Chapter 739 – Baili Yan

The Unknown Lands and the Secluded Paradise.

There were numerous legends about these two mysterious places. These legends were even extremely absurd like someone had once joked that they were two ‘tiny Immortal Dimensions’ opened up in the Mortal Dimension, and there were numerous gods, immortals, and sages that has escaped from the five elements and weren’t included within samsara!

Regardless of whether the rumors were true or not, these two mysterious places had been dyed with an air of mysteriousness and unfathomableness. 

But Chen Xi knew very clearly that even if those rumors were slightly exaggerated, but these two mysterious places did indeed contain numerous great figures that were peerlessly formidable!

Because while he was in the Primeval Battlefield, his companions Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, Ling Yu, Young Master Zhou, and the others had taken great figures from these mysterious places as their masters.

For example, these great figures were like Heaven Trampler from the Unknown Lands, Huang Meiweng from the Saintly Land of Ascension, Fang Zhanmei from the First Heaven Devil Sect, and the Monk of Six Senses from the Dhyana Forest Temple.

All these great figures didn’t even take Bing Shitian who carried a decree of the Immortal Dimension seriously, and if it wasn’t for him being obstructed by his identity, Heaven Trampler would have almost made a move to kill Bing Shitian. So it was obvious how terrifying the sect that stood behind him was.

The Eternal Spirit Mountain was a terrifying power from the Secluded Paradise.

Presently, not only had the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain stepped foot into the world, they’d even arrived at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and were converged in the Sword Evaluation Hall. This caused Chen Xi to acutely smell a trace of unusualness.

But in next to no time, he ceased thinking about it. He was very busy, busy to go see the Sect Master, busy to make arrangements for Meng Wei and the others, busy to take revenge for Huo Molei… There were too many things he had to do, so regardless of how respected and mysterious the disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain were, he didn’t have the slightest mood to meet them.

“Forget it, I’m not going to the Sword Evaluation Hall.” Chen Xi said, “I’ll trouble Junior Brothers to tell Elder Lie Peng that I’ve headed to True Martial Peak to see the Sect Master.”

Those Core Seed Disciples were stunned, and they were extremely anxious. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, please wait!”

Chen Xi frowned. “Is there something else?”

One of the disciples said with a bitter smile, “Senior Brother, to tell you the truth, those disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain are truly too arrogant, and they threatened to defeat every single one of the most outstanding Seed Disciples in our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Presently, the spars are about to begin in the Sword Evaluation Hall. This matter is related to the dignity of us disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Senior Brother, how about…”

Chen Xi interrupted him before he could finish speaking. “It’s only a spar and not a battle of life and death. Not to mention, isn’t there Chen Langya, Chang Le, Long Zhenbei, Yun Ye, Ning Zhen, and other senior brothers on our Divine Radiance Peak?”

There were a total of 109 Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, and there were over 20 people amongst them that were body refiners and they were mostly from the South Radiance Peak.

Amongst these 20 plus disciples that were body refiners, all of them who were capable of being ranked in the top five were first-rate figures in the entire Divine Radiance Peak. Moreover, they possessed extraordinary strength and brilliant accomplishments in combat.

For example, Ning Zhen that he spoke of was an existence that was ranked in the top three amongst the body refiner disciples, and his strength wasn’t inferior to Luo Qianrong, Yun Ye, Wang Zhonghuan, and the others in the slightest.

As for Chang Le, he was a legendary figure that wasn’t only ranked the first amongst body refiners but was also a renowned existence amongst the 109 disciples on the entirely of Divine Radiance Peak.

But the limelight of all these people was completely covered up by a single person, Chen Langya!

He was from the ancient Chen Clan, possessed extraordinary natural talent, and peerless karmic luck. He was reputed to be an unsurpassed genius that possessed great will and fortune. He’d always occupied the position of first amongst the Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, and no one was capable of shaking his position in the last 30 years.

But this person really kept an extremely low profile and kept to himself. He usually stayed in seclusion and practically had no contact with any disciples. Perhaps, this was another type of pride and conceit. After all, it was difficult to mix together when their strengths weren’t on the same level.

Chen Xi didn’t have any impression of this person, and he’d merely heard of this person’s name.

But with his reputation, then there seemed to be no need for Chen Xi to make a move during the spars with disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain while Chen Langya was present.

So Chen Xi refused again.

If it was any other time, he would naturally not refuse. After all, as a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, how could he stand idly by when someone came to provoke the sect?

But right now there was too much rage and hatred pent-up within his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to charge into the East Radiance Peak and fight Yue Chi, so how could he have the mood to spar with another? What if he was unable to control his rage and killed his opponent?

“Senior Brothers Chang Le, Yun Ye, Long Zhenbei, and Ning Zhen arrived a long time ago. But Senior Brother Chen Langya is in closed door cultivation, and he’s probably unable to participate.” One of the disciples spoke while filled with anxiety.

“Alas. If Senior Brother Chen Langya was present, then Elder Lie Peng wouldn’t have to be so worried.” Another one of them sighed.

“This is truly a headache.” Chen Xi frowned. He’d just returned to the sect for 10 minutes and had urgent matters to attend to, so he had utterly no mood to head to the Sword Evaluation Hall. But Chen Langya had been in secluded cultivation within the sect all along yet ignored the matters of the sect, and he seemed extremely haughty.

Everyone looked anxiously at Chen Xi.

Presently, Chen Xi was renowned throughout the world and stood supreme amongst those of the same generation. In terms of reputation and prestige in the clan, he was already not inferior to Chen Langya, and they felt it couldn’t be any better if they were able to get him to participate.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi frowned and pondered briefly before he took a deep breath and made a decision, and then he flicked his sleeve before rising nimbly into the sky.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, please follow us!” The disciples were greatly delighted, and they hastily led the way in the front.



