Chapter 72 – Thousandhawk Grand Formation

Chapter 72 – Thousandhawk Grand Formation

Could it be…?

Xue Yu’s had a serious expression. He’d originally intended to lend a hand, but Chen Xi’s sword technique was too fast. It was to the extent that when the thought of saving the Black Ape King had only just arisen within his heart, Yuan Tong’s head had already been pierced through by Chen Xi’s sword.

Wind Dao Insight!

Not only has this fellow cultivated an extremely formidable wind attribute sword technique, moreover, he mixed the strand of Wind Dao Insight he’d comprehended into his sword technique. In this way, he was able to kill Yuan Tong with an incomparable speed.

Xue Yu’s heart rose and fell rhythmically, it was truly difficult for Xue Yu to imagine how this human youth was able to advance his cultivation in the Martial Dao to the Dao Insight Stage so quickly when he’d only just advanced to the Violet Palace Realm not long ago. After all, most Violet Palace Realm cultivators only had a cultivation in the Martial Dao at the unity stage.


This fellow is an even more monstrous monster than us demons!

At this moment, Xue Yu didn’t dare look down on Chen Xi any longer.


The Black Ape King is dead?

But he’s one of the seven great demon kings!

Mu Kui felt his state of mind today was like a rising and falling tide. Up to the moment that Chen Xi killed the Black Ape King, he was already excited to the point he clenched his fists and wanted to shout loudly, yet he felt that no words were able to express the current excitement in his heart.

The mountain winds whistled and demonic qi still billowed like dark clouds, but along with the death of the Black Ape King, Yuan Tong, all the demon-kind present had already fallen into extreme shock.

As they gazed at the youth that carried the Black Ape King’s head, the hearts of these demon-kind that embraced the law of the jungle and respecting strength were filled with terror, and they looked at Chen Xi with fearful gazes that carried traces of reverence.

“He deserved to die for torturing so many souls to death!” An indifferent voice drifted in the air. Chen Xi gazed at the head of the Black Ape King that he held within his hand. As he gazed at the expression of astonishment and disbelief within Yuan Tong’s bloodthirsty eyes at the moment before Yuan Tong’s death, Chen Xi shook his head and exerted force in his fingers, crushing Yuan Tong’s head with a ‘crack.’

Xiong Pi’s head was crushed by Yuan Tong’s hands, so Chen Xi crushed Yuan Tong’s head with his hands. It was as if only by doing this was Chen Xi able to cause the guilt in his heart to reduce slightly, and only then would he be able to hold a memorial for Xiong Pi who’d died a long time ago.

“Mu Kui, gather up the treasures in the Black Ape King’s possession.” Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze then instructed indifferently before shooting his gaze towards the distant Thunderhawk King.

“Honestly speaking, your strength greatly exceeded my expectations.” The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, had a relaxed expression as he shrugged and said, “However, I’m sorry to say that you aren’t a match for me.”

Chen Xi didn’t speak. His gaze stared fixedly at the Thunderhawk King and he felt a trace of heavy pressure from the Thunderhawk King, pressure that was completely different from when he faced the Black Ape King.

It seems like this fellow’s cultivation is at the 6th star of the Violet Palace Realm?

Chen Xi had heard Mu Kui mention it before, amongst the seven great demon kings, the Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, possessed a strength that was even more terrifying than the Black Ape King and the Sunset Forest’s Azure Python King. The crux of it all was because Xue Yu was an ancient variant Golden Ironhawk that had taken human form. His speed was exceptionally swift and was innately capable of accumulating the energy of thunder within his body, causing him to be immensely formidable.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid either, and he even wanted to give it a try. Was the Thunderhawk King’s speed swifter in the end, or was his own Divine Windwing Flight swifter?

