Chapter 725 – Looking Down On Others

Everyone recovered from their shock after a long time, and all of them clicked their tongues in admiration towards the city in the sky.

Chen Xi said with a smile, “According to legend, this city has been standing here since the primeval times, and it’s completely constructed from a material called Levitational Rocks. It’s impregnable like a fortress and has experienced the ceaseless renovation of the Taotie Clan’s experts to form its current scale.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi led the group towards the distance.

If one wanted to ascend this city, then one had to go through a special pathway — Cloud Stairs!

This sort of cloud stairs formed from pieces that were like numerous white clouds, and they moved up layer by layer until Taotie City in the sky.

It was utterly impossible to approach Taotie City if one flew in the sky, and the reason was extremely simple, the guards in the surroundings of the city would take anyone that flew to be an enemy and annihilate the person with all their might!

In next to no time, Chen Xi and the others arrived at the location of the Cloud Stairs.

At this moment, there were many cultivators lined up before the Cloud Stairs. There were men and women of all ages, and they were over 100 in number, whereas at the entrance of the Cloud Stairs was two experts of the Taotie Clan holding down the fort.

Chen Xi led the youths along to line up at the back of the line, as for those wagons, he’d stored them all in the Buddha’s Pagoda a long time ago.

Right at this moment, a wave of argument arose abruptly at the front of the line.

“On what basis are we not allowed to enter?” A young man spoke furiously, and beside him was over 10 people that similarly revealed expressions of fury.

“Hmph! A single Nine-Profundity Token only allows entrance for seven people including the bearer. Could it be that you don’t know of this rule?” The person that spoke was a gray clothed old man, and he was an expert of the Taotie Clan.

“Then what about them? Why were they able to take in 40 or 50 people by relying on a single Nine-Profundity Token?” The young man’s face was covered in fury as he raised his hand to point up the stairs, and there were 40 or 50 people ascending the stairs there.

“They’re the disciples of Celestial Mountain Dao Estate. Young man, what about you?” The gray clothed old man spoke unhurriedly with an indifferent expression, and his words were filled with disdain that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

“You…” The young man bristled with anger, and he was angered to the point of being unable to speak.

“What? You want to cause trouble in the territory of my Taotie Clan?” The gray clothed old man raised his head while a bright light flashed within his eyes, and it was like a sharp sword that pierced the young man’s face to the point it burned with pain.

“Hmph!” The young man revealed a dejected expression in the end, and the rage that covered his face transformed into a disgruntled expression. He shook his head and didn’t enter Taotie City but left furiously with his companions.

“You’re young and impetuous, yet don’t know what’s good for you. You have no status, no position, yet you want to enjoy the same treatment as others? Truly childish and laughable!” The gray clothed old man sneered without end.

Everyone in the line was silent. Even though they rather pitied that young man, they didn’t have any intention to stand up for him. It couldn’t be helped, even though that gray clothed old man’s words were slightly unpleasant, he spoke the truth that was realistic and cruel.

In next to no time, it was the turn of Chen Xi and the others.

The gray clothed old man raised his eyes and couldn’t help but be stunned when his gaze swept past Chen Xi and the youths behind him. “You want to bring almost 100 people into the city?”

Chen Xi nodded and took out the Nine-Profundity Token Master Yong gave him.

The gray clothed old man didn’t even spare it a look before sneering. “Today is sure a strange day. Why are there so many fellows that have an exaggerated opinion of their abilities and want to defy the rules?”

Chen Xi frowned and slowly put the Nine-Profundity Token away.

“Didn’t you see what happened to that young man from before?” The gray clothed old man’s eyes narrowed as they swept towards Chen Xi. Due to Chen Xi’s vital energy having attained a flawless state since a long time ago, unless one’s cultivation was greater than his, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to see through his cultivation.

Coupled with Chen Xi’s unfamiliar face, it caused the gray clothed old man to unconsciously underestimate Chen Xi, and his attitude instantly became cold and bad.

“I did.” Chen Xi nodded and felt slight detest towards the gray clothed old man’s attitude because it was too snobbish.

But he also knew that such a thing existed everywhere in this cultivation world where a strict hierarchy existed, and it couldn’t be changed with his will alone, so he restrained his anger.

“You saw yet you still persist?” The gray clothed old man frowned.

“Why speak so much nonsense with a junior? There are still people lined up behind, so if he doesn’t enter the city then throw him out! Just kill him if he dares to adhere to his foolish ways!” A middle aged man spoke with displeasure from the side.

He was the companion of the gray clothed old man, and the both of them were holding down the fort here.

“Did you hear that? Are you entering or not? Fuck off if you aren’t!” The gray clothed old man was instantly enraged from being reprimanded by his companion, and he vented his rage on Chen Xi.

“Meng Wei, Mo Ya, bash these two bastards for me!” Chen Xi turned around abruptly and instructed indifferently because he noticed that it wasn’t good to keep a low profile sometimes, just like this moment.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya were impatiently waiting for this moment since a long time ago, and they charged over explosively while Chen Xi’s voice was still reverberating in the air!


Both of them were like two Fiendgods. At the instant they made a move, they revealed the terrifying strength of Nether Transformation Realm experts in body refinement, and they crushed the gray clothed old man and middle aged man in a short moment. The gray clothed old man and middle aged man were beaten by them to the point blood sprayed from their noses and mouths while they emitted endless shrill howls before laying on the ground like dead dogs, and they didn’t have the slightest arrogant aura from before.

