Chapter 735 – Eternal Spirit Mountain

It was already dusk when Chen Xi returned to the courtyard.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya had taken the youths to go around the streets because Chen Xi had given them a great deal of wealth and instructed them to buy anything they wanted.

A’xiu had followed them as well because this green dress young woman that was always smiling would never miss the chance to have some fun.

The courtyard was silent and dark, and only Chen Xi remained here.

He sat alone within his room and looked at the bronze box before him with an indescribably strange expression.

This bronze box was only 30cm in length, ancient, and cold. Its surface was inscribed with complicated and dense patterns of the sun, moon, stars, plants, insects, ancient scenes of offering sacrifice, sages passing down the Dao, and so on and so forth.

The bronze box was sealed by utilizing a Law, causing it to be impossible to open unless a Heavenly Immortal tried.

This was the Artifact Spirit of the Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok, and the tall middle aged man had personally given it to Chen Xi after chatting with Chen Xi.

The content of their conversation was extremely simple. The tall middle aged man called himself Dong Ye, and then he went straight to the point and passed this bronze box to Chen Xi.

At that time, Dong Ye had only said a single sentence. You have the aura of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree and Ant Emperor. It’s fate that we’re able to meet each other, so you must take this bronze box.

After that, Chen Xi had no choice but to accept this sudden gift.

He’d also asked Dong Ye exactly what was within the bronze box, and why Dong Ye wanted to give it to him.

The answer he received was extremely simple. It turned out the bronze box contained the reincarnated Artifact Spirit nurtured by the Nine-Profundity Immortal Work, and it was in deep slumber while waiting to be woken.

In other words, this bronze box contained a second Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok!

On the other hand, the reason Dong Ye had given it to Chen Xi was because he firmly believed that since the Dark Parasol Divine Tree and Ant Emperor’s inheritances had acknowledged Chen Xi, then Chen Xi naturally possessed the ability to protect this bronze box.

At that moment, Chen Xi was shocked. Since the Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok’s Artifact Spirit had been reincarnated and was in deep slumber within the bronze box, then who was Dong Ye?

Dong Ye didn’t conceal his identity and directly told Chen Xi he was only a strand of an incomplete soul that wasn’t willing to ascend into the Immortal Dimension, and he wasn’t much different to a forsaker of the heavens.

As for why he wasn’t willing to ascend, Dong Ye didn’t speak and kept his mouth shut tightly like a jar.

When he was about to send Chen Xi off, Dong Ye suddenly spoke some unfathomable and obscure words. “During the upheaval of the three dimensions this time, gods are nothing, all living beings are like ants, and it surpasses everything from the past. I hope you’ll take care of yourself.”

In next to no time, Chen Xi woke from his deep contemplation, and he carefully put the bronze box aside before sighing lightly in his heart. Exactly what sort of calamity is the upheaval of the three dimensions?

His trip to Taotie City was originally a simple trip to participate in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings, yet he’d inadvertently found his Eldest Senior Brother Huo Molei who’d been reduced to a slave, had an even more unbelievable and weird conversation with the ‘Artifact Spirit’ of the Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok, and obtained a heavy bronze box…

All of them was so unbelievable yet had really occurred.  

This caused Chen Xi to keep having the feeling as if a shapeless hand was controlling everything, whereas he was like a moth that had been accidentally swept into the hand.

When he thought about it calmly, it was actually easy to notice that the reason Dong Ye had conversed with him and given him the bronze box was none other than because Dong ye had noticed the aura of the Exalted Ant Emperor and Dark Parasol Divine Tree on him.

As for the bronze box, unless the reincarnated Artifact Spirit of the Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok awoke completely, otherwise it would be utterly impossible for him to open it with his strength.

All in all, he’d completed the promise he made Old Man Ma and Master Yong during this trip to Taotie City and fulfilled their long cherished wished, so it was time for him to leave. 


This day was the last day of the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings, and the top three would be selected in the final round.

This demonstration of culinary skill was arranged to be on the enormous field before Taotie Palace, and it drew over countless people to come spectate. It was to the point the entire city had come, and it was extremely popular and filled with streams of people.

However, everyone was bewildered because they didn’t see Chen Xi’s figure make an appearance even until when the competition began.

After all, Chen Xi’s name had already spread throughout the entirety of Taotie City during these past two days because the news of him participating in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings and obtaining the honor of being in the top 10 had even caused the entire city to be stirred and shocked the hearts of all.

It could be said that most people who’d come to watch the competition today had the thoughts of personally witnessed exactly how Chen Xi looked, and how was he able to possess such shocking attainments in both combat strength and the Culinary Dao.

But, up until now, not to mention Chen Xi, there wasn’t even a shadow of him. What’s going on?

The crowd started becoming restless and looking left and right, causing their attention to not be placed on the competition at all.

This caused the spirit chefs that were participating in the final competition to have unsightly expressions because such open disregard caused them to feel low in spirit while cooking. Who could have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so captivating?

Oa flight of Cloud Stairs that led towards the ground and was wide and deserted, Chen Xi turned around to glance at this magnificent city that was constructed in the sky before withdrawing his gaze and gesturing. “Let’s set out!”

Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the youths had gotten ready a long time ago. Huo Molei was carried by Meng Wei on his back, and Huo Molei was still in deep slumber while his condition had obviously improved greatly.

