Chapter 73 – Battling The Thunderhawk King

Chapter 73 – Battling The Thunderhawk King

In the wake of Xue Yu’s explosive shout, countless black shadows abruptly shot into the sky from the palace at the side of the precipice.

Shriek! Shriek! Shriek!

Sharp and ear piercing bird cries were like tidewater as they resounded in the heaven and the earth. Those numerous black shadows were 6m wide Golden Ironhawks. Their feathers were like iron armor, beaks like swords, and claws like hooks; the thousands of them flapped their wings as they came from all over to form a six layered and perfectly round design.

Whereas the Thunderhawk King instead stood arrogantly at the exact center of the circle.

“Colossal Copper Mountain — Rise!” Xue Yu made a raising gesture in the air and a 30,000 meter high mountain that was suffused with violet lights appeared out of thin air!

Swish! Swish!

Billowing violet gas suffused the heavens and the earth. Within this roiling violet gas, the mountain that was already floating midair started to shrink at a visible speed, transforming into a 30cm high mini-mountain in the blink of an eye. The mini mountain was completely overflowing with violet gas and the aura of a treasure shot into the sky!

“Hahaha, this Colossal Copper Mountain is 500,000kg heavy and was refined by me using a Secret Technique for 3,000 years. It’s able to shrink and expand at will, and when it smashes, you’ll be turned into powder even if you have a body of iron!” Xue Yu maintained his hand in a position of the raising gesture from before as he gestured as if holding up the little mountain that surged with violet gas, then roared with laughter at the sky. “Although it’s only semi-finished, its might is comparable to a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure! Chen Xi, today, you will die without a doubt… Eh, where is he?”

The Thunderhawk King fully scanned his surroundings, but he only saw the clear sky. Where was there any trace of Chen Xi within the completely empty space?

“Could it be that this damnable fellow fled? It was so difficult for me to fucking lure that fellow here, then place a Thousandhawk Greater Formation and employ my trump card Magic Treasure, the Colossal Copper Mountain. How could he flee without saying a word?” Xue Yu’s face flickered between a livid and grim countenance. He’d lured Chen Xi all the way here, yet didn’t attack all along because he knew he was unable to suppress Chen Xi in speed, and secondly, he was rather afraid of the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in Chen Xi’s possession. That Seventhgold Swordbamboo just happened to be the counter to the thunder energy within his body, so he had no choice but to approach it with caution.

This also allowed him to understand that if he wanted to quickly kill the human youth that possessed extraordinary speed, he could only restrain the youths speed so that he could crush the youth in one go with an irresistible force.

Furthermore, it just so happened that the Magic Treasure in his possession, the Colossal Copper Mountain, was able to form a 330m area gravitational field once utilized. Anything that entered within the gravitational field would encounter a terrifying gravity of almost 5,000kg that was just like a person was carrying a small mountain on his shoulder, and the person's speed would surely be extremely affected. It was to the extent that if one was caught off guard within the gravitational field, then one would instantly be squeezed by the terrifying gravity to the point their body exploded!

However, this Colossal Copper Mountain was only semi-finished. If he were to battle Chen Xi, then the Thunderhawk King could only put his heart and soul in controlling the Colossal Copper Mountain and he would be unable to divert his attention to kill Chen Xi.

It was precisely because of this that the Thunderhawk King ordered his subordinates to form the Thousandhawk Greater Formation, as he intended to order them to attack Chen Xi.

All of this was prepared according to plan, yet Chen Xi just happened to have gone missing!

“Even if his speed was any faster, it was still impossible for him to vanish within my field of vision in the blink of an eye. Could it be that he’s concealed somewhere nearby right now?” When he thought of this, the Thunderhawk King Xue Yu released his Perception Force and instantly swept the nearby vicinity, yet he didn’t notice a shred of Chen Xi’s aura.

“Impossible! How can my fucking painstaking effort be wasted just like this?”