“Earlier, if I joined forces with the old ape, you would surely be dead right now, whereas the reason you’re alive until now is actually extremely simple, it’s because I want you to hand over the Seventhgold Swordbamboo on your own accord.” Xue Yu completely disregarded the killing intent in Chen Xi’s gaze and said with a smile, “I don’t like to kill, but if you’re too obstinate, then I might…”

“Noisy!” Chen Xi interrupted him before the Thunderhawk King could finish, then his body swayed as the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand slashed at the Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu.

Om! Om! Om!

It was like fine and soft wind had coiled together to flutter about happily as strands and threads of sword lights tore through the sky, and they instantly formed an enormous net sown together from a myriad of sword lights.

The Windflow Divination Sword’s Breezy Rain! The sword force was fine and continuously lingering, seeming to be gentle like a drizzle, yet killing intent was concealed within it. It was extremely suitable to be used against the Thunderhawk King that was adept in speed.

However, the Thunderhawk King seemed to completely off guard, but in truth, he’d been secretly on guard for a while now. The instant that Chen Xi made a move, the Thunderhawk King’s figure was like a bolt of lightning as he flashed towards the distance with a ‘swish,’ and he was already 300 meters away in the blink of an eye.

“Chen Xi, follow me if you have the balls!” The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, roared in laughter from 300 meters in the distance. “I’ll tell you the truth, we’ve already capture eight human cultivators in these past few days. I think they’re called Du Qingxi and Murong Wei. They ought to be your friends, right? If you want to save them, then defeat me first, or perhaps obediently hand over the Seventhgold Swordbamboo!”

Eight human cultivators, Du Qingxi…

Chen Xi was stunned and he couldn’t help but recall the various scenes in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were his friends, even if there was a misunderstanding between them. When he heard the news that they might have met with misfortune now, he still felt a shred of anxiousness.

Never mind, I owe them from the Book Reserve Hall in the sword immortal’s abode. Causing them to fall into a chaotic battle was my own lack of consideration in the end. Now that they might have met with misfortune, I’ll go help them out again. I’ll consider it as making up for my mistake, and as for the future… We’ll go our separate ways! These thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s mind in the blink of an eye. Chen Xi’s figure sped out right away, and a pair of wings seemed to have grown out of his back as he chased after the distant Thunderhawk King.

“You’re truly courting death! My hawk-kind are the kings that reign supreme in the air!” The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, lightly smiled, and a trace of cold killing intent flashed within his eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

One chasing after the other, Chen Xi and Xue Yu seemed like two bolts of lightning in hot pursuit, and they vanished under the sky in the blink of an eye.

Senior Chen Xi will surely survive!

Mu Kui gazed at the tall and thin figure that had vanished in the sky, yet he wasn’t worried, as he firmly believed that Chen Xi wouldn’t be defeated. It was a belief without reason.

At this moment, he’d walked with a swagger to arrive before the group of greater demons, then bent down and gathered the treasures on the corpse of the Black Ape King according to Chen Xi’s instructions.

“Oh, 1,500kg of spirit liquid, one piece of Crimsonflame Firesteel, a string of thousand year Tempersoul Fruit…” At this moment, Mu Kui was simply arrogant to the limit, his hands fumbled about the Black Ape King’s corpse, and didn’t pay attention in the slightest to the practically killing gazes that were shot at him from the surroundings.

The 1,000 plus demons that had followed the Black Ape King over had long been scared shitless by Chen Xi’s formidable combat strength, and now that the Black Ape King was dead, like how monkeys would scatter when a tree fell, they wouldn’t foolishly go offend Mu Kui.

But this fellow is truly too arrogant!

If you’re plundering the spoils of the battle then plunder it, why do you have to look pleased with yourself and say it all out?

As they heard the extremely enticing names of various materials, and as they gazed at Mu Kui’s greedy and repulsive appearance, the expressions of all these demons were extremely unsightly.

After a long time, Mu Kui confirmed that he couldn’t  discover any more treasures from Yuan Tong’s corpse, and only now did he smack his lips and stand up, then returned to Moon’s Embrace Mountain with a leisurely and carefree manner.

