Chapter 717 – Slaughtering Yan Shisan

Chen Xi’s voice was like a thunderclap that shook the entire pavilion and every single one of his words surged like the tune of the Dao as it resounded out in the entire surroundings.

Even though it was only a sentence, yet it was like the enormous hammer of god of thunder that smashed onto the hearts of all, and it caused their entire bodies to tremble while the vital energy of those with slightly weaker strengths almost collapsed.

At this instant, Chen Xi was like a heavenly emperor that had descended into the world. His entire body glowed brilliantly with talisman markings and surging divine radiances, and a grab of his hand caused an expanse of mysterious and vast talisman markings to appear.


Like a trap that descended from the heavens, those talisman markings interwove together and directly sealed off all Yan Shisan’s paths of escape, causing his face to go grim as he gathered his arms together as if he was embracing both Yin and Yang and the world, and then he fiercely smashed his arms onto the expanse of talisman markings.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged while he raised a single hand and suddenly pressed it forward. The talisman markings that were vast like a river of stars erupted with blazing light, and they were like clouds that fell from the heavens and crushed down towards Yan Shisan.


Yan Shisan resisted with all his strength, yet he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s current strength, and he heard a crack resound out as his arms were shattered instantaneously, causing them to twist like pretzels while blood sprayed all over. 

Before he could even dodge, his entire body felt as if a myriad of enormous mountains were pressing down onto him, and he was completely suppressed by those talisman markings to the point of kneeling down on the floor while spitting blood without end. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to resist it.

How could this be possible!?

Wasn’t this fellow’s Blackhole World completely destroyed? Why has he not lost his cultivation, but become even more terrifying?

Yan Shisan’s entire body convulsed from pain while his countenance was pale to the point it was almost translucent, and he seemed as if he was on the verge of drowning to death. His entire body was suppressed to the point of being curled up on the ground while convulsing without end.

But compared to this pain, his heart was swallowed by an unprecedented feeling of terror and helplessness. At this moment, Chen Xi was simply too terrifying, and it caused him to simply have the feeling of despair he had when facing an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

“Chen Xi, kill me and you’ll be the greatest enemy of my Heavenflow Dao Sect! You’ll never be able to gain a foothold in the cultivation world after that!” Yan Shisan had a twisted expression as he roared.

Even if he was called a madman and lusted madly for battle to the point of not recognizing his own kin while in battle, he still instinctively felt terror when facing death, and he was unwilling to die just like this, extremely unwilling!

“I don’t even care about Bing Shitian, let alone you?” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent, his eyes were deep and vast, and his figure was tall, and he emanated a bearing of supremacy.

“You… You…” Yan Shisan’s entire body trembled violently while his face twisted, yet he was filled with the fear of death because he’d fallen into complete despair when facing a ruthless figure like Chen Xi who didn’t care about anything.


Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath and ended Yan Shisan’s life with a single palm strike.

After that, he flicked his sleeve, causing Yan Shisan’s corpse and the traces of blood on the ground to be completely wiped away and return its original state. Even the pavilion that was shaking violently had become peaceful once more.

Early on before the battle had begun, Chen Xi had utilized the Grand Confinement Dao Arts to seal up the space in the surroundings, otherwise, merely the short battle between his and Yan Shisan was sufficient to destroy this entire pavilion.

In that way, he would be unable to avoid affecting Meng Wei and the others, and this was something he wasn’t willing to see happen. 


This string of unexpected events occurred too quickly, and the battle had ended in practically an instant, causing everyone in the hall to be utterly unable to react to it.

“Yan Shisan is dead!” After a short moment, an exclaim of shock resounded out within the silent atmosphere, and it was rather ear piercing.

The breathing of the others sped up as well while their pupils dilated. They were both shocked and in disbelief, causing their expressions to be blank.

That was too terrifying!

A peerless genius of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, a madman that was extremely renowned in the Dark Reverie was actually annihilated in less than a single strike!

Who could have imagined that Yan Shisan would lose so swiftly and so completely, and he’d even lost his life in the process?

The expressions of Senor Sister Wen and the other young women turned pale while their entire bodies felt icy cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit, and a strand of regret that couldn’t be restrained arose in their hearts. Earlier, if he’d suddenly made a move against us while we ridiculed him, then wouldn’t we have…?

Their bodies trembled because that sort of consequences was too severe, and they didn’t dare continue thinking about it.

Even Bai Gunan who was mentally prepared since the beginning was shocked greatly and almost leaped up. Too ferocious, this fellow Chen Xi is simply too ferocious! Such a fierce figure like Yan Shisan was actually like a completely useless fellow that couldn’t withstand a single strike before him!

“Serve the food.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already returned to his seat with a tranquil expression, and he seemed as if what he’d done earlier was an exceedingly ordinary and trivial matter as he casually instructed the attendant.

“Al…alright. Wait…wait a moment.” The attendant seemed as if she’d awoken from a dream and replied with a stutter. Moreover, she walked weakly and staggered to the point of  almost falling to the ground.

Everyone in the hall finally recovered from their shock when they saw such an amusing scene, but they didn’t dare chat loudly. All of them looked carefully at Chen Xi’s tall figure with gazes that revealed deep reverence.

Since he was able to slaughter Yan Shisan so easily, it caused them to be even more certain that this handsome young man before them was Chen Xi, because only a genius figure like Chen Xi would be capable of achieving all this.

“Is there any trouble?” asked Meng Wei.

“No.” Chen Xi shook his head and smiled.

Since the moment he decided to expose his identity, he knew that he must kill Yan Shisan, and there wasn’t another second choice at all, nor was there any room to maneuver.