Only A’xiu looked helplessly at the ‘capital of delicacies’ that stood behind her, and she muttered. “Hey! Hey! Why don’t we stay for another day? There are still so many delicacies I haven’t tried…”

Chen Xi grabbed the young woman’s soft arm. “I’ll cook for you if you want to eat because now it’s time to leave!”

“Oh, you’re not allowed to go back on this promise,” said A’xiu.

“When have I ever gone back on what I’ve said?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“I knew you’re the best to me.” A’xiu’s eyes curved as she smiled, and she held Chen Xi’s arm while jumping endlessly with joy, causing her soft and delicate body to stick onto Chen Xi’s firm arm while being completely oblivious of how distance should be kept between man and woman.

Chen Xi’s heart jerked, and he hastily pulled his arm away. But unexpectedly, A’xiu was like an octopus that couldn’t be shook off, causing Chen Xi to be extremely embarrassed…

Not too long after Chen Xi and the others left, a group of people arrived before the Cloud Stairs, and the young woman in the lead asked. “Who’s that? Why would they be leaving Taotie City at this time?”

This young woman wore a crown that was like a shooting star, and feathered clothes with tassels. She had jet black hair that was like a waterfall flowing from her head, skin that was snow white and tender, an appearance that was beautiful like a painting, and carried a unique and noble aura. 

There were a large group of guards by her side, and there were old men, old women, and some handsome and spirited young men. She seemed to be from some large clan and was like someone with an extremely high status that had come out to tour the world.

“Princess, that young man is called Chen Xi, and he’s the most famous genius of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. He once performed a string of great deeds that shook the world in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and he even killed the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Yan Shisan not long ago and enjoys a great reputation.” An old man explained in a light voice.

“Oh? I never expected that he’s an extraordinary cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm as well. I heard of that Yan Shisan in the pass, yet I never imagined that he would be killed by this young man. This is already on par with some geniuses of our Eternal Spirit Mountain.” The young woman seemed to be lost in thought.

“It’s indeed not bad for such a genius to appear within the 10 great immortal sects. But he’s slightly inferior when compared with some geniuses of our Eternal Spirit Mountain. According to rumor, the inheritors of the other Unknown Lands will be making an appearance in the world in the near future, and the disciples of those powers that keep themselves secluded from the outside world are the true geniuses.” A young man by the ‘Princesses’ side sighed with emotion.

“We’ll see. The three dimensions are about to experience an upheaval. No matter if it’s the ancient inheritances in the paradises secluded from the outside world or the disciples of the Unknown Lands, even though all of them are emerging into the world, the resources and reserves of the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sects still exist. Moreover, many of their disciples are extraordinary and astounding figures.” The Princess’s starry eyes had a profound glow as she judged indifferently. “For example, even though the Nine Radiance Sword Sect has started to decline in the recent years, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Everyone knows that some forsakers of the heavens and old seniors are still living in seclusion on Divine Radiance Peak, and no one is able to touch the foundation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect while they’re still present.”

“Princess, you wouldn’t have selected the Nine Radiance Sword Sect as your first destination, right?” The gaze of an old man flashed as he spoke with surprise.

“What’s wrong with that?” The Princess laughed lightly while carrying pride and nobility that seemed to come from birth. “After a thousand years, my Eternal Spirit Mountain had emerged now, so we naturally have to properly understand the resources and reserves of these great powers, whereas the best method is undoubtedly to spar with all of their disciples.”

When she spoke up to here, she raised her eyes to sweep everyone with her gaze and said indifferently, “Let’s go. We’ve lived a leisurely and carefree life in Taotie City for a few days, and it’s time to work our muscles.”



The path from Taotie City to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was no less than five million kilometers.

But at this moment, because of Huo Molei’s injuries, Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to return immediately to the sect. So they didn’t ride on wagons, and he started carrying Meng Wei and the others as he flew.

With his current cultivation, he was barely able to maintain a speed that was almost on par with teleportation as he brought over 10 people along with him, but it wasn’t possible if he were to bring over 100 people along.

Fortunately, there was A’xiu, this mysterious and formidable young woman.

Her slender hand waved and caused an expanse of silvery starlight to appear, and it was like a carpet interweaved from starlight that carried everyone with a matchless speed of 5,000km in the blink of an eye.

Even Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart because such ability wasn’t inferior to his Wings of Disruption in the slightest. Moreover, based on A’xiu’s relaxed appearance, she’d obviously not utilized her full strength.

“Hmm?” After flying for an entire 500,000km, A’xiu seemed to have noticed something above a remote and deserted wasteland, causing her to stop abruptly before her clear eyes moved to look towards the sky at the side.

“Have you noticed something?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted.

A’xiu didn’t answer him but stretched out her snow white hand and swung it lightly, causing a wisp of dazzling starlight that seemed like the sharp blade that split the world apart to appear 500km in the distance before slashing down.


That expanse of space instantly had a 3km long rift torn open upon it. The rift was pitch black inside and surged with extremely violent spatial tempest, and there was nothing else besides this.

“Big Sister, don’t blame me for being rude if you still don’t make an appearance.” A’xiu grinned as she spoke with a clear and resounding voice that was musical like the sound of nature.

“What an alert little girl. Since you want to see Big Sister, then how can Big Sister refuse?” Suddenly, a gentle and low voice that carried a trace of hoarseness drifted out.

Along with this voice was a delicate and graceful figure that walked out slowly from this expanse of space. Her clothes fluttered in the wind while a jade pendant clinked at her side, and a strand of a calming, clear, and sweet fragrance suddenly suffused the air.

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