Chapter 727 – Killing On The Streets

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly as Tao Kun’s aura was very familiar to him. Moreover, Tao Kun didn’t conceal his aura and spread out his formidable and cruel aura as if there was no one present around him.

Merely this aura allowed Chen Xi to determine that Tao Kun was an expert at the Nether Transformation Realm that possessed five times combat strength!

Of course, he didn’t care about this little bit of cultivation, and what he paid attention to was this person’s identity. Tao Kun was actually a disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect like Yan Shisan!

When one loved someone, these feelings could extend on account of that person, and hatred was exactly the same.

Even though Chen Xi couldn’t be said to have any detest towards this young man called Tao Kun, he absolutely didn’t have a good impression either. In next to no time, his gaze swept past Tao Kun and looked behind Tao Kun, and then his pupils suddenly constricted while his body froze.

“Tao Kun is an extraordinary genius of my Taotie Clan, and he’d the eldest son of Second Elder Tao Xiao. He hasn’t returned to the clan since joining the Heavenflow Dao Sect over 10 years ago.” Tao Ge spoke with great familiarity. He was a local resident that had been born and bred here, so he was extremely familiar with this Young Master Tao Kun that was eminent since a young age.

“But I heard that in the near future, the Patriarch will select the most outstanding disciple from the young disciples in the clan to be fostered as the inheritor of the clan. Perhaps Tao Kun has returned this time for this matter…” Tao Ge’s voice stopped abruptly as he stared his wide open and revealed an expression of terror.

Under his terrified gaze, Chen Xi leaped up lightly to firmly descend at the center of the street, and Chen Xi just happened to obstruct the front of the group on Whitejade Dracophants.

The entire group stopped as well, and Tao Kun who sat on the back of a Whitejade Dracophant stared at Chen Xi who stood before the group with a ferocious gaze.

At this instant, the entire clamorous street swiftly quieted down as everyone looked at Chen Xi with astonishment, and they were unable to figure out why he dared to stop Tao Kun’s group.

After all, Tao Kun was renowned throughout Taotie City. Not only did he possess a noble birth, he possessed extraordinary natural talent. He was a pure blooded Taotie that was extremely rare in the Taotie Clan. Even though he’d joined the Heavenflow Dao Sect to cultivate during these past few years and had never returned, no one had forgotten this extremely valiant and formidable young man.

Now, when they saw someone actually dared to block Tao Kun’s group, how could they not be shocked?

Tao Ge even gaped while his face was covered in astonishment, and Chen Xi sudden actions caused his mind to go blank. He was a local resident after all, and if he were to be implicated by this matter, then the consequences would be horrifying even if he escaped death!

“Hmph! I’ve only not returned home for over 10 years, yet it looks like everyone seems to have forgotten me, Tao Kun?” Tao Kun grunted coldly as he looked down at Chen Xi with a ferocious and oppressive aura.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone went silent like cicada’s in winter.

“Kid, tell me why you blocked my path? I’ll step over your corpse and move forward to make an example today if you can’t give me an explanation!” Tao Kun spoke with an icy cold voice, and he didn’t conceal his killing intent in the slightest.

As a descendant of the Taotie Clan, besides the pursuit of delicacies, his blood carried an innate ferocious and wild arrogance.

After all, the Taotie was a peerless ferocious beast during the primeval times. A single roar from it shook the heavens and was capable of shattering the stars, moon, and sun. It was ruthless and bloodthirsty, and it was on par with ferocious beasts like the Yazi and Kui Ox.

Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to his words and stared fixedly at a cage at the back of this group, and within the cage was a robust man that was covered in injuries and had a frustrated gaze.

This robust man had hair that was crimson red like fire, and he was both frustrated and surprised when he noticed Chen Xi’s gaze, and then his figure trembled as a wisp of disbelief surged out from his eyes in the end.

A heartfelt smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw this. Exactly, that was his Eldest Senior Brother, Huo Molei!

But right after that, the smile on the corners of his mouth vanished, and he revealed an icy cold and indifferent expression while his fists were silently clenched tightly and emitted a string of cracking sounds.

His life in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s West Radiance Peak flashed before his eyes. Even though he’d only left for less than a year, his feelings for the West Radiance Peak were extremely deep, and it was usually deeply buried at the bottom of his heart. At this moment, when he saw his Eldest Senior Brother, Huo Molei, within the cage, he felt his mind was on the verge of exploding.

Could it be that something has happened to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!?

Or perhaps, Senior Brother Huo Molei and the others suffered from some sort of trap when I was not around?

The blood in Chen Xi’s entire body seemed to have lit up in flames as intense killing intent flowed through his body like lava, causing him to be unable to restrain every single inch of skin on his body from trembling!

Why has this happened…

Why has this happened!?

Chen Xi was on the verge of being unable to control his killing intent.

“What? You know that prisoner?” Tao Kun swept the cage behind him with his gaze, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly as a wisp of a strange expression flashed within them. “Oh, that’s a slave I brought back to construct the Spirit Flame Pool, I advise you…” His voice stopped abruptly.

Because Tao Kun saw Chen Xi suddenly raise his head, and his eyes were already scarlet red like blood and emanated a ghastly and horrifying killing intent that caused him to feel a chill run down his spine.

“Hand him over to me.” Chen Xi’s voice was low as he spoke word by word. People who were familiar with him would be able to notice that he was forcefully suppressing intense killing intent within that low voice, and he was already on the verge of erupting.

