Chapter 724 – Seagod’s Heart

The group moved forward along the Stardrop Mountain Range.

Their speed wasn’t swift, and they walked for half a day before resting for the other half. They didn’t seem like they were rushing on a journey, but seemed as if they were on a tour instead.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged within the wagon while thinking about some things that weighed down on his mind. Bai Gunan had bid farewell to him when he left Blaze City, and at the moment before they parted ways, this renowned profligate disciple withdrew his usually arrogant, overbearing, and unrestrained appearance and revealed a serious and even slightly worried expression that departed far away from his normal behavior.

He told Chen Xi that Bai Wanqing’s situation in the Bai Clan couldn’t be considered to be good, and she was even shunned away by many seniors of the clan, so he hoped that Chen Xi could make a trip to the Bai Clan when Chen Xi was free.

As for the reason, Bai Gunan only said two words — Zuoqiu!

Chen Xi practically instantly understood a great deal of things. He recalled his mother, Zuoqiu Xue and the Zuoqiu Clan, and he could even be sure that there were clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan coming and going in the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan right now…

This was bad news!

Bai Wanqing and his mother Zuoqiu Xue had a good relationship yet had been implicated now because of the Zuoqiu Clan and suffered the shunning of her own clansmen. He could imagine how terrifying the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan was to actually make all the seniors of the Bai Clan listen obediently to their orders.

At the moment he found out about this news, Chen Xi even wished for nothing more than to immediately make a trip to the Bai Clan and see how exactly those clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan looked like.

But he restrained himself in the end because Bai Gunan told him that Bai Wanqing was still at the frontline of the battlefield with Xeno-race, and the earliest she would return was three years from now.

In other words, he still had to wait for three years before he would have the chance to meet Bai Wanqing.

Zuoqiu… Zuoqiu… Why have I never heard any rumors about this clan in the Dark Reverie? Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh and was slightly restless, causing him to pull open the window screen and look outside.

At this moment, the group had stopped within a gorge that was covered in a carpet of verdant grass. There were flowing springs, waterfalls, and verdant pine trees within the gorge, causing it to seem like an otherworldly paradise.

A’xiu wore a green dress and had her hands behind her back, and her beautiful oval face carried a smile while she distributed spirit fruits. “Oh, these are Flamespike Jadeseed Fruits, and they can be consumed after being skinned. Remember to place the entire fruit within your mouth before slowly biting its flesh because the nectar within will explode out. It will rise within your body and emit a dense and mellow fragrance. Moreover, it burns like strong wine, causing it to have a very wonderful taste.”

It wasn’t just Xiao Yan who was at the side, and even Blackie, Scarface, Baldy, Rock, and the other youths were circled in layers around A’xiu while their gazes had fallen onto on a spirit fruit in A’xiu’s hand as they gulped in secret.

This spirit fruit was fist sized and bright red, its surface was translucent, smooth, and covered in strands of golden striations. It glowed like a gem and effused a tempting sweet fragrance.

This was the Flamespike Jadeseed Fruit, and just like the Frost Ginseng Ice Fruit, it was an extremely precious spirit fruit that contained the aura of the Grand Dao of Fire, causing it to possess shocking value.

Since they met A’xiu for the first time on that day, this beautiful and candid young woman that was always smiling had become a lively and gorgeous piece of scenery in the group.

Her light and ringing laughter that was like the sound of nature was everywhere, and her lively and graceful figure could be seen everywhere. Moreover, she would produce various rare spirit fruits every single day as if she was performing magic and distributed it to the youths to taste.

Just like this, she’d become thoroughly familiar with everyone within the group in practically less than three days, and she’d become the young big sister that all the youths were most happy to get close to.

Even Meng Wei and Mo Ya’s attitude towards A’xiu had become much friendlier.

All in all, this young woman, A’xiu, seemed to possess an indescribable charm that seemed as if she was capable of getting along well with everyone so long as she was willing.

Moreover, her arrival had indeed caused the entire group to be filled with more cheer and laughter. Besides that, the cultivation of the youths wasn’t delayed by this, and they’d even obtained an obvious improvement instead.

The reason was very simple. All the spirit fruits that came from her were exceedingly precious and plentiful in medicinal strength, so even if it was given to a pig, that pig would be able to transform into a pig demon…

In next to no time, every single youth had a bright red Flamespike Jadeseed Fruit in their hands, and every single one of them was jubilant and thanked A’xiu repeatedly.

A’xiu grinned as she enjoyed all this praise, and she was extremely happy at the same time.

However, Chen Xi who was within the wagon was unable to arouse the slightest feeling of happiness when he saw this, and his brows knit together even more tightly. The scenes of A’xiu easily slaughtering the Earthly Immortal Realm Golden Roc was still vivid before his eyes.

This caused him to have no choice but to be vigilant and take precautions. After all, A’xiu’s appearance was too sudden, and she’d joined them for no reason or rhyme. Moreover, he had no knowledge of her identity or origins, so Chen Xi had no choice but to be vigilant against a person like this.

Of course, it would be even better if A’xiu’s was really so innocent by nature because if she had any other intentions, then it would absolutely be an unpredictable calamity to them.

