Chapter 716 – Shocking Everyone

Senior Sister Wen was astounded as she never imagined that Bai Gunan would actually turn hostile abruptly in public, and even curse at her!?

Instantly, Senior Sister Wen was angered to the point her face flushed while her entire body trembled.


This fellow is truly too arrogant!

Could it be that he doesn’t know this is my territory? Does he not know a top expert like Yan Shisan is right beside me?

At this moment, she deeply understood exactly how overbearing Bai Gunan was. It’s simply a miracle that a fellow that deserves to be cut into pieces was actually able to survive until now!

It wasn’t just Senior Sister Wen, the beautiful brows of all the young women by her side knit together as they stared furiously at Bai Gunan and seemed that they would make a move at the slightest disagreement.

Hmm? Su Qingyan had awoken from her inner world when facing such an unexpected change in events, and her clear eyes swept out. Her beautiful brows knit together when she saw all her senior sisters were in confrontation with Bai Gunan, yet in the next moment, she was instantly stunned upon noticing Chen Xi who was at the table beside her. So he’s here as well…

A wave of embarrassment instantly arose in her heart when she realized this, and she’d already deduced that Chen Xi had probably noticed everything that had happened earlier.

Chen Xi noticed Su Qingyan looking over as well, and he smiled yet didn’t say anything. At this moment, all his attention was placed on Bai Gunan, and truthfully speaking, he actually admired this fellow slightly.

Because this fellow’s level of arrogance and overbearing could simply be said to be audacious to the extreme since he dared to turn hostile against the disciples of the Heavenly Insight Palace within their territory.

“What’re you looking at? Quickly come over and apologize to my brother!” Bai Gunan’s brows raised as he berated loudly, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of pitying a woman. He seemed as if he was berating a maidservant that had committed a mistake, and he was arrogant to the extreme.

This caused everyone in the hall to be exceedingly shocked in their hearts because they never imagined that once this fiend in human shape, Bai Gunan, were to cause trouble, he would even disregard his bearing.

“You… You’re talking to me?” Senior Sister Wen gritted her teeth, and her eyes were on the verge of spraying flames.

“Who else?! Would I be talking to a ghost if not you?” Bai Gunan spoke with a vicious expression.

“Do you know who I am? You dare speak like this to me?” Senior Sister Wen took a deep breath and was barely able to suppress the flames of rage in her heart while she spoke with a livid expression.

“Isn’t it just the Heavenly Insight Palace?” Bai Gunan spat on the ground. “Little girl, remember that you can’t represent your sect. Not to mention that if someone dares to offend this Young Master, then even an emperor has to obediently admit his mistakes!”

“Bai Gunan, you’re going too far!” Yan Shisan was finally unable to continue watching, and he stood up slowly.

Instantly, he seemed as if he’d become another person. His long hair fluttered while his imposing figure surged with monstrous battle intent, and he was like a scorching sun that was unrestrained, arrogant, and peerlessly overbearing. His eyes erupted with strands of blazing flaming glows that interweaved together and formed layer after layer of profound phenomena.

The atmosphere at the scene instantly became heavy to the point it was almost suffocating, and the air carried a wisp of killing intent.

No matter if it was Senior Sister Wen or the other young women, all of their faces eased up when they saw Yan Shisan standing up in support for them, and their beautiful faces revealed a wisp of complacency and cold smiles.

Yan Shisan’s combat strength was renowned amongst all those of the same cultivation throughout the Dark Reverie, and he was almost invincible. Most importantly, he had the nickname of being a madman because he wouldn’t even recognize his own kin while in battle. So wasn’t this profligate disciple of the Bai Clan, Bai Gunan, nothing more than a paper tiger before him?

Sure enough, they noticed Bai Gunan’s eyes focused abruptly when he saw Yan Shisan stand up, and a trace of a heavy expression appeared on his face. This caused all of them to feel even more relaxed, and their gazes towards Bai Gunan revealed a wisp of unconcealed disdain.

Similarly, everyone in the hall felt excited upon seeing this scene. This ferocious figure, Yan Shisan, has finally made a move, so what sort of collision would occur between this arrogant and overbearing profligate disciple and a great madman that’s lusts madly for battle?

Everyone was filed with anticipation, and they felt their trip to the Immortal Indulgence Inn this time was worth it.

“Yan Shisan, others might be afraid of you, but this Young Master isn’t. Don’t forget that you were almost killed by my Brother Chen Xi at the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, and how could you still be alive if it wasn’t for you relying on a Cosmic Immortal Talisman?”

To everyone’s astonishment, Bai Gunan’s expression quickly returned to normal, and there was even deep disdain on his face as he faced Yan Shisan.

As the saying goes, don’t hit a man on his face, and don’t hit a man where it hurts. Bai Gunan’s actions of speaking about this matter in front of so many people was simply like smearing salt on his wounds.

Everyone in the hall had heard of this matter before. After all, everything that had occurred in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was truly too shocking, and it was precisely from that time onward that Chen Xi’s name had spread throughout the entire Dark Reverie like the sun in the midday sky.

Even though a few months had already passed now, the string of shocking events that occurred in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was still the hottest topic all around the Dark Reverie.

