Chapter 745 – Eternal Dao Scripture

Lu Ping’s expression changed slightly before returning to its completely composed state.

Needless to say, his cultivation of the Dao Heart was truly terrifying, causing him to be tranquil and focused to the limit. He simply seemed to possess an aura of remaining unmoved regardless of what happened in his surroundings.


When faced with this terrifying strike of Chen Xi’s, Lu Ping didn’t hesitate in the slightest to swing his sword forward to develop countless ethereal and clear colored Eternal Sword Insight that transformed into an eternal mountain, an eternal pillar, an eternal tablet… He slashed out successively like the Eternal Sword Emperor of the primeval times, and his Sword Insight shot through the sky, causing the entire surroundings to be filled with a grand scene that was brilliant and seemed eternal.

But the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand spun, causing the monstrous energy of talisman markings to transform into a boundless muddy sea that flowed with countless blazing talisman markings while strands of terrifying energy brewed and whistled within it.

As soon as this ocean of talisman markings appeared, it seemed capable of suppressing the gods and causing the entire world to fall into oblivion!

It seemed as if the gods, saints, emperors, generals, peerless demons, overlord of the Evil Dao… If anything dared go against Chen Xi’s intent, then even the overlords of all the paths of cultivation would be suppressed into oblivion!

The Grand Dao profundity — Oblivion!


Eternal and Oblivion fought each other, causing every single inch of space on the Sword Evaluation Platform to shatter and enter a chaotic state as it was collapsed and obliterated, and it fell into a terrifying chaotic flow of space.

It seemed like the scene of the arrival of the end of the world as a great calamity appeared unexpectedly. The layer upon layer of terrifying restrictions on the Sword Evaluation Platform were completely activated and emanated boundless light as it constantly resisted the charge of this destructive force.

Even then, it still caused the entire Sword Evaluation Hall to shake intensely. On the tables, wine splashed into the air while the cups shattered, and regardless if it was those of the Eternal Spirit Mountain or the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, everyone in the surroundings revealed shocked expressions as they stood up swiftly.

If the might of this strike were to be placed in the outside world, it was sufficient to obliterate an area of 50,000km!

In the next moment…


Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, Lu Ping was blasted flying while fresh blood sprayed violently from his mouth!


A shadow appeared at the place Lu Ping flew out from, and it was precisely Chen Xi. He stretched out his hand and slapped, and he struck once more onto Lu Ping’s back and directly smashed him to the ground, causing Lu Ping to be unable to move no matter how he struggled.

In the air, Chen Xi’s icy cold and indifferent voice sounded out once more. “You’ve lost!”

Instantly, everyone in the hall was shocked!

A top expert from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, a supreme genius that had grasped the Eternal profundity had actually been blasted flying by Chen Xi before being suppressed on the ground within a few breaths of time!

How ferocious was this?

How formidable was this?

This string of unexpected events occurred so quickly. No one had imagined that Lu Ping who was even more outstanding than Fang Jinglue and who Princess Baili had placed high hopes on would actually lose so quickly!

“My god! Is he still human!?”

“How could this have happened?! I’m not dreaming, right? Junior Brother Chen Xi’s strength is simply unbelievable!”

“How quick! In the blink of an eye, the outcome had already been decided. Junior Brother Chen Xi who’d utilized his entire strength is simply an exalted figure amongst those of the same generation, and he’s matchless in the world!”

All the Core Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were dumbstruck and were on the verge of going mad. With the firmness of their Dao Hearts, they’d even cried out with words like ‘my god,’ so it was obvious how shocked they were. It was already at the extent it could cause them to lose control of their Dao Hearts and allowed their feelings to fluctuate unusually, causing them to be no different than an ordinary person.

Chen Langya was dazed, and he almost bit his tongue.

He’d originally thoughts that by relying on his nine times combat strength that he’d just attained, it would be sufficient for him to reign supreme amongst the Core Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak. But never had he ever imagined that Chen Xi would be even more ferocious than him, and not only had Chen Xi pushed him out of the Sword Evaluation Platform with a flick of the sleeve, Chen Xi had even suppressed Lu Ping directly!

Who can go against such a cultivation?

Who amongst those of the same generation could be a match for him?

Lu Ping was a top figure in the younger generation of the Eternal Spirit Mountain that had even comprehended the Eternal profundity. If they were truly to go against each other, Chen Langya felt that he had a 50% chance of winning, and he would be able to gain a slight advantage by relying on a few secret techniques. But it was utterly impossible for him to directly crush Lu Ping, let along crush his opponent in such a relaxed manner!

According to Chen Langya’s knowledge, the capability to defeat Lu Ping with a single sword strike wasn’t something a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator possessed, and only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert possessed such a cultivation.

“Directly crushing Eternal with Oblivion, and the rarest part is Chen Xi surpassed Lu Ping completely even in combat strength. This kid Chen Xi is simply a freak!” The gazes of Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts were extremely discerning, and they noticed how terrifying the energy contained within Chen Xi’s sword strike was with a single glance.

He was fierce, overbearing, formidable, arrogant, and completely revealed the bearing that was only possessed by an exalted king amongst those of the same generation. His imposing manner shot into the sky like a rainbow while he slaughtered resolutely, and it simply caused Lie Peng and the others to not dare believe that such an outstanding disciple actually existed in the world!

They couldn’t help but be shocked because all of them felt that the entire strength Chen Xi erupted with in that instant caused even them to feel horrified. They even suspected that with Chen Xi’s current cultivation, he was even capable of surmounting a realm and going against an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!Actually, they didn’t know that their guesses weren’t too far from the truth.