During these past few days, Chen Xi had always been imperceptibly observing A’xiu. Merely based on her outward appearance, no was could discern how terrifying this young woman’s strength was, and besides this, he didn’t find anything off about here, causing Chen Xi to feel even more worried.

“Hey, this is for you.” Meanwhile, A’xiu ran over excitedly, and she passed over a Flamespike Jadeseed Fruit through the window.

“How many times have I told you? I’m not called ‘hey’.” Chen Xi frowned and refused her good intentions.

A’xiu wasn’t bothered in the slightest, and her eyes that were like black gems spun as she said with a smile, “Alright, it’s fine if I call you Chen Xi, right? You’re really a strange fellow. Could it be that you don’t like having snacks? It’s really tasty? Why don’t you have a taste?”

As she spoke, she passed the bright red spirit fruit over once again.

Chen Xi put his hand to his forehead and had a powerless expression. He was completely defeated by the young woman and couldn’t help but ask. “Are you sure you want to come with us?”

A’xiu nodded as her moist red lips parted, and then she bit the spirit fruit in her hand before patting her cheeks and mumbling. “When have I deceived you?”

Her voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the sky when a fist sized spirit fruit was already completely consumed by her small mouth. Obviously, she did indeed take these spirit fruits as snacks just as she’d said.

How much money has she eaten with that bite… An absurd thought couldn’t help but flash past Chen Xi’s mind for no reason or rhyme, and then he hurriedly shook his head and eliminated all his distracting thoughts before he asked. “A few days ago, why did you kill that…”

Before he could finish speaking, A’xiu came to a sudden understanding. “Are you talking about that old bird? It coveted my treasure and intended to harm me, so I naturally had to kill it. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be letting it off too easily?”

Old bird… The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely. Only this young woman before my eyes would dare describe a Golden Roc at the Earthly Immortal Realm as an old bird, right?

“Your treasure… How did that old…bird know about it?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and continued.

“Oh, I guess he saw it.” As A’xiu spoke, she removed a dark blue colored gem from her snow white neck. “Oh, it’s this. This is a treasure I’ve been carrying on me since I was young, and I’ll never be able to find my way back home if I lose it.”


This dark blue gem was stringed by a red string. It was only the size of a marble and revealed a flawless shape of a heart, and it seemed as if it was formed naturally. At the instant it appeared, it actually aroused a strange fluctuation that seemed like an ocean roiling, and it emitted the sound of waves.

At the same time, an extremely cool airflow effused out. Instantly, Chen Xi felt the spirit, energy, and essence within his entire body become lively and circulate automatically, causing him to have the feeling of resonating with the entire heavens and the earth!

This is only just a strand of its aura, and if it was utilized to cultivate, wouldn’t my speed of cultivation multiply?

Instantly, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be moved. This is absolutely a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth. Moreover, it’s absolutely not so simple and ought to possess other profound effects!

No wonder that Golden Roc would make a move, because even I can’t help but be moved when facing such a treasure!

“This is the Seagod’s Heart. Unfortunately, there’s only one so I can’t give it to you.” A’xiu grinned as she hung the dark blue gem on her neck once more.

The Seagod’s Heart… Instantaneously, Chen Xi recalled a record in the Dark Reverie Manual. According to legend, in the Unknown Lands of the Dark Reverie was a boundlessly vast ocean called ‘Great Life.’

This ocean reached the skies and the depths of the world. It had experienced the passage of countless years and due to karmic coincidence, it actually stole a trace of the secrets of the heavens, allowing it to form a strand of soul that cultivated the Dao for innumerable years and experienced the lightning tribulations to transform into a god of the seas.

Unfortunately, because it had stolen the secrets of the heavens, its existence wasn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao, causing it to be annihilated in the end. But its heart was preserved perfectly, and it was the heart of an expert, an unyielding heart, and it was a precious treasure that cultivators dreamt of. It possessed numerous inconceivable profundities, and its value wasn’t inferior to a true Immortal Artifact.

Originally, Chen Xi thought it was a legend. But now, after he witnessed the gem in A’xiu’s possession, he was already 80 or 90% sure that this object was surely that ‘heart’ left behind by the Seagod!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi felt that this young woman’s origins were even more mysterious because even the treasure she carried with her had such great origins. So, what about her? Exactly what sort of shocking origins would she possess?

He stared fixedly at A’xiu for a very long time, and then took a deep breath and decided in the end. “You can come along with us. But you have to promise me a single thing, you’ll listen to my instructions when doing anything!”

“Alright!” A’xiu agreed very readily and without the slightest hesitation nor trouble. But she turned around and left right after she agreed, and she whistled a lively song while looking for those youths to play with…

This caused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth to twitch fiercely. Did she actually remember what I said!?


Three days later, when Chen Xi and the others crossed Stardrop Mountain Range, a lofty city that floated within the sea of clouds suddenly appeared within their field of vision, and it aroused an intense visual impact for them.

In merely an instant, the entire group was stunned.

A city was floating beneath the sky. It was boundlessly vast, magnificent, and lofty, and it radiated brilliant and vast golden light while bathing under the sunlight!

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