The topic everyone took the most delight in talking about was the battle between Chen Xi and Yan Shisan because it could be considered to be a greatest battle amongst those of the same cultivation realm in the recent years.

The peerless genius Yan Shisan lost and almost perished, and it caused the entire cultivation world to be shocked, whereas, the other party to the battle, Chen Xi, was given numerous dazzling honors by everyone, causing his name to be spread throughout the world and be known well by all the various powers.

So when Bai Gunan mentioned this matter in public, everyone understood that he was intentionally slapping Yan Shisan’s face without disguising it in the slightest.

Sure enough, Yan Shisan’s expression instantly darkened as he said indifferently, “The winners are always in the right. I’m living fine and well now, but Chen Xi might not. According to my knowledge, he’s already perished in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and even if he didn’t die and is still alive, his cultivation has surely been crippled and has been reduced to become an ordinary person!” 

As soon as these words were spoken, the hall instantly became perfectly silent as the faces of everyone was filled with shock, and they sat there like clay statues while filled with disbelief.

Since Chen Xi entered in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss and hadn’t appeared in the cultivation world for so long, many people felt that he’d perished within it, but no one dared to say it with certainty.

However, Yan Shisan had actually said that Chen Xi would have either died or been reduced to an ordinary person. Moreover, his tone seemed absolutely not like he was joking. So how could this not shock everyone?

“Are you sure?” Amidst this silent atmosphere, an indifferent voice resounded out.

“Of course!” Yan Shisan replied without the slightest hesitation because how could the information Lord Bing Shitian gave him be fake?

However, in the next moment, he seemed to have realized something, causing his face to go pale as he swiftly turned his head. After that, he saw a figure that in his opinion should have died a long time ago — Chen Xi!

At this instant, his pupils constricted as his entire body became slightly stiff, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. He’d lost all his composure and instead seemed to revealed surprise and bewilderment that couldn’t be concealed.

In next to no time, some people acutely noticed this scene, and their gazes swept towards Chen Xi in unison before they revealed frustrated expressions. Who’s this fellow to actually make Yan Shisan slightly lose his composure upon seeing him?

Senior Sister Wen and the others were bewildered as well. He’s only a fellow that’s with vulgar barbarians. He doesn’t have status nor position, so what’s there to make a fuss about?

At this moment, Chen Xi had already stood up with his hands behind his back, and he looked indifferently at Yan Shisan who stood before him. “Are you disappointed?”

“You… You’re actually still alive!?” Yan Shisan was truly unable to believe this scene. Others didn’t know, but he knew very clearly that it was precisely Lord Bing Shitian who’d made a move in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss to kill Chen Xi, yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually appear unharmed before him!

When they heard these words and coupled with Yan Shisan’s expression that seemed as if he’d seen a ghost, an inference instantly floated up into the minds of some intelligent people in the hall — Chen Xi! That fellow might be Chen Xi!

Their breathing became hurried when they thought up to here, and they stared fixedly at Chen Xi while feeling he looked more like Chen Xi the more they looked at him. Even though they hadn’t seen Chen Xi yet had heard some rumors, and those rumors said that Chen Xi was a handsome and extraordinary young man!

“Could it be that Brother Yan hoped I died?” Chen Xi said indifferently, “Unfortunately, even though Bing Shitian made a move in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss that day, he wasn’t able to kill me in the end.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was like a thunderclap from the nine heavens that exploded by their ears, and it shook everyone present to the point their entire bodies trembled while their faces couldn’t help but reveal astonishment that couldn’t be concealed.

Chen Xi!

This fellow really is Chen Xi!

Chen Xi has actually made an appearance! He’s still alive!

Everyone was unable to find a word to describe their feelings at this moment because a peerless genius that was like the sun in the midday sky, a legendary figure whose legends were still spread around even though he’d vanished in the cultivation world for a long time had actually appeared before their eyes now!

It felt simply even more shocking than encountering a Heavenly Immortal.

After all, Chen Xi’s reputation was too resounding in the cultivation world, and he was simply someone that was known to all!

On the other hand, Senior Sister Wen and those beautiful young women seemed as if they were struck by lightning, and their entire bodies stiffened while they themselves were flabbergasted. They didn’t dare believe that this fellow who was with a group of vulgar barbarians would actually be the most renowned and outstanding disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Chen Xi!

When they thought of how they’d hurled insults and ridicule at him, they felt extremely uncomfortable as if they’d been struck with a fierce and staggering blow, and their heads felt slightly dizzy.

At this moment, the most composed were probably Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and those youths because Chen Xi had never told them about his past, and this caused it to be extremely difficult for them to understand the feelings of everyone.

But they were able to sense from the reactions of these people that their Brother or Uncle Chen Xi was an extraordinary and great figure in the Dark Reverie.


Right amidst this expanse of shock and under the gazes of everyone present, Yan Shisan actually fled without a fight, and he flashed out like a bolt of lightning towards the outside of the inn. His resolute and decisive actions, and his exceedingly swift movement technique caused most of the people present to almost be unable to react to what had happened.

But Chen Xi had always been paying attention to Yan Shisan since he stood out, so how could he allow Yan Shisan to flee? He grabbed out with his hand, causing talisman markings to surge, swiftly spread out, and envelop the surroundings. “Do you think I’d let you escape again this time? Leave your life behind!” 

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