For no reason or rhyme, the atmosphere in the streets became oppressive and heavy, and it was like a tightly drawn bowstring that was filled with coldness and killing intent, causing others to be on the verge of suffocation.

“Are you giving me an order?” Tao Kun took a deep breath as his gaze suddenly became extremely ferocious and killing intent effused out from his entire body before sweeping out towards the surroundings, causing even the air to become icy cold to the limit.

Everyone felt terrified and retreated in unison. Tao Kun’s almost material killing intent was like a tempestuous storm that swept out wave after wave, and if they were to be affected by it, the consequences would absolutely be terrible.

Tao Ge’s face was ashen while his entire body trembled because he was tiny like an ant before such violent killing intent, and he felt extremely regretful in his heart. He regretted assuming the role of guide for that young man…

Instantly, the deathly silent street was completely empty, and there was only an enormous group and a lone figure in confrontation.

“You ought to know who the person in the cage is. If you don’t want to bring a calamity of annihilation to your Taotie Clan, then I advise you to hand him over to me!” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he forcefully restrained the surging killing intent in his chest, and he stared at Tao Kun while speaking with a low and icy cold voice that seemed as if it swept out from an icy pit.


The surrounding crowd was in an uproar. This fellow actually spoke such words in the Taotie Clan’s territory? He’s simply audacious and doesn’t know what’s good for him!

Tao Kun’s face turned serious instead, and his gaze flickered without end. Chen Xi’s words had hit directly at his weak spot. Even if that person had been reduced into a slave within a cage, once that person’s identity was exposed, it would still cause a mighty uproar.

He’d even received repeated instructions when bringing this person back with him that he should kill this person than allow this person’s identity to be exposed.

Now, someone had actually seen through this person’s identity with a single glance. So besides causing Tao Kun to be shocked, he couldn’t help but arouse exceedingly dense killing intent. This young man before me can’t be allowed to live!

But for some unknown reason, he felt a trace of uneasiness that couldn’t be eliminated within his heart when facing this young man, and he smelt a slightly unusual aura of danger.

Tao Kun’s expression was gloomy, and then he suddenly gritted his teeth and sneered. “You want to get him from me? Alright, you can, so long as you’re able to defeat me!”

As he spoke, the killing intent emanated from his body surged abruptly once again, causing the space around him to drone and tremble. This was the territory of his Taotie Clan, so no matter how formidable this young man was, what sort of waves could the young man cause?

He’d already made up his mind that he would annihilate the young man here and put an end to all future troubles!

“I’ve already given you the chance…” An icy cold and murderous voice swiftly drifted through the sky, and in the next moment, Chen Xi raised his leg and strode a step forward.


It was like a Fiendgod striking a drum as it fiercely drummed onto the hearts of everyone, shaking them to the point their vital blood roiled, and their vital energy faintly showed traces of falling into chaos.

At the same time, a peerless killing intent transformed into surging pitch black talisman markings that were freezing cold as they rumbled and swept out. Everywhere they passed, those Whitejade Dracophants were minced into pieces, causing blood and flesh to spray out into the surroundings while the cultivators that rode upon them were caught off guard and almost fell to the ground.

With merely a single step, blood flowed into rivers!

“You’re courting death!” Tao Kun was furious as he descended from above. His arms shook and transformed into a Yin and Yang disk that was black and white, and it spun madly as it crushed down at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi raised his head, his blood colored eyes erupted with beams of lightning that interwove into a blazing radiance of talisman markings, and they transformed into two talisman marking swords that seemed like two rays of light that penetrated the sun as they shattered the Yin and Yang disk.

“Hmm?” Tao Kun’s expression went grim, and then he withdrew a golden halberd, causing him to seem like a god of war that stood proudly in the heavens and the earth. The halberd slashed down through the sky and tear space apart!

“Kneel!” Chen Xi’s voice was like spring thunder. He hadn’t moved yet numerous golden lotuses made of talisman markings surged out into the space before him like flowers raining from the sky as they smashed down at Tao Kun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rumbling echoed out as the halberd in Tao Kun’s hand shattered inch by inch and transformed into a golden rain of light that rained down to the ground, whereas he himself seemed as if he’d suffered the pressure of an enormous mountain, causing him to stagger before falling from midair.

The golden lotus flowers formed from talisman markings seemed as if they were thousands of kilograms in weight, and Tao Kun had just intended to struggle when he was pressed down by a lotus to the point of kneeling on the ground while countless bones broke within his body.


Tao Kun’s countenance was ghastly pale as a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from his mouth, and he knelt before Chen Xi in an embarrassing posture. This caused his eyes to almost split apart while his face was livid, and he was on the verge of going mad.

The entire battle had only been carried out for the time of a few breaths. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi had only taken a step forward, raised his eyes, and said a single word, yet he’d made the genius of the Taotie Clan, Tao Kun who possessed five times combat strength to be directly suppressed to the point of kneeling on the ground!

Exactly how terrifying is his cultivation?It’s practically like the legendary state of executing techniques with mere words!

The bodies of everyone on the streets stiffened. They stood dumbstruck on the spot with expressions of disbelief, and they felt an unprecedentedly intense shock that came from inside out.

“Father! Father! Save me!” On the ground, Tao Kun’s entire body was bathed in blood as he roared furiously with a voice that sounded out into the nine heavens and spread out extremely far away.

Chen Xi paid no attention to this, and he too a stride forward to arrive before the cage before raising his hand to slowly crush the restrictions that covered the entire cage into powder…

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