Chapter 737 – He’s Too Ferocious!

Ninesplit Grace? A’xiu was stunned when Xueyan executed this technique because she’d recognized this technique as the Innate Dao Art of the Nine Tailed Fox Clan.

This Dao Art was extremely famous during the primeval times because an extremely terrifying demon empress of the Nine Tailed Fox Clan had relied on this technique to annihilate numerous great experts.

Unlike the External Avatar of body refiners, the eight figures formed from the Ninesplit Grace were formed purely from Immortal Energy, and they didn’t contain essence, spirit, and mind of a person. However, its might was comparable to an External Avatar or second Soul Core.

Xueyan was an expert at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, so when this technique was executed by her, every single figure was like a scorching sun that illuminated the sky, and their strengths weren’t any different to her true body.

In other words, at this moment, the pressure Chen Xi faced was so great that it was comparable to facing nine Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

A’xiu’s eyes narrowed into two arcs and flashed with a cold light, and she’d prepared to make a move at any moment.


Right at this moment, Xueyan’s figure had already charged over and arrived before Chen Xi, and her fingers were like a hook that grabbed fiercely towards Chen Xi’s Dantian!

She’d already utilized the force grasped by Earthly Immortal Realm experts, teleportation, in this strike! Her speed was so swift that it was completed in a thousandth of an instant.

This was the might and fearsomeness of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. It completely surpassed cultivators and was below Heavenly Immortals. Even though the Earthly Immortal Realm was only a realm away from the Nether Transformation Realm, it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. One was in the sky while the other on the ground, and they couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.


A shocking scene occurred. To everyone’s surprise, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he hadn’t reacted to this attack. Not to mention stopping it, he didn’t even have the time to dodge, and his belly was directly torn open, causing fresh blood to spray out.

The eyes of Meng Wei and Mo Ya constricted abruptly as they gasped. Never had they imagined that this scene would actually occur so swiftly and so suddenly, and it caused their faces to go grim.

Even A’xiu was stunned because she never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be unable to dodge after Xueyan only utilized a single clone.

This greatly exceeded her expectations because in her previous estimations, Chen Xi’s strength was capable of persisting for another 10 minutes, and he would absolutely not be defeated so easily.

After all, the speed of his Wings of Disruption wasn’t inferior to teleportation, so how could Chen Xi possibly be unable to dodge?

Xueyan who executed this ruthless strike was stunned as well because she never expected she would succeed so easily, and when she felt the sticky blood that flowed ceaselessly at the tip of her fingers, she understood that Chen Xi had really been injured by her!


The nine clones converged once more. Xueyan couldn’t help but chuckle as she looked at Chen Xi who was right before her, and she said, “Little Brother, looks like I overestimated you earlier.”

Her white and slender hand was like a sharp blade that was still pierced into Chen Xi’s Dantian, and this caused A’xiu to not dare make any rash movements.

His belly was torn apart, causing fresh blood to flow, but Chen Xi’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. He was still calm and indifferent, but his countenance was slightly pale.

“Little Brother, Lord Bing Shitian destroyed your Blackhole World the last time, yet you actually unexpectedly reconstructed it. That was a magnificent feat that made history, something that even our predecessors were unable to accomplish had been accomplished by you. If news of this were to be spread, it would surely stir the entire Dark Reverie.” Xueyan smiled sweetly while her clear eyes spun about, yet her gaze didn’t contain the slightest emotion. “Now, since you’ve fallen into my hands, let me see if you’ll be able to recover your Blackhole World once more after it’s destroyed again…”

As she spoke, her right hand that was stuck into Chen Xi’s chest flipped, and then it grabbed fiercely at his Blackhole World.


His Blackhole World was like an egg shell that shattered easily!

“So weak… Hmm? Wait!” Xueyan was stunned, and then she realized something, causing her expression to change abruptly. “You…” An enormous force that was extremely terrifying acted upon her hand, causing her to be unable to control her body from colliding towards Chen Xi.

It felt as if there was a vortex within Chen Xi’s body that firmly sucked onto her right hand with the intention of pulling her into Chen Xi’s body.


Xueyan reacted extremely swiftly and intended to retreat, but her pupils constricted abruptly as extreme pain came from her stomach, causing her to be unable to refrain from bending her body.

A fist that could crush mountains and shatter rocks had smashed onto her stomach!


She couldn’t refrain herself from spitting out a mouthful of light golden blood any longer. Before she could even struggle, she felt as if her neck had suffered the smash of a god’s sledgehammer. 


She felt her vision go black while her mind droned and she saw stars.

At this moment, her hair was disheveled while her exceedingly beautiful and charming face was covered in fury. But her droning mind caused her reaction to be slower than usual.


Another fist that carried terrifying strength caused her beautiful face to be distorted.

Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold while his eyes burned with the flames of hatred, so how could he care that she was a great beauty? His fists were like shooting stars that smashed down like a tempest.

Cultivating in body refinement until now had caused his strength to be peerlessly formidable, so a single strike of his was no less than 1.5 million kg and was capable of shattering a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure.

Coupled with the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture he’d comprehended during these past few days and the drawing of the Dao into his body, it had caused his body to seem like the origin of the Dao, allowing it to receive the nurturing and tempering of the Grand Dao. So, his strength had become even stronger and far stronger than he’d imagined!

