Chapter 744 – You’re Very Unnecessary

Sword Evaluation Hall.

As soon as Lu Ping’s Eternal profundity appeared, it instantly shocked everyone present.

Even Elder Lie Peng couldn’t help but be slightly worried for Chen Xi because he was able to discern that Lu Ping was absolutely a top figure amongst the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, and he might be the strongest expert under Princess Baili’s command!

This sort of people was surely more terrifying and formidable than Fang Jinglue who possessed the Five Element Physique.

On the other hand, along with the entrance of Lu Ping on the Sword Evaluation Platform, the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain seemed to have eaten a pill that induced confidence, because all of them revealed relaxed expressions and sneered endlessly while having their arms crossed before their chests.

Within the Eternal Spirit Mountain, Lu Ping was one of the few existences up until this day that had comprehended the Eternal profundity, and he was the number one figure amongst the disciples that emerged into the world under Princess Baili’s lead.

According to the seniors of their sect, Lu Ping’s natural talent stood supreme amongst the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect. He was an existence that stood towering above all, and he was sufficient to sweep through almost all the young geniuses in the Dark Reverie!

No matter how extraordinary this Chen Xi is, how could he possibly be a match for Senior Brother Lu Ping?

They were filled with confidence and anticipation towards Lu Ping.

“Let’s begin.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke indifferently.

Quite a long period of time had passed since he entered the Sword Evaluation Hall, and even though he wasn’t worried about the others, he was worried that Yue Chi would make a move upon hearing of his return.

So he intended to end the battle as quickly as possible before leaving the Sword Evaluation Hall and rush directly to True Martial Peak.

However, right at this moment, a droning sound resounded out as countless golden radiances soared up from outside the hall, and then an indistinct figure walked out trippingly from within the golden radiance.

“Eternal profundity? Very good! Only an opponent like this is worthy of me, Chen Langya, making a move.” Accompanying this voice was a figure that flashed before arriving on the Sword Evaluation Platform.

This was an extremely handsome young man who possessed white skin and was exceedingly refined. He wore a dark purple colored Daoist robe and wore a fine belt made of soft metal that was inlaid with pearls. His features were handsome, his gaze profound, and he seemed to have converged the refined aura of the world onto himself, causing his aura to be indistinct and unfathomable.

“Chen Langya!”

“It’s actually Senior Brother Chen Langya!”

“Wasn’t he in closed door cultivation? Why has he made an appearance now? Could it be that he found out about the events in this Sword Evaluation Hall, and it drew his interest, causing him to come over?”

Within the hall, the gazes of Chang Le, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, and the others lit up as they gazed at this figure that was lofty like an immortal, and all of them revealed a wisp of admiration that couldn’t be restrained.

Even Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were slightly stunned when they saw this handsome young man appear, and then they revealed expressions of pleasant surprise.

Exactly, he was the peerless genius that was reputed to possess great fortune and will, Chen Langya, who’d always occupied the position of first amongst the Core Seed Disciples of Divine Radiance Peak!

He was from the ancient Chen Clan, and no one amongst the Core Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were capable of shaking his position in the past 30 years since he became a Core Seed Disciple. Before him, all other disciples were cast into a shade.

He was the deserving genius of Divine Radiance Peak, and the one and only!

When they saw such a young man had made a sudden appearance at the critical moment, everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain was slightly stunned and displeased. But when they carefully sized Chen Langya up, the displeasure on their faces was gradually replaced by a wisp of seriousness.

He’s very strong!

This was their common view.

Princess Baili’s clear eyes even focused as a wisp of surprise flashed within, and she seemed to have never imagined that there would actually be such a figure in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Chen Xi frowned instead, yet he didn’t say anything and silently watched the situation unfold.

“I’m late because I was at the final step of my closed door cultivation, and I finally broke through to attain nine times my combat strength.” Chen Langya cupped his hands from afar towards Elder Lie Peng and the others as he spoke in a light voice.

His voice was deep and clear, and it carried a unique strand of charm and confidence that caused others to be unable to help but be deeply convinced.

Nine time combat strength!

Chang Le, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, and the others were fiercely shocked. It has only been such a short period of time, yet Senior Brother Chen Langya has actually broken through once more?

Even the expressions of Princess Baili and the others changed imperceptibly. Nine times his combat strength! With such natural talent, he’s probably only a step away from becoming an exalted Nether Transformation Realm expert!

Exalted, it meant that one was matchless amongst those of the same cultivation!

Even if it was within the Eternal Spirit Mountain, someone with such natural talent was already considered a peak existence…

“Good, good, good! Langya, you’ve finally broken through! Congratulations! I’ll notify the Sect Master right away once we’re done here and heavily reward you!” Elder Lie Peng combed his beard as he smiled with extreme gratification.

Chen Langya smiled lightly with a carefree expression. In the next moment, his gaze directly disregarded Chen Xi’s existence before descending onto Lu Ping who stood before him. “I’ll participate in this spar.” 

Lu Ping’s expression remained calm and unchanged, and he just shot his gaze at Chen Xi.

Chen Langya was slightly stunned as a trace of displeasure flashed within the depths of his eyes, and the he shook his head. In the next moment, his gaze had already descended onto Chen Xi, and he said indifferently, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, stand down. Leave this to me.”

Even though his voice was calm, it revealed the feeling that it couldn’t be disobeyed, and it was like an order and seemed casual like how a senior ordered a junior about.

Chen Xi frowned once more. “I think your appearance is very unnecessary.”

