Chapter 742 – Admit Defeat Or Die

A miserable shrill cry was resounding in the air, and it caused the expressions of everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain to go grim.

It was too quick! 

Only the time for a breath had passed since the battle began, yet Fang Jinglue’s right hand was broken and his fingers crushed. They were simply unable to react to such events.

“You’re courting death!” Fang Jinglue’s face warped as he roared, and the True Essence in his body rumbled like a raging tide as it erupted with five colored divine lights. He raised his left hand up like a great axe of the gods and struck down right at Chen Xi’s head.

He’d actually disregarded the fact that his right hand was crippled and intended to fight Chen Xi in close combat. He acted decisively, ruthlessly, and without the slightest hesitation, obviously revealing that he’d absolutely not relied purely on luck to cultivate to his current state.


Chen Xi made a backhand strike that flowed with talisman markings, and not only did it negate this attack, it continued on the slap onto Fang Jinglue’s face and blasted him flying. Blood sprayed from both his nose and mouth while his cheek swelled up, and even a few of his teeth flew out.

This scene caused everyone in the surroundings to be shocked because Chen Xi’s movements were too relaxed and simple, yet it just happened to possess unsurpassed strength that was all powerful and caused his opponent to not have the slightest room to resist!

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation would be needed to achieve this?

The expressions of everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain changed indeterminately while all of them didn’t dare believe their eyes. Fang Jinglue’s strength was absolutely one of the top amongst them, yet now, he actually didn’t even have room to resist. How could they accept this?

Who were they?

They were the disciples of a Secluded Paradise, the Eternal Spirit Mountain!

No matter if it was the inheritance of their sect or their background, it was extraordinary and possessed shocking resources and reserves. 

As the first batch of disciples that had emerged into the world, all of them were the geniuses of the sect with extraordinary cultivation and shocking strengths, and their seniors had placed great expectations upon them.

As far as they were concerned, the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect were far inferior to them. Moreover, if it was in terms of strength, all of them were sufficient to sweep through all the cultivators of the same generation in the Dark Reverie and reign supreme above all.

Reality was indeed so. Since they entered the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, they enjoyed the most ceremonious treatment, and Fang Jinglue had even fiercely taught a lesson to one of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s disciples that spoke arrogantly. All of this caused their confidence to swell up.

However, never had they ever imagined that Fang Jinglue would actually lose so swiftly when facing Chen Xi, and he was simply like a feeble scholar!

Only the expressions of Princess Baili and all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts from Eternal Spirit Mountain had composed expressions. But their solemn gazes that shot towards the Sword Evaluation Platform displayed that their hearts weren’t as calm as they seemed on the surface.



On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue coughed up blood repeatedly. His hair was disheveled while his right hand was twisted into a bunch, and his clothes were dyed red with blood, causing him to simply seem like a different person when compared to how arrogant and proud he was before.

Having his right hand crushed and suffering a slap to the face caused his pride to suffer an enormous blow, and he felt deeply humiliated.

He was furious to the point of being on the verge of going mad. He possessed the Five Element Physique, the potential to become a peerless sovereign, and extraordinary natural talent. His entire journey of cultivating until now was smoothly like the wind, so when had he ever suffered such humiliation?

“Dammit! You deserve death!!” Fang Jinglue roared furiously as he stood up in a somewhat mad state, and then he grabbed his midair, causing a droning sound to be emitted as a rift in space appeared before a simple and ancient sword appeared from within.

This sword was straight like a ruler, simple, ancient, and had numerous patterns branded upon it like the patterns of mountains, rivers, plants, stars, the moon, the sun, education, farming, and fishing!

As soon as he held onto this sword, Fang Jinglue’s entire bearing changed. He became dignified like an ancient emperor that had descended into the world, and he seemed to control the world and emanated a vast brilliance.

Most shocking of it all, his right hand that had been crippled actually healed in an instant! Moreover, his entire aura had become more than two times stronger.

“Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword!”

“Senior Brother Fang has gone mad! That’s a true Immortal Artifact, the Dao Sword left behind by the primeval saint, the Sky Emperor. It contained the Sage Grand Dao and the energy of emperors. Once it’s utilized, then this battle won’t end without the death of someone!”

“There’s no need to worry. There are numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts present here, so there’ll be no danger to anyone’s life. At most, Chen Xi will admit defeat and leave the Sword Evaluation Hall obediently.”

The disciples of Eternal Spirit Mountain spoke with shock when they saw Fang Jinglue withdraw this sword.

This Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword was an Immortal Artifact left behind since the primeval times. According to legend, it was the sword of the primeval saint, Sky Emperor. Even though the Artifact Spirit within it has been destroyed, its might was still extraordinarily formidable, and it wasn’t inferior to an Immortal Artifact.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it was impossible for the Artifact Spirit of this sword to be reborn, it would be utterly impossible for this sword to fall into Fang Jinglue’s hands. After all, the might of such a precious treasure could only be completely brought out by an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

As the members of the Eternal Spirit Mountain heaved sighs of relief, the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect became anxious. After all, the might of that sword in Fang Jinglue’s hand was too vast and extraordinary to the point even Elder Lie Peng was slightly shocked, let alone Chang Le, Long Zhenbei, and the other disciples.

“In the magnificent universe and radiance years of the past, where the tip of my sword arrived, the earth splits apart!” On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue held the Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword in his hand while a string of vast and supreme chants were emanated from the depths of his throat, and it was terrifying as it surged out like the howl of a sage educated the world or like a sovereign giving out orders.