Sword Evaluation Hall, a magnificent hall that was constructed in the depths of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It was completely constructed from Adamantine Gold, and it was suffused with a radiant gold color. It was ancient and lofty, and it would only be opened up when a distinguished guest paid the Nine Radiance Sword Sect a visit.

When Chen Xi arrived in the hall, he noticed that a young woman was sitting upright on the seats above the seats for distinguished guests in the hall. She wore a crown that was like a shooting star and feathered clothes with tassels. She had jet black hair that was like a waterfall flowing from her head, skin that was snow white and tender, an appearance that was beautiful like a painting, and a deep and tranquil bearing. But the space between her brows were filled with an aura of nobility that couldn’t be disobeyed.

The aura in the surroundings of this young woman were obscure, like it was covered by a trace of mist, causing one to be unable to perceive it. Obviously, she’d cultivated a technique capable of concealing her strength.

This young woman is probably that Princess from the Eternal Spirit Mountain… Chen Xi thought in his heart.

The Eternal Spirit Mountain was situated within the Secluded Paradise, and it was equally popular to the Dhyana Forest Temple and Saintly Land of Ascension. It had been inherited for a very long time that even surpassed the age of the 10 great immortal sects, but it was a power that was unknown to most people.

Below the young woman sat a few old men and women with bearings that were deep like oceans, and their bodies were suffused with strands of Immortal Energy. Shockingly, they were all Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and all of them weren’t inferior to the Nine-Tailed Fox Xueyan.

Besides this, there were a few young men with arrogant expressions. All of them crossed their arms before their chests and seemed haughty while they sized up the Sword Evaluation Hall coldly with gazes that carried a deep feeling of superiority.

Besides that, Elder Lie Peng sat at the central seat for the host, and there were also a few Earthly Immortal Realm elders of the Azurecloud Pavilion present there as well.

In the area below the great figures of the sect was Chang Le, Yun Ye, Wang Zhonghuan, Long Zhenbei, Luo Qianrong, and the other top Core Seed Disciples sitting cross-legged there, and they were sat facing the young disciples of the Eternal Spirit Mountain with expressions that faintly revealed a confrontational aura.

What a grand array!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised when he swept his gaze over. The Nine Radiance Sword Sect wasn’t perfunctory in the slightest when entertaining these distinguished guests from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, and practically all the most outstanding Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak were gathered here.

As for the great figures of the sect, there were a few Earthly Immortal Realm experts present here, and this array was sufficiently grand and shocking.


“Chen Xi!”

“This fellow has actually returned!?”

When they noticed Chen Xi’s tall figure stepping foot into the Sword Evaluation Hall, Elder Lie Peng, all the other elders, and all the Seed Disciples were stunned, and then they were in an uproar.

They seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually return at a time like this!

After their astonishment, they felt excited and pleasantly surprised. Especially Elder Lie Peng and the other elders, all of them smiled and almost stood up to greet him.

Chang Le and all the other disciples were similarly pleasantly surprised, but most of them were bewildered and even envious. Moreover, Yun Ye and Wang Zhonghuan who were amongst them revealed complicated expressions.

Who would have imagined that a disciple that had merely joined the sect for a little over a year would become an astonishing and renowned figure in the entire Dark Reverie now?

No matter if it was his status, identity, or that terrifying combat strength of his, he’d left all of them far behind. So not to mention Yun Ye and Wang Zhonghuan who’d once made Chen Xi their enemies, even the other disciples had complicated feelings.

Chen Xi moved forward and greeted everyone before finding a place to sit down.

“You’re that Chen Xi who slaughtered Yan Shisan and caused a great disturbance in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm?” Right when Chen Xi had just sat down, the Princess spoke abruptly, and her chilly and fierce gaze were like sharp swords that tore through the sky before sizing Chen Xi up from head to toe while seeming to want to see through him.

The manner she acted in was slightly overbearing, and even slightly disrespectful. But when it was carried out by this Princes of the Eternal Spirit Mountain, it was so natural and relaxed, and she was utterly not worried whether the other person would feel aversion towards her actions, causing her to seem extremely oppressive and fierce. Obviously, she’d done something like this on more than one occasion.

Chen Xi glanced at this Princess before withdrawing his gaze. He was able to sense based on his intuition that this young woman’s strength was rather formidable, and she was surely a top figure in the Nether Transformation Realm and might even be more terrifying than that.

This conformed to the saying that people who came from the Secluded Paradise were monstrous geniuses, and there wasn’t a single weak person amongst them!

“Haha! Princess Baili is right. This is my Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Core Disciple, Chen Xi. He has only joined the sect for less than a year, yet is already a young genius that’s renowned in the world.” Elder Lie Peng roared with laughter. Obviously, he felt extremely proud and complacent from possessing such a disciple like Chen Xi.

Elder Lie Peng paused momentarily, and then continued. “Chen Xi, this is our distinguished guest from the Eternal Spirit Mountain, Princess Baili Yan. Her cultivation technique is profound while her strength is unfathomable. If you have the chance, you should have a good exchange with her because you’ll surely obtain great benefit from it.”

Out of considerations of etiquette, Chen Xi cupped his hands from afar towards Baili Yan, and then didn’t do anything else after that. It couldn’t be helped, all his thoughts were on other things, so how could he have the mood to exchange pleasantries with this extremely proud princess?

So what if it was the Eternal Spirit Mountain?

Chen Xi had never had any interest towards the origins and status of others.

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