Chapter 730 – Making No Concessions

Actually, Chen Xi was relying on the power behind him to exert pressure on the Taotie Clan just like Bai Gunan usually did. But the only difference was Chen Xi wasn’t so overbearing and arrogant like Bai Gunan.

His expression was calm and composed, while his voice wasn’t loud yet carried a unique force that caused this Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had overcame seven levels of the heavenly tribulation, Tao Zhentian, to have no choice but to confront him carefully.

The conversations between the two concealed behind dense clouds and mist, and an ordinary person would surely be bewildered upon hearing it. Only those elders of the Taotie Clan discerned that the Patriarch intended to make a compromise!

This sort of feeling caused them to feel an indescribable feeling of grievance. It was only a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm, and not only had this little fellow caused trouble in their Taotie City, he’d even threatened them now. Could it be that he doesn’t know how the word ‘death’ is written!!?

Even though they felt aggrieved, they had no choice but to admit that Chen Xi’s existence was a variable that couldn’t be judged based on convention. Once he was killed, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect would probably go mad.

Coupled with the protection of the unfathomable and mysterious young woman by his side, it caused them to feel even more fearful.

This was ‘influence.’ Even though Chen Xi was all alone and didn’t have a formidable cultivation, his background and latent prestige had already taken form, and he wasn’t someone that could just be killed by anyone.

Tao Zhentian went silent for a long time before finally deciding, and he swung his hand and said. “Third Brother, lock Second Elder and Kun’er in prison, and they’re not allowed to take a step out while I’m still in power!”

“This…” Third Elder hesitated because he felt such a punishment was too severe.

“Go!” Tao Zhentian spoke with a low voice.

Third Elder didn’t dare delay any longer, and he turned around to bring Tao Luxiao and Tao Kun along as he left trippingly.

The other elders looked at each other when they saw this scene, and the grievance in their hearts grew stronger. An Earthly Immortal Realm expert and a young expert of their clan had been punished just because of a young man from outside the clan, and such a price was too heavy!

But the situation was unforgiving, and they could only watch on helplessly.

After he made this decision, Tao Zhentian seemed to have recovered his calm instead, and he raised his eyes to look at Chen Xi before he asked with a deep voice. “Are you satisfied with such punishment?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Senior is wise.”

The corners of Tao Zhentian’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Wise? Is he ridiculing me?

Even though he thought like this in his heart, he still heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It was fine so long as this matter could be settled because he was truly worried that Chen Xi would put forward some sort of requirement that went too far.

However, to Tao Zhentian’s astonishment, what he thought came to reality. In the next moment, Chen Xi had already opened his mouth. “But I still have to return to the sect and consult the intentions of the seniors in my sect in order to know if this matter is settled.”

“Chen Xi!” Tao Zhentian had completely lost his composure, and his cold gaze was like lightning as he frowned while he said, “Aren’t you going too far by acting in this way?”

“Senior, you’ve misunderstood.” Chen Xi replied calmly. “I’ll only clarify the course of the matter. If Tao Kun’s actions are really not related to the Taotie Clan, then my Nine Radiance Sword Sect will naturally not treat good people unjustly.”

“I’m only afraid that you’ll exaggerate things and intentionally smear the reputation of my Taotie Clan!” An elder couldn’t watch on any longer and spoke with a fierce voice.

“Since I started cultivating until now, I, Chen Xi, have never done anything that went against my heart.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. “Not to mention it’s just a mere Tao Kun. No matter how bold he is, he wouldn’t dare to harm my Eldest Senior Brother, so what qualifications does such a person have for me to smear his reputation?”

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts stared their eyes wide open when they heard this, and they were utterly infuriated. Aren’t the words of this little fellow too stinging! Tao Kun is an extraordinary genius of our clan, yet how could he be reduced to become so useless when spoken of by this little fellow?

Tao Zhentian took a deep breath and nodded slowly. “Alright, it’ll be as you said.”

“Thank you, senior, for allowing this.” Chen Xi cupped his hands, yet he heaved a long sigh of relief in his heart. He knew extremely clearly that this verbal fight had already attained the most satisfactory outcome, and he would be going too far if he continued pestering them.

He was just about to leave with A’xiu when he heard Tao Zhentian ask abruptly. “May I know why you came to my Taotie City this time?”

Chen Xi stopped. “I’ve naturally come to participate in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the elders including Tao Zhentian were exceedingly astounded. This unforgiving bastard that makes no concessions actually wants to participate in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings?

They were too surprised!

Presently, everyone in the cultivation world knew clearly that Chen Xi was a top expert in the Nether Transformation Realm that possessed shocking combat strength and extraordinary natural talent, and he could already be called a peerless genius.

Who would have imagined that this fellow had actually come to Taotie City for the sake of participating in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings?

Could it be…that this fellow is a spirit chef as well?

Everyone looked at each other and felt that it was extremely absurd.

One of the elders seemed to have realized something and suddenly said with displeasure, “Hmph! Even though my Taotie Clan was really in the wrong in that matter from before, don’t hope that we’ll let you slip through just because of that!”

“Exactly! The Spirit Chef Gold Rankings is the grand event of my clan, and we’ll absolutely not allow anything that breaks the rules from occurring. If there’s no fairness, then how will my Taotie Clan maintain its foothold in the Dark Reverie?” The other elders spoke successively.

Once they spoke about the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings, the expressions and bearings of everyone including Tao Zhentian had undergone a shocking change, and it became firm, persistent, and didn’t tolerate the slightest dispute.

