Chapter 740 – Five Element Physique

Chen Xi’s actions obviously seemed perfunctory, and it instantly drew the displeasure of those disciples from the Eternal Spirit Mountain.

“Causing a great disturbance in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm and slaughtering Yan Shisan is extraordinary indeed, and you’re barely able to be considered a genius within the 10 great immortal sects. But it’s normal to our Eternal Spirit Mountain.” Suddenly, a young man under Princess Baili’s command that was sitting cross-legged there spoke with an arrogant expression that was filled with disdain.

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere in the hall instantly became tense.

All the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect revealed displeased expression. How can he speak like that? Slaughtering Yan Shisan is only considered to be normal? He’s obviously provoking us!

Only Chen Xi had an indifferent expression and was silent with a lowered head. He was pondering about how he should fiercely deal with Yue Chi, and he’d utterly not taken that disciples provocation seriously.

Presently, his gaze had already gone past those of the same generation and was placed on the experts of the senior generation. Unless it was an extremely dazzling and peerless genius, it would be almost impossible for someone of the same generation to be taken seriously by him.

This wasn’t conceit, but the confidence and reserves he possessed after his strength and cultivation underwent a transformation. Men marched upwards just like water flowed downwards, so fussing about this all the time with some clowns would bring disgrace to him instead.

“Hmph! What’s so great about the Eternal Spirit Mountain? Even though its Dao inheritance is formidable, it would become a laughing stock if its disciples were useless.” Yun Ye spoke coldly.

He wore a sea blue Dao robe, possessed a gentle and handsome appearance, and emanated oppressive heroic spirit from between his brows. At this moment, his sudden speech caused the atmosphere in the hall to become even more strained.

Princess Baili smiled while her expression remained unchanged.

Elder Lie Peng combed his beard and smiled as well, and he seemed as if he didn’t notice anything in the surroundings.

Based on their attitudes, everyone instantly understood that they tacitly consented to this sort of provocation. Perhaps this was another sort of encouragement, and it was encouraging the disciples from both sides to spar and determine a winner…

Sure enough, in the next moment, that disciple from the Eternal Spirit Mountain that spoke earlier stood up, and his gaze that was cold and fierce like a blade swept right towards Yun Ye before a wisp of a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. “Senior Brother, you think the disciples of my Eternal Spirit Mountain are useless? Why don’t we play?” 

As he spoke, he took a step forward.


In the next moment, his entire body was suffused with a glazed five colored energy of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth, causing him to seem like a sovereign that controlled the five elements.

“Five Element Physique!” Elder Lie Peng’s eyes focused when he saw the aura that surrounded this young man, and he couldn’t help but cry out with surprise.

“What? It really is the Five Element Physique? This is one of the most formidable innate spirit bodies in the world that allowed one to innately control the profundities of the five elements and easily cultivate any Dao Arts of the five elements!”

“It’s actually someone that possesses the Five Elements Body!”

“Such a physique is rare and matchless. Since the ancient times, all possessors of this physique were those that were born out of fate and were the favorites of the heavens. Once someone who possessed this physique was born, all of them possessed the potential to become a peerless monarch. I never imagined, I truly never imagined that such a monstrous genius would be born within the Eternal Spirit Mountain.”

The other elders of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were extremely shocked in their hearts because never had they imagined that a random young man under Princess Baili’s command would actually possess the extremely rare Five Element Physique.

It was difficult to find a few such people in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it was probably difficult to find a single one amongst a million disciples of the sect!

In the heavens and the earth, and especially in paradises that carried the fortune of the heavens, monstrous geniuses that possessed extraordinary talent would be born occasionally. They possessed various types of unbelievable natural talents such as the Firestar Body, Thousand Severance Devilbody, White Emperor’s Metal Eyes, Darkflow Veins, Profound Spirit Ancient Vein, and so on and so forth. 

So long as these young people with extraordinary natural talents didn’t perish before their time, then they would surely grow into an overlord in the future because they carried the karmic luck of the heavens, and they were countless times more formidable than ordinary cultivators.

Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan, and the other geniuses of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect revealed serious expressions. This is the Five Element Physique of legends, a favorite of the heavens, how should Yun Ye react to this?

“The Five Element Physique? Hmph! Is it so great?” Yun Ye stood up abruptly before an expanse of platinum radiance surged out from his eyes, and it was like a blade that emitted a sharp feeling of destroying all evil and all obstructions before it.

The White Emperor’s Metal Eyes!

He’s similarly someone with extraordinary natural talent!

Now it was the turn of those Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Eternal Spirit Mountain to be surprised because they’d never imagined that this little fellow who dared to speak arrogantly possessed such natural talent as well.

“Haha, the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes? Unfortunately, one that possesses this natural talent is only capable of innately mastering the Grand Dao of Metal, whereas I, Fang Jinglue, am capable of mastering the Grand Dao profundities of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth! How can you compare to me?” The young man who called himself Fang Jinglue crossed his arms before his chest and sneered without end.

“Do you only know how to talk crap?” In terms of arrogance, Yun Ye wasn’t inferior to Fang Jinglue in the slightest, and merely a single sentence combined with his indifferent and arrogant bearing instantly caused Fang Jinglue’s face to sink.

“Very good, then let’s decide this in battle!” The corners of Fang Jinglue’s mouth curled into a cold arc, and he made a move as he spoke.

“Princess Baili, how about…” Elder Lie Peng spoke abruptly as he looked at Baili Yan.

