Chapter 723 – A Young Woman Fell From The Sky

According to legend, an enormous star had fallen here during the primeval times, and it formed this lofty mountain range called the Stardrop Mountain Range.

This mountain range continued on and spanned across the land for a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers. It stretched across numerous large and small kingdoms, and it contained countless spirit veins within it. Moreover, a myriad of rivers started from this mountain range and there were even innumerable spirit medicines, spirit materials, and rare ores within this mountain range.

There were even rumors that it was even easier to comprehend the Star Dao Insight and communicate with the energy of the stars in the sky when cultivating within this mountain range, causing it to be extremely profound.

However, at this moment, a violent battle had erupted in the depths of Stardrop Mountain Range, and it was like a battle between the gods that shook the heavens and the earth and erupted with boundless radiance.

Chen Xi instantly ordered the group to stop and be on guard when he saw this terrifying scene, whereas he’d swiftly soared into the sky while a vertical eye split open between his brows and looked towards the distance.

Instantly, everything within an area of 5,000km including every blade of grass, tree, or even large demon beasts like tigers, leopards, wolves, snakes, eagles, and panthers appeared clearly within his eyes.

This was the profound ability of the Eye of Divine Truth. Its sensory ability was even more terrifying than Divine Sense, and it was capable of seeing through reality and what was real and fake. When he looked over, even ants that were 5,000km away could be seen clearly, and it was even to the extent he could distinguish the striations on every single leaf.

In next to no time, the battle within Stardrop Mountain Range had entered into Chen Xi’s eyes, and it was a battle between a peerless flying beast and a young woman.

A Golden Roc!? Chen Xi discerned with a single glance that the peerless flying beast was surprisingly a Golden Roc that possessed monstrous might. Its wings seemed as if they were constructed from gold and emitted an oceanic golden glow as they covered the heavens and blotted out the sky. Moreover, a light swing of its claws crushed numerous enormous mountains, causing rocks to scatter all over.

This was absolutely a pure blooded Golden Roc, and it executed various Innate Divine Abilities as its wings flapped while its claws that were sharp like sword tore the sky apart!

On the other hand, the young woman wore simple clothes and was completely enveloped in a starry glow. Her figure was graceful and ethereal like an immortal, and even the Eye of Divine Truth was actually incapable of prying on her appearance!

This was the first time since Chen Xi utilized the Eye of Divine Truth that he’d encountered such a situation, and he couldn’t help but be shocked and have a deeper feeling that the young woman was extraordinary.

This young woman looked to be weak and gentle, yet every single move she made was accompanied by a myriad of Dao Arts, and she was unrestrained and at ease as she fought the Golden Roc. Not only did she not fall into a disadvantageous position, she even faintly suppressed her opponent!

“Old Fellow, what’s wrong with being my mount? You’ll be able to pluck the moon out of the skies, conquer the seas, and enjoy a life of leisure. Don’t blame me for killing you if you continue to be obstinate.” The young woman smiled lightly while speaking with a voice that sounded like the sound of nature. Her beautiful hair was like a waterfall, her clothes fluttered with the wind, and her entire body was bathed in the radiance of stars, causing her to seem like an agile streak of starlight that fluttered about. Every single move she made carried an indescribably wonderful aura.

Moreover, based on what she’d said, she actually wanted to capture this Golden Roc as her mount!

If news of this were to spread, it would absolutely astound everyone that heard it. After all, the Golden Roc Clan was absolutely a top existence in the clans from the Primordial Era, and their inheritance was so ancient it could be traced back to the time when the world was just split open, causing them to be even more ancient than humans.

In the Dark Reverie as of now, the status of the Golden Roc Clan was even more respected that humans, so which cultivator would dare to arouse the intention of encroaching on such an existence?

Yet now, that young woman had spoke in this way, and had even acted. Her expression and tone was carefree, causing it to seem as if she wasn’t capturing a peerless flying beast but subduing a small little pet instead…

“Struggling is futile anyway. Who asked you to arouse malicious intentions and intend to take possession of my treasure? As punishment, not killing you is already sufficiently benevolent, so don’t blame me for killing you if you still remain so obstinate.” The young woman grinned. As she walked, it seemed as if she was walking between reality and the void. No matter how terrifying the attacks of the Golden Roc were, they weren’t capable of injuring even a hair on her body.

The Golden Roc roared with fury as it unfolded its golden wings that were like scissors that could tear the sky apart. With a single flap of its wings, mountains were destroyed, rivers broke apart, the sky was split into two, and even the landscape in the surrounding 5,000km was crushed, yet it just happened to be unable to do anything to that young woman.

As the battle went on, it suddenly closed its wings and tore through space like a 3km long golden arrow, and it actually wanted to teleport away and flee.

“Oh! Looks like I can only eliminate you!” The young woman grunted coldly in an unhurried manner before gesturing with her delicate hand. Her slender and white fingers opened up like a blooming lotus, causing an expanse of five colored divine light to swish out, and it instantly shattered space while a shrill cry sounded out from the space 3km away and resounded out in the heavens and the earth!


Golden blood was like a torrential rain that sprayed down from the sky while the corpse of the Golden Roc crashed to the ground without moving again. It had actually been killed so easily by her!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted in the distance, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. If he wasn’t wrong, then the strength of that Golden Roc was probably at the Earthly Immortal Realm and coupled with it being a species from the primeval times, its strength far surpassed human cultivators at the same realm. But now,  it was easily killed by that young woman as if it couldn’t withstand a single blow!

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation would be needed to achieve this? Chen Xi gasped and had a stronger feeling of how terrifying that young woman was. If he didn’t see it with his own two eyes, it would be absolutely impossible for him to believe that such a young woman would actually be able to slaughter a Golden Roc at the Earthly Immortal Realm so easily!