Xue Yu was unable to restrain the depression in his heart any longer, he flapped his wings and rushed into the sky, then stood high in the sky as he scanned the surroundings. As a hawk demon beast, his gaze was extremely sharp and was able to clearly see every small thing in an area of 50km.

“Damnable fellow, you’ve fled faster than anyone…” Xue Yu was furious and broke out into curses, however, right at that moment, a tiny feeling of danger caused a chill to run down his spine and swiftly surged into his heart.

Not good!

His expression abruptly went pale. A steel trident that contained oppressive bright lights suddenly appeared within his right hand and he blocked before himself out of pure instinct.


A wisp of a sword image swiftly appeared, easily slicing the steel trident into two, and its remaining force didn’t reduce as it swept towards Xue Yu’s neck.

Moreover, at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure had appeared out of thin air, one meter beside Xue Yu, and the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his right hand was swift like lightning, peerlessly swift and fierce.

This scene scared the Thunderhawk King half to death. His wings flapped just like a pair of shields that had joined together, blocking his chest at the extremely critical moment.


An enormous wound broke open on the wings of the Thunderhawk King that were hard like iron, and blood gushed out with a ‘whoosh’ as feathers scattered all over the sky.

“Dammit! I was actually sneak attacked by that fellow!” The Thunderhawk King snorted in frustration, his body staggered and he nearly fell from the sky. He didn’t dare stay here any longer as his heavily injured wings would affect his speed, so he wanted to return to the Thousandhawk Grand Formation. Only by controlling the Colossal Copper Mountain would he be able to turn around this unfavorable situation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi concealed himself midair with the Traceless Aura Technique, and had waited for this superb opportunity with great difficulty, how could he allow the Thunderhawk King to flee? Instantly, he willed it in his heart, and eight flying swords that were suffused with dense cold lights appeared out of thin air and flew out like a flowing light, instantly locking down all Xue Yu’s paths of retreat.

These eight flying swords were obtained by Chen Xi from within the chasm in the Crimsonflame Mountain Range of the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. They were previously used by the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, to maintain the Baleful Condensation Formation, and their quality were at the ranks of the top-grade yellow-rank. At this moment, when controlled by Chen Xi, cold lights surged out for a moment as spirit energy flowed around it, and its sharp sword qi abruptly swarmed the sky.

“Dammit, this fellow actually possesses a graded Magic Treasure? He clearly only advanced to the Violet Palace Realm a little while ago, where did he get so many treasures?” The Thunderhawk King’s face swiftly went pale as he suddenly noticed that he seemed to have been wrong since the beginning.

Seventhgold Swordbamboo, Dao Insight Stage sword technique and movement technique, a mysterious technique that conceals him without a trace, and now he even had eight graded Magic Treasure flying swords…

How could this fellow have so many resources? Could it be that he’s the personal disciple from a super great sect?


A sound of swords that were like a dragon’s roar and a crane’s cry echoed out, under the control of Chen Xi’s formidable Perception Force, the tips of the eight flying swords faced downwards as they twisted towards the Thunderhawk King in the center.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s mind still wasn’t at ease, and the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand was like a typhoon, as pure Sword Insight mixed with an aura of annihilation that would destroy everything tore through the sky towards Xue Yu.

The sixth move of the Windflow Divination Sword — Space Shattering Typhoon!

The cry of swords rose and fell like waves, and it was like the footsteps of the god of death was approaching step by step.

As he felt the extremely terrifying force of destruction surging over from every direction, the Thunderhawk King was already scared shitless. His figure was like an ephemeral shadow as he fled downwards with a ‘swish.’ However, he was forcefully driven back to where he stood earlier by the eight Netherezim Swords that surrounded him, and his face couldn’t help but abruptly go pale as he roared with all his strength. “You can’t kill me! Could it be that you don’t want to know the information about your friends?”

