Chapter 743 – Eternal Profundity

Admit defeat! Or die!

These words were spoken resolutely with an icy cold and murderous tone that shook the hall, and it caused the hearts of everyone present to jerk as they felt the unconcealed killing intent and resolution in Chen Xi’s words.

Practically no one doubted that Chen Xi wouldn’t dare act as he spoke!

Some attentive people even noticed that every single time Chen Xi struck Fang Jinglue since the battle began, he was taking an eye for an eye in his own way.

Fang Jinglue had pointed at him while provoking him, so Chen Xi crushed Fang Jinglue’s right hand.

Fang Jinglue pointed at him and cursed at him furiously, so he gave Fang Jinglue a heavy slap.

Fang Jinglue had heavily injured Yun Ye’s eyes earlier, so Chen Xi bluntly injured Fang Jinglue’s eyes.

Up until this point, the words ‘Admit defeat or die.’ That Chen Xi spoke was like a resolute and forceful reply because Fang Jinglue had arrogantly asked Chen Xi to admit defeat and not to waste time before the battle began…

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became extremely oppressive.

A spar had turned into a scene like this, and it was something that no one had expected.

All the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain had extremely unsightly expressions because Fang Jinglue’s miserable defeat caused them to feel extremely humiliated.

On the other hand, the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were delighted. Even though they didn’t speak out in ridicule, the happiness and excitement that they unintentionally revealed from between their brows was the greatest ridicule, and it irritated the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain to the point their faces sank while flames of rage coiled around their hearts.

Only Princess Baili’s clear eyes stared fixedly at the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand, and she seemed to have fallen into deep contemplation.



On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue had a livid and savage expression while his eyes flowed with blood, and he seemed like a miserable dog that had fallen on the ground and was without the slightest bearing of a genius!

He was unable to see anything, but his eyes stared fixedly at Chen Xi and at the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand, and he revealed an expression of deep resentment and mostly terror.

How could he have imagined before this that he would lose so miserably? Even when he relied on an Immortal Artifact that had been passed down since the primeval times like the Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword, he’d actually lost all the same!

Fang Jinglue’s expression changed indeterminately, and his pride suffered an unprecedented blow!

“I’ll count to three, and I’ll kill you if you don’t admit defeat!” Chen Xi spoke indifferently with a voice that seemed to drift out from an icy pit, and it caused Fang Jinglue to be unable to refrain from trembling.

“This is a spar! Not a life and death battle!” When faced with Chen Xi’s emotionless and indifferent expression, Fang Jinglue couldn’t help but feel panic. Even though he was a genius of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, he’d been cultivating in seclusion deep within the mountains since he was young, and he’d never obtained tempering in the world. So in terms of experience, he didn’t even possess a ten thousandth of the experience Chen Xi possessed.

“One!” Chen Xi remained indifferent and spoke directly, and it was like a pressing sound of slaughter that caused numerous people within the hall to be terrified.

Originally, some people hoped that Chen Xi would let Fang Jinglue off out of consideration to the Eternal Spirit Mountain. But when they saw this scene, they instantly understood that they were too naïve, and this fellow before them was simply a cold and emotionless killer!

At this moment, a wisp of terror and coldness gushed out into Fang Jinglue’s heart, and it surged through his entire body, causing his hands and feet to go icy cold while he couldn’t refrain from howling. “You’re going to far! You’re simply going too far! Do you want to cause a disaster between the Eternal Spirit Mountain and the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!?”

“Two!” At this moment, even Princess Baili couldn’t maintain her composure. Her brows knit together and were filled with rage, and her eyes even surged with a wisp of icy coldness.

“Elder Lie Peng, this is only a spar. This disciple of your Nine Radiance Sword Sect is going a bit too far!” She spoke coldly.

“A spar requires a win or defeat. Princess, that disciple isn’t willing to admit defeat all this time, so it seems like he wants to continue with the spar. I…am helpless as well.” Lie Peng shrugged with a helpless expression, yet he was extremely delighted in his heart.

Chen Xi’s display simply allowed him to vent his frustrations and feel delighted. If it wasn’t out of consideration for his status, he would wish for nothing more than to clap and praise Chen Xi.

What an outstanding disciple. He must be fostered properly in the future!

Princess Baili was stunned as she seemed to have never expected Lie Peng to react in such a way, and her beautiful brows knit together tightly. She knew that if she were to continue hesitating, then Fang Jinglue’s life might really be in danger, so she waved her hand right away. “Junior Brother Fang, admit defeat. Use this humiliation as motivation because this is a good opportunity for you to temper your disposition.”

Fang Jinglue was stunned while his face changed indeterminately. In the end, he laughed dejectedly before he said with a hoarse voice, “I… I…admit defeat!” The last two words he spoke seemed to be squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it revealed extremely dense resentment.

Chen Xi seemed to have expected this scene since the beginning, and he raised his leg before kicking Fang Jinglue out of the Sword Evaluation Platform.


The disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain surrounded him and supported Fang Jinglue’s return, and it was obvious from this that Fang Jinglue’s status in the Eternal Spirit Mountain was extremely good.

Chen Xi turned around with the intention of leaving the Sword Evaluation Platform, yet right at this moment, someone spoke abruptly. “Wait! I’ll spar with you!”

Chen Xi frowned and stopped before taking a deep breath to forcefully restrain the impatience and killing intent in his heart.

He shot his gaze at the blood red sword in his hand, and the blade that was deep red like blood emitted a beautiful and icy cold sheen. At the hilt of the blade was a faintly inscribed word that was incomplete and ancient, it vaguely seemed like the character ‘’ that meant slaughter, yet it lacked almost half the strokes of the character, causing it to be impossible to distinguish.