This was the spirit that was branded within the bones of every single clansmen of the Taotie Clan, and it was an innate type of protection towards delicacies and the Culinary Dao!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised, and he suddenly understood that the fervent pursuit of the Culinary Dao by the Taotie Clan was just like how the Yazi Clan pursued swords. Both of them were similarly firm, persistent, and valued it like their lives.

Perhaps this is the foundation of every ancient clan from the Primordial Era. They had something they pursued, so they were able to persist, and only when they had something to persist on could they achieve success!

Chen Xi smiled when he saw this because he wanted it to be fair and just. Otherwise, the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings would have lost its meaning, and it would be utterly unworthy of him participating in it.



In Chen Xi’s room within the courtyard.

Huo Molei’s voice was low and emanated a wisp of deep sorrow and hatred.

“Some time ago, I and Second Junior Brother received the order of the sect to carry out an assignment. Yet never had we imagined that we would be captured as soon as we left the sect. Originally, we thought we’d fallen into the hands of the enemy, yet never had we imagined…” When he spoke up to here, Huo Molei’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of disappointment and hatred. “Never had we imagined that the assailant was actually the East Radiance Peak’s Martial Uncle Yue Chi. At that time, both of us were muddled. We thought the sect disliked that we were neglecting our proper duties and wanted to drive us out of the sect…”

Chen Xi puckered his lips while he couldn’t help but silently clench his fists tightly. The veins on the back of his hands bulged up while his nails sunk deep into his flesh, yet he was completely unaware because he knew that all of this was surely related to him.

Previously, it was precisely because of him that Junior Brother Qing Yu was captured by the seven dark pheasant demons and almost lost his life, and all of this was done because Yue Chi wanted to deal with him!

“I still clearly remember what happened after that. Martial Uncle Yue Chi brought us to the Heavenflow Dao Sect and sealed our cultivations before Bing Shitian, and he even ordered Du Xuan and Du Guan to cause all sorts of torment to us…” Huo Molei’s eyes were empty while his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. Even though many days had passed since this incident occurred, his entire body still trembled when he recalled it now, and he felt an unprecedented feeling of humiliation and fury.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Chen Xi’s fists emitted the sound of bones cracking while his handsome face was already icy cold and livid while his eyes burned with two balls of surging flames of hatred.

He humiliated and tormented people from his own sect in front of Bing Shitian?!


He truly deserves death!

Chen Xi almost gnashed his teeth into pieces while his eyes were filled with blood. He’d never imagined that as an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Yue Chi would actually do such a despicable thing.

“It was from that moment onward that we knew Martial Uncle Yue Chi had colluded with Bing Shitian since a long time ago, and they wanted to use my life and the lives of the other junior brothers to threaten you. But how could we allow him to get what he wanted? So we naturally vowed to die than submit.” Huo Molei’s voice was very calm yet Chen Xi’s heart trembled from hearing it, and he felt both furious and moved. He knew that his Senior Brothers had surely suffered great torment after falling into Bing Shitian’s hands, and this caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable and feel as if bricks were stuck within his chest.

After a short moment, he raised his head and asked. “What about the others?”

“They’re still alive. But, just like me, they’ve been reduced to captives and have been ordered to be sent to different places by Bing Shitian. He said he wanted to make all of us be tormented to death.” When he spoke up to here, Huo Molei grabbed ahold of Chen Xi while he revealed a sorrowful expression. “Little Junior Brother, you must save them. As the Eldest Senior brother, I’m too useless, and I’m unable to take care of junior brothers and junior sister. I…deserve death!”

Chen Xi’s heart ached as he nodded without the slightest hesitation, and he said resolutely, “Don’t worry Senior Brother, I’ll surely rescue them!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he secretly executed a technique that calmed the mind and soul, causing Huo Molei to fall into the world of dreams.

Huo Molei’s injuries were too severe, his meridians had practically been completely severed while his state was extremely terrible. So if it wasn’t repaired properly, Huo Molei would perish in a few days.

This caused Chen Xi’s expression to be even more livid and even be slightly warped and savage.

Bing Shitian!

It’s you again!

Since he started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had never hated a person like this, not even once! 


Late in the night, Chen Xi walked out from his room. His expression had already recovered its calm, but the aura emitted from his entire body was slightly cold and horrifying.

He raised his head and saw a young woman in a green dress swaying about in a swing made from fresh flowers while her eyes that were like black gems were looking towards the sky, and she was counting the stars with a bored and tender appearance.

At this moment, the sky was covered densely with stars while the clear radiance of the moon flowed down in all directions. This city that was built beneath the sky was illuminated by a variety of dazzling lanterns since a long time ago, and there were waves of clamorous noise coming from the distance.

The chilly moonlight poured down onto the young woman, causing her to be bathed in a pure radiance. She was tranquil yet gorgeous like an otherworldly celestial maiden that had fallen trippingly into the mortal world. 

“A’xiu,” said Chen Xi.

“Huh?” A’xiu turned around. Her clear eyes flowed with rays of light that were filled with an oppressive aura, and she was slightly unable to figure out why Chen Xi would take the initiative to speak with her.

“Come, I’ll take you to go eat delicious food.” Chen Xi gestured towards her.

A’xiu was stunned before jumping off the swing in a very unladylike manner, and then ran over swiftly to Chen Xi’s side before grabbing onto his sleeve. She was like a spoiled little child as she said delightfully, “Wonderful! Wonderful! I want to eat for three days and three nights!”

Chen Xi didn’t frown this time but nodded very calmly. “Alright!” 

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