The people lined up at the back of the line were stunned. How audacious of this group of people, they actually dared to bash the clansmen of the Taotie Clan right before their door!


These fellows are truly arrogant!

Everyone was exceedingly astounded in their hearts. But when they saw those two Taotie Clan experts wailing on the ground, they felt slightly delighted in their hearts because these two fellows that looked down upon others really needed a beating!

“All of you are courting death! You actually dare to cause trouble at my Taotie Clan. All of you can dream of leaving today!” The gray clothed old man and middle aged man’s features were warped as they howled loudly.


Chen Xi raised his hand and threw a command token on the gray clothed old man’s face before he said unhurriedly, “If you want to call for assistance then hurry up, I’ll wait for you.”

“Hmph! Do you think I don’t dare…” The gray clothed old man picked up the command token and was about to throw it away when he inadvertently saw the golden words ‘Nine Radiance Sword Sect’ was shockingly inscribed on the command token, and it was written with forceful and vigorous strokes that emitted an oppressive and fierce aura.

His voice stopped abruptly as his face turned slightly pale. The Nine Radiance Sword Sect? This young man is actually an outstanding disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?!

He couldn’t help but turn over the command token with his trembling hand and look at its back. He instantly seemed as if he was struck by lightning when he saw the row of words behind the token clearly, and he was completely dazed.

“Sixth Brother, what’s wrong!? Quickly go call for reinforcements!” The middle aged man at the side roared while holding his swollen face.

“You… You… Take a look…” The gray clothed old man seemed scared out of his wits as he stiffly passed the command token over to the middle aged man.

The middle aged man grabbed the command token over fiercely, and he was slightly displeased. Isn’t it just a lousy command token? What is there… Hmm? In the next moment, when his gaze noticed the words on the command token, his pupils constricted abruptly as he gasped repeatedly, and he almost suffocated himself to death.

He’d absolutely not seen wrongly, and this command token was real!

In other words, this young man before me is… The middle aged man felt his head drone while he saw stars, and his entire face was ashen to the limit.

Everyone lined up in the back was extremely curious when they saw this strange scene, and they swept their gazes towards the command token in unison with the intention of finding out what exactly it was.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi had already put away the command token at this moment, causing them to be helpless. But, they were even more curious in their hearts. Who exactly is this young man? Even the experts of the Taotie Clan had such a dejected expression upon seeing this command token?

It was even to the extent they didn’t have any intention to call for reinforcements!

“Can I bring them into the city with me?” asked Chen Xi.

The gray clothed old man and middle aged man seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and they nodded repeatedly with fear and awe, and a wisp of dense reverence couldn’t help but appear in their eyes.

“Why even act in that way?” Chen Xi sighed, yet his gaze didn’t contain the slightest pity but only deep detest because he hated people that looked down on others and relied on the power behind them to bully others.

“We won’t dare do it again.” Both of them trembled like pitiable little worms.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this, causing him to lose all interest. He didn’t delay any longer and led Meng Wei and the others up the Cloud Stairs towards Taotie City that was in the sky.


Right after all of them left, the numerous people that were lined up behind had surged over and asked at the same time. “Fellow Daoists, who’s that young man?”

The gray clothed old man and middle aged man looked at each other, and both of their expressions were complicated to the extreme. There was no arrogance from before but only a deep feeling of bitterness and powerlessness, and there was even a wisp of heartfelt shock.

The cultivators that were lined up felt even more curious when they saw this scene, and they asked once more.

The gray clothed old man didn’t continue hiding the truth when he saw this, otherwise it would really be embarrassing if he didn’t dare speak of the person’s name after being bashed.

The old man took a deep breath and sighed with a complicated expression. “Who else could it be? It was naturally Chen Xi.”

“Chen Xi?” Everyone was stunned and were slightly unable to react to that name. But, in next to no time, they recalled the name that gave rise to much discussion lately in the cultivation world, and their expressions turned to shock as they exclaimed endlessly with surprise.

“He’s the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Chen Xi!?”

“My god! He really is alive. In other words, the news that came from Blaze City is true?”

“After vanishing for a few months, he slaughtered the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Yan Shisan as soon as he reappeared in the world. How many people in the cultivation world have such boldness?” 

Everyone exclaimed successively with admiration, and they felt pity towards the encounter of the gray clothed old man and middle aged man because out of everyone present, they just had to offend this ferocious figure, so they truly deserved their fate!

The old man and middle aged man laughed bitterly with dejection, and they didn’t speak another word.

Someone suddenly cried out with surprise. “Right, why has Chen Xi come to Taotie City? Could it be that he wants to participate in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings as well?”

The others were stunned and slightly didn’t dare believe that a peerless genius like Chen Xi would participate in a grand event between spirit chefs.

“He’s surely participating in the Spirit Chef Gold Rankings. I clearly saw that he possessed a Nine-Profundity Token earlier. That command token is something only first-rate spirit chefs can possess!” Someone seemed to have recalled something and spoke with excitement. “This won’t do. I can’t wait to enter the city now. If Chen Xi is really participating, then it would surely be an explosive piece of news!”

The others were slightly impatient to enter the city as well when they heard this, and they charged up the Cloud Stairs successively and dashed towards Taotie City.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi’s group had already entered Taotie City, and they were exclaiming with admiration at this ‘Capital of Delicacies’ that was built in the sky.

It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many delicacies here! 

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