He was unable to restrain a ball of rage from arising in his heart. Before he’d come to this Sword Evaluation Hall, this Chen Langya had chosen to remain in closed door cultivation and wouldn’t even listen to the summons of Elder Lie Peng, and he’d completely not taken the honor of the sect seriously.

This caused the other disciples to have no choice but to look for Chen Xi and bitterly implore him to come and spar with these disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

If it was any ordinary time, he couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it with Chen Langya. But now, he intended to end the fight quickly and leave, yet this Chen Langya actually made an appearance and disturbed the situation by firstly disregarding him, then ordering him about. Wasn’t it going too far!?

Even the nicest person had a moment of rage, let alone Chen Xi who was currently in an extremely bad mood. There were various things that were bothering him, causing flames of rage and killing intent to be pent up in the depths of his heart since a long time ago, so he naturally couldn’t be bothered to be courteous when he spoke!

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the hall was shocked as they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi actually dared to speak like this to Chen Langya!

After all, Cheng Langya’s status in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was even more respected than some elders, and he was a haughty person. Even though he very rarely had any contact with disciples of the same generation, so long as he spoke, no one dared go against him.

This was a sort of prestige that belonged to the number one Core Seed Disciple on Divine Radiance Peak!

Not to mention Chang Le, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, and the others, even Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthy Immortal Realm experts revealed pleasant expressions as they spoke with Chen Langya and would satisfy all his wishes.

So it was because of this that Chen Xi’s words had drawn such a reaction from them.

Chen Langya was similarly slightly stunned, and he maintained an indifferent expression as he said, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, don’t push yourself. This distinguished disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain has comprehended the Eternal profundity. He isn’t someone you can deal with, and only I’m able to deal with his challenge.”

“Chen Xi, come over here. Leave everything to Chen Langya to deal with.” Lie Peng and the other higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect hurriedly spoke out to Chen Xi.

Chen Langya smiled lightly and didn’t pay any further attention to Chen Xi before he turned around to look at Lu Ping. “Now, can we begin?”

When she saw Chen Langya acting in such a way and seeming to be entirely capable of defeating Lu Ping, a wisp of fury couldn’t help but flash past Princess Baili’s eyes, and she instructed with a cold voice. “Senior Brother Lu Ping, since he’s desperate for a battle, then fulfil his wish!”

“Yes!” Lu Ping got his orders, and he instantly leaped up in a straightforward manner. At the same time, a sword appeared in his hand before he slashed down with it.


A sword howl that sounded like the roar of a dragon resounded out. Under this sword strike, the entire surroundings were suffused with numerous ethereal and clear sheens that were dazzling and resplendent, and they emitted a peerlessly dense aura of eternity, causing others to have the feeling that it was impossible to shake, destroy, and would exist for eternity.

“This is the Eternal Sword Scripture! The supreme inherited Dao Art of the Eternal Spirit Mountain. Its Sword Insight is like an endless tide, and its reputed to be ‘Eternal with the world’!” Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect spoke with shock.

“Vacuum Sword!” Chen Langya was in high spirits as an icy cold glow flashed within his eyes, and then his sword left its sheath, causing an expanse of chaos to appear before he was about to charge at Lu Ping and enter into a fierce battle.

“I’ve told you before, your existence is unnecessary, yet you still refuse to realize your errors? Stand down!” However, right when he’d just unsheathed his sword, he heard an icy cold shout.

After that, a boundless forcefield surged over towards him. It struck him to the point he retreated repeatedly, and he was actually pushed out of the Sword Evaluation Platform, causing him to not even have the chance to slash out with his sword!

What sort of strength is this!? Chen Langya was shocked and practically didn’t dare believe that with his strength, he would actually be forced back with a single strike and would even be directly forced out of the Sword Evaluation Platform!

It was even to the extent he didn’t even have the time to utilize his sword!

How…could this be possible?

After all, with his level of cultivation, once he did unsheathe his sword, even if it wasn’t on par with the speed of teleportation, it wasn’t much inferior. Yet now, he was actually obstructed before he could strike!

Before he could react to what had happened, he subsequently saw a scene that he was unable to forget for a very long time.

Chen Xi’s entire body seemed to have instantly formed into an ocean of talisman markings, and his entire body blazed while the profundities of the Grand Daos flowed like the tide around him. With a flick of his sleeve, Chen Xi pushed Chen Langya back before flashing out. He soared through the sky with the blood red sword in his hand and carried a myriad of talisman markings of slaughter, and then he slashed down towards Lu Ping’s sword strike.


The sword strike that carried the aura of the Eternal Grand Dao collapsed inch by inch as soon as it encountered Chen Xi’s talisman markings of slaughter, and its ‘eternal’ aura vanished completely without a trace!

“I’ve said it before, I’m very busy. Lu Ping, I’m your opponent, and I’ll utilize my entire strength to end this fight as quickly as possible!” Chen Xi’s figure flashed out like a shuttle that penetrated through space while his Sword Insight formed from talisman markings was like a tempest that swept towards the surroundings.


The myriad of talisman markings were like a torrent from the depths of the universe that was branded with various Grand Dao profundities, and his Sword Insight surged while the bloody glow emanated from his sword transformed into expanses of blood colored symbols.


Lu Ping’s entire body shook while he felt a terrifying force press down upon him, causing the True Essence in his entire body to have an obstructed feeling. His entire cultivation had been tempered from real combat, and he’d experienced countless bloody battles, so he was absolutely not someone Fang Jinglue could compare to. But he’d never encountered such a formidable pressure when going against someone of the same generation!

At this thousandth of an instant, the expression of someone who had always been composed like him couldn’t help but change imperceptibly!

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