Chapter 746 – Openly Challenging Chen Langya

Unknowingly, the gazes of everyone present had descended onto the scroll in Elder Lie Peng’s hand in unison. It was suffused with a clear radiance of the Eternal Grand Dao, and it emanated a rain of light, causing it to seem as if it possessed intelligence and was exceedingly miraculous.

Even though it was a scroll, it seemed to possess life and emitted a strange rhythm.

This was the supreme Dao scripture of the Eternal Spirit Mountain — The Eternal Dao Scripture!

According to legend, the Eternal Spirit Mountain possessed a Spring of Eternity that had existed since the moment the chaos was split apart to form the world. The water within the spring were completely round and emanated a faint and clear radiance. It was eternal yet filled with vitality, and so long as an ordinary person drank a single drop, the person would be able to shed his mortal body, retain eternal youth, and possess an extremely solid foundation to cultivate the Dao!

Moreover, this Eternal Dao Scripture was formed from within the Spring of Eternity. The various Grand Dao profundities of the Eternal Grand Dao was branded upon it, and it was the source of the supreme Dao inheritance of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

The Eternal Dao Scripture Princess Baili handed over wasn’t the original scroll but merely a type of copy. Even then, it was still exceedingly precious, and it was priceless.

After all, besides the Eternal Spirit Mountain, was there any other power in the world that possessed such a precious treasure that contained the Eternal profundity? If one was able to comprehend it, then it would absolutely provide the person with boundless benefit!

Instantly, the gazes of everyone burned with desire, and even all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts by Elder Lie Peng’s side couldn’t help but be moved.

“The Eternal Dao Scripture! Haha! This is a precious treasure that can only be chanced upon by luck!” Elder Lie Peng’s gaze focused onto the scroll in his hand as he roared joyfully with laughter, and he was delighted to the extreme.

But right after that, he shook his head and sighed. “Unfortunately, it can only be studied for seven days. It’s obviously absolutely difficult to grasp all its profundities in such a short period of time.” 

Everyone deeply agreed. After all, it was the supreme inheritance of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, and it was similarly precious like the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture of their own sect. However, since cultivating it until now, who dared to strike their chest and guarantee they’d completely comprehended all the profundities within the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture?

It seemed like a scroll, yet it represented an ancient inheritance that could be traced back through the boundless ages. So how shocking would the profundities contained within it be? Thus, it was already satisfying if one was able to absorb a ten thousandth of the profundities contained within it in a time period of seven days.

But even if they knew the Eternal Dao Scripture was extremely profound, it was still difficult to bury the excitement in the hearts of everyone, and every single one of them wanted to seize it from Lie Peng and comprehend it.

Even Chen Langya, this sort of figure that kept an exceedingly low profile yet was also arrogant to the extreme was greatly moved at this moment.

However, he frowned right after that. He faintly sensed that this sort of superb opportunity would probably not be fated for him this time, and the reason was Chen Xi!

This fellow had successively defeated Fang Jinglue and Lu Ping. Chen Xi had displayed his talent and shocked everyone present here. So even if Chen Langya felt extremely uncomfortable that Chen Xi had stolen the limelight away from him, he had to admit that if it was in terms of who had the qualifications to obtain and comprehend the Eternal Dao Scripture, it would be Chen Xi without a doubt.

He felt even more depressed when he thought up to here. But when he inadvertently glanced over, he noticed that Chen Xi had actually left the Sword Evaluation Hall since an unknown moment in time!

Could it be that Chen Xi has given up this opportunity? Instantly, Chen Langya’s heart started thumping as a wisp of burning desire burned once more in his heart. Once Chen Xi has left, it seems that amongst the people present…only I have the qualifications to obtain such an opportunity!

He hurriedly took a deep breath to make himself maintain his calm while he was swiftly pondering in his heart about how he should try his best to comprehend all the profundities within the Eternal Dao Scripture within a short period of seven days once he obtained it…

“During the spars in the Sword Evaluation Hall this time, Chen Xi has provided great meritorious service. I’ve decided to give this Eternal Dao Scripture to him to cultivate. Do all of you have any objections?” Lie Peng spoke slowly with a steady voice that revealed a dignified tone. As he spoke, his gaze was gradually withdrawn from the scroll in his hand before he raised his eyes to look towards the surroundings, and then he was stunned. “Where’s Chen Xi?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone within the hall noticed that Chen Xi had actually left silently since an unknown moment in time! They were all busy paying attention to the Eternal Dao Scripture and actually didn’t even notice when Chen Xi had left.

This caused everyone to feel slightly ashamed. The greatest contributor ought to have received the attention and praise of everyone. Yet now, he was overlooked by them, and it was slightly undue…

Only Chen Langya didn’t think in this way. He was already unable to restrain the excitement in his heart, and he spoke with a clear voice. “Martial Uncle Lie Peng, Junior Brother Chen Xi’s accomplishments in battle are splendid, and he has spread the might of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect. In terms of who should possess the opportunity to comprehend the Eternal Dao Scripture, it’d Junior Brother Chen Xi without a doubt.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Lie Peng and the others to nod to themselves.

“But it looks to me that Junior Brother Chen Xi seems to be uninterested in the Eternal Dao Scripture. Since it’s like this, Martial Uncle Lie Peng, why don’t you give this opportunity to the brothers and sisters in the hall? Perhaps Junior Brother Chen Xi would approve of such an arrangement.”

However, Chen Langya’s subsequent words caused everyone to frown.

Long Zhenbei, An Wei, Luo Qianrong, and the others revealed traces of displeased expressions. Chen Langya kept repeating the words Junior Brother Chen Xi and spoke in an honorable way, yet it might not be the case in his heart.

