’s expression instantly sank to the extreme. For the very first time, he had a sense of loss and fury as if he’d been abandoned by the world.

Since he started cultivating until now, his path was smooth, and he was welcomed and respected no matter where he went. How could he have imagined that all the juniors that were usually respectful and reverent to him would actually challenge him openly, and even Elder Lie Peng would disregard him?

This simply caused him to be on the verge of being unable to accept it, and it was as if he was fiercely pushed down from godhood, causing him to fall to the ground without his might or radiance.

Chen Xi!

Chen Langya knew that all of this was because of that fellow that had just entered the sect for a year, and he couldn’t help but feel strong resentment.

Later on, he didn’t even know how he’d left the Sword Evaluation Hall because his mind was dazed while he seemed dejected.

If… I was able to restrain myself from coming to the Sword Evaluation Hall, then would I be able to receive the admiration and respect like I did in the past? Chen Langya muttered, yet he knew very clearly in his heart that it was probably impossible for him to maintain his position and  influence as the number one figure on Divine Radiance Peak. 


True Martial Peak.

Chen Xi walked up the stairs. This was the central peak of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the place where the Sect Master resided, and it represented the supreme dignity of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

So flying was prohibited here!

When he first step foot on True Martial Peak, Chen Xi had walked up step by step along with Madman Liu.

But his heart and mind were excited at that time, and he was filled with hope for the future, yet now, his heart and mind were filled with killing intent and a bellyful of rage.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!” At the peak of True Martial Peak, the two disciples that stood on guard outside the hall were stunned upon seeing Chen Xi, and then they hastily bowed in an extremely respectful manner.

“I’ve come to see the Sect Master, quickly go report my arrival,” said Chen Xi.

“Senior Brother, the Lord Sect Master isn’t at True Martial Peak now, and he has received the invitation of the Saintly Land of Ascension to attend the birthday of a great figure.” One of the disciples answered swiftly.

“The Saintly Land of Ascension?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he recalled Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou because both of them had joined the Saintly Land of Ascension at that day in the Primeval Battlefield.

“Exactly. According to the rumors, the Sect Masters of the 10 great immortal sects and the six lineages of the devil sect have headed over to the Saintly Land of Ascension.” One of the disciples explained.

Chen Xi was shocked. Exactly what sort of figure is in the Saintly Land of Ascension to the point just a birthday caused the Sect Masters of the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sects to attend and offer their well wishes?

But right after that, he restrained his thoughts and stopped thinking about it. These matters between great figures were still very far away from him, and it was completely useless to think about it.

He’d come to True Martial Peak this time firstly for the sake of making arrangements for Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the others, and secondly to report the matter related to Yue Chi to the Sect Master as he wanted to utilize the strength of the sect to crush Yue Chi completely.

However, at this moment, he’d encountered an unexpected event, and it instantly caused his mood to be even more terrible. He didn’t stay any longer, and he turned and left.

Right at this moment, an aged and low voice suddenly resounded out by his ears. “Your heart is filled with a vicious aura and your soul is unsettled. Could it be that you’ve encountered some sort of problem?”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and when he looked up, he saw a gray clothed old man had suddenly appeared before him! And he’d actually not noticed in the slightest!

But when he saw the appearance of the old man clearly, Chen Xi instantly relaxed.

This old man had an extremely aged appearance, a sparse beard, and wrinkles that were like ravines. In his arms was a fat black cat that had soft and jet black fur, and its eyes were narrowed lazily while it seemed extremely relaxed.

Shockingly, it was the old man that was always laying on a rocking chair and guarding the Book Reserve on Matter Radiance Peak.

“Greetings, Senior!” Chen Xi bowed quickly with a respectful expression.

One year ago, he’d ascended the Lotus Platform and met Dao Lotus to obtain numerous profound techniques. Before he left the Book Reserve, he’d once spoken a few words with the old man, and he still clearly remembered what the old man said. “If you want to become strong, then you can only rely on yourself.”

From that moment onwards, Chen Xi knew that the old man’s identity was exceedingly extraordinary, and he might be an old senior that had lived for countless years.

At this moment, the old man had actually left Matter Radiance Peak to appear before him, and this caused Chen Xi to faintly sense that the old man seemed to have intentionally come for him.

The old man glanced at Chen Xi and said as if he’d thought of something, “I originally came to tell you something, but your current state of mind is so violent, so tell me what you’ve encountered first?”

His voice was gentle and flat, yet it carried a convincing charm.

Chen Xi went silent for a short moment before he spoke of everything that had occurred. He started from Yue Chi trapping Qing Yu, to colluding with Bing Shitian and humiliating Huo Molei and the others.

The old man’s expression was serene as he silently listened to everything, and then he nodded in the end. “I understand.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly unable to figure out the old man’s attitude towards the matter.

“Leave Yue Chi to me. As for that Nine-Tailed Fox, deal with her as you wish.” The old man shook his head and sighed lightly. “The three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval, and even the hearts of man have started to become restless…”

From the beginning until the end, he didn’t say how he would deal with Yue Chi, but it just so happened that Chen Xi’s restlessness and violent mood was instantly swept away when he heard the old man, causing him to calm down completely.

It was even to the extent that he felt that since the old man had spoken like this, then Yue Chi would surely suffer an exceedingly miserable fate.

“Do you know that Chen Lingjun has left?” Right at this moment, the old man raised his eyes abruptly to stare at Chen Xi, and his gaze carried an indescribable complicated expression.

Chen Lingjun…

At the instant he heard this name, Chen Xi seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and his mind was completely blank! 

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