His gaze was like a bolt of lightning while his bearing was heavy and lofty as he slashed down with his sword.


Divine light sprayed down like a rain while the sword emanated a vast aura. Instantly, Chen Xi felt energy the covered the heavens and the earth envelop his entire body. This energy didn’t contain any killing intent, and it contained courage, kindness, wisdom, and other auras of a saint, causing it to be vast and righteous.

Chen Xi felt as if he was facing a saint when facing this attack, because this strike was filled with the aura and intent of a saint!

In other words, this was a type of Dao of saints! It was a Grand Dao profundity that only saints could master!

But at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it because the pent up rage and killing intent within his heart had become restless since a long time ago. So how could he worry about anything else?

Without the slightest hesitation, he stretched out his hand and grabbed, causing a blood red sword to appear in his hand, and as the blade of the sword spun, it stirred both Yin and Yang as if swept out like a starry vortex!


As soon as this strike soared through the sky, even the heavens and the earth dimmed down while a bloody glow shot through space, and dense killing intent that was like fresh blood sprayed out as waves of resounding sorrowful wailing shook the surroundings.

“Eh! That’s…” Princess Baili seemed to have discerned something, and for the first time since she entered the Sword Evaluation Hall, her expression changed slightly and revealed surprise and bewilderment. 

This seems to be…the tears of a saint?” Lie Peng’s eyes erupted with a brilliant glow that seemed like flowing lightning as he stared fixedly at the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand, and his expression was similarly surprised and bewildered.

It wasn’t just them, everyone present felt sorrow and horror from this sword, and it carried the horrifying intent of killing all saints to put an end to all sin.


Lofty divine light and a bloody aura shot into the sky as the both of them collided, and they erupted with boundless light!

At this instant, the entire Sword Evaluation Hall was trembling while peerless Sword Insight was colliding with each other. It was like a saint was fuming and carried an extremely shocking impetus that caused everyone present to stare their eyes wide open as they were deeply afraid they would miss the slightest detail.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword and the blood red sword collided and were utilized to the limit by Fang Jinglue and Chen Xi. Various Grand Dao profundities flew about, causing space to shatter and the world to be in chaos.

If it wasn’t for the Sword Evaluation Platform having been constructed from Black Mothercrystal that came from outside the three dimensions and the exhaustion of an enormous amount of energy by the ancestors of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and even had layer after layer of formidable restrictions placed upon it, it would probably have caused the entire hall to be destroyed by now.

Its impetus was too terrifying!

One was like the emergence of a saint, the descent of a sovereign. Everywhere the Sword Insight passed was filled with wisdom, kindness, courage, and various other vast and brilliant phenomena. On the other hand, the other surged with a bloody glow, and it contained horrifying and dense killing intent. It seemed as if it intended to kill the gods and slaughter the saints, it wanted to annihilate all the saints in the world!

Not to mention the collision of their cultivations, merely the collision of these two swords caused the hearts of everyone in the hall to shake, and a wisp of a tempestuous wave that was impossible to calm down arose in their hearts.

“Saint—Slaughter—Forbidden—Sword!” The expression in Princess Baili’s eyes changed indeterminately, and in the end, her plump and soft lips spat out a few words with difficulty.

At the same time, Elder Lie Peng had recognized the blood red sword in Chen Xi’s hand as well, and his entire body stiffened as he muttered. “Didn’t this sword get lost in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm along with that old fellow from the Yazi Clan 10,000 years ago?”

Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword!

According to legend, this sword had once slaughtered countless saints during the primeval times, causing blood to cover the ground and dye the clear sky red. At that time, a rain of the blood of saints fell for seven days and seven night while the myriads of living beings were able to hear waves of sorrowful howls of the saints, and it shook the primeval times and the entire three dimensions!

Later on, this sword was sealed by an exalted figure and hadn’t appeared in the world for countless years, whereas the slaughter caused by this sword and its terrifying might had become a taboo that caused everyone to turn pale upon mentioning it.

This sword was only found by the Elder of the Yazi Clan 10,000 years ago, and it shook the world. It became the divine weapon of the Yazi Clan, but unfortunately this sword and that elder of the Yazi Clan had vanished in unison within the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, causing countless people in the world to sigh endlessly with pity.

Yet now, this forbidden sword that was covered in legends had actually appeared in Chen Xi’s hands, so how could Elder Lie Peng not be surprised?


Right at this moment, Fang Jinglue who was on the Sword Evaluation Platform seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and he was blasted flying while the Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword in his hand even droned before boring into space and vanishing.

“You… You… What sword is that in your hands!?” Fang Jinglue coughed up blood with a pale countenance while he cried out sharply with terror. Never had he imagined that he would actually be unable to do anything against Chen Xi while relying on the Sky Emperor’s Dao Sword!

Chen Xi didn’t reply. His expression and icy cold and indifferent while he held the blood red sword like a king that walked in blood and darkness, and then his eyes flashed with a strand of blazing light that revealed talisman markings.


Fang Jinglue felt a wave of piercing pain on his eyes. It felt as if a sharp sword had heavily injured them, causing his eyes to be unable to see anymore, and he couldn’t help but cry out miserably. “You actually dared to destroy my eyes. I’ll kill you! Kill you!” Fang Jinglue was horrified as he let out shrill cries of misery, and his hands covered his eyes while he howled repeatedly.

Chen Xi was indifferent and only lightly spoke a few words. “Admit defeat or die!”

Icy cold, murderous! 

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