After all, strictly speaking, he had an irreconcilable relationship with the Heavenflow Dao Sect because of the relationship between him, Qin Xiuyi, and Bing Shitian, so it was utterly impossible to relieve their hostile relationship even if he didn’t kill Yan Shisan.

“So…sorry. We were wrong earlier. Fellow… Fellow Daoist, please forgive us.” Meanwhile, Senior Sister Wen and the others had stood up obediently and walked over to stand before Chen Xi, and then they lowered their heads and apologized.

“Why act in that way in the first place?” Bai Gunan shook his head at the side, and his tone was sarcastic and ridiculing to the extreme. “All of you are as beautiful as flowers yet you mix with trash like Yan Shisan. Truly brainless!”

Senior Sister Wen frowned but forcefully swallowed this anger in the end. They only hoped to seek Chen Xi’s forgiveness now, otherwise they would truly feel uneasy and terrified in their hearts.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare them a glance before turning to look at Xiao Yan and ask. “Little girl, do you want to forgive them?”

Xiao Yan shook her head and said with a clear voice, “They didn’t apologize to me, Uncle Meng Wei, Aunty Mo Ya, Blackie, and the others, so I won’t forgive them.”

When she’d spoken like this, Senior Sister Wen and the others would simply be brainless like Bai Gunan had said if they were unable to discern the meaning behind her words.

“Fellow Daoists, it was we who were in the wrong this time. We apologize to all of you, please forgive us.” Senior Sister Wen and the others took a deep breath and spoke in low voices.

“Alright, all of you can leave.” Chen Xi waved his hand and allowed them to leave.

After all, this was the territory of the Heavenly Insight Palace. Even though the attitudes of these young women were detestable, yet their crime didn’t warrant death. So being able to force them to make such a stand was already alright. Not to mention Su Qingyan was still at the side, and they were her senior and junior sisters in the end, so she wouldn’t feel happy if he went too far.

Senior Sister Wen and the others seemed as if they’d been relieved of a heavy burden, and they turned and left right away because they weren’t willing to stay for another moment here. The loss of face this time was nothing, and the main issue was the death of Yan Shisan. It was impossible for them to escape being related to it, so the pressing moment at hand was to quickly leave this place and hide in their sect before doing anything else.

“Thank you.” At this moment, Su Qingyan walked over trippingly. Her skin was tender and white like snow, her appearance gorgeous, and she was like a celestial maiden that was untainted by the mortal world.

“I only lifted a hand. In any case, you didn’t like Yan Shisan as well, whereas he’s my enemy. So killing him can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.” Chen Xi stood up and smiled.

“I’m not talking about all this.” Su Qingyan shook her head as her clear eyes glowed, and she looked at Chen Xi as she said seriously, “The things that made me the most grateful was that you were able to let my senior and junior sisters off because of me.”

“Is there any need for courtesy between the two of us?” Chen Xi was stunned as he never imagined that Su Qingyan would place such emphasis on it, and he invited. “Don’t just stand there, why don’t you sit down and have a drink with us?”

“No, I have to return quickly because those senior and junior sisters of mine…” Su Qingyan shook her head and smiled bitterly.

“Oh? Alright then, take care.” Chen Xi frowned before coming to an understanding. Perhaps the death of Yan Shisan was nothing to him, but it was an extremely severe matter for these disciples of the Heavenly Insight Palace. At this moment, if Su Qingyan were to continue sitting with him, then it would probably be misunderstood by others and bring trouble to them.

“You too.” Su Qingyan nodded before bending down to pull off the red string on her ankle, and she said with a relaxed tone, “This was tied on me by my mother when I was born. In my hometown, it implies blessings and happiness. I hope you can keep it and take it as a token of my gratitude.”

As she spoke, she placed the red string on the table before turning and leaving trippingly, and she utterly didn’t give Chen Xi the chance to refuse.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he watched as Su Qingyan’s figure vanished before picking up the red string on the table. The red string was fine and bright like flames, and it carried a trace of a women’s warmth that lingered on his fingertips.

“Oh, this wouldn’t be a token of love?” Bai Gunan grinned from the side.

Chen Xi put the red string away carefully before glancing at Bai Gunan, and then he said, “Believe it or not, I’ll throw you out if you dare say another word.”

Bai Gunan obediently shut his mouth because Bai Gunan knew very clearly that Chen Xi was absolutely the kind of person that would do as he said.

This scene caused all the people in the surroundings to sigh endlessly with emotion. Even the arrogant and overbearing Young Master of the Bai Clan is completely suppressed by Chen Xi, what else can he not accomplish in this world?

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Right at this moment, the manager of the Immortal Indulgence Inn, a fatty with a wealthy looking appearance jogged into the hall until he arrived before Bai Gunan, and then he said while sweating profusely, “Young Master Bai, I’m truly sorry. That stubborn old geezer has actually gone on strike, and he won’t cook ‘Let Ability Shine’ no matter what. Even I was unable to change his mind. Would you like to choose a different dish?”

Bai Gunan frowned and said with displeasure, “What sort of manager are you? You can’t even deal with such a small matter?”

Stubborn old geezer? Chen Xi inadvertently recalled the Clear Stream Restaurant’s Old Man Ma who had an explosive temper, and he stood up right away and said, “Let’s go take a look at the kitchen.”

Bai Gunan was excited to the point of rubbing his palms together and said, “Brother Chen, you intend to deal with that spirit chef yourself?”

Chen Xi was almost unable to restrain himself from rolling his eyes when he heard this, and he said angrily, “I’m only going to take a look, and…make some small things myself while I’m there.”

Bai Gunan was dumbstruck, and he cried out exaggeratedly. “You actually want to go be a chef? Isn’t this slightly humiliating?”

“Can you talk properly?” Chen Xi couldn’t endure him any longer and gave him a kick, causing this fellow to grimace in pain and hold his leg while gasping.

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