Actually, he’d known since Xueyan executed the Ninesplit Grace that he would lose without a doubt if he continued fighting desperately. After all, that situation was no different from facing the encirclement of nine Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

So he could only use a different method and take a risk. 

He never expected that Xueyan had really fallen for it. She thought she’d crushed his Blackhole World, yet how could she have known that his Blackhole World was completely different to all cultivators in the world. It was formed from countless talisman markings, and it could disperse into countless talisman markings with a single thought of his.

Moreover, the meridians throughout his body had been inscribed with countless talisman markings, and these talisman markings had all been arranged in the form of the Devour Grand Dao.

Xueyan’s hand entering into his body was like entering into countless devouring vortexes, and this unexpected event was so sudden that it caught her off guard, causing a trace of imperceptible panic to appear in her heart.

Chen Xi was waiting exactly for this opportunity, and he grabbed firmly onto it.

At this moment, he felt unspeakably relaxed because he’d never felt his fists being so filled with energy, and every single punch he struck blasted the hatred and fury in his heart into Xueyan’s body.

“Is it so extraordinary to be an Earthly Immortal Realm expert? Didn’t you still fall into my hands in the end!?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Xi’s fists were like a violent tempest that carried surging strength, and he didn’t hold back in the slightest. The pitiable Xueyan possessed drop dead gorgeous beauty, a figure that could overthrow a kingdom, and a cultivation at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. But she was instantly bashed into a punching bag when encountering a ruthless fellow that showed no mercy to women, and she was bashed to the point her entire body was swollen and convulsing before she fainted.


Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the youths gasped endlessly while they looked at Chen Xi who’d seemed to have fallen into insanity with astounded expressions.

That’s an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

She actually…lost!

This had exceeded their imagination because they were burning with anxiety for Chen Xi earlier. But in the blink of an eye, the situation had turned around completely, and an Earthly Immortal Realm expert had actually lost at the hands of Chen Xi who was only a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator!

This…was simply astonishing!

It wasn’t just that, Xueyan was even bashed by Chen Xi like a punching bag, and she was beaten up to a horrifying state! Her extremely miserable appearance caused even them to tremble with fear and gulp with difficulty.

Ruthlessly destroying a flower!

Mad and ferocious!

If this was seen by someone that didn’t know the truth behind the matter, the person would surely be filled with righteous indignation and condemn Chen Xi for not knowing how to cherish a beauty and understand how beauties could be forgiven for no reason…

“Good, excellent! I couldn’t bear the sight of this demon woman since the beginning.” To everyone’s surprise, A’xiu beamed and clapped with praise when  facing this scene.

Perhaps that was the true thoughts of a woman. Women were born as latent enemies. Even if they were best friends, they seemed to be extremely close, yet who knew about their struggles and deception in secret?

“Are all of you alright?” After a short moment, Chen Xi stopped when he saw Xueyan had fainted, and his bellyful of fury had receded greatly. He held Xueyan with one hand while turning around to look at the others.

The bodies of the terribly frightened Meng Wei and the others stiffened when they heard this, and they shook their heads in unison. There wasn’t the slightest bit of fury on their faces, and they looked at Xueyan who Chen Xi held in his hand with pity. They couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion as they recalled her unsurpassed beauty when she made an appearance.

A pity! Truly a pity!

It’s fine to make an enemy of anyone, but why did you have to come make an enemy of Chen Xi?

“Hey, why didn’t you kill her? If it was me, I’d remove her fox skin and make a few beautiful clothes…” A’xiu muttered from the side.

The hearts of Meng Wei and the others went cold once more. So it turns out that the most ruthless isn’t Chen Xi but this candid young woman!

“I’ll leave her alive for now because I still have use for her.” Chen Xi shook his head because his consciousness was slightly dazed. I actually defeated an Earthly Immortal Realm expert?

But in next to no time, he calmed down. He knew that luck played a huge part in his ability to obtain victory this time, and if he were to really go against Xueyan, then perhaps he would be able to escape with his life, but he would absolutely not be a match for her.

After all, she was an Earthly Immortal and not a cultivator. She’d already stood proudly at the peak of the Mortal Dimension, and it was impossible for him to surmount a realm and defeat an Earthly Immortal Realm expert with his current strength.

But this battle allowed him to clearly understand his strength, and he really anticipated the moment he grasped the ability to utilize seven times, eight, times, nine times…and even 10 times his combat strength. Would I be able to easily defeat an Earthly Immortal Realm expert then?

“Leave her alive?” A’xiu was disappointed, and then said excitedly, “Hey! You wouldn’t be intending to make her your slave, right? Oh, it’s surely like that. Pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox are the most enchanting and rather rare. They are the women that many great figures dream of obtaining. My Second Uncle has gathered numerous beautiful slaves, and he only lacks a pure blooded Nine-Tailed Fox. Unfortunately, this Nine-Tailed Fox’s strength is too weak, and my Second Uncle will surely not take a fancy to her…” As soon as these words were spoken, everyone including Chen Xi was instantly petrified. The way this young woman thinks…is truly unrestrained! 

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