Chapter 74 – A Chance Encounter of Old Friends

Chapter 74 – A Chance Encounter of Old Friends

The Colossal Copper Mountain was refined from an almost 3,000 meter tall copper mountain and was 500,000kg in weight. Pure Violet mist Baleful Qi was accumulated within the entire mountain, and when utilized, it was able to form an enormous gravitational field that was extremely formidable. When a person was within the gravitational field, it was like an enormous mountain bearing down on the person, and the pressure on the person would skyrocket. If it was someone with a slightly inferior strength, they would be instantly crushed into a pool of mush.

“A semi-finished Magic Treasure is able to possess the might of a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure. If it’s completely refined to success, what level of grade and rank would it attain?” Chen Xi gazed at the 30 cm tall little mountain that endlessly revolved around and around on the center of his palm, and was fond of it to the point he was unwilling to let go. “However, this might is already sufficient for me. Fortunately, it’s a semi-finished Magic Treasure. If it was any more formidable, then I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to control it as well.”

Ordinarily, man-made yellow-rank, profound-rank, earth-rank, and heaven-rank and their various grades of Magic Treasures had a certain requirement to True Essence. For example, an earth-rank Magic Treasure required at least a Golden Core Realm cultivation to bind it, a heaven-rank Magic Treasure required at least a Rebirth Realm cultivation to bind it. By no means was the possession of a Magic Treasure with an extremely high rank and grade able to allow a cultivator to become a peerless expert in one go.

“Hmm? That enormous palace at the side of the precipice ought to be the Thunderhawk King’s lair, there might be other treasures within it.” After tossing the Colossal Copper Mountain into his storage ring, Chen Xi looked up and noticed the matchlessly exquisite palace, and he thought in his heart right away before leaping up and flashing over. He was like an arrow piercing through the wind and was already standing before palace after a short moment.

“Skysoar Hall? What lofty sentiments from this Thunderhawk King.” Chen Xi glanced at the large gilded board that hung at the center of the palace and he shook his head before going through the door right away.

Along with the death of the Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, all the demons under his command had fled. Presently, the palace was extremely silent, like a luxurious tomb built after the death of kings and princes, and was deathly still.

Chen Xi had always been using his Perception Force to carefully search all along the way, yet after taking a circle through numerous winding pavilions, then passing through numerous artificial hills and flowing water, he didn’t discover a single valuable treasure that could move him and couldn’t help but be bewildered. “Strange, the palace of the Thunderhawk King is so luxurious, how can there not be a single valuable thing?”

Right at this moment, a low and feeble voice sounded out abruptly. “The movement outside has stopped, could it be that Thunderhawk King is already dead?”

Chen Xi slightly distinguished the source of the voice and arrived behind an artificial mountain right away. Under the cover of the verdant grass and moss was shockingly an entrance that could allow a person to pass. Steps circled downwards one by one, seeming to be leading deep into the ground, and that voice had come from within.

“This palace is built on the side of the precipice, based on this, this hole in the ground ought to lead to within the mountainside.” Chen Xi pondered for a moment, then carefully walked in. He wanted to see what was actually below and whether the person who spoke earlier was human or demon.

After walking for 15 minutes within the gloomy and damp narrow path, Chen Xi arrived at a spacious place that was dark, with only a few scattered shark oil lanterns that were dim and tiny hung on the wall.

Gloomy, damp, and stuffy, the entire space was filled with a nauseating air of death. Mixed within it was some dense and pungent smell of blood, causing its environment to be extremely disgusting.

This was obviously a prison!

Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings, and he noticed there were numerous cramped stone rooms 330meters in the distance. The door to the stone rooms were numerous dark steel pillars that were as thick as a human leg, tightly sealing up the stone room.

“Dammit! The Thunderhawk King is incomparably cunning. If it wasn’t for him suddenly utilizing that violet colored mountain that revolved with gravity, how could we have possibly been locked up here? It’s for the best if he’s dead, perhaps then we can even be rescued.”