Elder Lie Peng glanced deeply at Chen Langya. “Then who do you think this Eternal Dao Scripture should be given to?”

Chen Langya smiled lightly as he cupped his hands. “It’s completely up to you, Martial Uncle Lie Peng. But I think that since there’s only a short period of seven days to comprehend it, then the disciple who’d able to obtain this opportunity must possess extraordinarily high comprehension ability and wisdom.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of complacency in his heart.

He felt that his relationship with Lie Peng was very good and coupled with only his natural talent and comprehension ability was the most outstanding amongst everyone present, so long as Elder Lie Peng nodded, then the Eternal Dao Scripture would be within his reach.

Lie Peng went silent, whereas the other Earthly Immortal Realm elders acted as if they were unaware of what was going on. They kept themselves out of the matter and were unwilling to be dragged in.

Regardless of if it was Chen Xi or Chen Langya, both of them were the most outstanding disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and if nothing unexpected happened, the successor to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect would probably be chosen from amongst the two of them.

But comparatively speaking, Chen Langya’s roots in the sect was deeper. After all, he’d joined the sect for many years and had always occupied the position of the number one disciple on Divine Radiance Peak. Moreover, he received the love and support of numerous elders and seniors of the sect, so he could be said to have an extensive web of relationships and possess great influence in the sect.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi’s reputation was like the sun in the midday sky within the Dark Reverie, and he’d successively defeated the distinguished disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, causing him to be extremely dazzling. But he’d only joined the sect for a little over a year in the end, and he hadn’t formed his own following and had few relationships, so he was far inferior to Chen Langya in terms of the resources.

These factors were things that Lie Peng and all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts had to consider.

On the other hand, the disciples in the hall had exploded into an uproar. They’d never expected that Chen Langya who seemed to keep a low profile and was actually arrogant to the bone would actually speak such shameless words. Obviously, he wants to take possession of the Eternal Dao Scripture for himself!

“Senior Brother Chen Langya, I’ve always admired your character and respected the contributions you’ve done for the sect. But aren’t your actions going too far!?” Long Zhenbei was the first to be unable to restrain himself, and he spoke with a frown. “After all, this Eternal Dao Scripture was won over by Chen Xi, so how could it be given to another without receiving his approval first?”

Chen Langya’s expression remained unchanged as he stared silently at Long Zhenbei. “Junior Brother Long, I didn’t say that all of this isn’t the contribution of Junior Brother Chen Xi, and I’ve only put this suggestion forward because he isn’t present. If he doesn’t agree, then we can completely disregard my suggestion. So why did you say I’m going too far? Could it be that you want to provoke me?” His voice carried a trace of a threatening tone.

The disciples on Divine Radiance Peak had always been fighting both openly and in secret. Since Chen Langya was capable of becoming the number one disciple, his might wasn’t formed overnight, so once these words were spoken, even though Long Zhenbei didn’t think much of it, some of the other disciples revealed a wisp of fear and shook their heads while remaining silent.

The corners of Chen Langya’s mouth couldn’t help but revealed an imperceptible smile when he saw this because he was extremely satisfied with such a reaction, and it was within his expectation.

Presently, Chen Xi wasn’t here, whereas he possessed the strongest cultivation amongst everyone present here now. Moreover, even Elder Lie Peng and the other higher-ups of the sect had deep relationships with him, so who would dare go against his intent under such circumstances?

“I disagree!” Right at this moment, Luo Qianrong stood up abruptly. She who usually had a lazy appearance was completely different from before, and her expression was cold and serious as she said word by word, “It belongs to who it belongs to. I don’t wish for Junior Brother Chen Xi’s hard work to benefit another!”

Chen Langya frowned as a wisp of a cold expression flashed in the depths of his eyes, and then he said, “Oh? Junior Sister Luo’s temper is quite hot today. All of this will naturally be arranged by Martial Uncle Lie Peng, so could it be that you’re questioning the choice of Martial Uncle Lie Peng?”

“It can’t be considered as questioning because I’m only speaking the truth.” Luo Qianrong had a composed expression and was utterly unafraid of the threatening tone revealed within Chen Langya’s words.

“I disagree as well.” An Wei stood up as well, and her beautiful and classical face didn’t carry the slightest emotion. “When there is contribution, there is reward. Not to mention that from the beginning until the end, Junior Brother Chen Xi had never expressed that he wasn’t interested in the Eternal Dao Scripture. All of this is only Senior Brother Chen’s guess.”

No matter if it was Luo Qianrong or An Wei, both of them represented a group of forces that stood behind them, and they seemed to be the leading figures of the female disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, so the others were unable to restrain themselves any longer when they saw both Luo Qianrong and An Wei shedding all pretenses with Chen Langya.

“We disagree as well!” Chang Le, Ning Zhen, and the others spoke as well, and they represented the attitude of all the disciples of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement on Divine Radiance Peak.

“Right! Only Junior Brother Chen Xi has the qualifications to comprehend this Dao scripture, and only then would we be satisfied.”

“Elder Lie Peng, please don’t be deceived.”

“Junior Brother Chen Xi’s comprehension ability and natural talent are both extraordinary, so he couldn’t be more suitable to comprehend the Eternal Dao Scripture.”

The other disciples spoke successively, and all of them supported Chen Xi.

Chen Langya’s expression sank instantaneously, and it was extremely unsightly. Never had he imagined that everyone present here would actually dare to challenge him openly because of Chen Xi!

He took a deep breath as he forcefully suppressed the fury in his heart, and then he disregarded all of them before shooting his gaze at Elder Lie Peng as he’d placed all his hopes on the latter. 

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