Presently, Chen Xi’s gaze had already gone past those of the same generation and was placed on the experts of the senior generation, and the battle with the Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Xueyan, was the most direct example.

At that time, if it wasn’t for Xueyan executing the terrifying Ninesplit Grace, Chen Xi wouldn’t even have to take a risk and would be able to fight Xueyan equally, so how could he possibly be someone Fang Jinglue and Lu Ping could compare to?

All in all, even though Chen Xi currently only possessed six times combat strength, since he utilized the five Divine Talismans as the foundation to reconstruct his Blackhole World, his cultivation had exceeded everyone from the same generation. The only thing he lacked was that the numerous Grand Dao profundities he possessed hadn’t been grasped to the Perfection Realm, otherwise he would have leaped up to become an exalted figure amongst those of the same cultivation!

“What!? This…” Meanwhile, everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain was astounded while their expressions turned grim, and they seemed as if they were struck by lightning and at a loss for what to do.

Princess Baili was the first to recover from her shock, and she stood there while staring fixedly at the figure on the Sword Evaluation Platform that was tall like a lofty and lone mountain. Her expression was cold and fierce while her entire body was suffused with a horrifying aura.

She’d similarly never expected that Lu Ping would lose, nor had she ever imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength would actually exceed all her estimations. All of these things she never expected caused her to suddenly realize a problem. It seemed as if all of them had slightly underestimated the disciples of the 10 great immortal sects since the beginning…

Her gaze was heavy and revealed a wisp of deep contemplation and resolution, and she seemed to have made some sort of decision. 



On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Lu Ping’s countenance was pale and almost translucent as a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from his mouth. His entire body flowed with a clear brilliance that was suffused with an eternal aura, and he still wanted to struggle up.

Even if he was suppressed, his expression remained calm like the surface of a pond and firm like a rock. Just like the Eternal profundity, it seemed like nothing in the world was capable of moving his heart and soul.

However, to his despair, no matter how he struggled, and even if he utilized a secret technique of the Eternal Grand Dao, he was unable to struggle free of Chen Xi’s suppression.

It was a terrifying force that seemed to suppress the gods and everything in the world. Even if it was the Eternal Grand Dao, it still had to be suppressed into Oblivion because it was the collision of Grand Dao profundities, and they couldn’t be differentiated in terms of strength.

Because he knew very clearly that his cultivation was inferior to Chen Xi, and that was why his Eternal profundity suffered such disgrace.

“Oblivion. I never imagined that you’ve actually grasped one of the three supreme profundities of the Netherworld. I admit defeat.” Lu Ping suddenly gave up struggling and spoke with a calm expression.

Merely based on his outward appearance, it was extremely difficult to discern that this sort of calmness came from someone that had failed, and he actually didn’t reveal the slightest dejection, bewilderment, or panic…

Chen Xi glanced deeply at Lu Ping before withdrawing his strength.

“Senior Brother Lu Ping…admitted defeat himself…” All those disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain gave up completely when they saw this scene, and all of them seemed dejected.

They were from the Secluded Paradise, the Eternal Spirit Mountain, that was filled with legends and stood aloof from the world. Even though it hadn’t emerged into the world in the past, the legends of their sect were still spread throughout the Dark Reverie, and it was respected by all.

Yet now, they had repeatedly run up against a wall in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and even Lu Ping who they’d placed high hopes on had lost. This was an extremely heavy blow on their confidence and fighting spirit.

On the other hand, everyone from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect beamed with delight and were extremely excited.

“Who else?” Chen Xi spoke on the Sword Evaluation Platform. His figure was tall, his appearance handsome, his bearing lofty and extraordinary, and every single word he spoke seemed to reveal the bearing of a king.

Who else?

These words were so overbearing and arrogant, and it sounded to haughty and insufferably arrogant in the ears of those disciples from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, causing them to grit their teeth and clench their fists in secret.

Princess Baili frowned and suddenly gestured with her hand as she said, “There’s no need to continue sparring, and it’ll come to an end here.”

As she spoke, she flicked her sleeve, causing a clear ray of light to shoot out and descend into Elder Lie Peng’s hand. “I admit defeat. This is the Eternal Dao Scripture, and I’ll send someone to retrieve it seven days from now.”

She raised her eyes and glanced deeply at Chen Xi after she finished speaking, and then she turned around to leave with everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

“Send the Fellow Daoists from Eternal Spirit Mountain off!” After Elder Lie Peng finished instructing, he couldn’t refrain from laughing with delight.



It turned out that Lie Peng and Princess Baili had formed a shocking wager before the spars began.

If the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were to lose in the spar, then he would allow the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain to head to the core area of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to ascend the Lotus Platform and comprehend the profound techniques within it.

Conversely, Princess Baili would hand over the Eternal Dao Scripture for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to comprehend.

This was absolutely an extravagant bet as the wager was the highest Dao Art inheritance of the two powers. So it was no wonder that Lie Peng would be so anxious and hastily summon Chen Xi over as soon as Chen Xi returned.

Now the dust had finally settled, and the atmosphere within the hall had become relaxed to the extreme.

Only Chen Langya had a dejected expression. Originally, he ought to have been the main character in this spar, yet now he’d completely fallen to be a side character, and his radiance of advancing to attain nine times combat strength was completely covered up by Chen Xi.

Everyone shot gazes of admiration and reverence to Chen Xi, whereas he only received gazes of pity… Besides causing him to be irritated, he couldn’t help but feel sad and powerless that the heavens had given life to Chen Xi while he existed in the world.

During the moment he was in deep contemplation, the gazes of everyone in the hall had descended onto Lie Peng and the scroll that emitted the clear radiance of the Eternal Grand Dao in his hand. 

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