But Chen Xi had already found out during the battle earlier that this sword was the ‘Saintslaughter’ sword, a legendary forbidden sword that came from the primeval times!

However, he moved his gaze right after that and frowned as he looked beneath the Sword Evaluation Platform.

The disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain were arguing. All of them gritted their teeth while intending to charge up onto the Sword Evaluation Platform to challenge Chen Xi, and all of them wouldn’t give in to each other, causing the scene to be rather clamorous.

“Senior Brother Ning Qiao, allow me to do it. I’ll surely crush that kid!”

“That won’t do. I owe Senior Brother Fang Jinglue a favor, so how can I stand idly by at this moment?”

“Junior Brother Huo Xi, Senior Brother Ning Qiao, stop arguing, both of you! In my opinion, I should make a move because I just happen to be rather skilled in the Sword Dao, and I can have a nice competition with this kid.”

Chen Xi’s brows knit even more tightly together when he saw this scene, and then he said, “I’m very busy!”

Yes, it was precisely these three words, yet it vividly displayed Chen Xi’s attitude. Do all of you want to fight or not? If you aren’t, then fuck off! Don’t waste my time!

Instantly, the clamorous noise in the hall vanished without a trace and turned completely silent.

As they looked at the tall and extraordinary figure on the Sword Evaluation Platform, Lie Peng, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, and the other exclaimed with admiration. Overbearing! Junior Brother Chen Xi is truly overbearing!

On the other hand, everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain had gloomy expressions while their eyes almost sprayed flames because these mere three words had instantly lit up the flames of rage in their hearts.

Even Princess Baili gnashed her teeth with hatred, and then she said coldly, “Stop arguing. Let Senior Brother Lu Ping make a move!”

Lu Ping!

All the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain were stunned when they heard this, and then they shot their gazes to the side. At that place was a black clothed young man who sat cross-legged. His appearance was ordinary, his clothes ordinary, he was completely ordinary to the extreme, and it was exceedingly easy for others to overlook his existence.

But it just so happened that when the gazes of those disciples from the Eternal Spirit Mountain descended onto him, their expressions couldn’t help but reveal a trace of imperceptible fear and reverence.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Lu Ping lightly drank up the cup of wine in his hand before standing up with a calm expression, and then he walked step by step towards the Sword Evaluation Platform with steady footsteps that were neither slow nor fast while he seemed to be neither arrogant nor restless and revealed an extremely peaceful feeling.

Along with him stepping out step by step, the entire hall was silent, perfectly silent.

The eyes of Elder Lie Peng instantly narrowed as he felt this young man called Lu Ping was very extraordinary, and the steady and peaceful bearing of Lu Ping’s seemed as if Lu Ping wouldn’t be disturbed in the slightest even if the heavens collapsed.

Everyone else in the hall smelt the change in the atmosphere, causing all their expressions to become serious and heavy. This person isn’t simple at all!

“Everything is up to you.” When Lu Ping stepped foot onto the Sword Evaluation Platform, Princess Baili suddenly broke the silence and spoke with a light voice.

Lu Ping didn’t say anything and just nodded, and he seemed completely like a silent rock.

At the other side of the Sword Evaluation Platform, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he sized up this opponent of this, and he acutely noticed that even though his opponent looked to be calm, but there was a shockingly powerful energy contained within his opponent’s body. It was like a tempest that was brewing beneath the calm surface of a sea, and it caused others to not dare overlook it.

“Lu Ping, disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain.” Lu Ping finally spoke with a voice that remained calm as before, causing others to be unable to discern any emotion from it, and the more it was like this, the more unfathomable he seemed.


As soon as his voice finished resounding out in the air, a wave of rumbling suddenly resounded out from Lu Ping who seemed extremely ordinary in both bearing and appearance!

At the same time, every single inch of his skin was suffused with an ethereal and clear radiance that coiled around him and formed into an exceedingly brilliant and dignified aura.

Instantly, he seemed to have become a different person that was plain, yet not ordinary, brilliant, yet not flashy, and he emanated a profound aura that was almost eternal!

“This is…the aura of eternity!”

“The rumors are really true. The inheritance of the Eternal Spirit Mountain contained the profundities of the Eternal Grand Dao!”

“This kid is actually so terrifying and has grasped the Eternal Grand Dao. That’s one of the rarest Grand Dao profundities in the heavens and the earth, and its capable of going against Grand Daos like the Grand Dao of Light, Darkness, Oblivion, and Taichi!”

The hall was in an uproar as numerous gazes descended onto Lu Ping in unison, and all their expressions were suffused with a trace of shock.


A rare Grand Dao that practically broke through the Temporal Laws and allowed one to practically be able to live eternally with the world upon grasping it!

This sort of Grand Dao profundity was too shocking. Not to mention cultivators, even Heavenly Immortals dreamt of grasping such a Grand Dao profundity because this Grand Dao was too rare. Since the ancient times until now, cultivators that were able to grasp the Eternal Grand Dao could be counted on one’s fingers!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he sensed how terrifying this Grand Dao profundity was. But he wasn’t worried because the Eternal Grand Dao was still a type of Dao, so even though it was terrifying, it depended on the extent Lu Ping had grasped it to.

Just like an Immortal Artifact, if it were to fall into the hands of an ordinary person, it would be a piece of scrap metal because not even a portion of its might could be executed.

Chen Xi felt that with his current strength, so long as he didn’t encounter a Nether Transformation Realm expert that had grasped 10 Grand Dao profundities to the Perfection Realm, other Nether Transformation Realm experts weren’t a match for him at all.

Even though Lu Ping who was before him was strong, Lu Ping didn’t arouse a strong feeling of being threatened in him, and Lu Ping was roughly just a bit stronger than Yan Shisan and Fang Jinglue. 

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