“Big Brother Chai is right. I wonder who the fellow that the Thunderhawk King was battling actually is? If he’s able to righteously rescue us both, then it couldn’t be any better.”

Seeming to have not noticed Chen Xi’s arrival, a wave of low and deep sounds of conversation sounded out within the gloomy stone room like underground mice whispering in discussion.

However, when he heard these two voices clearly, Chen Xi’s heart shook and he shouted in a low voice. “Chai Letian, Yu Haobai?”


“Who? You actually recognize me, Chai Letian? Could it be a Fellow Daoist?” Two exclamations of surprise sounded out from within the stone room, seeming to be extremely excited.

It really is these two damnable things!

A cold light flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. When they were at the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, Chai Letian had made things difficult for him at every corner and had even launched a surprise attack at him from behind. Being caught off guard, Chen Xi was thrown into the chasm at Crimsonflame Mountain Range. If it wasn’t for his body having attained the Congenital Realm, he probably would have been smashed to pieces long ago.

He’d always remembered this grudge in his heart, how could he possibly forget? The instant he fell into the chasm, he’d already sworn that he would surely kill this shameless and despicable fellow in his lifetime.

Whereas at this moment, being able to encounter Chai Letian who was trapped within the stone room was simply like a gift from the heavens, forcing Chen Xi to sigh with emotion. The course of nature goes around, the guilty face retribution and the kind-hearted are rewarded.

“Shit! It’s that fellow Chen Xi!”

“Ah, no wonder he sounded so familiar… Wait, Chen Xi? How could it be him?”

Within the stone room, Chai Letian and Yu Haobai seemed to have recognized Chen Xi’s voice and shouted out loudly. At this moment, they were clad in rags with haggard expressions. Their bodies were covered in innumerable scars and tied by a thick and long chain that was circulating a violet light. Their appearances were incomparably wretched.

When Chen Xi arrived before the stone room and saw their appearances, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

Amongst these two people, one was a personal disciple of Starnet Palace, and his ancestor was even a great Nether Transformation Realm cultivator that was highly reputable in the southern territory, thus possessing both a respected status and formidable background; the other was a handsome and refined disciple of one of the three great institutions of Dragon Lake City, the Myriadcloud Institution, and was similarly an outstanding figure in the younger generation. Presently, the two of them had been reduced to this completely dark prison and had wretched appearances like beggars. How could it not cause shock?

However, surprise is surprise, but the killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart only increased. He’d grasped this opportunity to be merciless to them when they were down with great difficulty. He would absolutely not miss this chance.


Chen Xi held the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand and opened up the steel pillar like cutting through tofu before walking in.

“What do you want to do!? Chen Xi, we’re Fellow Daoists, can’t we just talk it out?” Yu Haobai’s face abruptly went pale and he shouted out successively.

“Hmph! You can’t kill me, you’re just trash from an impoverished family. If you kill me, then not only will you die, all the people related to you will die as well. Of course, if you save us now, not only will I let bygones be bygones, I’ll still grant you great rewards. How about it?” Even until this moment, Chai Letian still maintained his superior bearing and his voice revealed dense disdain and confidence.

Chen Xi was stunned and the gaze he shot at Chai Letian carried a trace of surprise. He was truly unable to imagine how this fellow actually still had this arrogant and bossy behavior even at a time like this. Was it stupidity? Or was he playing the fool?

“Chen Xi, Fellow Daoist Chai is right, think it over a bit longer. Fellow Daoist Chai’s ancestor is a great Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, and I’m from the Myriadcloud Institution. Why bother offending us?” Yu Haobai thought Chen Xi was afraid when he saw Chen Xi keeping silent. His attitude became strong and his voice already carried a trace of an indescribable feeling of superiority.

Chen Xi did indeed keep silent, moreover, he still didn’t intend to speak. He only swung the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand, cleanly chopping off Chai Letian’s hand. The instant Chai Letian’s agonized cries had sounded out, Chen Xi had already forcefully stuffed the severed hand into Chai Letian’s mouth, and the cry of agony became a muffled groan. Blood flowed out from his mouth and blotted out his chest. He was in pain to the point he lay on the floor and started to shiver, and his appearance was extremely gruesome.

