Chapter 728 – A’xiu’s Rage

After the cage was destroyed, Chen Xi stretched out his hand to rescue Huo Molei from within before lightly placing Huo Molei on his back.

Huo Molei was covered in injuries and had obviously suffered an extremely great injury. His cultivation had even been sealed, causing him to simply be weaker than an ordinary person while in this state.

“Little… Little Junior Brother.” Huo Molei spoke weakly with a dry and hoarse voice. He felt both pleasantly surprised and disbelief when he saw Chen Xi earlier, and up until this moment, he finally dared believe that everything was real, causing warm tears to flow down from his eyes.

It was truly difficult to imagine what sort of torment had a cheerful man like this suffered to become so excited and sorrowful.

Chen Xi felt a lump in his throat and said, “Eldest Senior Brother, rest at ease. I’ll take revenge for you!” As he finished speaking, his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth, and it was icy cold and murderous to the limit.

When this voice entered into Huo Molei’s ears, it was so calm and gentle, and it caused him to instantly become relaxed and actually unknowingly fall into deep sleep.

Chen Xi carried his Eldest Senior Brother on his back while moving step by step towards Tao Kun with an indifferent expression. He was like an unsheathed sharp sword, and the killing intent emanated from him would rise explosively with every stride he took. Up until the end, his entire surroundings surged with expanses of pitch black talisman markings that caused him to seem like a god of devils that had walked out from the darkness.

Tao Kun was still howling while kneeling on the ground and unable to struggle free. His expression was warped and livid because kneeling on the street in public caused him to feel unprecedented humiliation, causing him to be on the verge of madness.

Who was he?

The genius of the Taotie Clan, the eldest son of the Second Elder Tao Mo, and a Core Disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect!

Now, he’d actually been suppressed to the point of kneeling on the ground. When had he ever experienced such humiliation?

“You clearly knew his identity yet still dared to confine and torment him. This crime deserves death!” A flat and indifferent voice sounded out by his ears, causing Tao Kun who was overwhelmed with rage to tremble, and he seemed as if he’d been splashed with a pail of cold water, causing his entire body to shiver.

“You…actually want to kill me within the territory of my clan?” Tao Kun revealed a terrified expression that was filled with disbelief.

“What do you think?” Chen Xi replied with an icy cold tone, and then he raised his hand seeming to intent to annihilate Tao Kun.

However, right at this moment, an explosive shout that was filled with dignity sounded out abruptly from the distant sky. “Stay your hand!” The voice was like a thunderclap that resounded out in the surroundings and shook the eardrums of all to the point of droning and aching.


This voice had just resounded out when a tall figure tore through space, and then pushed away Chen Xi’s descending palm with a flick of his sleeve, easily assisting Tao Kun in dealing with this lethal strike.

Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he took a few steps back before standing still and looking over, and he saw a tall and dignified middle aged man stood before Tao Kun. The middle aged man wore a fiery red robe, had a firm appearance, and his eyes were deep like an ocean and rather awe-inspiring.

“Patriarch!” Tao Kun almost cried from his overjoyed feelings of escaping death, and he cried out repeatedly. “Patriarch, quickly, quickly kill this fellow. He actually dared to kill in the territory of our Taotie Clan! He’s simply mad and lawless!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Only now did he know that the dignified middle aged man was the Patriarch of the Taotie Clan, Tao Zhentian, an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had overcome the seventh level of the heavenly tribulations! 

At this moment, another 10 plus figures arrived here. Every single one of them were seniors of the Taotie Clan with formidable auras, and their bodies were coiled with Immortal Energy. Merely the monstrous imposing auras on their bodies caused the hearts of others to palpitate without end.

But he’d never really intended to kill Tao Kun since the beginning. After all, this was Taotie City, the territory of the Taotie Clan, and he wanted to participate in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings to fulfil the wishes of Old Man Ma and Master Yong. So no matter how furious he was, he had no choice but to forcefully restrain his rage.

Moreover, he felt that it was utterly impossible for someone like Tao Kun do dare make a move against his Eldest Senior Brother, and this fellow was an accomplice at most.

The reason was very simple. No matter how inferior Huo Molei’s cultivation was, he was a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the end, so no matter how bold Tao Kun was, he had to consider the consequences of offending the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

“Kun’er! How did this happen to you? Who did this to you!?” A middle aged man with a gloomy expression noticed Tao Kun’s miserable appearance and couldn’t help but be filled with rage as he shouted loudly.

He was Tao Kun’s father, Tao Luxiao, and he was the second elder of the Taotie Clan, causing him to possess monstrous authority. As he spoke, he swept his ghastly, icy cold, and murderous gaze at Chen Xi.

“Father, you’ve come as well.” Tao Kun’s face was covered in shame, and then it turned savage as he pointed at Chen Xi. “Father, kill him. You must not allow him to escape today, otherwise, there’ll be a great calamity!”

Meanwhile, there was no need for Tao Kun to point out as Tao Zhentian and the others had already shot their gazes at Chen Xi. All their gazes were filled with rage because a young man actually dared to be so presumptuous in Taotie City, and merely this was sufficient reason for them to annihilate him!

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he looked indifferently at the Earthly Immortal Realm experts with monstrous imposing auras before him. He didn’t feel the slightest nervousness or fear. Conversely, his gaze was icy cold and calm. “Everyone, aren’t all of you going to ask what sort of monstrous deed this scum of your clan has committed?”

Tao Zhentian and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts frowned as they sensed a trace of unusualness in this matter because the young man before them was too composed as if he had something to rely on.

Tao Kun’s expression went grim, and he shouted explosively and urgently. “Father, quickly, he can’t be aloud to continue speaking. I’ll explain everything to you and the elders after he’s killed!”

