Chapter 741 – Taking A Yard


The figure coughed blood without end while bright red bloody froth sprayed from his mouth.

“Senior Brother Yun Ye!” All the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the hall exclaimed with shock because the figure that had lost was shockingly Yun Ye, and this was something they’d never imagined. Only 10 minutes had passed since the battle began, and Yun Ye had actually lost!


Elder Lie Peng’s face went grim as his figure flashed out and grabbed Yun Ye, preventing Yun Ye from falling to the ground.

“My eyes! My White Emperor’s Metal Eyes!” Yun Ye’s shrill and furious cry resounded out while his entire body trembled, and his eyes were shut tightly while two streams of blood flowed from them.

It turned out that Fang Jinglue had struck ruthlessly in this battle and heavily injured Yun Ye’s eyes!

The expressions of Elder Lie Peng and the others sank instantaneously while revealed furious expressions. A natural talent like the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes was extremely rare and one in a million, so if Yun Ye’s eyes were crippled like this, then his entire life would be destroyed!

“White Emperor’s Metal Eyes? To think you dared to provoke me? This battle is just to make you understand that calamity comes from the mouth, and there are some people that you utterly can’t afford to offend!” On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue crossed his arms before his chest while standing there proudly, and a trace of dense disdain flashed on his face. “Seniors of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, there’s no need to worry. I know how far to go and wouldn’t completely cripple his eyes, and I’ve only given him a lesson.”

“Presumptuous! Are the disciples of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect someone that you can teach a lesson to?” One of the elders couldn’t help but berate furiously under his anger.

“Senior, calm your anger. Since it’s a spar, injuries naturally can’t be avoided. My Junior Brother Fang has already held back, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.” The nearby Baili Yan had a composed expression as she spoke indifferently, and her voice wasn’t loud yet was filled with innate dignity.

“Hmph!” The elder grunted coldly and remained silent.

They were distinguished guests from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, so even if he was an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, he wouldn’t dare offend them rashly. Not to mention Yun Ye was really inferior in skill during this match.

“Alright, take Yun Ye to go heal his injuries.” Lie Peng flicked his sleeve and instructed an elder to quickly leave the Sword Evaluation Hall with Yun Ye.

Instantly, the atmosphere within the hall became slightly oppressive.

Yun Ye’s loss had undoubtedly cast a shadow over the hearts of everyone from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and their morale suffered a certain level of adverse effect.

On the other hand, everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain crossed their arms before them and sneered with arrogant and relaxed expression, and it seemed as if that scene from before was within their expectations.

“Junior Brother Fang, you can come down. You’ve done well today.” Princess Baili grinned as she spoke to Fang Jinglue who was on the Sword Evaluation Platform.

“Princess, wait a moment. I only warmed up earlier, and I still want to play with the Senior Brothers from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.” Fang Jinglue had a carefree expression as he roared with laughter.

“Haha, Senior Brother Fang really likes to fight.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Fang always sighs with emotion about how it was difficult to find opponents amongst those of the same generation, and he caught this opportunity to do battle with great difficulty, so how could he let it slip by?”

“Oh, I wonder if the distinguished disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect will dare to rise to his challenge.”

All the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain discussed animatedly without end, and they revealed ridiculing expressions of wanting to watch the show. 

When these voices entered into the ears of Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan, and the other Core Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was so jarring and provoked them to the point their faces turned livid.

“Since this Senior Brother Fang from the Eternal Spirit Mountain hasn’t finished playing, then I, Long Zhenbei, will have a proper spar with you!” Long Zhenbei rose up and spoke coldly.

“You?” Fang Jinglue sized Long Zhenbei up from head to toe before a wisp of disdain suffused the corners of his mouth. “If you want to battle me, Fang Jinglue, then you have to possess the strength.”

“What do you mean by that!?” Long Zhenbei spoke with a deep voice while his face revealed a ghastly expression.

Fang Jinglue didn’t answer Long Zhenbei. He had a relaxed expression as he swept Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan, An Wei, and the others with his gaze before quickly looking at Chen Xi, and then he stretched out his hand and pointed. “Chen Xi, I heard you killed Yan Shisan, and your reputation in the Dark Reverie is like a scorching sun in the sky now. Do you dare fight me?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was stunned before all of them had never imagined that Fang Jinglue would refuse Long Zhenbei’s challenge and point his sword at Chen Xi instead!

Elder Lie Peng frowned, yet didn’t stop this.

Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan, and the others had complicated expressions because Fang Jinglue’s actions had simply disregarded their existences, and even though it seemed to be arrogant and haughty, wasn’t it a sort of acknowledgement towards Chen Xi’s strength?

But in next to no time, they restrained their thoughts and shot their gazes that faintly contained slight anticipation towards Chen Xi. Right, Chen Xi’s renowned in the world now, so exactly what sort of height has his strength attained?

Meanwhile, the gazes of everyone in the hall descended onto Chen Xi in unison, and these gazes carried doubt, provocation, anticipation, excitement, and so on and so forth.

However, to everyone’s surprise, under the focused gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t heard Fang Jinglue. He was silent and had his head lowered, causing him to seem like a clay statue, and it was unknown what he was thinking about.

Only An Wei knew that Chen Xi’s mood was terrible at this moment, extremely terrible. After Chen Xi saw the jade slip Mu Kui had left behind, he seemed as if he’d become a different person, and the aura he emitted carried a horrifying coldness.