“You… You…” Yu Haobai’s head was muddled from Chen Xi’s sudden attack, especially when he saw Chai Letian’s terrifying appearance of holding his own hand in his mouth, and Yu Haobai couldn’t help but want to cry out loudly, yet he was afraid that Chen Xi would chop off his hand and shove it in his mouth as well.

“I ask, you answer. Otherwise, I’ll ask Chai Letian after I kill you,” Chen Xi said coldly.

Yu Haobai nodded like a chick pecking on grains. He’d completely understood Chen Xi’s ruthlessness and viciousness, and the lack of hesitation when Chen Xi made a move caused him to feel dread from the depths of his heart.

“Where are Du Qingxi and the others?” Chen Xi asked. He’d originally thought that Du Qingxi and the others might be here, but after he used his Perception Force to search for a short moment, he’d noticed that there was no other people besides Chai Letian and Yu Haobai here.

“They seem to have been captured by the Roc King. Supposedly, he wants to use them to refine some medicinal pill.” Yu Haobai replied, and he trembled in his heart when he noticed Chen Xi’s displeased expression, and he hurriedly continued. “This is true, but they ought to still be alive because refining that medicinal pill seems to require gathering a certain number of Violet Palace Realm cultivators. They’ve only captured eight people and it seems they’re still lacking quite a lot.”

“That being the case, why are the two of you locked up here?” Chen Xi asked in detail, as Yu Haobai’s answers were extremely vague and he could only believe half of it.

“The Thunderhawk King intended to use our souls and blood to refine his mountain Magic Treasure, so he locked us up here to be tortured daily. His objective is to force out our monstrous resentment, so that it is able to improve the might of his Magic Treasure.” Yu Haobai seemed to have recalled an unbearable memory, and his expression was savage as he gnashed his teeth and replied.

“What about Su Jiao’s group?”

“I don’t know about this. But there seems to be some people from Su Jiao’s group amongst the eight people the Roc King captured.”

“Right, how did all of you get captured by the demon kings? According to my knowledge, all of you have Violet Palace Realm cultivations, and if you joined forces, it would be sufficient to annihilate any demon king.”

“We were separated. After inexplicably coming out of the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, I appeared within this depths of the mountain range, then I was captured here by the Thunderhawk King and encountered Fellow Daoist Chai.”

Crushing them one by one? It ought to be like this… Chen Xi fell into deep thought. Presently, two of the seven great demon kings have been killed by me, and there are the other five demon kings left. I wonder what exactly the cultivation of this Roc King is. According to Mu Kui, this fellow’s strength seems to be merely inferior to the Profound-vision Old Turtle King, and he’s an expert of the same level as the Nine-tailed Fox King…

“I’ve told you everything I know. Chen Xi, I beg you, please let me go?” Yu Haobai suddenly knelt on the ground and said with an extremely pitiable expression, “There’s no enmity between us. If you want to kill, then you ought to kill Chai Letian. It’s he who tossed you down the chasm. I didn’t offend you at all… AH!”


A wisp of sword light flashed by and Yu Haobai’s head directly flew into the air. Even right before his death, he seemed to still be unable to believe that Chen Xi would actually dare do that…

“Who knows how you will scheme against me in the future if I don’t kill you?” Chen Xi shook his head. Yu Haobai had repeatedly changed his attitude for the sake of living and had even pushed everything onto Chai Letian like a fence-sitter. A person like this was the most detestable, and the type of person that can’t be allowed to live the most.

“Pu! Cough! Cough! Cough!” At the side, Chai Letian used all the strength in his entire body and had finally spat out the severed hand from his mouth. He glanced at Yu Haobai’s headless corpse and his face was already completely dismal. He violently coughed and said, “You can’t kill me. So long as you kill me, my Chai Clan ancestor will surely know it was you who…”


Another cold light suddenly flashed by and all sounds came to an abrupt stop, and this gloomy and damp prison within the mountainside that was in darkness had once again fallen into a deathly silence.

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