“Die!” Chen Xi instead turned a deaf ear to it. The Seventhgold Swordbamboo was the last to be swung out, yet the first to arrive. The unparalleled Sword Insight contained within seemed to revolve like a millstone, instantly mincing the Thunderhawk King into a mush of blood and meat that sprinkled down profusely and disorderly from the sky like a rain of blood.

Up to this point, besides the Black Ape King, another demon king from the seven great demon kings had perished under Chen Xi’s sword!

“Only demon kings like you are able to capture them, so why should I ask you for their whereabouts again?” Chen Xi gazed at the remains of the Thunderhawk King that sprinkled down like rain, and he finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

Killing the Black Ape King, then traveling a long way to annihilate the Thunderhawk King had caused Chen Xi’s True Essence to be on the verge of exhaustion, and his mind was extremely exhausted. After all, being slightly careless in a life and death battle against a stronger opponent would likely lead to death on the spot. If it wasn’t for his body being extremely tough, he would have probably been unable to sustain himself any longer.

“That human youth has killed the King!”

“The King is actually dead! How could this be possible?”

“What should we do? Do we seek vengeance for the King?”

Due to the battle ending so swiftly, those thousand over Golden Ironhawks has only awoken from what seemed like a dream now, and they let out surprised exclamations with voices that were filled with terror and disappointment.

“Scram!” Chen Xi coldly spat out a word. Killing intent was condensed between his brows and he was like an unfeeling deity of slaughter, scaring the thousand plus feathered animals out of their minds with a single glance. At once, they didn’t dare hesitate any longer. All of them spread their wings and fled in panic, and their appearances were as if they wished for nothing more than their parents to have borne them with… an extra pair of wings!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi descended from midair when he confirmed that there weren’t any demon-kind in the vicinity any longer, and he supported himself with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand as he panted heavily.

After resting for a short moment and slightly recovering some physical strength, Chen Xi walked a short distance to pick up a storage belt from the ground. He was slightly disappointed once he roughly sized it up. There was an entire 330m worth of space within the storage belt. Gold and jewels like agate and jade were placed in half of it; they were all things that were extremely expensive in the mortal world and were piled up there like mountain after mountain of gold and silver. Whereas various spirit herbs, spirit woods, ores, and materials were piled in the other half, and all of them shone with extremely bright lights and were surrounded by misty treasure qi.

“The quality of these materials is extraordinary and there’re more than 10,000 types. I wonder how much spirit liquid I can obtain from exchanging them? What’s unfortunate is that there actually isn’t a single complete Magic Treasure. The wealth of this Thunderhawk King is too disgraceful.” Chen Xi shook his head and his gaze glanced thoughtlessly around. He couldn’t help but light up as he saw that a 30cm tall small mountain overflowing with violet gas was still left behind nearby.

“According to the Thunderhawk King, this small mountain is called Colossal Copper Mountain, its 500,000kg heavy and was refined by him using a Secret Technique for 3,000 years. It’s able to shrink and expand at will, and it’s only semi-finished, yet its might is comparable to a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure. I wonder if it’s true or not…?” These thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s mind, then he stretched out his hand to pick up the Colossal Copper Mountain on the ground. Unexpectedly, despite him exerting his full strength, he was still unable to move it in the slightest.

“The strength of my body already possess a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm and I can snatch up something over 5,000kg with a single arm, yet I’m unable to snatch up this tiny 30cm tall mountain? Looks like this thing really is an extraordinary treasure!” Not only was Chen Xi not discouraged, he instead became even more excited. He didn’t hesitate anymore and shot out a strand of True Essence from his palm right away, then started binding the little mountain.

The Thunderhawk King was already dead, so this little mountain had become an item with no master, and he only had to wipe off the mental brand on the top before it could be used by him.

“What a treasure!” After a short moment, Chen Xi opened his eyes abruptly, and a wisp of wonder surged out from his eyes as he gazed at the little mountain that revolved as it floated atop his palm.

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