Chapter 738 – Sword Evaluation Hall!

Xueyan felt as if she’d had a nightmare. Within the dream, fists that were large like pots were everywhere. She was running madly, yet those fists whistled over like raindrops, causing her to be unable to escape nor avoid them, so she couldn’t help but cry out in terror.

After that, she let out a muffled groan and woke up abruptly.

How many years has it been? Why am I dreaming again?

Xueyan let out a long sigh of relief before her body stiffened. Wait, I seem to have been…


In the next moment, she felt her body was thrown on the ground like a sandbag, and her face hit the floor, causing her face to be covered in dirt.


Who actually dared to be so disrespectful!?

Xueyan was furious in her heart as she opened her eyes, and then she saw a handsome young man staring coldly at her.

This young man had a tall figure, eyes that were deep like the stars, an extraordinary bearing, hands that were placed behind him, and a backbone that was straight like a sword that seemed to be on the verge of piercing through the sky.

Xueyan’s face went grim at the instant she saw this young man, and numerous scenes that she couldn’t bear to recall flashed through her mind…

I was actually bluntly bashed up by a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator!?

Flames of rage blazed in Xueyan’s heart while killing intent rose within her heart, and then she stood up with the intention of killing. However, her legs went soft before she could even stand up, causing her to fall back to the ground.

Only now did she notice that her cultivation had actually been restrained, causing the Immortal Energy in her entire body to be sealed up. So she was no different from an ordinary person!

This caused Xueyan to be unable to help but feel horrified. How could a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm possibly place restrictions on me?

She tried to charge through the restriction yet instantly felt violent pain that felt like a myriad of ants boring into her heart surge through her entire body, causing her entire body to tremble while her face turned pale and a layer of cold sweat leaked out of her forehead.

What a terrifying restriction!

This is absolutely not something a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm can set up!

Xueyan raised her eyes before her gaze flashed passed Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and all the others before finally descending onto A’xiu. She had a strong feeling that all of this was surely done by this green dressed young woman!

Actually, it was obvious when she thought about it. Earlier, it was this green dressed young woman that was the first to notice her, and it was also this green dressed young woman that was the first to force her out of her hiding spot in the sky.

Unfortunately, she was completely concentrated in dealing with Chen Xi and had always overlooked this point to only realize it now. Perhaps this green dressed young woman is the most terrifying existence amongst this group of people!

A’xiu suddenly turned around and grinned at Xueyan. Her smile was pure and beautiful, yet it caused Xueyan to be unable to refrain from trembling because it seemed as if she’d seen the smile of a little devil.

“Since you’ve awoken, then let’s begin,” said Chen Xi.

“Begin what?” Xueyan was stunned.

“I’ll ask, and you answer. I believe you understand your current situation very well,” said Chen Xi calmly.

“Are you threatening me?” Xueyan was on the verge of going mad with rage as she looked at Chen Xi who was before her. When did even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator dare to speak like this to me?

“You can refuse to answer, but…,” said Chen Xi.

Xueyan interrupted him. “Don’t try to threaten me. Do what you like to me. I’ve fucking cultivated until now and have seen all sorts of storms, so how could I possibly be threatened by you? Even if I die, Lord Bing Shitian will take revenge for me!”

Chen Xi frowned. “Aren’t you afraid I’d sell you to the dirtiest brothel in the mortal world to be the lowliest whore that has to serve hundreds of customers every single day for 10 years, causing you to be in utter misery?”

Xueyan laughed coldly with ridicule, and she seemed as if she’d heard the most childish threat. 

Chen Xi’s frown grew deeper, and he continued. “Then I’ll…”

“Come, leave it to me.” A’xiu couldn’t continue listening, and she grinned as she pushed Chen Xi aside before speaking a single sentence that subdued Xueyan completely.

There were only five words in that sentence — Comply or I’ll disfigure you!

Disfigurement might be the most terrifying thing to women of the mortal world, yet its deterrent force was greatly reduced to all female cultivators.

Because cultivators possessed a variety of miraculous spirit pills and profound techniques that could deal with ugliness. It was even to the extent they could discard this body and seize a new body.

But Xueyan believed that since A’xiu dared speak like this, A’xiu had surely considered all these circumstances. In other words, if A’xiu were to disfigure her, then it would be absolutely impossible to repair!

So she submitted.

She couldn’t watch as her drop dead gorgeous appearance became utterly hideous. She was a pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox that was born charming, and she had an innate pursuit for beauty.

Just like the Yazi was infatuated with searching for swords and the Taotie was infatuated with tasting delicacies. Their Nine-Tailed Fox Clan was similarly infatuated to something, and it was beauty. 


Chen Xi’s mood was much more relaxed.

He found out from Xueyan that besides Huo Molei, his other senior brothers and senior sister were all in Bing Shitian’s possession, and they were locked within the prison of the Heavenflow Dao Sect. None of them were injured or dead.

Moreover, he intended to use Xueyan as a hostage to make Bing Shitian obediently send back his senior brothers and senior sister!

Realistically, Xueyan who was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert was far more valuable that his senior brothers and senior sister. This was an indisputable fact, even though it was an extremely brutal one.

Chen Xi didn’t care about all this. He only knew that so long as he kept Xueyan in his possession, then the situation of those seniors of his would become extremely safe.

Not to mention, Xueyan’s existence wasn’t so simple to him because she still had a use of vital importance! 