“Oh? You intend to kill me to keep me silent?” Chen Xi sneered, yet an unexpected event occurred before he could say anything.


Tao Luxiao had actually made a move directly and utterly didn’t give him the chance to speak. Tao Luxiao’s figure flashed as his fingers tore through space like sharp claws and fiercely grabbed down at Chen Xi’s forehead.

This attack was too sudden, and it was simply swift like a bolt of lightning and completely revealed the strength of an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator. If Chen Xi were to be grabbed by it, then he would die for sure!

Even though Chen Xi was prepared since the beginning, his heart still went cold when facing this strike, and his hairs stood on end. His True Essence rumbled as he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and intended to execute the Wings of Disruption to avoid it.

However, right at this moment, a wisp of dazzling starlight seemed as if it had appeared out of thin air and swiftly lay across the area before Chen Xi, and it waved with brilliant waves of light, causing it to seem like an extremely beautiful silver colored ripple.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tao Luxiao’s grab was extremely terrifying and capable of overturning an ocean or crushing both Yin and Yang. But, when this strike hit the starlight, it only caused a string of blazing sparks yet was unable to shake it in the slightest!

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this, and for the very first time, he felt gratitude towards this candid young woman.

On the other hand, the expressions of Tao Zhentian and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts went grim because the appearance of that dazzling starlight was too sudden, and with their cultivations, they’d actually not noticed it!

Especially, Tao Luxiao, his heart constricted. After all, he’d exerted all his strength it that strike from before with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi with a single strike, and even another Earthly Immortal Realm expert would suffer a certain amount of injury.

Yet now, this strike had actually been obstructed by a wisp of starlight that appeared out of thin air. So exactly how formidable was the strength of the person that did this?

“Which Fellow Daoist has arrived at my…” Tao Luxiao swept the surroundings with his gaze as he spoke loudly. However, he stopped abruptly while speaking halfway.

Because the wisp of dazzling starlight suddenly shook before transforming into silver threads that covered the sky like a mysterious and ethereal rain of silver threads that penetrated through space, and it appeared above his head in the next moment before enveloping down towards him!

“Hmph! Since you’re unwilling to show yourself, then I’ll force you out!” Tao Luxiao grunted coldly as he withdrew a crimson gourd, and then a resplendent strand of flames sprayed out from the mouth of the gourd and charged into the sky. It incinerated even space as it passed, and it was extremely shocking.

This was a Quasi Immortal Artifact called Sunfire Gourd, and it was formed within Sunfire Divine Flames. It was refined by Tao Luxiao for over a thousand years, causing its might to be even slightly more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

Especially the Sunfire Divine Flames, they were overbearing to the extreme and sufficient to incinerate the skies and everything in the world!

This was Tao Luxiao’s favorite magic treasure. However, the following scene caused his face to go pale, and he was almost shocked to the point his soul let his body.

Not only was his Sunfire Gourd unable to break open the fine starlight that was like a descending cloud of rain, its connection with him was severed instead before being blasted flying.


The loss of the treasure he’d nurtured for over a thousand years affected Tao Luxiao, causing a mouthful of blood to suddenly spray out of his mouth.

But he couldn’t care about all this, and his figure flashed with the intention of grabbing his Sunfire Gourd back. This was his most precious treasure, and once it fell into the hands of another, it would absolutely be an unbearable loss to him.


A wisp of starlight effused out before a graceful figure appeared, and then her white hand stretched out and grabbed the Sunfire Gourd. She wore a green dress, had skin that was white like snow, and jet black hair that was like a waterfall. She was A’xiu.

“Give it back to me!” Tao Luxiao roared furiously because his heart was on the verge of bleeding from his treasure falling into the hands of another, and he completely lost his reason to rage and charged right at A’xiu.

A’xiu’s jet black hair fluttered, she was like a flowing light that wandered between reality and the void as she stretched out her white and slender palm before her fingers were lightly pressed together, and she formed a strange seal with her hand before slapping down at Tao Luxiao.

There were no blazing lights not imposing aura that shook the heavens and the earth. It was a very simple slap that didn’t contain the slightest worldly aura, yet it slapped Tao Luxiao flying like a kite that had its string cut, and he was blasted flying.


Tao Luxiao fell to the group with a large cavity smashed down into his chest, and his countenance was ghastly pale while he coughed up blood without end. He’d suffered a heavy injury.

This scene occurred too quickly and caused everyone present to be unable to react to it before Tao Luxiao was blasted flying and fell to the ground while heavily injured!

Everyone was shocked.

Even the Patriarch of the Taotie Clan, Tao Zhentian and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts had shocked expressions, and their gazes were exceedingly heavy as they looked at A’xiu.

Chen Xi was very calm instead because he’d witnessed the scene of A’xiu slaughtering an Earthly Immortal Realm Golden Roc, so he wasn’t surprised by A’xiu’s ability to injure Tao Luxiao with a single strike.


A’xiu didn’t hold back in the slightest. Her graceful figure flashed before continuing to charge towards the heavily Tao Luxiao with the intention of annihilating him.

“Young Miss! Aren’t you looking down on my Taotie Clan by making such a move without saying a single word!” Tao Zhentian shouted explosively while his dignified face was covered in a murderous expression.

The nearby Earthly Immortal Realm experts of the Taotie Clans had murderous looks in their eyes and hostile expressions. This young woman is too arrogant. She does as she wishes and actually seems to utterly not take any of us seriously!

As he spoke, all of them had stood before Tao Luxiao and blocked her path.

A’xiu raised her head, and her gorgeous and beaming face was covered in rage at this moment, causing her to seem like a little beast that had been infuriated as she said coldly, “Did he give Chen Xi the chance to speak when he made a move earlier? I’ll kill anyone that obstructs me today!”

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