“There no harm to it. Junior Brother Fang knows how to restrain himself, and he won’t strike ruthlessly since it’s only a spar.” Baili Yan waved her hand indifferently, and her words revealed a feeling of being confident towards victory.

This caused the corners of Lie Peng’s mouth to twitch imperceptibly while a ball of flames of annoyance arose in his heart, yet he said indifferently instead, “Alright. The distinguished disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain have come to our Nine Radiance Sword Sect for an exchange this time, so a spar is beneficial for both parties to get to know each other.”

He flicked his sleeve as he spoke, causing countless blazing and radiant ripples of restrictions to appear abruptly on the gilded ground at the center of the Sword Evaluation Hall, and then an enormous arena rumbled as it arose from the ground!

This arena was completely pitch black as if constructed from steel that was tempered countless times. Its surface was covered densely with ancient symbols, and there were even dark red colored traces of blood and numerous ghastly marks of the sword on it. At the instant it appeared, it surged with a dense and fierce killing intent that assaulted the face.

“This is the Sword Evaluation Platform, and it’s the place of battle that the ancestors of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect created to test their swords. It’s completely constructed from Black Mothercrystal that comes from outside the three dimensions. Even Heavenly Immortals battling atop it would be unable to harm it in the slightest.” Lie Peng said calmly, “Both of you spar on the Sword Evaluation Platform!”

The Sword Evaluation Platform!

The eyes of Baili Yan and everyone from the Eternal Spirit Mountain narrowed as they’d discerned how extraordinary it was. Even though it was used for battle, its value was so great that an ordinary sect was utterly incapable of possessing!

Even if it was in the Eternal Spirit Mountain, a treasure like this Sword Evaluation Platform could be said to be rare.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Without saying another word, Yun Ya and Fang Jinglue leaped up onto the arena and stood in confrontation with each other from afar. Even though they hadn’t begun, there was a shapeless and terrifying imposing aura that emanated from both of them and encountered before colliding with each other in the air!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On the Sword Evaluation Platform, the disturbance of their auras caused the space between them to shatter inch by inch and emit sharp and ear piercing sounds of explosion.

Shocking imposing aura!

Instantly, they drew the gazes of everyone in the hall. This was a battle between the best geniuses in the two powers, so the outcome of the battle had great implications to the two powers.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his eyes and look over when he sensed the shocking scene on the Sword Evaluation Platform.

Earlier, he didn’t care when Fang Jinglue spoke offensively and provoked him earlier, but he never imagined that Yun Ye would actually stand out and stop it.

Regardless of whether Yun Ye had done it to help him or purely because Yun Ye couldn’t bear the sigh of Fang Jinglue’s arrogance, it caused Chen Xi’s impression of Yun Ye to change greatly.

“Chen Xi, you’ve finally returned.” Meanwhile, a clear and pleasing voice sounded out by his ears, causing his attention to instantly be withdrawn from the arena, and when he raised his eyes to look over, he saw that An Wei and Long Zhenbei had suddenly arrived at the seats by his side.

“You made me and Junior Sister An worry bitterly for quite a few months, you really went too far!” Long Zhenbei pretended to be angry as he spoke while the corners of his mouth were filled with a smiling expression instead. After they returned from the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, he and An Wei had always been worried about Chen Xi’s safety, and he was naturally extremely happy when he saw Chen Xi had finally returned.

Chen Xi felt apologetic and explained to the two of them.

Meanwhile, the curtains to the battle on the arena had been drawn, and the situation of the battle was shocking and drew clamorous noise from the surroundings.

“Chen Xi, that servant of yours, Mu Kui, asked me to pass this to you.” An Wei suddenly handed over a jade slip.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he took it from her and read it before the fury and killing intent pent up within his heart almost went out of control.

The content of the jade slip was very simple. It only told Chen Xi that he and Ling Bai were unaware when Huo Molei and the others left the sect because they thought it was only an ordinary assignment of the sect and didn’t pay attention to it.

Unexpectedly, he and Ling Bai suddenly encountered the assault of Yue Chi, and if it wasn’t for Ling Bai quickly taking advantage of an opportunity, both of them would have almost been killed.

Now, both he and Ling Bai had already left the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he’d headed to a treasure vault to search for treasure under the guidance of Ling Bai with the intention of improving his strength before returning to take revenge, so Chen Xi didn’t have to worry.

At the end of the jade slip was Mu Kui’s apology that was filled with self-blame and guilt. Mu Kui said he felt restless in his heart from being unable to protect Huo Molei and the others properly, and he would surely offer the deepest apology he could make to Chen Xi once he returned.

Ling Bai didn’t say anything within the jade slip, but Chen Xi could imagine that the extremely proud Ling Bai would surely be furious to the limit and be filled with extreme hate. Otherwise, with Ling Bai’s nature, he would absolutely not choose to keep silent.


The jade slip was crushed by Chen Xi, yet he was completely unaware, and only his eyes flashed with exceedingly dense and surging killing intent.

Yue Chi!

It’s this damnable old goat again!

Not only did he go against Senior Brother Huo Molei and the others while I wasn’t present, he actually made a move against Ling Bai and Mu Kui! He simply wants to exterminate everything around me!

At this instant, Chen Xi was filled with hatred to the point he practically wanted to abandon his reason and disregard everything before killing his way to the East Radiance Peak!

The nearby An Wei and Long Zhenbei noticed Chen Xi’s unusual reaction, and they were just about to speak when an enormous bang resounded within the hall.

After that, a figure was blasted flying out of the Sword Evaluation Platform while coughing up blood repeatedly. Obviously, the figure had suffered a heavy injury. 

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