Half a day later.


A wisp of flowing light tore through the sky and appeared far away from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

I’ve finally returned… A wisp of a complicated feeling and cruelness that couldn’t be suppressed suffused his heart as he looked at the boundlessly vast and lofty mountain range in the distance.

East Radiance Peak!

Yue Chi!

When he thought about how Huo Molei and the others had been trapped by Yue Chi and fell into the hands of Bing Shitian, Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to directly charge to the East Radiance Peak and annihilate this extremely despicable trash called Yue Chi! 

He took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the killing intent and hatred in his heart before leading Meng Wei and the others along into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, you’re back!”

“Great! Senior Brother Chen Xi is finally back!”

Chen Xi had just entered into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect when the bodies of all the disciples that guarded the entrance shook before they revealed expressions of pleasant surprise, and then all of them bowed.

All these disciples were mostly Inner Court and Outer Court disciples, and their strengths were around the Golden Core Realm, so they were excited to the extreme when facing a Core Seed Disciple like Chen Xi who was renowned in the world. Some female disciples were even excited to the point their faces flushed red while their delicate figures trembled.

Chen Xi was stunned and cupped his fists to these juniors before turning around and leaving with Meng Wei and the others.

At this moment, there was a ball of flames smoldering in his chest, and he truly couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to anything else.


At the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Outer Court Hall, before the welcoming area, Chen Xi flew over here and temporarily arranged a place for Meng Wei and the others here because the rules of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect disallowed outsiders from entering the core areas of the sect, otherwise those people would suffer the attacks of the various restrictions.

Even if Chen Xi was a Core Seed Disciple now, he had to abide by this rule, and only by notifying the seniors of the sect to obtain permission would he be able to bring Meng Wei and the others into West Radiance Peak.

“A’xiu, take care of things here. I’ll come get all of you once I notify the Sect Master.” Chen Xi instructed A’xiu before he left.

“Oh, remember to hurry up. You promised to cook delicacies for me earlier, so you better not forget it…” A’xiu nodded and muttered swiftly.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi had already left the Outer Court.

“Senior Brother! Senior Brother Chen Xi! You’ve finally returned!” However, right when Chen Xi intended to head to True Martial Peak and pay a visit to the Sect Master, Wen Huating, a few streaks suddenly descended before him and bowed respectfully.

“What is it?” Chen Xi noticed that they were Core Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak as well, and all of them were of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement and possessed strengths that weren’t bad.

“We’ve been searching for Senior Brother for a long time according to Elder Lie Peng’s orders,” said one of the disciples.

“Searching for me?” Chen Xi was stunned. Elder Lie Peng was the Enforcement Elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. On that day after the Peak Trials, Elder Lie Peng had once brought him along to Azurecloud Pavilion in order to obtain his command token as a Core Seed Disciple. Moreover, Elder Lie Peng treated him quite well.

“Right, Senior Brother Chen Xi. We’ve already found out from the disciples before the entrance that Senior Brother has already returned to the sect. Elder Lie Peng ordered all disciples with five times combat strength and above on our Divine Radiance Peak to converge at the Sword Evaluation Hall. Senior Brother should head over quickly as well.”

Chen Xi was currently renowned in the world. He’d slaughtered Yan Shisan and shocked the world, causing him to be reputed as a peerless genius, and he was even the most notable outstanding disciple in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Before he’d returned to the sect, his reputation and status had already attained an unprecedented height amongst the Core Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it was even greater than Long Zhenbei, Wang Zhonghuan, Yun Ye, Luo Qianrong, and the others.

When facing him, all these Core Seed Disciples were respectful and reverent as well, and they didn’t dare be disrespectful in the slightest.

“What exactly has happened? Could it be that we’re asked to gather at the Sword Evaluation Hall because some sort of great figure has come to pay a visit?” Chen Xi knew that the Sword Evaluation Hall was a grand hall in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it was usually only opened when the sect encountered the visit of a distinguished guest.

“Exactly. A princess of the Eternal Spirit Mountain has come to pay a visit. Her identity is extremely noble, and even Elder Lie Peng is personally accompanying her.” One of the disciples explained.

The Eternal Spirit Mountain!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. According to the rumors, besides the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect, there were two more mysterious places in the Dark Reverie.

One was called the Unknown Lands, and the other was called the Secluded Paradise.

Both these places possessed numerous mysterious and ancient sects, and the most famous amongst them was the Saintly Land of Ascension, the Eternal Spirit Mountain, the Dhyana Forest Temple, and so on and so forth.

All these sects had secluded themselves from the outside world for many years, and some didn’t have any inheritors of the sect appear in the world for over 10,000 years. They seemed as if they’d been obliterated from the world, and they were mysterious and unfathomable.

It was even to the extent that some inheritances only possessed two or three people in the sect, and the inheritance of the sect was passed down to a sole inheritor. But because their strengths and resources were similarly shocking to the extreme, they were absolutely figures that led the era once they emerged into the world!

All of this was recorded in the Dark Reverie Manual, yet it was extremely brief and vague. When these names were mentioned, it was usually very briefly in a single line, and it seemed as if these two mysterious places were a taboo that no one dared to touch.

The Eternal Spirit Mountain, so such a sect really does exist… Chen Xi frowned as he muttered, and he faintly felt that the arrival of this Princess of the Eternal Spirit Mountain was probably not so simple.

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