Right at this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have sensed something and raised his eyes to look over. He saw that young woman had suddenly turned her head to look over towards him, and his heart couldn’t help but tremble when their gazes met.

What sort of eyes were they?

Deep like an abyss and pitch black like a gem. They seemed to be calm, yet at the instant he met her gaze, it caused his soul to feel an indescribable feeling of horror and icy coldness.

“There really always is someone stronger.” Chen Xi hurriedly turned his head away and took a deep breath to restrain the fluctuation in his head before lightly sighing with emotion.

“Are you talking about me?” Suddenly, a clear and pleasant voice that seemed like the sound of nature resounded out by his ear.

Chen Xi’s entire body went stiff as every single inch of his skin tightened instantaneously before he swiftly turned around, and he saw that the young woman had actually suddenly appeared right beside him!

“You…” After recovering from his shock, Chen Xi swiftly recovered his calm, and only now did he notice that the starry glow around this young woman had vanished to reveal a beautiful and oval shaped face.

“You? Call me A’xiu.” The young woman grinned. She had delicate and moist lips, snow white teeth, beautiful brows that seemed like distant mountains, and exquisite features, and the corners of her mouth were curled up slightly to reveal a playful and lively feeling.

This was indeed an extremely beautiful young woman who wore a green dress and possessed a graceful figure, and jade white and supple skin that was tender and smooth. She couldn’t be said to be breathtaking, yet gave others the feeling as if they wouldn’t get tired from looking at her and would feel she was more beautiful the more they looked at her, causing her to have a unique charm.

As soon as she finished speaking, she looked below and muttered excitedly with a clear voice. “Hey, are all those your subordinates? There’re so many people. Nice, now I won’t be lonely if there’re so many people, and I can make more friends to play together with.”

As she spoke, she’d descended to the ground, and she waves her crystalline and tender little fists. “Hey! Hey! Hello everyone! I’m A’xiu, and we’re friends from now on…”

Meng Wei and the others were astounded and slightly stunned because a lively and beautiful young woman had suddenly appeared and candidly wanted to be friends with them…

This sort of feeling was so sudden and strange, yet it just so happened that the young woman called A’xiu did it so naturally, and she wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest. All of this almost caused everyone to not dare believe their eyes.

Chen Xi was similarly astounded, and he had a strange and absurd feeling as he looked at that young woman who acted as if she was familiar with everyone. Is this still that terrifying young woman that slaughtered an Earthly Immortal Realm Golden Roc?

How come she’s like this!?

“Hey! Hey! What sort of expression is that? Can we still play happily together?” A’xiu placed her hands on her waist while her pitch black eyes swept past everyone, and she puckered her lips while crying out angrily.

“Big Sister, I’m Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan suddenly moved forward and spoke obediently.

“Xiao Yan? What a nice name!” A’xiu suddenly beamed while her watery eyes transformed into two arcs from her smile, and then she walked forward to put her hand intimately around Xiao Yan’s little shoulder before she said with a grin, “From today onward, you’re my little sister, and Big Sister will really dote upon you.”

Her hand stretched out to make a grabbing gesture in midair as she spoke, causing a string of spirit fruits to appear in her hand, and it seemed as if they’d just been gathered from the branches of a tree. They had verdant leaves, snow white and crystalline fruits, and emitted waves of refreshing fragrance that was chilly like mist.

“Oh, this is for you. It’s sweet, juicy, and very taste. Quickly try it.” A’xiu pulled off a spirit fruit and pushed it into Xiao Yan’s mouth before looking at her with anticipation.

Meng Wei frowned and was about to stop this when Chen Xi shook his head to indicate that Meng Wei shouldn’t make any rash movements. As far as he was concerned, if this young woman wanted to cause harm to them, then she would utterly have no need to play tricks.

Most importantly, he’d discerned with a single glance that the string of snow white spirit fruits A’xiu had taken out were surprisingly extremely rare and precious spirit fruits — Frost Ginseng Ice Fruit!

This spirit fruit was extremely rare and invaluable, and it was even rather precious in extraordinary sects. It contained the aura of the Grand Dao of water, and it carried great benefits to cultivators that had grasped the Grand Dao of Water!

Merely this scene caused Chen Xi to feel that the origins of this young woman called A’xiu was absolutely extraordinary. Perhaps she was the daughter or disciple of a great figure that shook the heavens and the earth.

“Oh, it really is tasty. Big Sister didn’t trick me.” Xiao Yan bit the Frost Ginseng Ice Fruit lightly. Its texture was silky smooth, its juices refreshing and sweet, and it caused all the pores in her body to seem as if they’d opened up. It was extremely tasty.

A’xiu beamed to the point her eyes turned into arcs, and she rubbed Xiao Yan’s head. “I don’t trick people. I still have a variety of tasty things, and so long as you like them, I’ll let you eat all of them in the future.”

Xiao Yan nodded with force. “Big Sister is really good.”

A’xiu passed the string of spirit fruits in her hand to Xiao Yan and said, “Oh, for the sake of allowing everyone to play together more happily in the future, distribute this to those other little fellows to taste.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yan nodded and received the spirit fruits before distributing them.

“You… Why are you acting in this way?” Chen Xi couldn’t restrain himself any longer and asked.

“Good things should be shared with everyone so that everyone is happy, right?” A’xiu blinked her eyes and spoke with a grin.

“Then when do you intend to leave?” Chen Xi continued.

“Leave? When did I say I would leave?” A’xiu crinkled her small nose and said while shaking her head, “You should leave such a profound question to yourself to figure out. Perhaps I’ll leave myself when I’m unhappy…”

Chen Xi was completely speechless from encountering such a candid young woman. 

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