“Fellow Daoist Mu Kui has returned?”

“Ah, we haven’t met for a long time, Fellow Daoist Mu Kui’s cultivation seems to have progressed, congratulations!”

“Alas, Fellow Daoist Mu Kui, I’ve come to apologize to you, I’ve been busy cultivating these past few days and had forgotten to pay a visit to you, it’s truly a sin.”

When Mu Kui returned to the abode on Moon’s Embrace Mountain, there was a group of greater demons waiting for a while now. These greater demons were all the demons that cultivated nearby Moon’s Embrace Mountain, and most of them had come to congratulate Chen Xi when he advanced to the Violet Palace Realm. When they saw Mu Kui return, all of them swarmed over familiarly with various shameless flattery and various inquiries that showed great concern. They were simply brimming with enthusiasm.

“All of you leave, I have to guard the abode for Senior Chen Xi.” Mu Kui had an expressionless face as he swept the demons with his gaze, and he snorted disdainfully in his heart. When they found out Senior Chen Xi had offended the Black Ape King, all of them ran away faster than rabbits. Now, when they saw Senior Chen Xi kill the Black Ape King, they want to come curry favor with Senior Chen Xi? If only it was that simple!


Groups of mountains rose and fell, mist and clouds billowed.

Under the faraway blue sky, two flowing lights instantly flashed by. Their speed was so swift that they sliced the clouds and mist in the sky to the point they roiled and dispersed, forming an extremely striking wave of air behind them.




This kid’s speed is so swift, it’s actually faintly faster than my full speed by a bit. According to this sort of speed, I’m afraid it won’t be long before he’ll catch up with me. The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, who’d already returned to his beast form of a Golden Ironhawk, flapped his wings and was extremely shocked inwardly. He didn’t have to look back to know from the sound of air exploding that gradually became sharp, Chen Xi was behind him and slowly approaching.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The instant the Thunderhawk King was dazed, a sharp whistling sound of air exploding suddenly sounded out from behind him, then numerous sword lights that contained unparalleled Sword Insight tore through space as it flew towards him.

He hurriedly changed his direction to dodge these sword lights that caused him to be extremely afraid in his heart, and he didn’t dare allow his thoughts to run wild anymore as he concentrated his vigor to fly forward.

Just you wait! I’ll let you taste my power in a little while!


The Thunderhawk King’s wings flapped rapidly, once again increasing his speed by a great deal, and he instantly pulled open the distance between him and Chen Xi, yet wanting to completely throw Chen Xi off was utterly impossible to achieve.

Where does this fellow want to take me? Chasing up to this point caused Chen Xi to vaguely guess that the Thunderhawk King seemed to want to lure him to a place, and utterly didn’t intend on carrying out a life and death battle with him.

Could it be that he wants to look for the other demon kings to assist him? Or perhaps he intends to lure me into his lair, then rely on other methods to fight me? Chen Xi pondered strenuously. Chen Xi’s speed was indeed not slower in the slightest as the Divine Windwing Flight that contained a strand of Wind Dao Insight was exerted to the limit by him, and he was like a strand of drifting and traceless swift wind that was like a bolt of lightning.

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

The Thunderhawk King stopped abruptly, then he unfolded his wings and rapidly dove downwards.

“This place is?” Chen Xi stopped in tow, then he swept his gaze downwards. He saw a mountain that was coiled within violet gas standing towering there. It was entirely like a sword, precipitous and steep, and on the side of the precipice an enormous palace was shockingly built there!

This palace seemed to be completely made of a violet metal and was peerlessly exquisite. Within it, pavilions, artificial mountains, and streams could be seen everywhere, to the extent that there was even a lake with rippling blue water.

What extravagance!

Could it be that this is the Thunderhawk King’s lair?

“Children, quickly form the Thousandhawk Grand Formation with your ancestor and kill this human youth!” The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, stood above the palace and suddenly shouted out explosively.

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