She could even acutely sense that Chen Xi was suppressing fury that was surging like lava and almost material killing intent with all his strength in his heart.

So at this moment, when she saw Fang Jinglue target Chen Xi, she was extremely worried in her heart as well. Is Chen Xi’s current state…suitable to do battle?

The atmosphere within the  hall was oppressive, whereas Chen Xi kept silent.

Gradually, some disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain became impatient, and they sneered in succession.

“Could it be that this kid has been scared out of his wits by Senior Brother Fang’s valiant bearing from before?”

“Who knows? I heard many geniuses in the Dark Reverie at this moment are unworthy of their reputation, and they’re like paper tigers that would be torn apart with the slightest touch.”

“Yes, if he has ability, then he’d probably have accepted the challenge a long time ago. How could he have delayed until now?”

Even though the sounds of discussion were soft, what sort of figures were everyone present here? They naturally heard all these voices very clearly. Instantly, the expressions of Elder Lie Peng and the others turned extremely unsightly.

What exactly is wrong with Chen Xi?

He’s truly in a slightly strange state…

Everyone frowned and were extremely worried. They originally thought Chen Xi’s appearance was undoubtedly a strong and powerful reliance to them, yet never had they imagined that such a scene would actually occur!

“Chen Xi!” On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue had an impatient expression as he sneered. “If you don’t dare to accept my challenge then quickly admit defeat to me and admit you’re inferior to me, Fang Jinglue. Don’t waste everyone’s time!” He’s utilized a trace of True Essence in this shout, and it was like a thunderclap that directly exploded by Chen Xi’s ears.

Under the gazes of everyone present, the silent Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and a pair of icy cold and emotionless eyes appeared within everyone’s field of vision.

In merely an instant, the hearts of everyone jerked. What terrifying killing intent!

An Wei was the closest to Chen Xi. She clearly sensed the beneath Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent gaze was ruthless and raging killing intent that was simply shocking to the extreme and like two balls of tempestuous vortexes swirling within his eyes.

“Haha, you finally dare to raise your head and face me? You have some backbone.” Fang Jinglue was stunned as well when he met Chen Xi’s emotionless eyes for the first time, and then a wisp of a sneer suffused the corners of his mouth. 

“Shut up!”


It was merely two words yet seemed like a supreme bolt of lightning from the Grand Dao, and it rumbled throughout the Sword Evaluation Hall, causing space itself to ripple as if it was shocked and roil violently.

Some disciples were caught off guard and the sound of his voice entered their ears, causing their minds to be shaken while their vital blood roiled without end, and they almost jumped up from their seats.

How terrifying!

The hearts of everyone shook, then something flashed before their eyes, and they saw Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly appear on the Sword Evaluation Platform. His stood ramrod straight while his clothes and jet black hair fluttered with the wind, and his handsome face was cold and indifferent while his eyes that were deep like the starry sky didn’t contain the slightest emotion.

An indescribable murderous aura rumbled around his body, causing him to seem like a reaper that came from purgatory, and he’d waded through mountains of corpses and seas of blood to arrive here!

The expressions of everyone in the hall changed when they sensed this terrifying aura.

On the Sword Evaluation Platform, Fang Jinglue’s pupils constricted as well, and then a five colored radiance erupted from his body. The five elements circulated to form a ring that was like a rainbow, and it coiled endlessly around him, causing his entire body to feel relaxed.

However, before he could make a move, a palm soared through the sky with fingers that seemed like divine pillars. Every single inch of the finger was formed from countless blazing and profound talisman markings, causing it to be powerful and lofty, and it carried a terrifying aura capable of crushing everything and shattering the world.

“Five elements circulate and develop profundity, the endless cycle of the five elements!” Fang Jinglue’s face went grim when he sensed how terrifying the might of this palm was, and he stepped forward in the sky while his hands flicked about repeatedly to execute a terrifying Dao Art that contained the profundities of the five elements. It condensed into a five colored wheel of light that smashed towards the palm!


Both of them collided, and it was like the heavens and the earth were collapsing while a myriad of volcanoes erupted. Blazing and dazzling radiance rumbled as they spread out and collided with the restrictions on the surroundings of the Sword Evaluation Platform, causing a wave of deafening bangs to explode out.

This scene caused everyone in the surroundings to reveal extremely shocked expressions because even they were unable to see exactly who was superior in this collision.

“You’re just a clown, so I intended to disregard you, yet you just had to take a yard! You brought this on yourself!” An icy cold and indifferent voice sounded out from the blazing radiance.

Along with this voice, Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared like a bolt of lightning that tore through space to arrive before Fang Jinglue in the next moment, and then his hand stretched out and grabbed onto Fang Jinglue’s right hand!

This strike was so swift that it had simply arrived at an astonishing extent. Even the pupils of Elder Lie Peng and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts constricted, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. This little fellow Chen Xi…is really formidable!


Before everyone could recover from their shock, a wave of ear piercing sounds of bones breaking sounded out, and the fingers on Fang Jinglue’s right hand had actually be crushed into pieces by Chen Xi!

“AH!!!” A shrill cry echoed out. The fingers on his right hand being crippled and twisted into a bunch caused Fang Jinglue to feel pained to the point he couldn’t refrain from emitting a shrill cry of misery.

No one had imagined that in merely the time of a single breath, Fang Jinglue who was arrogant and haughty to the extreme earlier, a genius disciple of the Eternal Spirit Mountain that possessed the Five Element Physique, would actually have his right hand crippled!

The might of this strike was simply astonishing! 

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